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girlfriends mum 2

When he came down stairs he saw pat wearing a bikini top and short skirt, she was doing something at the sink so he walked up behind her and gave her a hug. In doing so his hands cupped her breasts. “ iv been thinking about you while I was in the shower, feel how big you got me.” while holding her breasts he pushed himself to her, his cock thrust into her bottom and that’s when she slipped away from him. “ what the hell you doing.” “ you didn’t say no before when I was in your mouth, nore when I cum on you.” at that point she looked over his shoulder, when tom looked himself he saw her aunt sat at the table. “ sounds like you 2 have been having fun, while the mouse is away the cat will play.” its not like that, im going to finish with tanya anyway.” “ she beat you to it tom, that’s why im here to tell you its over with her.” “ id best leave you two to talk, ill be in the garden.” as soon as pat left the kitchen, tom went and sat beside sue at the table and right away her hand dropped to his leg. With a few strokes of his leg she moved higher and touched his cock. “ mm now this feels good, been a while since I felt something this good.” know gripping his cock more, she began to pump him up and down then stopped. “ don’t move I wont be long.” leaving him sitting in his seat, she walked outside and he heard her talking to pat. He had no idea what was said but when she returned she was smiling. “ well we wont be disturbed, iv told her I want to talk to you.” pushing her seat out the way she dropped to her knees infront of him, with both her hands she pulled down his shorts and took hold of his throbbing cock. Curling her fingers round his shaft she began pumping him, moans and groans were coming from him as she worked him closer to shooting. “ oh god this feels so good, im gonna cum soon.” hearing these words she pumped him faster, with one hand she eased open her dress so no cum landed on it and seeing her big breasts he came. a huge glob of sperm a landed on her face right next to her nose, She opened her mouth wide and the second spurted into her throat. The next two streams draped across her eye and chin.

Sue leaned forward and took his still erect cock in her mouth, Her cheeks hollowed as she increased the suction then pulled him out. “ I guess you were ready for that.” she wiped his cum from her face with her fingers, then licked it off with her tongue until she was clear of cum.
Getting to her feet she reached under her skirt, with one big tug pulled down her knickers and placed them on the table. “ know I want you to fuck me, I want to feel your cock in my pussy.” she leaned on the table looking outside, so tom moved behind her and pushed his cock inside her hot wet pussy. His thrust was so fast that she moaned and gripped the table, After the big load he had splashed across her face, it took him a long time to cum again. But when he did it was with a fury that he had never experienced before, Her orgasms were coming continuously when he finally unleashed his load into her. Resting for a few seconds sue pushed him away, as the faced each other both looked flushed with red faces. “ that was just what the doctor ordered, but we must get dressed before pat comes in.” pulling up his shorts tom cleaned up, and with the help of sue it was done in no time then they went outside to pat.

“ im going to borrow tom for a few days hun, need some help round the house and he is willing to help.” it was news to tom but he didn’t say no, and soon they were on there way to sues home. There was nothing that needed doing, but sex was on the cards a lot more than it was with pat…….
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