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Having Sex with My Patient

Having Sex with My Patient

A man feels very lonely.
My name is June and I’m a registered nurse. I was working at the hospital for a couple of years, but then have gone into private nursing. The money is a little better. I care for a few different patients. Most of the time, it’s just helping the patients take their medicine or giving them injections.

I have a few patients that I care for in their private homes. My favorite patient is a man name George. He’s just so sweet and caring. His family lives out of state. His daughter had called the agency, and I've been taking care of him for the last few months. He’s a very nice older man. He's diabetic and also has high blood pressure. I give him his injections and give him other medications that he needs. I really don't do that much for him.

I’m twenty seven years old. I’m a small petite woman. I’m five foot one inches and weigh about hundred pounds. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. I’m not going out with anybody right now. I just devote all my time to my job and my patients.

I really enjoy spending time with George. Usually after I give him his injections and help him take his medicines, we sometimes will play cards together, or just talk. I really like him very much. George had recently lost his wife. She died peacefully in her sleep after battling cancer for a very long time. George’s wife Claire, was another one of my patients. She was more critical than her husband.

Sometimes, George will order pizza and we will make a night out of it. We'll play cards or whatever game he would like to play. I really enjoy spending time with George. I live alone so it’s nice to spend time with somebody for a little while, instead of being alone at my own house.

On my last trip something kind of different happened. We ordered the pizza and we were playing gin rummy, because that it the card game we like to play. A few hours had passed and George started to cry. He just sobbed and I didn't know what to do. I gave him a big hug and told him everything would be okay. We were embraced for a little while. That is when things got a little strange.

I was wearing a denim skirt and a sweater with boots. George started to rub and massage my buttocks. We were in a tight squeeze. I didn't know what to do. Then he moved my skirt a little further up my thigh and put his hands right on my lace panties. He was caressing my pussy through my panties. 

“George, what are you doing?”

“June, you are just so pretty. I am missing my wife Claire. I just want to be with a woman again. Do you think you could allow it this one time?”

I just wanted to make him feel better and let him continue to play with my buttocks. His hands reached into my panties and he cupped my buttocks with his hands. He was pressing against my little rosebud. It felt really good and I just moaned a little. I could feel George’s erection pressing against my ass.

George then picked me up and put me on his dining room table. He gave me a deep and passionate kiss. Our tongues were entwined in each other’s mouth. He spread my legs, moved my skirt up, and removed my panties. He then got on his knees and began to lick my pussy. I was not sure what to do, but after a while it really felt good.

George spent a lot of time on my clitoris. He put his finger into my wet pussy. George moved his fingers in and out slowly. He curved his fingers and rubbed and massaged my g-spot, which felt so good. George would change between his fingers and his tongue. He had a very long tongue. George ate my pussy for like thirty minutes.

“Oh George, that feels so good. Oh God, I am getting so turned on. Oh George, I think I am going to come. Oh God, here it comes!”

“June, you taste like a ripe peach darling. I am going to make you feel even better.”

George carried me to his bedroom and slowly undressed me. He was kissing me very passionately. His hands were again on my buttocks and his fingers were on my pussy. He was rubbing my clitoris and slid his finger into my throbbing pussy. George was fingering my pussy very slowly. He slid his cock into my pussy and made passionate love to me. He thrust into my vagina very slowly and gently. His hand was cupping and massaging my breasts. We were kissing deep and passionately. We made passionate love.

George told me to get on my hands and knees and he slid his cock into my pussy doggie style. He was pulling my hips into his cock and fucking me a bit harder now. He seemed to really like my round ass and would smooth his hand along my buttocks.

“June, your pussy feels so good. I am going to come you sweet thing.”

George was thrusting harder and faster. His balls were slapping into my ass. My pussy was clenching onto his cock as he was fucking me.

“I am going to come George!”

“Okay, we will come together.”

George and I came together. His cock sprayed his hot cream into my wet pussy. He continued to fuck me slowly.

George pulled his cock out of my pussy.

“June, would you please give me a blow job. Claire would never do it. She said it was dirty. If you could give me this pleasure, I would be so grateful to you.”

I got on my knees and took his cock into my mouth. George played with my breasts, while I gave him head. He was moaning and groaning and pinching my nipples, while I took his cock deeper and deeper into my throat. I guess his cock was about six inches long, but he was very thick. I was slurping and gagging on his cock. He was pulling and pinching my erect nipples.

George was holding my face and began to face fuck my mouth. He was thrusting harder and faster into my mouth. I kept pace with him. Even though George was an older man he could keep an erection. He later said he took a Viagra.

"June, I'm cumming dear."

George spewed his spunk down my throat. I swallowed it all down and continued to slurp on his cock.

“June, that was the best blow job I ever had. My God girl, where did you learn how to do that? You must have so many boyfriends.”

We were just cuddling and kissing for a while. George was very horny and his hands were all over my body. You would never guess he was seventy-five years old. He was hornier then most of my boyfriends.

I guess after about an hour, George said that there was one more thing his wife Claire never let him do. And with that he started to rub my ass.

“June, if you could get on your hands and knees again, I want to lick your ass and if you would be so kind, I would like to experience anal sex. Would you do this with me June?”

George was caressing my breasts and rubbing my pussy and said that he would make me feel even better if he could fuck my ass. I was just so aroused and satisfied.

“Okay George, as long as you are gentle and don’t hurt me. I will let you do it.”

“Get on your hands and knees June! I will make you love this dear.”

I got on my hands and knees on the bed. George then started to rim my ass. He spit and licked my ass. It really did feel really nice. He then took his pinky finger and started to press it into my ass. He was licking my pussy and fingering my ass. It felt so good. Then he put two fingers into my ass and started fucking me with those fingers.

George then had some lube and smothered it on my ass and all over his dick. He slid his cock into my tight rosebud.

“Oh George, it feels so tight. Oh God.”

“June, it feels so good. You're so tight honey. Oh God!”

George was pulling my hips into his cock. My tits were swaying to the left and then to the right. He was pumping his cock a little harder into my ass.

“June, rub your pussy, while I fuck your ass dear.”

I rubbed and massaged my clitoris as George had said to do. My pussy was so wet and it felt so good. George’s cock felt so good in my ass. I usually don’t like anal, but today with George it felt so good.

“June, I am going to pull out. I would love it if you jerked me off. I want to come on your beautiful tits.”

George pulled his cock out of my ass and I stroked his cock from the base to his head. I played with his balls and moved my fingers up and down his shaft.

“June squeeze your breasts together. Oh fuck, here it comes!”

George came all over my breasts. For an old geezer the man could come. We just held each other and George got a towel and cleaned my breasts up.

“June, you absolutely made my night. I don’t think I could ever thank you.”

In the upcoming weeks George and I maintained a very professional relationship. We never had sex again. We just shared one night of pleasure. It was something George will never forget. I too enjoyed myself.

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