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Gloria's Sex Diary 7.19.08 part one

Sex with my boyfriend's father, my boss

The day went by at the hardware store that my boss, Mr Chang owned and ran. Once again I found myself in the backroom doing inventory while his brother-in-law and partner took care of business out front. The two old guys had been watching me all week long and little did I know it was because they had watched me having sex with Mr Chang's son on a surveillance tape. As I held my clipboard and looked over some shelves, Mr Chang sat at a table nearby chatting with me. He asked me on how I have been doing with David, his son and I told him I haven't heard from him all week.

Moving behind me, Mr Chang started to rub the back of my neck and my shoulders, "You need to relax. Too much tension, not good."

It kind of surprised me, since he had always kept his distance. I liked what he was doing so I put the clipboard down and moved my head slightly. Closing my eyes, I tried to relax and let him massage me with his strong grip. Bending down, he gave my shoulder a small kiss. Moving toward the other shoulder, another peck, "Feel good?" He asked. I thought the kisses were a bit over the top, but I told him it felt good. He continued rubbing me but moved his body close to mine from behind.

Since he was now too close to kiss my shoulders, I relaxed. With one hand reaching around my waist, he used his other hand to guide my head to one side and started to kiss my cheek. I must have made a nervous giggle as I started to protest, "What do you think you're doing?" His hand guided my face over towards his and his tongue tried to push itself past my lips. My eyes must have gone wide, as I was stunned by this old guy trying to force his wet tongue into my mouth. I pressed my lips together to stop him. With his hand on my face, I froze there with Mr Chang's wet tongue probing around the outside of my mouth. I wanted to tell him to stop, but I knew opening my mouth would allow him to put his tongue inside. I then surprised myself by doing just that.

Opening my mouth slightly, Mr Chang dove in. His tongue pushed in deeply and my mouth of filled with wetness. I found myself sucking on his tongue and swallowing the fluids. Soon enough, my own tongue swirled around his and back into his mouth. I had to admit, it was exciting. Him kissing me would have been romantic if it wasn't so wrong. His arm that was pulling me close had moved downward and I felt his hand unsnap my pants and work inside. I thought then, that this had gone way too far. I broke off the kiss and told him, "This is soo wrong. I don't think this is right."

Pushing his hand deeper down my pants, he found my pussy already getting wet. "Yes you do." His tongue went right back into my mouth. Now I really started to struggle. His finger felt thick and rough. One had pushed its way into my pussy. When I pulled away, he pulled his finger up to show me the juice coating it. When I had turned to face him, he moved in close. "You all wet down there. You must like something?"

Putting the pussy coated finger to my lips, he told me, "taste yourself."

I obeyed his strong command, not as frightened as I should have been. My tongue licked his finger a couple of times before he shoved it into my mouth. It was if he was fucking my mouth with his cock as he slid it in and out, my mouth closed around it. I looked into his lust filled eyes realizing he was going to fuck me like his son David did last week. I couldn't believe that this old man who must have been at least in his 60's was making out with me and my body hungered for him, though I knew it was wrong.

He proceeded in yanking my pants and panties down. As I stepped out of them, I looked at him over. He had much wider shoulders and only a small wisp of hair remained on his spotted head. His large hands seemed out of proportion against my small white body. He was much stockier than David and very much older. I tried reasoning with him once more as he took off his own pants and underwear, "Mr. Chang, this is nuts. You're married. I'm dating your son. You're too old for me." Mr Chang just sat back naked in the chair next to the table. His limp shriveled cock hung down over his balls. Still ignoring me, he ordered me to suck his cock.

Kneeling down between his legs, I held the thick shaft and saw a small amount of clear liquid ooze out of the big cock head. I placed my mouth over his cock and started to suck on it. I tried to stroke him but it didn't seem to be getting any longer. Looking up over his body, I saw he had closed his eyes and seemed content on what I was doing. I continued sucking and stroking his cock for a few minutes before I started to get truly disinterested in it all. What I really wanted was more of that great tasting tongue of his. He didn't complain while I got up and placed my legs to either side of him. It was my turn to stick my tongue out and put it inside his mouth.

While he kissed me back, I felt somewhat relieved that he was just too old to get it up anymore. I liked kissing him, but we just were not meant to fuck. Sure it was wrong laying on top of him and making out with the old guy, but he tasted so good. I bet he loved having a young teen girl resting naked on top of him. His strong hands gripped my ass and squeezed my cheeks. It made me moan loudly. I wiggled and arched my back to grind my hips into him. My head pulled back and his mouth found my tits. Sucking my tits into his mouth, sent bolts of pleasure down into my pussy. I could feel his cock growing hard under me and I started to hump on it. It felt like a hot log sliding between my legs.

Poking at my pussy, it found the entrance and the head lodged itself there. My eyes went wide as I realized what was happening. It was too big around for me. The head opening my pussy where it actually felt some discomfort. My body hungered for more though. I pressed down with my hips, only to be matched with him pushing his cock upward. His hands forced my ass down on top of his cock and I squealed in pure delight, "Oh, Mr Chang. No, it's soo.. Can't! We... no... stop." I tried to say that I couldn't fuck him, but I also wanted him to go deeper. I lifted my hips momentarily before driving down further. He pushed upward, and his cock went in deeper.
It was both uncomfortable yet so deliciously filling. We moved together, fucking with a steady rhythm. Still gripping my ass, he bounced me up and down on his cock, "Ohh, yes. ohhh yes. ooohhhh Yes." He just grunted while closing his eyes again. He breathed heavily and kept fucking me for quite a bit of time. I came close to cumming a couple of times, but his cock became soft again and he slipped out. I'm not sure if he came or not. He just relaxed back trying to regain his breath. I wanted more though, so I moved off of him and started to suck his cock with gusto.

I was happy as his cock grew once again, and the big round helmet cock head of his filled my mouth. Mr Chang started to get up suddenly, and I almost felt sad thinking that he had had enough. Instead, he bent me over and entered me from behind. As his cock pushed into me again, I cried out feeling like he had knocked the wind out of me. No sooner than he had thrust his thick cock in and out a few strokes and his body jerked. Burying his cock deep, he came. I felt his cock swell just before he released himself deep inside me. It felt good and I kicked myself for having resisted him before. Almost falling over, Mr Chang cock slipped out of me and was soft once again. It was then that I noticed his brother-in-law, Mr Kwan watching us from the doorway.

He had waited patiently but now spoke up. "Took you long enough. Store closed now. My turn."

Mr Chang got dressed leaving me bent over that table, unsatisfied and feeling somewhat vulnerable. I closed my eyes and thought of my situation. My pussy buzzed, feeling incomplete. Mr. Chang didn't say a word as he just left. I heard Mr Kwan approach.

To be continued in Part 2

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