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Her name was Lieda, what a name for a cat

Her name was Lieda, what a name for a cat

In 1968 a 'Cougar' was a big cat

It started with wanting some of the worlds best frogs legs. It ended with even better legs and me being a different, I like to think better, man. I still love her, way down inside where I keep it hidden, with respect, not from any kind of shame. I've never told this story before because I've always been a very private person but I think it's time. I'll let my kids read it one day so they can see why I was like I was. I've tried to raise them to think and I believe I've succeeded.

I've used language here I didn't know then. I've lived a lot of life since but in writing and theater it's called, "Poetic License". The feelings are more accurately expressed with better language.

I don't think anyone ever forgets the first time they fell in love.


She had her butt jammed down on my lap hard enough to have my cock pressed between her ass cheeks, tight against her rear hole. We were both wearing shorts and were in the back seat of a car with three other couples. One couple sat in the front seat but the other two, the other women on the guys laps too, sat in back with us.

She'd move to point at something then squirm back and clench her butt when she did. No one could tell she was dry-humping me, and it felt like I was fucking her. Every time she slid her ass over my cock it slid deep into the crevice, and she'd kind of grunt and jump. She liked where it was rubbing.

My mother and I ran a country club, and a friend of hers, a member named Lieda, and I screwed ourselves silly for almost a year. Now I've forgotten her last name, and I am ashamed of that. She'd been married, had a grown son and still used her married name. She'd caught him screwing around and kicked his ass out.

She was my girlfriend for almost a year, and I should have the common courtesy to remember her name.

She was fifty, and I was twenty-five. This was in 1967 and the term 'Cougar' wasn't around for another thirty or more years. When I lay at night and remember this, it seems obvious that she did stalk me like a prey animal. It took a couple months until she pounced, and I never saw it coming. I do not regret anything about it.

I was six feet tall then and a weight lifter. Dead-Lift was my specialty and my max lift was over eight hundred pounds. I was very strong, but I didn't have a body-builders body. I was built like a barrel. A very strong barrel.

She was five foot two with black/silver hair. She weighed a hundred pounds or so and I found I could hold her hips when she was on top and literally fuck myself using her body like a sex toy. Lifting her and slamming her down until both of us exploded in an earth-shaking orgasm. I'd leave bruises with my fingers sometimes and that bothered me a lot, but she wouldn't let me stop.

She'd said she knew I wouldn't drop her or hurt her so she could just let go completely and have the most intense orgasms she'd ever had. She'd flop around like a rag-doll sometimes, her arms waving and her breasts flipping, and I found that very stimulating.

I particularly liked her facing a mirror, bent with her arms on a counter or chair arm and me in her doggy style. I could see her whole front when I did that and had some marvelous orgasms that way.

I've never liked dominating, but when that happened I think I did a little, especially when I had her on her back or front over the edge of the bed or sofa arm. I knew she loved it so it was safe and she did come apart sometimes.

Her breasts were small but firm like a teens, her skin was a darker, olive tone and she had a dark, thick patch of pubic hair. She was Italian and it was 1967. Women didn't shave then like they do now, or they didn't talk about it like they do now, but I never knew one who'd shaved then. Besides, it was soft and I liked to play there, she liked that too. It was fun getting through it so I could get my tongue in her.

We were a couple for about eleven months. A secret couple because it wouldn't do to have everyone in town know I was fucking her. It was a very small town. Vanita, Oklahoma. Population about 2,000 then. A couple of little towns and every farmer in the county shared the country club, and my mother and I managed it.

And every damned one of them was an Oklahoma, born again, bible banging, Baptist. Most said sex was sinful, but they all had a bunch of kids which always seemed a little hypocritical to me. It gave the term 'Bible Banger' a new meaning to me. 'Read the Bible on Sunday then bang her brains out the rest of the week.'

I always thought most of the guys had all those kids to prove they were still a 'Man.'

Lieda and I met at the country club. She'd come and sit at the bar while I tended it. We'd talk and over time it got very intimate. At one point she'd told me she hadn't been with a man in four years. She got fed up with their bullshit but as she'd gotten to know me she liked my attitude and manner. I'd been taught to be a gentleman and always truthful.

This got a lot of attention from me but I was very leery of doing or saying anything because she was my mother's friend. My mother was small, but I was still quite shy of really getting her pissed. I'd seen her angry and I didn't want that.

This went on for three or four months, until one night a bunch of us decided to run out to Grand Lake of The Cherokees, just east of town, and eat at a shack they called a restaurant. They served the best frog-legs I've ever eaten.

There were eight of us, and we decided to take one car which dictated that the girls would have to sit in someone's lap. The couple in the front weren't married, but the two couples in the back with us were. One was my brother Bob and his wife Danette, but I don't remember the others names now. It was my brother's car but he wasn't driving it.

Lieda played the squirming game all the way to the lake and by the time we got there I'd almost come twice. I had to sit on the seat edge and fumble, pretending to retie my shoes so my cock would go down while everyone else went in. Of course Lieda had to stand there while I did it and that didn't help any.

She'd giggle when I tried to adjust myself, and it would pop back up as hard as before. It must have taken me four or five minutes before I just gave up and kept her close in front of me until I could sit down. Everyone had to comment about how slow I was.

We ate massive amounts of frog legs and consumed much beer over three hours or so. We got back in the car and took the same seating as before and started back. We were next to the left hand door and It was night so you couldn't really see anything.

A soft, ghostly light from the dash-board and a passing car now and again was all. And a very bright full moon that showed through clouds like a spotlight that we drove through now and again, very pretty actually, but no one cared at the time.

I could feel the other two couples start to move around and decided they were kissing and foundling and wishing I could get in on it. I wasn't about to make a pass and have her tell my mother. I wasn't thinking about the ass squirming game she'd played earlier.

I was really feeling miserable and at the lowest point on my I-Want-to-Get-Fucked scale. Hell, everyone else was having fun except me. A very childish thought but it's difficult thinking like an adult when your dicks been hard for hours. The term 'Cock-Tease' was in my mind, and I was resigning myself to not getting laid.

My hands were on her hips holding her in place when she pushed herself with her feet. Her ass pressed hard into my cock, slowly sliding farther up on my stomach. When she was high enough, she reached down with her left hand and grabbed my cock.

I was twenty-five, and when she did that it got instantly very much harder, and I swear I could hear my underwear rip. She then pulled my cock out the left leg of my shorts and started stroking me. I was so sensitive it almost hurt, but I was willing to put up with that pain for hours.

She had the back of her head nestled into my right shoulder so I couldn't see the other couples. She turned toward me and licked my face so I kissed her and licked her back. This went on for a few minutes, then she took my right hand from her waist and put it on her pussy. She encouraged me with her fingers to start rubbing her clit and move around over her lips, squeezing and rubbing, and I didn't care who knew.

I pushed her shorts and panties aside, stuck my middle and ring finger inside her and started to rub her clit with my thumb. I rubbed the little finger around her ass and even got it in past the first knuckle. I could feel her gripping at it as she squirmed and jumped and came in about forty-five seconds.

I could feel her whole body tighten, and she squeezed my fingers very hard, almost pushing them out, but I was pulling up, clutching at that sensitive spot at the top, inside her. I knew it was there and how to use it, but I didn't know what it was called then.

We'd kept up the kissing, but I do not know how she kept from screaming because I could feel her whole body go rigid, and she kind of squeaked softly into my mouth. It took her minutes to settle down and relax enough to start stroking my cock again. I hadn't realized she'd had a deaths-grip on it, and when she loosened her hand I could feel the blood flow back in and that excited me even more.

She would fondle my balls then grip the shaft tightly and pull her hand toward the head. I was leaking pre-cum and each time she'd reach the head she swirled her hand around it gathering it all, then she'd repeat it. All this time I'm kissing her like crazy, still pumping her with my hand and playing with her breasts with my left hand.

It took fifteen or so strokes before I erupted. I came all over her hand, the back of my left leg and my brothers car door. Later I found it on my socks and shoes too. She came again too but not nearly as hard as the previous time. That was the hardest orgasm I'd ever had.

She told me later that she'd passed out for a short time when she came and that pumped up my ego. My brother also mentioned having to clean the door of his car and the fact that it must have been a hell of a ride home. I never admitted to anything and have never told him about it. None of us ever brought it up.

We straightened up and started talking about some dumb thing, and I thought about not hearing any of the others while we were screwing. They'd been doing what we were, and it was rather apparent that they'd gotten off too.

The women were straightening their tops and hair and the guys were squirming around, trying to get back in without being to obvious. The couple in the front were sitting very close together, and she was readjusting everything too.

We got back to the country-club about eleven and into our own cars. Everyone pulled out except Lieda, and as I started mine she flashed her headlights at me. She'd backed into a parking space so I was able to pull in along side her to talk.

She said she didn't want to go home yet, she didn't want to be alone and asked if I wanted to take a drive. Being the really horny guy I was, I immediately said yes. She started her car and said to follow her home, it would be to obvious if she left it there.

So I did and picked her up in front of her place but it was pretty damned obvious to anyone who saw. Pretty much the local custom was, "If you don't admit to seeing it then it didn't happen." That way everyone got away with what they wanted and no one tattled.

I drove a 1963 Triumph TR3A. It was a beautiful British Racing Green with reddish-tan leather upholstery, but in the moonlight the paint looked black. It had cut-down doors and used side curtains. I loved that sports car. It was summer, and I always left the hard top off, using a tonneau cover when I parked.

We drove west out of town and she shook her short hair in the wind as we cruised along, raising her arms and waving them, laughing and enjoying herself. She directed me to a farm road that led to an old abandoned barn with holes in the roof. She said to pull in and park, that no one ever came out there. I briefly wondered how she knew this but wasn't about to ask. That was her life and I had no vote on it. I knew that even then.

She told me to get out as she opened her door, then stood on the other side of the car and started taking her clothes off, so I did too. The door top came to about mid thigh on her, and I could see all I needed to.

The moon was out again and there was enough light to see, but it was surreal, dreamlike, and I liked the image. A beam of it was splashed across the rear of the car, casting soft shadows that gave texture to the background, a bunch of old farm stuff that seemed to play in the shadows.

She wore a pull over top, and as she slipped that slowly up and over her head I did the same thing. When I leaned over and took my shoes off so did she. We stood, unbuckling our belts and unzipping our shorts at the same time, almost like a dance, laying it all neatly on the car seat.

We just stood and looked at one another for a minute or two. I still had on white briefs, and she had a really sexy white bra and panty set. I could see her areola and nipples and a very thick bush in her panties. Curls of it peeked out around the edges and that excited the hell out of me. I already knew it was there from playing in it earlier, but seeing it drove me wild. The front of my briefs looked like a big-top circus tent to me, and she was totally focused on that.

She reached up and took both breasts in her hands and pinched her nipples through her bra. There was no padding, just a thin material that allowed them to move like she wasn't wearing one. I'd always liked that, watching them move under whatever she had on. Then she moved her right hand down and rubbed herself through her panties and started squirming, rubbing and pinching harder as she got more excited.

I started rubbing my cock, pushing it from side to side. I'd grab my balls and fondle them through my briefs and we watched each other very intently. I'd switch between watching her hands manipulate her boobs and pussy and then her eyes as she'd watched me. She did the same and when our eyes met both would go wide and I could feel the excitement ratchet up.

We slowed, stopping and moved around the trunk of the car. Her underwear bloomed in the moonlight and made a wonderful image. Almost fairy-like, glowing against her darker skin. She was Italian and had that olive shade skin a lot do. I've seen that image in my mind for forty-six years and wished I had a photograph.

I was hard as a flag pole, and I could see a gleam in her eyes as she moved through a shaft of moonlight. That was a very sexy image, her almost ghost-like figure and the flash of her eyes. I wanted to grab her and mount her right then, but I didn't. I Stood there, arms at my sides and let her run her eyes up and down my body, stopping and staring at my cock pushing my briefs out.

I was studying her too, very closely, as she moved in and out of the moonlight. I think she played with it like a spotlight on stage, knowing what she was doing, and it was incredibly sexy. My cock throbbed with my heart beat very hard as I watched her reach out and gently run her fingers down the shaft. It jumped so hard and pulsed several times and right then, for a moment or two, I thought I'd come.

She reached out with her other hand, gripping my upper arm and pulled me into the moonlight too. She was absolutely gorgeous right then. She was very pretty all the time, but this was something very special. As she did that she gripped my cock and I looked straight into her eyes. She'd been staring at me watching her, and I could feel myself falling into the very deep, black pools her eyes had become.

We must have stood like that for minutes. Her holding my cock and me standing with my arms at my sides. I think now, that then, at that moment, was when I fell in love for the first time. I'd never felt like that before. Willing to do anything just to keep her. I think she felt a lot of the same thing.

She finally took my right hand in her left and put it on her breast. I grinned from ear to ear and started squeezing and fondling her. I brought my other hand up and started on her right breast. She was starting to moan and squeeze my cock.

I turned her and put her butt on the trunk lid, laying her back against it. There isn't a lot of room on a Triumph trunk lid, but she was small and fit quite well, off to the left to miss the trunk handle. I gripped her hips and easily held her in place.

I opened her legs and stood between them, pushing my still covered cock into that bushy camel-toe her panties showed in the moonlight. All the time she stared at me, directly at my eyes. I'd see it when I glanced at her face but mostly I was watching my cock slide across the front of her panties as I dry-humped her this time.

The image of her laying there in the moonlight is still vivid in my mind. Her skin was almost ghost-like, but her bra and panties glowed much brighter. My underwear too, but my skin was much paler and brighter than hers.

I reached under her and undid her bra. She laughed and raised her arms as I brought my hands around and pulled her bra open slowly, pushing it aside with my hands and brushing the backs of my fingers across her nipples. She shivered then and moaned again but much louder, and that excited me more as I looked into her eyes. God I wanted to drown in her eyes.

I pulled the bra completely off, tossing it aside then pulled her up to me and kissed her very hard. Somewhere in my mind I was worried about bruising her lips but figured she'd complain if there was a problem. Her boobs were pressing into me as she pushed them hard. I could feel her nipples like little pebbles.

She didn't complain, so I kept kissing, and we started the sword fight I like with our tongues. She was pretty good and I didn't have to let her win like I usually did with girls, she just jammed hers very far into my mouth and I gave up. I don't need to be dominated, but I liked it when a woman did what she wanted. I liked to share the power.

She started to turn her body in my arms, turning her front to the trunk lid. I knew what she was going for and hoped I'd get to do both holes before the night was over. She finally pulled her mouth away from mine and lay on her front, spreading her arms and grabbing the rolled-up tonneau. She spread her legs, poking her ass up and wiggling it.

I reached out and put both hands on her cheeks and squeezed them, running my thumbs up between them over that covered opening I wanted to be in. She liked that a lot and moaned even harder. When she reached back and put her thumbs in her panties to pull them down I helped. I hooked both index fingers into the back and pulled too.

They slipped down off her hips, very nice hips, and as her ass came into view I got more excited. I grabbed her cheeks and ran my thumbs over that muscle ring that was going to give me a great deal of pleasure for almost a year, she jerked so hard and grunted it startled me.

I hurried, pulling her panties along her thighs, holding them so she could get each foot out. Then I bunched them in my hands and pressed them tightly to my nose, creating a cup with my hands, and inhaled very deep. I love the smell of a woman and my excitement went up several more notches. I kept those panties for years.

I was seeing her lighter skin spread out on a black sand beach and tore at my briefs getting them off. She was shaking and demanding that I fuck her, right then or she'd hurt me. She was desperate and so was I as I grabbed her hips in both hands and positioned my cock, pushing all of myself into her In one swift stroke.

One push, but she was so wet there was no resistance. It went in like a bullet and the result was astounding. She screamed and clinched me so hard with her pussy it almost pushed me out. I managed to stay in and held on until she relaxed a bit, then started slowly pulling almost completely out and slamming back in, pounding her, watching her body jerk and quiver when my groin hit her ass.

She wanted this, and I wanted to give it to her. She'd yelp then moan loudly as I pulled back until she started coming and had one continuous orgasm for over a minute. I didn't come right away. I kept slamming into her and she responded by squeezing very hard as I pushed back in, like a fist. It took me another minute, getting faster and faster, and then I came apart.

I remember it feeling like I was on fire as I blasted cum into her. She came again too and then as I relaxed with her I slid to the side, laying next to her and we cuddled for a while, me holding her like a doll, draped over the trunk. We actually dented it and I'd had to get that fixed later. I'd have gladly done it again.

We finally got dressed and I took her home. It had taken about three hours so it was after two AM when I got her there. She'd played with my cock all the way back, even taking me out and sucking on me for a minute.

Doing that in a Triumph is a bitch. The gear shift is in the way and you have to be a contortionist but she was small enough to make it work. When we got close she put me back in and told me that she'd save that for tomorrow and my hopes went way up.

We kept it up for eleven months, oral, anal, everything either of us thought of. I think she finally got embarrassed about it because she stopped it. It had turned into more than just sex. I was in love with her and she loved me, I could tell that. I'd have married her but she was smart enough to not let that happen.

She broke it off after eleven months, and I did not like it. I was very happy and thought she was too so it didn't make any sense to me why. I think she was embarrassed being my mothers friend but also that she was thinking of the future and I really wasn't. It took me a couple of years to figure that out. I've decided I was a real ass a couple of times and I regret that.

It was uncomfortable for a month or so afterwards until I finished my second degree and got a job in California. She stayed away so I only saw her three or four times before I moved. I tried to get her into bed one last time but she wouldn't allow it and was very gentle in that let down.

She had a son that was a year older than me too, so that probably entered into it a lot. As far as I know neither my mother nor he ever found out, at least they never said anything. Yeah, I knew him, but we never hung out together. I'd like to ask my mother now, but she's been dead for thirty years.

I've wondered over the years what happened to her, how had her life gone? Good I'd always hoped. I'd loved her and tried to talk her into coming back a couple of times, but she wouldn't. I'd moved, and later she did, and we lost track.

I think I'm telling all this now because I get to relive it as I write. That gives me a problem with tense some times, but I think I'm getting better. Eventually I will let my kids read all this. I think it's my ego thinking about generations of grand kids reading about sex-crazy old great Grampa. Probably reaching for some sort of immortality.

I hope you enjoy reading them.

I'll tell more about Lieda. She loved sex and taught me a lot, and I was a very willing pupil.

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