Helping Out An Older Lady Pt 2

By maartin

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She was older, wiser and veryexperienced!
Veronica was her name and as I left after our massage session she said, "you have relaxed me terrifically Martin, I don't know how to thank you"

"You already have," I said with a smile. "I still have the oil on my cock to prove it!"

"May I come back and visit again?"

"Oh, anytime my dear, anytime here is my number."

We made no specific arrangement but about a week later I decided to call and see if she was OK.

"Ah, Martin," she said. "I thought you had forgotten me."

I explained that I had been busy at work but would love to visit again.

"Well I am alone tonight so..."

"I'll be over in an hour," I said.

Being twenty three at the time, I did consider it a bit weird visiting a sixty five year old woman even if she looked a lot younger and was really nice and easy to be with. I figured any positive life experience was worth investigating and with that thought in mind I showered, jumped in the car and was at her door within the hour.

As she opened it she said, "you are very prompt, I have just got out of the shower, come in and have a drink".

We chatted for a while and I told her about myself a little.

Veronica sat close and I started to stroke her arm as she look me in the eye. She was smiling sweetly and I leaned over and kissed her. It was the first time we had kissed and my stomach turned as her tongue searched my mouth.

As we broke for air she said, "I haven't kissed a man as young as you for a very long time."

"Our ages seem to be irrelevant Veronica," I said. "You are really turning me on"

"Really?" she said.

"Show me."

"Take me into the bedroom and I will," I said.

She stood up and took my hand. "Come along with me, young man."

We walked into her bedroom she closed the door and said, "may I undress you?"

"Oh please," I said.

She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it over my shoulders, I shuddered at the chill and sat on the edge of the bed. She gently pushed me down on my back and started to unbuckle my belt and unzip my jeans. She pulled them down and removed my loafers, tugged my jeans and socks off and stood up to look at me in just my underpants.

My erection was straining and she moved down and kissed my tensing tummy. Her small pecking kisses moved lower and she slid down my pants. My cock sprang up in her face and she giggled.

"Nice to see ya again," she said to it.

I giggled as she took my pulsating cock in her mouth and gently glided her lips over it.

She popped her head up and said, "do you think I could make you come this way? I can see some pre-cum here."

"Oh, I think so," I breathed.

She carried on bobbing and I reached around to try to unbutton her blouse. I managed to get a couple of buttons undone and she undid the rest with her mouth still bobbing on my penis.

She unclipped her bra and her large creamy breasts dangled in my face. I lapped on a large nipple and twirled the other one between my fingers.

"Mm," she sighed into my groin.

I slipped a hand under her skirt and wiggled my fingers around the side of her knickers and felt her hairy bum and mound. Her slit seemed to open up for my hand and I ran a finger along the opening. She felt like she was pouting for me as my fingers tickled her moist hole.

She pulled down her skirt and I pulled down her panties. She kicked them both off and I found my face was very near her bare bottom. I started to lap at her pussy and as I ran my tongue up her slit she ground into my face.

"Oh you naughty boy," she said as she came up for air.

My mouth found her clitoris which was protruding from the top of her vagina like small cock.In my young experience I had never seen one so prominent before and it was really turning me on to lick around it and to hear Veronica's sighs as I stimulated her with my mouth.

My hands went around her behind to help me keep in positions and I slipped one finger gently into her bum hole.

"Ah I'm going to come if you do that," she said.

She bobbed up and down my cock with more excitement as I wriggled one finger in her bum and stroked her pussy lips with the other hand, all the time trying to keep my mouth on her engorged clitoris.

"Oh," She breathed as she ground her pussy into my face..."I'm um ah."

That was too much for me and my cock pulsated between her lips as I throbbed streams of cum into her mouth.

"Mm I'm cumming," I gasped.

We both pulsated and contracted on each other for several seconds more before we relaxed at the same time and she sank onto me.

"Oh my God that was wonderful," she sighed as we lay panting slowly.

"I couldn't hold back any longer," I breathed.

"I can taste that!" she said swallowing.

She wriggled around and smiled as she wrapped a sheet around us and held me in her arms.

"Isn't youth and experience a wonderful combination Martin?"