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Gloria's Diary Entry (date) 05-20-2006

First time with best friend's father
It was my turn to visit over at my friend, Janet's house. Janet is a tall, slim, blond and her older brother Jack seems much different. Jack is a senior in high school whose was lazy and fat. Not any taller than Janet, he treated me like shit. Janet says it's because he was hot for me, but I just didn't get it. Maybe because Janet was screwing my older brother George, that she thinks I'll do it with her older brother. The guy I actually crazy for was to her father, who I'll call Steve.

Steve is a big old guy, though taller, he's a bit fatter too. What I always liked was that he had such large meaty hands. Working in construction, his muscular arms are simply huge and must do some heavy lifting all day long. His wife works as some kind of nurse on the late shift, so Steve usually hangs around drinking
beer. He always has his eyes on me when ever I visit and at times stands outside Janet's bedroom door listening in on our conversations.

On this particular late evening, Steve was once again listening at the door. Janet was on her phone talking to my brother. As I lay there on her bed, Janet was sitting at her desk while George must have been talking dirty to her. She was getting all excited and had started rubbing herself between her legs.

Moving my head back so he wouldn't realize I had seen him, I arched my back and moaned, moving my fingers provocatively. Janet turned slightly and noticed me masturbating and told my brother what I was doing,

"Hey George, Glory is getting off on what we're talking about. I think she needs a cock real bad," she teased him and turned back to her conversation, "I told you, she's the one who ate my pussy, I prefer cocks."

"I prefer your dad," I let slip. Janet just said " Ewww ." and tried to ignore me. I decided to let her dad know what exactly what I wanted.

"No, I will not lick Glory's pussy... Oh stop... Why don't you... Yes, I love sucking your cock... your sick... she's your sister... No, no. She licked my pussy. I never... I would never do such a thing. It's cocks I like... Yes, yours..."

I'm not sure of Janet's dad could see me, but I wondered if he was excited in listening to his daughter. I imagined him stroking his cock while watching me and hearing about me licking his daughter's pussy. I lay back and started rubbing my hand between my legs. I wanted Janet licking me while her dad or even my
brother watched us. My suspicions were right, as I think I saw the door open a bit wider. I spotted his huge frame just outside the door as he looked in.

I wondered if he would join us, me tasting his thick cock. I had sucked my brother's cum out of Janet's pussy earlier and thought about tasting Steve's cum as it dribbled out of his daughter. My fantasies were making me so horny I pulled my pants down to finger myself more.

"I'd let him be my first. Oh Shit, that would be so hot."

I frigged myself more and glanced towards the door. He was no longer there. He might not have heard me and I felt disappointed. Sounds of someone going down the stairs, confirmed that he had moved away. Pissed that my fun was over with, I noticed the time and told Janet it was late. It was time for me to go home.

Once downstairs, Steve seemed intent on something on television and had a few empty beer cans nearby. I realized that it was probably Jack that had listened in and that thought made me feel even more disappointed. Seeing that I was about to walk home, Steve suddenly said he had to go somewhere and that he could drive me home. It was dark out and he said it would probably be safer if he drove me. I said my good nights to Janet and got in Steve's big truck.

As we proceeded down the street, Steve wasted no time in revealing what he had heard before, "So, did you and Janet really go down on each other?"

My heart jumped a beat but I tried not to show how shocked I was by his question, I lied a little bit, "Nope, I just kissed her pussy on a dare. I actually prefer guys."

"I heard Janet say that you ate her pussy. Would you do that again for me sometime?"

His question made me remember my brother George telling Janet that he would like to see us make out together. What is it with guys anyway? In the darkness of the truck, I could see a rather large bulge in Steve's pants. I decided to tease him more.

"So, you want to see your daughter's pussy? Would you join in if I tasted her first... or after?"

The memory of my fantasy eating his cum out of Janet was getting me so wet again. I stared at his crotch in the slight darkness in his truck.

"Get out of here. Janet would never go for anything like that. I'm just asking if Janet enjoyed you between her legs."

"Janet is more wild than you realize. She enjoys three-ways and loves to experiment. We've shared many um... things together."

He must have seen me staring at his crotch but was considering my words about Janet and myself.

"You want to see how hard you got me?" He said as he pulled into the driveway, he turned off the car. With some difficulty, he managed to pull his cock out. I was shocked but managed not to show it.

In the darkened front cab of his truck, I could make out his fat cock poking upward. "Well?"

It was by far, the largest cock I had ever seen. I had given blowjobs to a few guys before, but there was no way that monster was was going to going to fit even past my lips. That thing must be larger than my upper arm. The only thing wrong with that picture was the large heavy gut hanging in the way. The fact that Steve was my best friend's dad may have left my mind, but he was clearly an over weight old guy.

"It's... so big. I mean. Holy crap! What do you expect me to do with something like that?"

"Suck on it. I heard you say you wanted it." He was starting to get self conscious about it and looked around to see if there was anyone nearby. "Maybe someday you'll get a chance of having it."

Knowing I was about to miss my chance, I offered, "Can I touch it?"

Not waiting for an answer, I reached out and attempted to put my hand around it firmly. I moved in closer and he moved to kiss me. I almost pulled away, somewhat repulsed by his fat bloated face, but his bad breath. It was my curiosity about sucking his cock that allowed him to fill my mouth with his tongue.

I gently sucked on his tongue. It was so big and he pushed it deep into my throat, that I could barely move my own tongue around it. My heart was beating so hard, I thought I was going to pass out. With my head spinning, I surrendered to him and simply enjoyed him kissing me. It didn't seem to realize he had worked his large hand under my shirt and pushed my bra upward to squeeze my breast. It wasn't until he pinched my nipple and my body shook with pleasure, that I realized how much I was enjoying his attention to me.

When his tongue finally withdrew a little from my mouth, I pushed closer to him, not wanting to break our kiss. Placing his hand on my shoulder, he guided my head down past his stomach. I briefly saw his cock pocking upward and I opened my mouth to accept it. My tongue slid over it as it moved past my lips. He pushed me down on to it as it hit the back of my throat. I pulled back slightly to catch my breath, only to have him shove my head down.

A pattern of me with my head bobbing up and down, as I swallowed the top few inches. His smell was awful, but it still excited me thinking that he probably hadn't even seen his cock in a long time. Though his hand was no longer pushing me down on his cock I continued enjoying his fat cock sliding into my mouth. My head still bobbed up and down on it as he had pushed my pants and panties off of me. Squeezing my ass, he even managed to get a large finger over my clit.

It sent waves of pleasure though my body, up into my nipples and shocks of joy exploding into my head. When he pushed that finger into the entrance of my pussy, I jumped up to complain it hurt a little cause it was too big. He had the look of total lust on his face, as he pulled me up and I straddled his fat gut. His mouth covered my tit as he sucked most of it in.

My head fell back as I nearly screamed with pleasure with him devouring me. His cock poked my pussy. I wanted him so bad at this point, I pushed myself downward. As he slipped a little inside, it hurt but I now longer cared. I gritted my teeth and pushed myself down on his large cock. The pain intensified as he went deeper and deeper. It felt like he was going to rip me apart and he grunted on how tight I was.

The pain moved to a wonderful sensation. My body felt so good and I pleaded him to fuck me more. I arched my back against the steering wheel, and Steve grabbed me to stop me from honking the horn. Grinding my hips I wanted his cock to fuck me harder and harder. I kissed him passionately as I wanted him to know my
feelings. I wanted him to own me in so many ways.

He stayed inside me for a good long while. Though the pain was slightly less, I worked through it by enjoying our kiss. Feeling a bit impatient, he grabbed me by the waist and started lifting me slowly. I was surprised to find that he wasn't all the way inside me. As we fucked slowly, he managed to push more and more inside me. I began to wonder on how full he was going to fill me. We even increased our speed and soon I found my self moaning as I bucked up and down on his cock.

It seemed like only a short time into it but Steve came. I wanted more, but he seemed to jerk a few times, his belly jiggled under me, and he stopped bouncing me on top of him. He was out of breath and all sweaty. By kissing him all over his face, I thought I could get him moving again. He seemed to lay back exhausted. When his cock started to soften, it slipped out of me, and I had to accept that it was over.

"Don't tell anyone, Okay?" I said to him wondering if I had just killed him.

"The only person I might tell is my wife." He finally said.

I moved back to my side of the truck cabin and put my clothes back on. I thought he was joking as I looked at Steve's cock laying there like a piece of cooked meat. "You'll consider what I told you about Janet, right?"

He just nodded, looked at his watch, and pulled his cock back into his pants. "You know, the reason I was asking if Janet and you had done anything, and if Janet liked it, was because her mother likes women. Do you think Janet might be like her mother?"

I remembered Janet saying she didn't want to be with me, though she liked my tongue buried inside her pussy. She maintained that she preferred guys.

"Maybe we can find out sometime," I teased.

She had me suck on my brother's cock the day before, I thought I would return the favor.

Steve, just looked at me and let out a long breath. "Come on. It's time for you to go inside."

It was difficult getting out of his truck, and painful to walk. I felt a wonderful pain between my legs. An emptiness I wanted refilled. He drove away, and I actually missed him. I even started to cry feeling that I might never feel him inside me again. It was silly of me and it was simply that I did not have an orgasm.
There would be other days.

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