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After being at her home for a few days sex was on the cards a great deal, not that tom minded, as he loved sliding into her pussy, but when she climaxed her whole body seamed to tremble. At times tom wanted to give up, and take a rest but sue had other ideas, and with her mouth brought him back to hardness. That was one thing he love her doing, sucking his big cock even if she did gag with the first few inches, but eventually got used to it and took more inside. However, one morning while tom slept in a while longer, he was woken up by sue sucking his cock, so placing his hands on her head; he began thrusting up and down. Right away feeling him do this, she clamped her lips round his cock and slurped, causing her spit to drool over his cock. However, Loving how she sucked and teased his cock, tom knew he never last long before he shot his load, and feeling his cum rising up his cock let out a moan. “oh god, im gonna cum.“ sue quickly slipped his cock from her mouth, and placing it between her tits started to pump up and down, tit fucking him until he shot his load. Globs of white cum shot out from between her bouncing tits, the first few blasts shot up and hit her neck and chin, then the next few landed on her tits. Sue continued to rub her tits up and down his cock, throughout his entire orgasm, and by the time he was finished he had left cum between her tits and all the way up her neck to her chin. “Mm that was lovely, but I carnt stop I got company downstairs.” holding his cock in one hand, he pulled back the foreskin and looked right at sue. “Anyone wanting sex, im still hard.” Tom could not beleve he just what he did, but looking at sue expecting her to be mad, he saw her smiling. “Well she hasn’t had sex in a while, why don’t you come down and see.” turning and leaving him on his own, tom pulled on his joggers and t-shirt, then headed down stairs.

He expected to find someone he did not know, but pushing the kitchen door open and walking in, he found Tanya from next door sat there. Tanya might have been in her late 50s, but she dressed to look younger, and most of the times it did nock a few years off. But after checking her out he looked at sue, and saw her smiling before looking away from him and back to Tanya, but Tanya looked to interested in tom to speak. Her eyes seamed to move from his face, to his groin which was slowly growing, so he went and joined them at the table. He might have been hiding his growing erection, but after glancing at Tanya’s breasts a few times, he found he hat to move in his seat to get comfy. Luckily at the time tanya was talking to sue, but it was sue who caught him moving and smiled at him, before stopping sue talking. “looks like you have an admirer.” seeing sue looking at tom, tanya followed her eyes and caught him moving. “you ok tom, you hurt any where.” sue gave a laugh when tanya said this, causing her to look at her. “what’s so funny sue, it just a question.” “you’ve given him an erection, that’s why he is moving in his seat.” “but how could I have, iv not moved from here.” “you don’t have to move, for him to look at your breasts tan, he’s been looking all the time.” “And I thought you were a good lad, I didn’t expect you to be like all the others.” “im not a lad, im a fully grown male.” “when you become a man, then come back and tell me that.” “my god tan, if id known you react like this, I wouldn’t have said anything.” “well we all carnt be like you, getting something young inside you.” sue sat there for a few moments longer, just looking at tanya then got to her feet. “your only jealous, as your not getting sex, how longs it been almost a year.” “I don’t have to sit here, and listen to this im going home.” at the time sue was stood behind tanya, so when she got up sue placed her hands on her shoulders, and pushed her back down. “your going no where yet, I want to show you what your missing.” tom couldn’t beleve what he was hearing or seeing, as sue held her down by her shoulders stopping her from getting up. “come on tom, come and show her what she done to you.”

He was reluctant at first to get up, but when there was no resistance from tanya, tom got to his feet and that’s when tanya let out a sigh. “mm she likes you already tom, and she hasn’t even seen how big you are in full.” now standing beside tanya, tom looked down at her then pushed down his joggers, and not wearing any underwear his cock shot free. “mm look how big he is, that’s what you get when you flash your tits off to him.” “I carnt help how big they are, not matter what I wear they push outwards.” by now tom had started to jerk off, and hearing them on about her tits, caused pre-cum to eased out the head. “oh god sue, he’s going to cum.” “no he wont yet, he’s just excited about wanking in front of you.“ drifting her hands from her shoulders down the front of her blouse, once she was in contact with her breasts, sue gave them a hard feel. “mm they feel so nice, and big just how he likes them, but you might want to take this off as its going to get very sticky.” with the way tom was jerking his cock now, tanya knew what sue ment so pushing her hands away, undid her blouse buttons one by one. Sue couldn’t beleve how she had changed, from a woman wanting nothing to happen, to a woman now undoing her top, so stood back and watched until her breasts were exposed. Tanya might have been wearing a bra, but it only hide her nipples from view, while the tops of her breasts were very much on show. “oh god tom, your going to have to cum loads, to cover those.” tom was already looking at her breasts, and getting closer by the miniet let out a moan, and that’s when tanya shocked sue altogether. “cum on these tom, don’t waste it on the floor.” now holding her blouse wide open, sue offered him her breasts to cum on, while holding them high. But if sue thought she was going to get just a shot, she was in for a shock as sue knew he blasted hard and lots of cum. Sue wanted to see the expression on her face when he shot his load, so moving behind him she undid her robe, and rubbed her bare breasts against his body. “mm look how big they are tom, think you could cover them in cum.” with feeling her tits against his body, and looking at Tanya’s breasts tom could only moan his answer, so looking at tanya sue smiled at her. “your in for a big treat, ready or not he’s going to cum.” with her hands now on toms hips, sue eased him closer to Tanya’s body and seeing her deep cleavage, wrapped her own fingers round his cock and jerked him off. Slippery as his cock was with pre-cum, with a few hard strokes tom let out a moan, and shot his load onto tanya. As much as tanya wanted him to cum, she wasn’t prepared for the amount he shot, and quickly moved back when a final load hit her in the face. sue wasn’t done with him just yet, moving round the front of him she dropped to her knees and licked his cock. Not contented with just licking his cum from the head, she opened her mouth and taking him inside sucked, and draining the last of his cum from him. There was nothing else to do with his cock, so she got to her feet and turned to face Tanya, and that is when she saw her pulling her blouse closed. “Your not going are you, thought you might want some more of him.” looking at his cock going limp, after being drained of his cum Tanya smiled. “Don’t look like he could go again, besides I need to take a shower.” “Well next time you need, a coating of cum he’s always ready.” pulling her robe tight against her body, sue showed Tanya to the door, but opening it Tanya pushed it back closed. “Tom might have a nice cock, but I was hoping to see more of your body, not just those nice breasts.” “Well perhaps next time, we could all get naked.” “No your not listening sues, I mean just you and me, so I can play with your naked body.” It might have been a long time since, sue had been with another female but hearing her mention this, brought back memory’s then a sigh from her mouth. “you know where I am, if you want a change from his cock.”

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