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Gloria, a Latin Ecuadorean Lady gets laid

This latin moaned aloud in Spanish: Ay, papito, fuck, cogeme mas duro, meaning Fuck me harder.

I’ve been encouraged by your posts and thought it would be worthwhile to write about my  own experiences, those  I’ve  had, particularly on that one I once got  involved in  with a 42yo. Latin Ecuadorian. 

I come from Central America, 36 yo; I landed in this country -the U.S.A.-  back in 1996, to work as a workman and was hired by a company as a skilled worker.  It was in this country where I had the chance to meet Latin immigrants from different nationalities.  My customary to treat and address this people respectfully and with courtesy lead me to meet this lady I’m talking about.

I was 23 at that time, and the Ecuadorian would  stay in the United States for a 10 month period; a respectful  woman worth of admiration; her virtue and morality always called attention; clean and neat, you could feel the scent coming from her expensive perfume  -not those cheap perfumes that make you sick.  As she greeted me, never uttered a word, only her eyes spoke by themselves, something in her stare; something in her smile was so exciting.

Since I had once passed through a same process to obtain my work permit as a legal immigrant to the U.S.A.  Gloria -that was her name- had asked me for assistance at filling an émigré application form intended for a limited period. To complete this task she recommended me to go to her place, shared with a couple and their sons. I got there a week later, as I had a break, say, a few days off at work, someone wishing to  give a hand here; I was formally engaged with  my wife to  be -today we’re married and have two sons. I got there and said hi, sat at the kitchen table, quite spacious apartment though, to chat, explaining, giving directions and counseling all together about all issues an applicant should fulfill according to his/her status.   The couple had left the hall, dismissed, to go to bed. The elegant and comfortable apartment provided and upper level furnished with rooms where the couple and sons used to sleep, while  Gloria had her own bedroom  downstairs.

As I was done with this, notified her gotta go, she said it had been a wonderful chat here, pleased by my courtesy,  she said:

“Oh, Marcos, could you hug me and say good bye?”

I didn’t object. My legs are firm, well built for many years playing amateur football, so I always wear shorts and only would wear pants to attend an important gathering, but still wear shorts in cold winters… probably I’m an ardent, passionate lover?... Well you’ll find out!!  I asked her:

“Oh, Mrs. Gloria, what kind of  “hug” are you talking about?”

She said:  “Just a good one… give me your best shot, ha, ha!!”

I felt a hot body stick to me as I embraced this brunette, and of course, due to hormone reflex, I had a stupendous hard on. She had noticed this!!  Gloria used to wear loose pants, as well as a loose blouse, never looking shaggy, rather neat and with lots of makeup… her normal body would fit for a woman in her 40’s, not slim or fat, but wide hips,  not exactly well shaped, big enough to fill those pants though, the kind of hips that would excite, rouse a man, no matter how chaste, pure or innocent he was!!Her panties always would stick to the pant, being shorter, 1.78 cms., her abdomen got pressed against my penis at the moment I  held her close. We split and walked toward the entrance. She said:

“Pity you’ve gotta leave now. Lucky your wife is married to a man like you.  You’re  always ready for her but she is never concerned.”

I replied looking her in the eye:

“Gloria, just think in the American dream, where everything can be accomplished.

She replied:

“Oh, Marcos, help me achieve that dream, help me make reach any dream I wished. I think you’re the one to blame if I have to be awaked at 4:00 a.m. in the morning dreaming of you.”

I had to laugh to conceal my surprise, feeling so good by this declaration, doing an effort to control my suffering penis at the same time. She said wanted to show me something before I left and invited me into her bedroom. I said:

“Feel too embarrassed, Gloria; there’s the marriage sleeping upstairs.”

She led me by a hand saying:

“Don’t you worry, Marcos. They’re sleeping soundly; gotta rise early to go to work.

”While she led, I stared at her asscheeks, and on stepping in the bedroom, she requested another hug; this time would be from behind, she suggested. Such erotic idea had made me to have the best hard on ever , as thinking in the next contact with some buttocks here, and I felt a sticky pre-cum… She rubbed, her asscheeks against my body; my hands had gotten from her waist where had been resting, up to her breasts from behind… shed closed he eyes, sighed, pointing at the bed and said:

“Oh, I like you, Marcos. This is the bed I was talking to you about, the one where I’ve                     been dreaming of you.”

 I asked, still more aroused by her confession:

“Do you wake up soaked, I mean, your vagina soaping?”  She said laughing:

“Yes, but not as much as I am now. Wanna see how wet I am now after meeting you here?”

I turned her around and we kissed feeling her hot breathing and her tongue in a French kiss, tampering with mine deep into my mouth. My hand quickly got down to her hips and clutched her against my penis.  She moaned twice, arched her body as much as she could… as a result of an orgasm. She said:

“Have you felt this?  I’ve just had an orgasm!”

I asked her to take off her pant, so she did, in such a sexy way she was purposely provoking and stimulating me.  To my surprise, she wore a navy blue panty… wet in the crotch area, a pubic hair so stick to the panty you could guess it quite well… I got close to her to take off the blouse slowly while kissing her; each movement increased our excitement. Gloria had begun to search frantically for my zipper and I hurried to lend her a hand given that my penis needed some release; its lubricated head hurt.  I was now wearing only boxers, hurled her on the bed and she fell on it, her legs open, saying:

“I’m waiting.”

I was now a bare back rider and said:

“Come on, easy make, let’s make heavy breathing here!!, Come on, gold-digger.”

She replied:

“I take only champagne tricks &100 an hour, ha, ha, ha!! Just kidding, Marcos, come on, fuck me!"

She opened wide meaning I’d go straight to the box and penetrate. Probably this would be a bunny-fucked girl here but I got on my knees instead, at the bed edge, and slid out her panty. As feeling the vagina fragrance, I almost ejaculated: kissed her ankles, then mashed her boobs, pinched her pink erect nipples, like a carrot tip. It was the moment for me to reach at the vagina. My tongue made several passes along the cunt outskirts, making Gloria to sway, shake, moan and falter, making a strenuous effort like if wanting to copulate. She said:

“You’d better quit fucking the dog.”

I licked her button; this made her to explode clutching my head, pressing softly against her bush, though. I had begun to suck her squirt directly from the cunt, at the same time rotating my finger to find the “G” spot which I supposed it had been a 10:00 in the clock within her vagina. I said:

“Wait Gloria, I’m looking for a small bump I think 1 inch in diameter. Please, give me a break and try to guide me by telling when you feel I’ve touched it. You’ll feel a very strong sensation. I’m telling you this coz I’m good at finding “G” spots, and yours is bean shaped, Gloria.”

She said:

“Oh, Marcos, I see your penis is curved upwards. Probably would hit my G spot, wouldn’t it?”

Her bittersweet juices were felt hot in my mouth and dripping, draining my moustache, bringing me to the most ecstasy in my life time. She said:

“Oh, god, put it into me now. You'd better forget about that G spot.”

I had other plans, ready to make her cum again eating a pussy. The swift shake of two new fingers that joined in made a noise heard around the bed room: “choploc, choploc, choploc,” a crackle as a result of an exaggerated wet vagina. She said:

“Oh, that's superb, yes, oh yessss!! Yesss, oh like that, oh those fingers, ah, I’m, cu…cummm.cumiiing!! thanks!! ”She said:

“It’s my turn now to suck and pump sperm out.”

We switched and she clasped her teeth on my boxers to slide them down; bite my penis softly so not hurting me, making me have a great  pleasure instead.  She said:

“I’ve never given a blowjob, you know, and it’s my chance now. I have taken it into my mouth before but never seem to be able to finish the job. The taste bothers me, but don’t you watch my head bobbing up and down, promise?”

A minute later I said:

“Oh, Gloria, keep pumping like that,  jiggle is about to put out any moment, yes, like that, keep sucking.”

This pink collar work woman with generously formed body was milking me… until I burst into her mouth… I was close to heaven.  Whenever I lay down a female and ejaculate it would take more time to recuperate than the normal guy to have a new erection, so I’ve learned to use this extra time and make the woman enjoy, either by eating her pussy or tongue fucking  her, still with my dick flaccid.  I kissed her breasts, nibbled the massive asscheeks and got her on her 4’s, as I noticed I had had a new erection and got the jump on Gloria.  My penis slid smoothly into her to the deep end while she shook to match my rhythm I said:

“Oh, Gloria, rub your cunt, slid your hand up your legs.”

It looked a lot erotic seeing this Latin woman rubbing her cunt while I parted her asscheeks from behind with each stroke pounding into her. She spread her pussy lips and rotated her pelvis upward. I nearly came out completely and then, slowly, slid in all the way.  I switched to missionary and placed her legs on my shoulders -she looked funny in this position. I knew that she was getting close as she dug her nails into my back. She hurled me on the bed and got on top saying:

“Oh, your penis is hard indeed.”

We played bouncy bouncy and her tist moved up and down.The Latin said:

“Fuck me, ay, papito. I need you inside me.”

Her legs wrapped my waist urging me on, pulling and tugging at me trying to get more.

“Now, daddy” She screamed. “Fill me.”

I speeded up the pace. I was crying out into my climax. I said:

“Quick, come with me, baby and get to the bath room to clean up this messy vagina or we're gonna be caught by those people upstairs coming here to check  what's going on in this bedroom!!"

I sometimes jerk off, I’m a married guy though, having images about that night’s love. While she lived in this country we enjoyed and continued to lay her down.

                                                                    THE END  

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