Gloria's Glory

By Stoneypoint

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Western and husband returns only to have sex with wife
He’d been gone almost 3 weeks. Three long, long weeks she’d said to herself as she opened the door and looked out over their land. The breeze came blowing at her. It was a warm breeze and now the sun was up in the sky, shining brightly upon her glorious face. Still each morning she’d come out and look out into the tall grasses along with their plantings and still Gloria smiled, openly knowing only one man could make her feel this way, the man who came and took her away from the past.

At one time, not long ago, Gloria was known to many as a prostitute. However, she never wanted that life. Now she was forever beholden to him. He was a wonderful man. It was always her intent to prove it all the time to him, to Jacob once he arrived back from his travels. Now was as good a time as any, she reminded herself.

The day came and went. She opened the door again. Where is he, she asked herself. He is overdue. Ohhhhhh, I soooo miss him she told herself. I so miss Jarrod she told herself as her arms reached out and her eyes closed as she felt the warm breeze hitting her in the face. Mmmmmm, if only he was here. If only he was she thought, I’d undress myself, and we’d make love as if it were our first time.

She opened her eyes knowing how magnificent his body would feel against hers. His flesh, her flesh too, and both naked and rolling around, passionately anywhere that was possible. Again, Gloria closed her eyes and felt the warm morning breeze as it blew in around the large log cabin of Kansas. She breathed in the air, filling herself with desire, and knowing soon, yes soon enough, he’d be home.

Later that day, he rode in. She’d heard him and clothed herself and walked to the front door. Smiling, she opened it up, and saw his tall blondish brown frame as he instantly smiled once he saw her glorious beauty before him.

“Gloria, my love” he called out and right away jumped off the horse.

She came running out and these two immediately took hold of one another, hugging long and hard, and finally kissing as if they’d just discovered the art of such a passionate art. Tongues prevailed in this loving battle of romance as the two held and kissed and showed the great fondness which had been absent for so many days and finally, he stopped.

“Let me put the horse up” he said.

She didn’t waist any time. She quietly followed her lover and husband into the barn, watching him remove the saddle off the horse, and bedding it down for the day.

As she watched, the dress came undone. As she watched, she allowed the dress to slip off her shoulders. He did not see any of this. As she watched him, she removed all undergarments. He didn’t see any of her actions at all. As he finished with the bedding down of his horse, he turned around.

“Holy” and then he stopped saying a word. He looked at her, a vision of what he considered one superb naked body standing before him. “Ohhhhhhh my lord in heaven” he went on to sat as his eyes opened wide while his mouth hung equally wide open.

She was smiling as she stood before him, entirely naked as the day she was born, and he went on and added “Gloria, if there really is a god in heaven, it’s proved right here, today, by the fact you’re standing before me like that.”

Still he behaved as if dumbfounded. His eyes were wide, and he was slightly aroused as his mouth remained open.

She’d been smiling all along as her long but silky light brown hair hung beautifully down over her shoulders and on down behind her. “If there is a god in heaven, then why haven’t you come and shown me how wonderful I look to you my love?” she asked.

“Uhhh because uhhh I just uh want to” and his eyes closed and swiftly reopened and he shook his head but finally smiled, eventually saying “I want to enjoy looking at your endless beauty, as you are right now.”

Regardless, she simply smiled. She walked towards him. “I love you. You know I do. I have so missed you my dear” she went on to say and added “I soooo really love you. You do know that don’t you?” He nodded as she walked closer and closer and she added “Then take me, touch me, and touch my whole body my dear. Feel my bosoms. Take them and make me feel me as if I am beautiful once again. Show me that you love me all over my body, everywhere my love. And I mean feel me everywhere. Touch me in areas a woman’s body never is felt. Ohhhhhh sweetheart, I need to be felt all over. Take me and touch me and hold me and baby, I need you. I soooo need you all over me, baby. I do. I really, really do because I have soooo longed for you. I truly have. My body aches for you everywhere.”

He couldn’t believe how much passion had built up inside her by way of her words. He did take her in his hands. He held her firmly and lovingly and once he did, he kissed her hard on her lips. She had succumbed to his deep desires and with hers a lust filled passion exploded as the two of them soon fell to the floor of the barn and he mounted her.

His hand collapsed beneath her. His hand reached into the small of her back. He pulled her against him as he held her closely and kissed her lips. He became hard. She felt his hardness digging into her belly and pelvis, loving it all the way. He reached down further as he kissed her and soon enough he felt her soft ass cheeks in his hands. Glorious as it felt, all she wanted was his penis, his hard penis inside her, and doing only the things a man and a wife should be doing in the privacy of their homestead.

She felt it. The erection skimmed along her aroused, swelling vagina. It felt glorious to her. She wished for it to go into her. It simply skimmed and ran up and down, but not in her. She pushed as if desiring and wishing for the hardness to be up in her.

Finally, Gloria reached down in between them. She took hold of it. “Ohhhhhhh” he cried out. She did the same. Feeling his manliness, in her hand, felt incredibly wonderful to him. “Oh my lord, yes” he called out. She squeezed it and eased it up inside her vagina. “Oh god” he cried out. “Gloria, you feel soooo darn good. Ohhh lord” he moaned.

She smiled as it went up inside her. His hands, still on her ass cheeks, pulled hard at her as his penis, his hard aroused member went deeper and deeper into the swollen canal of carnal desire. “Oh ahhhhh eeeeehh” she cooed and moaned. “Jacob you are soooo wonderful” she added as he pushed and pulled madly in and out of her.

They rolled and tumbled and made love as relatively newly weds should make love. Arms around each other, lips on one another’s lips, and his cock deep inside her pussy as he fucked her lovingly and passionately, he wouldn’t let go of her warm and soft flesh. He felt the softness, he felt the love, and he felt the passion as well. Her desires were evident and he showed this woman, his wife, how much he had longed for her too.

She had orgasmed and smiled. He came inside her too. Yes, she felt it, and yes could easily do it again and again. They laid there, resting, and relaxing as he held her soft and warm body closely.

“I love you so much Jacob” she said and kissed his cheek.

“I love you too Gloria and thank you a million times over” he told her and she kissed him again but on his lips. “Another go around maybe?”

“Again already?” she said, smiling.

“Ahhhhh maybe after I get a little to eat. I am hungry you know.”

They went in and she fixed him one of his favorite meals. That did it for him. He was all over her once again. He quickly removed that dress. Her breasts as perky and beautiful as they were became his primary focus. He eased into them. She smiled. His mouth gently came down over one and then the other. He kissed them, licked each, and finally sucked them wildly. She couldn’t believe how incredibly wonderful it all felt to her.

It so aroused her. She told him she wanted his penis inside her once again. He asked if she had ever sucked on a man’s penis. She said no. He asked her to try it. So she did. She took the erection into her hand and initially licked it but eventually sucked it, but slowly.

She loved doing it. She loved feeling his erect penis on her tongue and also inside her mouth. There wasn’t anything remotely as exciting or so she wanted to believe that other then a man’s aroused penis inside a woman aroused swollen vagina. Down on the floor, she sucked and held and swallowed his genuine manhood into her mouth, sucking and swallowing it whole. She even licked his testicals, something she never even heard or thought about doing.

He came inside her mouth.

“Oh wow, Jarrod, wow” she exclaimed, “What was that? Was that you?”

He smiled and pulled her close. “Yes my dear. It was. It can happen to you too. A woman does this also although it is a little different of course.”

“Show me. Please show me” she said excitedly.

With that, he smiled. Reaching out, he undressed her. She grew rapidly more excited as the seconds ticked off the clock. She wondered and couldn’t wait to see, and feel, a man’s mouth and tongue inside her vagina. What did that feel like, she asked herself. How will I feel once something like that is done to me she wondered?

With that, the dress and underlayment of her clothing dropped off her body. Her nipples, due to her already aroused body, were hard as rocks. She could not wait. He lifted his woman up and took her to their bed. He laid her down and looked deep into her eyes, smiling. She smiled back, anxiously. Closing her eyes, she waited, and then she felt his hands on her legs and soon after her thighs as well.

She cooed quietly. “Ooooooohh” she echoed as his hand swarmed the warm surrounding her vagina. He parted the hair surrounding it as he came closer and closer to her pussy. He looked up into his wife’s eyes and smiled, telling her she will love this to no end. She grew intensely more excited then ever.

And then she felt it. His tongue. It rubbed along the lips of her vagina. “Ohhhhhhh, ohhh wow, oh my god Jarrod” she cried out as her body buckled instantly at the feel of his tongue on her pussy’s lips. “Lord almighty ohhhhhh wow yes oh yes ohhhhhh my lord yes Jarrod” she screamed out.

His tongue went in and she squealed as if some kind of wild foreign bird no one had ever heard of. She grabbed a hold of him. She took hold of his shoulders. She squiggled and her ass seemed to move up and down and side to side. She squealed and took hold of the bed’s wooden railings as he licked her deeply and twisted and turned his tongue inside her swollen, horny pussy.

She was beside herself. She came and she came hard. Cum, like never before, squirted up and out of her pussy, slamming into his face once it did. She couldn’t stand it. Gloria shrieked and squealed as if never having an orgasm ever in her life. It was fabulous, to put it mildly. Her body was rupturing all along. She was “beside” herself as the orgasms persisted. She exploded and came again into his mouth and face. She absolutely loved this. He was a man of magic.

“Oh my lord Jarrod, no more oh god no more, please” and so he stopped.

He came up and crawled up beside her, taking hold of her lovely body, and telling her he loved her dearly. She smiled into his eyes and asked where he had learned such a technique. He told her it was a foreigners technique he’d heard about. She wished to know more, a lot more in fact too.

“Nah, you don’t want to know. I heard about it from a woman I knew a long time ago” he told her. “I love you and only you. I make love to you and only you. You and I have sex only and I loved doing that to you” he said as he nodded and smiled into her eyes.

“We go down to the pond tonight? We get naked down there and play around some more? We do all these nasty things tonight down at the pond?” she said and reached down to pet his penis. “I play with this and make you well you know what I will do” and with that, she leaned in and kissed his lips, hard.