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Gloria's Sex Diary 7.19.08 part two

Sex with boss' brother-in-law
Last week, my boyfriend David and I had sex in the hardware store that his dad owns. It was all captured on the surveillance video. Both Mr Chang (my boss, David's dad) and Mr Kwan (Mr Chang's brother-in-law) had both watched it. Mr Chang seduced me into having sex with him on the same table that his son and I had sex on the week before. Even though Mr Chang had cum inside me, he left me unsatisfied and hungry for more. He left, but now Mr Kwan had arrived. How about that for a recap?

I lay there on the table, face down, naked, feeling vulnerable and very horny. With my eyes closed, I could hear him approaching. I wished Mr Chang would have been able to last a bit longer or at least stay, but now that Mr Kwan was here, I hoped he would take better care of me.

Starting to push myself up off the table, I opened my eyes to see that he was naked too. He pushed me back down on to the table, "Stay there bitch, I want to get a good look at you." I watched him as best I could. He was looking me over, "Gloria, Gloria, you're a little whore aren't you?" All I could do was nod in agreement. I wanted to please him so much, I would have agreed to anything he had to say.

"I always knew it, and you got the nicest ass." He then gave my ass a really hard slap. It stung so much and I cried out and tried to get up once again. He grabbed me by the back of the neck and kept my face down. "Stay there!" He yelled and gave my ass another hard slap. I tried to tell him I wanted him to fuck me, but he ignored my plea's.

"I've watched you fucking the others back here. It got me so excited." He slapped my ass again and it stung so much I wanted him to stop. Pulling my head over close to him, his hard cock pointed out from under his belly and into my face. "You suck me first," I opened my mouth and he put his short little dick inside. "Suck it, you fucking bitch!" He yelled at me some more. I started to suck his cock, afraid he would slap my ass hard again. "Damn Gloria, you got one hot little mouth. So good. I bet your pussy is still hot and ready to fuck."

Fuck if he wasn't right. I wanted a cock. It occurred to me that if I could make him excited enough with my mouth then he would fuck my pussy. I reached around and grabbed his large ass to pull his cock deeper into my mouth. My mouth opened wide and saliva drooled out. With my tongue sliding along its length, I managed to slip my tongue under his hairy balls. He moaned in excitement. Suddenly, I felt his chubby hand on my pussy, and his finger jabbed inside. He wiggled it around and it slid along my clit. I bucked against it and tried to squeeze his finger like it was a cock. Then he shoved another finger and worked in a third. I thought he was going to tear me apart. Fucking my sore cunt with wild jabbing thrust of his fingers, I really started to enjoy how rough he was. It felt somewhat painful but all so good, it drove me wild. It helped me enjoy his cock more and savor the taste when I got my tongue around his balls. Now I was sucking trying my hardest to drain out the cum. Gurgling wet sounds came out of my mouth as I moaned from his furious finger fucking of my poor pussy.

When he pulled his cock out, I pleaded for him to put it back into my mouth, "Please, don't... I want you to cum... in mmm..." Grabbing the back of my head, he drove his cock back deep down into my throat. Pulling my head back, he thrust my mouth down on his cock over and over. Gagging as his cock kept pushing down into my throat, he fucked my mouth relentlessly. He spoke but I didn't make it out. Just trying to catch my breath, I struggled helplessly.

After an eternity he stopped and moved behind me. With the absence of his fingers, I anticipated his cock. With one thrust, he was inside my already ravaged pussy. He humped my ass, fucking me hard and fast. Pressing me into the corner of the table, I could barely hold on. He pressed down on my ass as he jack hammered his cock deep inside me. The sound of my body being repeatedly slammed against the table was probably heard out into the front of the store. I started to cum quickly as I surrendered myself to a mind blowing orgasm.

"FUCK ME... Don't stop! YES," I found myself screaming through my fucked filled haze.

 Mr Kwan just kept on fucking. His breathing was heavy as he was tiring out. He refused to quit. Pulling out he turned me over and nearly lay on top of me to fuck me some more. His fat body nearly crushed me, but his cock felt so good. He pounded my pussy, trying his best to get off. I reached around his neck with both arms and bucked upwards as best I could to help him. Panting like mad, his sweat dripped off his face, "Come on, Mr Kwan. You know you want to cum. Fuck your little whore. Fuck me real good."

This old guy, just kept on fucking. I thought he was going to pass out from exhaustion, but he just kept fucking. I started to cum a second time! "Yes, ohhh, yes... I feel it... I.... Ahhhh, Yes!"

We came together. The big mass of his body crushing down on me. My pussy milked his cock for all the cum he could give me. I would have been a quivering mess if he wasn't laying on top, his body covering mine. He pulled me up so that he could kiss me. I kissed him back. Thankful for getting me off twice, I swirled my tongue along with his, not minding how sore my poor pussy was. I decided that maybe I no longer minded how rough and insulting he had been. My body would have bruises, my pussy too sore to hardly walk, and my throat felt raw.

We ordered out for pizza after getting dressed. Mr Chang, Mr Kwan, and I sat there eating discussing what their wives were probably worried when they would get home. They let me watch the surveillance videos of us fucking and my pussy, though sore, got all wet again. I asked where David had been all week and they told me he had found another young girl to date. The asshole didn't even have the nerve to break up with me. I looked over these two old men and wondered how many more times they were going to fuck me back here in the backroom. Mr Chang even invited me over to his place.

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