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Haircut, Blow Dry and a Blow Job

Both of my parents, my older brother and I, have been having our hair done at “Generations Salon,” for as long as I can remember. My very first haircut was done there and every haircut since.


Its called Generations, because, it’s been owned by the same family for many, many years. Cathy has her Mother, Beverly, and her Grandmother, Angie, working there. I know Cathy is 24 because we were in the same grade all thru High School. When I went off to college, Cathy went to the local Beauty School . Now, she manages the family salon. I’m an Assistant Manager at a local Bank. Neither of us is married.


In High School ”Cat,” as she liked to be called was very flirtatious, very friendly and very outgoing. Perhaps she was a little too much so. She had a reputation for being promiscuous. Although we knew each other back then, we were never close friends. We traveled with different crowds. Being the type of guy that always has his ear to ground, (you learn to do that as a banker) from what I gather, she still deserves her reputation.


My older brother, Donnie, once told me a friend of his was having an ongoing affair with Beverly, Cat’s mom. So, I figured, ”Like Mother, like Daughter.” But I didn’t think about them much. I wasn’t getting any of what they were giving, so it didn’t interest me much.


With a promising career in banking looming in my future, I was seeking “apple pie,” types anyway. Last Tuesday night, my late night at work, I locked up at nine and headed home. I was stopped at a traffic light and looking around. I noticed the lights on in the salon and no cars in the parking lot. I thought maybe I could get a quick trim without having to wait. As I entered, Angie was closing out the register. There wasn’t anyone else in sight. I knew Angie to be a highly skilled hair cutter.


“Whoops,” I said, “I guess I’m too late for a trim?”


“It’s never too late for you, Allie-boy.”


I was surprised she knew my name. She hadn’t cut my hair in about 15 years. I guess she knew me through my family or maybe as one of her grand daughters school mates.


“It’s really a good feeling to be known by name,” I said. “It makes a customer feel important.”


“Well, I’m glad I made you feel good and you are important. Through the years I’ve watched you grow up. You’re a fine young man, from a nice family. I’ve always liked you.”


I’m thinking this old babe really knows customer service. I’m in here less then a minute and I’m already thinking about how big a tip I should give her.


“Just one thing Allie,” she says. “I want to shut the lights in the waiting room and lock the door, because you’ll be the last one in today.”


She locks the door, flips a switch, holds my hand and walks me back to the shampoo sink. Angie drapes me in a cape and leans me back for a shampoo. I swear she presses her thigh against my shoulder as soon as I leaned back. Then she leans over me and her tits are hanging in my face. Could it be my interpretation, or is she trying to turn me on? I mean, this old babe is my grandma’s age. I decided it was not an accident. She touched her titties to my face about 5 times.


She said, “OK honey, Come with Angie, right over here.”

I heard, “Ok horny, cum with Angie, right over here.”


Again she’s holding my hand, and leading me to her hydraulic chair.

When we get there, she kisses the back of my hand and doesn’t release it. Still holding my hand, she looks me in the eyes and says,


“OK handsome, what can I do to make you happy tonight”


She said it with a smile on her lips and a glint in her eye.


“I like a trim that doesn’t look like I just had a haircut,” I replied.


“Relax, Allie, I’m not going to bite you.

Your body is full of tension,

relax, big guy.”


Well she was right. I could feel the tension all over me.

Funny, I thought. I was relaxed when I walked in here.


Angie put her hands on top of my shoulders. She massaged them firmly and she massaged my neck. Her fingertips were dancing all over my scalp and down the back of my neck. It made me laugh.

My laugh made her laugh too. Our laughing caused all the tension to dissipate.


Angie began her haircutting at the back of my head. There wasn’t any physical contact between us. I thought I must have been a perfect asshole, imagining her coming on to me. I was glad I didn’t touch her inappropriately or say something out of line. I was wrong.


Working on the left side of my head, she put her thigh against my upper arm. I thought she rubbed it against me. I looked at her face in the mirror. She had a hint of a smile on her face. As soon I recognized this as a cat and mouse game, I had to smile too. That emboldened her and she positioned herself so my elbow was nestled between the tops of her thighs. Now there were tiny sounds of pleasure coming from her. They were barely perceptible moans. My circulatory system got into the game and started sending reinforcements to my cock.

Then my brain decided to play too. I positioned my right elbow well beyond the arm of the styling chair.   When she came around to that side of the chair, she put her pussy right on my elbow, right on cue. She was rubbing her pussy on my arm.


I was watching her in the mirror and she was swaying her hips to rub it on me. My cock was busy making the cape into a tent to cover my lap. She noticed that. I saw her look and smile. When she moved in front of the chair to cut the top hair, she straddled one of my knees. Angie was standing in front of me and my knee was between her knees. Gently she squeezed my knee between hers.


She lifted the cape towards my chest, attempting to shake the hair cuttings to the floor. Much of it fell onto my lap where the cape had been. Using her fingers as a whisk broom she tried to flick the hair off me. Some of her swipes knocked hair to the floor. Most of them were teasing my cock to greater heights.


“Do you want me to blow it?”


“My hair?”


“No, your stiff, young cock. Do you want me to blow it.?”


That was agreeable to me, but I was startled by her frankness and I was lost for words. The best I could do, was nod yes.


Picking up her blow dryer, Angie blew the remaining hair off the cape and off my lap. She made a few half hearted passes at the hair on my head. She took the cape off me. Took my hand again and led me towards the rear of the salon. She flipped off the remaining lights and led me to a room marked “Facials.”


Angie wrapped her arms around me. She kissed my mouth. Her embrace was surprisingly nice. She was soft and cushy in all the right places. Her hand found my cock. Through my pants she sized it up.


“MMMMMMM, I want that. Take off your pants and lie down”


I removed my shoes and sox. I removed my pants and laid down on the facial table. Angie took off her blouse and pulled a high stool to the foot of the table. She brought her face to mine.


“Kiss me sweetly, Allie. Kiss me.


I tried to kiss her sweetly. Her mouth was wide open and very wet. There’s not much sweet about that, but it does make for a good blow job. She cupped my balls and dragged her breasts across my chest.

I moaned in pleasure from that.


“Oh you like that baby?” she asked.


“I like it. I’d like it even more if you took your bra off.”


She reached behind her back and released a pair of C cups from their confinement. Happy to be free, they sat on my chest waiting for some attention. I asked her to change places with me. With Angie on her back, on the table, I could stand alongside and give those grandmotherly mammaries their proper due. I licked them and suckled for about 15 minutes. When I tried to play with her pussy at the same time, she asked me if I had any rubbers. I did not.


“I like you Allie, but I don’t fuck nobody without a rubber.”


“I respect that,” I said. “Change places with me again.”


When I got back on the table, I had my ass on the edge near the stool. Angie took the stool and dived down to suck my cock. She knew her stuff. I wondered how many cocks have been sucked by the Generations girls. I couldn’t come up with a number, but I was thinking, these 3 must have seen more cocks then the men’s room at Grand Central Station.


Angie was giving me one hell of a good blow job. She sucked and licked and lapped and teased and slurped it like a pro. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her mouth on me. I thought she stopped for air. I was surprised when she appeared, standing beside the table, completely naked.


“You sure you got no rubbers?”


“Sorry Angie, I’ll bring some next time.”


“Finger fuck me while I make you cum.”


She allowed me free access to her sopping wet cunt now. I obliged her with two fingers in her cunt and a thumb on her clit. She bent over to resume her task again. I liked the feel of her cunny. It was fleshy and warm and wet. A wave of passion swept over me.


“I want to fuck you, Angie. Let me fuck you now.”


“You make me so hot when you talk like that. I want to fuck you too. But I can’t without protection, until I know you better. Make me cum though, OK? Will you make me cum?”


“Oh yes, I want to make you cum.”


Angie climbed up on the table. She straddled my face and plopped that big wet cunt on my face. My thumbs opened her gash and my mouth had no trouble finding her huge clit. Eagerly I sucked it into my mouth and massaged it there. She mouthed my cock with renewed vigor. I felt my orgasm starting to build. I felt Angie’s Orgasm building too.


Her thumb and forefinger encircled the base of my cock and she sucked the entire shaft. I had one arm around her waist pulling her pussy into my face. I loved her big breasts on my belly. My orgasm was arriving like a big wave on the beach. When it crashed to the sand I shuddered and quivered and the white foam spewed into Angie’s mouth and throat.


The next wave was hers and it crashed ashore. She moaned and convulsed for two minutes. I wouldn’t release the clit from my mouth’s grasp until her hand took it from me.


We lay there a few minutes as the tide washed back to the sea.

When it was fully receded, we dressed and went to the front desk.


“How much I owe you Angie?”


“Fifteen for the haircut, the blow is on me,” she laughed


I handed her a twenty and walked out into the night.

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