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Her Serviceman

He goes to friends to work but doesn't stop there while working at house
He said good morning to the neighbor and of course she smiled back and said hello and good morning to him too. He asked her how it was going and again she continued to smile and warmly say everything was great. She then asked how he was doing and of course he told his neighbor and friend that everything was real good and thanked her.

Seeing as the two were neighbors and lived about five houses apart, she invited him in. They talked a few minutes and while they did he would try and occasionally check out the cute and petite figure she sported. He always loved it. However, she started to tell him about the issues she was having with the furnace. That’s why he was there to begin with.

He said “Well, we can go back and look at it all but I’ll make sure with that outfit that you won’t get dirty, alright?” He looked at her. He looked deep into her eyes. She smiled and he told himself unless you want to take all that off of course.

”That’s alright. I can always change” she replied. “Davis this isn’t going to cost me too much is it? I mean if it is I may have to make other arrangements with you.”

“Not a problem Patty. You and I know one another well enough. We can always work out payment on this if it becomes a problem.”

She smiled and nodded and then showed him back to the furnace room. As he followed her he started noticing her cute and tight looking ass as well as her overall figure. He saw how “great looking” her figure looked with its sweet looking hips and later, her nice sized tits too. Yeah, he thought as he smiled, those hips and certainly that ass of hers would look great in my hands. He smiled once he thought about it. From the back he told himself he sure would like to be with a women like her.

As they headed for the room, she told him what had been going on and David told her he’d let her know what he’d find out.

She turned around and smiling gave David a gentle rub on his arm, replying with “I know you will. And David, thank you. I mean it. Thanks for coming over. You’re a sweetheart you know. I’ll be in the kitchen.”

He went to work. She went to the kitchen. Wearing one of her typical short and tight as ever skirts along with a cream blouse, the woman looked, in David’s opinion, hotter then ever. She knew she looked good but didn’t think she looked that hot. She never intended for David to think along those lines. Not in a million years she didn’t. To her, they were friends and only that and nothing more. That’s what she always thought. At 31 she was a single woman. She was unattached. On the other hand, he was married. He was 33 but regardless he always loved being around her. She was fun. She was not too opinionated. She was a sweet and loving woman who liked attention from what he knew and today was no different either they’d come to discover.

He came back. Walking slowly into the kitchen she didn’t hear or see him coming at first. He stopped short of it stood at the doorway as he looked at her from the backside. David smiled once he did. His heart burned a little as he looked. He found himself staring at her back and more to the point he found himself looking at those two sweet looking ass cheeks of hers. He noticed how they were finding their way to the outer reaches of that short skirt He didn’t make a sound for a moment as he gazed at her ass and smiled too. He looked at her figure and also studied her curves for a second and without making a sound as he did. He saw her dainty curvaceous hips and once he did, his mouth watered a little once he found what he loved looking at.

However, it was her ass, tucked flawlessly inside that skirt she had on which caught his attention right away. He loved it. He wanted to put his mouth and teeth into it his mind said. Her two sweet looking but smaller mature ass cheeks cleared the way for more desire then he was able to deal with. His imagination was running its course and more to the point it was about to run out of control.

God, if only I could sink my teeth into those two ass cheeks, he said to himself again. I’d sure love to tell her. I’d do it too. I’d sure love to make love to her ass and those two cheeks of hers if I could. If only I could, then I would.

He stopped thinking about them for a moment. Then he smiled and got back to business. “Patty, I found the problem. Can I show you something?” he asked.

She followed him. “Here, back here okay?” he told her. You’ll have to squeeze back behind here. Don’t worry, you won’t get dirty and told her she had to squeeze in behind the furnace, which she did. He got in behind her and said “Excuse me for pushing up against you like this.”

It was a tight fit. His body was crammed up against hers. He didn’t mind it at all. He started to show her and explain what was wrong. He didn’t know if she was uncomfortable but as he reached up around her he seemed to press his body against hers even harder. She didn’t say a word.

“See that?” he said as his body pushed against her.

“This is a tight fit isn’t it?” she finally said. “Umm yes, I do see what you’re pointing at now.” She asked him about it.

He explained the issue while the two stood pressed against each other and the furnace. His body was behind hers as he pushed against her. Of course, he didn’t mind at all. He loved it. He wasn’t sure about her but he didn’t care. He finally pulled out. She did too and found her attire all messed up. Her blouse was untucked and she had to tuck it back in as well as readjust the lovely tight skirt, but couldn’t while he stood in front of him.

He noticed right away and apologized as he stared at her blouse and skirt. “Oh sorry about that” he said as he eyed her over. “Umm, I didn’t mean to do that but uhhh there’s something else I should tell you.”

She asked what it was and he told her. He went on and explained how the cost of it would increase. He knew she wouldn’t like that at all. He knew it was probably more money then what she wanted to spend.

With that Patty answered with “So how do I alleviate this? How do we work out payment on all this mess? You know I can’t dish out payment like that David, right? You know I can’t really afford all this right now. What can I do? What can we do David?”

He shook his head as he looked at her, in the eyes. He went blank, as if thinking, and came back with “Well, let me see, alright. I’m sure we can work this out. I mean it too seeing as we’re friends and all.”

She smiled at his answer and told him she could wait. He thought it over and then soon showed her his answer. She looked it over. She was still floored at the cost of it and said “This is going to cost me that much? Ohhhhhh David, come on now. You know I can’t afford that!” She was pleading with him and looked up into his eyes. “You should know better then that!”

“I can’t help it” he told her honestly. “I’m cutting my price a lot here. I’m sorry. I am really, really sorry but let me think this over some more okay Patty? I know you want it fixed correctly so let me think on this a little.”

With that, they walked away and she headed back to the kitchen. He thought about it all. He looked over her bill. He thought on it some more. All of a sudden, out of nowhere he thought about how it could be done correctly. He thought about her. He smiled and thought a lot about how great she looked when he first saw her that morning in her very short and tight skirt. God, she looked delicious. He saw those ass cheeks in his mind. To him, they appeared so expressive or better yet affectionate looking while they sat themselves right inside the material of that skirt of hers. He kept on smiling as his body warmed up and even tingled a little. He told himself that her ass was “soooo nicely defined” in that skirt she picked out that day. As he thought about it all, he told himself how he easily could feel her ass’ cheeks on the palms of his hands and was almost willing to tell her that too.

He looked over the bill some more. He pictured himself against her body. He pictured his hands slowly rubbing that lovely small ass of hers. He could see himself slipping the hands down inside it next and rubbing the soft fleshy layers of her creamy ass against his hands. He knew he wanted her body more and more as he thought about her. He found himself burning and tingling and wanting her more and more and even more.

Almost everything about her already tasted good to him. He pictured himself running his tongue up and across both ass cheeks, repeatedly while picturing her, undressed, in his thoughts. David grew slightly hornier while thinking about his neighborhood friend and customer. However, it was her ass and also her body which rang out strongly while she was doing whatever it was she needed to do in the kitchen.

He thought he figured it all out. He walked back to the kitchen and again stopped short of it and stood at the doorway. He saw her ass again also, looking it over and wanting her more and more as well. He smiled naughtily. Her backside, turned towards him, looked incredible. Again he thought she looked tastier then ever. However it was that ass of hers that seemed to look marvelous. He studied it. He peered at her two wonderful ass cheeks. He smiled boldly and knew he wanted to say something aloud to her. He kept his thoughts to himself. He started to tell himself he’d do almost anything to get a hold of that ass in his hands she appeared so darn delicious. He went on to smile even more.

Out of nowhere he decided to say something. “I gotta say Patty and I kind of noticed this earlier too but to me you look really incredible this morning.”

Without thinking she began to turn around. She turned slowly. As she did she said “Pardon me? What was that?” She stopped working at the kitchen sink. “What did you say?”

“Oh uhhh nothing” he replied. Umm it was nothing” he said again shaking his head and wanting to look down at her scrumptious looking ass. “I was uhhh just thinking about something. It wasn’t all that important. I’d noticed something a little earlier. That’s all.”

She turned back around and faced the sink again and once she did she asked “Was there something you were going to tell that I needed to know?”

Oh yeah, he thought, yeah there are a few things I’d like to tell you. Like why don’t we take off our clothes, play around a little, and see just how far all that goes. What do you think he said to himself?

However what he told her wasn’t even close. “Nothing, it wasn’t anything” he said aloud. “I guess I was just thinking about something.” He was shaking his head at that point and trying to sound professional. “However, what I guess I really wanted to say was that I think you look incredible today and I mean that too.”

She looked at him with an earnest interest in his remark. She liked it but hadn’t shown it yet up to that point. Then he went on to add “I mean in that skirt and those pumps you have on, well let me tell you that” and his eyes looked down at her skirt first and then back into her eyes just as he said “your outfit makes you really look, if you don’t mind me saying it, but that outfit makes you look hotter then ever. That’s my opinion of course.”

He hoped she liked the compliment he was trying to give her. Once he said it he looked her over again. He thought nothing of what he had said. In his personal opinion, she looked hot and sweet and he couldn’t say the rest openly to her seeing as she was a friend. However, from the back, he told himself she was gorgeous to say the least.

“I was trying to compliment you and I mean everything I said too. I really think you look marvelous in that skirt you have on” he went on to add but then told her “That’s all.”

She smiled at him once she heard what he’d told her. She actually did love hearing his compliment too. “Well thank you David” she told him. Smiling generously she added “Thank you very much.”

He was happy he had said what he did and then added “You’re welcome.” Then he went on to say “If I was your husband or your boyfriend or whatever well I’d be trying to invite you uhhh how do I say this? I’d umm want to uhhh try and invite you into a shower, a bedroom, or I don’t know” and he paused a second before telling her “you know like somewhere romantic? Like a bedroom or somewhere” he added. “Now, of course that’s if I wasn’t married or anything” and then without thinking went on to add “I mean regardless of anything else going on you do have a great figure. You have to know that don’t you?”

Yes, she knew it but regardless said “Thank you very much.” She was more then touched by his personal and kind compliments. She really liked hearing what he’d said. She wished something could become of all this however he was a married man and that complicated it all.

Desire was soon growing within him. It was building quickly as well. He knew he wanted her. That was a definite. Did she want him he wanted to know? He wasn’t sure but if she did he wished she’d say something to that affect. He knew he wanted to hold her body all over. He knew he wanted to caress her ass and everywhere else also. He knew he’d love to run his hands across her ass and he knew he wanted to do so more then anything else too. He also knew he’d love to run his hands over her tits in addition to so many other portions of her body but couldn’t say a word. He knew he’d love to take her in his arms and squeeze her endlessly if he could.

The two stood motionless. Both stood there quietly. Neither said a word to the other for a minute. Out of nowhere she said “So what you’re saying David is if you were my husband or even my boyfriend you’d invite me to the bedroom? Is that correct?” she said. There was a faint looking smile on her lips. She was nodding her head slightly as well. “Hmmm,” she went on to say as her eyes seem to sparkle “now that does sound more then a little interesting.” She looked his body over while smiling at him and then went on to add “Now that just happens to sound more then a little appealing.”

Whoa, he thought. Did I just hear what I thought I heard? He hoped he did. She was easily more then a little appealing in his opinion and how the conversation they’d just had seemed to be heading, he hoped she did feel the same way.

“Soooo what you just told me, what you just said to me is that that you think I look extraordinarily attractive. Well again thank you. I appreciate that a lot.” She looked him over and smiling openly too. “Soooo David, what may I ask are you suggesting or better yet what are you asking with a comment like that?”

“Well” he began to say, but passed on telling her. He wasn’t sure how to word what he wanted to say and left it at that. “I’m just going to go back to work, alright?”

She looked into his eyes. Wearing a half smile, she said okay. He turned and went back to work on the furnace. She watched him as he walked away. He hadn’t started working on it when she came back to the furnace room. As he started to work on it his mind wasn’t on the furnace just yet. He was still thinking about the conversation in the kitchen moments earlier. He stood there, behind the furnace, as he thought about her more and more. That’s when she caught him in the act.

“David” she cried out “what in the heck are you doing?”

He didn’t have it out but he was rubbing his crotch nonetheless. Just as she came into the room, he undid his zipper and eased his hand inside to yank it out. David had started to think about her. Once he did he started to hold it in his hand. Once in his hand he then stroked the limp but desirous cock. He loved how it felt. He pictured her in some unmentionables. He started stroking his limp cock more aggressively. He saw her, and himself, together somewhere undoing one another’s clothes. He smiled and yearned for her more and more. His cock had soon become a little harder. It wasn’t totally hard when Patty came in and saw its size but it had grown enough. She was shocked. And once she yelled out to him, after having seen it, she stared not at him directly but at the almost erect cock which was in his hand and he was soon pushing back into his pants.

“What the heck are you doing David?” she yelled out.

“Oh uh umm well” but he stopped saying anything and tried looking at the furnace. He could not come up with anything worthwhile to tell her. “Umm I was uh you know” but still he was speechless. He shook his head. He knew it was a lost cause.

“Ohhh David” she went on to say “why are you acting like this? Why are you acting as if you’re a little boy David?” Then out of nowhere Patty said something odd. She looked deeply into his eyes and smiled softly. Once she did even her next remark surprised him. “Are you really that attracted to me? Are you David?” she asked.

He looked at her. She was staring heavily into his eyes. She waited for an answer. They both knew he liked her. The question was, did she like him that much. Questions about one another hung in the air like a bad odor after having cooked a sour meal. He had no idea what to say. He couldn’t say a word. He wished he had something relatively good to tell her but didn’t.

She stepped closer to him. He didn’t expect her to do anything at all. He never expected her to be in the same room for that matter while he worked. However she walked right up to him. She walked close enough to him that he could feel her breath on his face almost. And out of nowhere, the petite and very pretty woman smiled, looking deep into his eyes.

“You really believe I’m that pretty of a woman?” she said.

He wasn’t sure how to reply to her. He thought it over as she continued to smile. He tried telling himself he could do this. She had begun thinking about it all too and thought she could work this out. She could make it with him regardless if the guy was married along with kids. He liked her and she knew it too. She told herself he was always a great looking guy, which to her was always a big plus in their “friendship.” She told herself she always felt comfortable around him too. So, she wondered, what was keeping her from doing something about it? With a man such as David on a day such like today why not see what happens. Out of nowhere she suddenly had an unknown desire to discover and eventually find out what it was all about.

“So do you David?” she asked again. “You really meant that about me? You really think I’m that attractive of a woman?”

He finally looked up. He looked right into her eyes. He tried smiling but at that moment, he couldn’t. However, once he did look into her eyes and nodded. He had assured her he did mean what he’d said earlier. He told her yes. He told her he did feel she was a very pretty woman and then he went on to say to her “Yes I did mean what I said.”

With that she startled him. “Well David, then go on. Come here and hold me. Go on and take me in your arms. Hold me the way you wish you could however this is on one condition and once condition only.” He asked what. She told him. “Does that sound like a fair trade off?” she asked. “I’d probably do this either way but for now that’s the deal David. I’ve always liked you a lot but like I said that’s the deal I’m offering you. Got it?” she said. “So go on, take me in your arms. Hold my body as if you are completely in love with me David. Feel me all over the place. If that’s what you really want then take me in your arms, hold my body, and make love to it like this is our last day on earth. Come on, let’s go to my bedroom where you can hold me all over the place” she added, smiling. “Okay take me and show me what you got.”

He was as surprised as hell. With that he did, kind of. She led the way taking his hand in hers and leading him to her bedroom. Once there, he looked at her. Neither was smiling but that part son didn’t matter as he carefully and cautiously put his arms around her. He knew almost instantaneously that he wanted to get a hold of her ass in his hands and feel it forever. It meant a lot to him too. He held on to her in a loveable manner. He saw that she liked it right away. It appeared she liked how it felt to be in a guy’s hands like he was holding her again. In spite of what had happened earlier, she liked how it felt to be held by him especially seeing as it was David. Seeing as it was him, she went ahead almost immediately and kissed him on his lips. He liked how it felt to be kissed and told her too.

“Oh there was something else” he said. “Patty, to be earnestly honest with you” he added and noticed her facial expression seemed to sour a little as if something bad was about to occur “but it’s this skirt of yours that did it all for me. I mean, if it wasn’t for your skirt, I don’t think we’d be here right now. I mean it shows off your ass’ cheeks” and he paused and then said “it shows it off very, very well.”

The smile on her face changed dramatically. All of a sudden, out of nowhere he saw her smile turn almost too mischievous. It turned him on, a lot, and then he added “I mean it. That skirt is a huge and I mean huge turn on to me. I hope you don’t mind hearing me say so. Your ass looks incredible in this skirt” he went on to tell her ass his hands then patted her ass cheeks. He looked deep into her eyes and said “It looks magnificent to be honest.”

She absolutely loved hearing what he just told her and pulled away from him ever so slightly. She looked into his eyes, smiling. She was both elated but also mildly surprised at what he’d just admitted.

“What are you saying?” she asked. “That my ass is like a really uhhh hot ass?” It turned her on a little to hear what he’d said. She didn’t know it but she “wanted it” big time now and seeing as he was the one doing all the complimenting that morning she was thinking it was possibly game time. “Wow” she said, still smiling. “Wow, do you actually know how that” and she stopped and her eyes blinked her eyes. “Wow David, you sure know how to make a girl a little uhhh horny. I bet you didn’t know that right?”

He smiled and nodded. With that he pulled her in against him hoping that was what she was looking for and wanted. Looking deep into her eyes as he held her closely his hands held each one of her ass cheeks firmly. He loved his predicament more then he ever imagined. David squeezed the cheeks noticeably. Upon feeling it, she warmed up. His eyes were closed as he felt them in his hands. It was a terrific feeling and he told her too.

“Ohhhhhh yeah” he said. “Just like that Patty. Mmmmmm god you have no idea how these feel to me. To get a chance like this, to hold your ass as wonderful and lovely as it is means everything to me. He looked deep into her eyes. “I’ve never have had a chance like this to do this ever.”

With that she smiled and kissed his lips, while he held her ass cheeks affectionately. She told him she loved how it felt to have them squeezed too. She told him it was a huge turn on. Out of nowhere she put her hands on his manly ass and squeezed it as firmly as she could. “No, I think I know what you mean” she replied. “Women look a lot at men’s bodies and David, you certainly look like you have a great body. Mmmmm, I’m sujre you do.” She nodded as she looked into his eyes. “I like your ass as well. It feels, you know, really sweet too me too.”

They smiled at one another as their arms and hands were wrapped around the other. She asked “David, do you really like me that much?” He said yes. “Then go on. Take me and make love to my body. I mean here we are. You’re a man. I’m a woman. I have desires. I’m sure you do too. I’m beginning to burn up inside. Are you because if you still are then, hmmm let’s build a bonfire together” she joked. “How’s that sound?”

He understood and smiled telling her that he did.

“Right now I can feel it. I know I have these burning and growing desires within me. I sure hope you do too. What about you? Is your body burning for me? Is it burning like mine is? Ohhhhhh I hope so. Ohhhhhh Davis, feel my breasts. Take them. Touch them. Squeeze them. Hold them and squeeze them, David. And do that to my ass too. Oh god David, I need you. I need you to do that all over me” she said. “God, I mean because if you don’t then god David, I’ll be stuck here later, alone, and masturbating with no one but myself. Do you want that to happen? Do you David?” she said in a pleading tone of voice. “I hope not. I hope you don’t.”

Before she knew it, his hands were on her chest, and he was all over her tits although her blouse was still intact. Feeling his hands do their thing, feeling her boobs was terrific, and Patty told him so too. Both smiled as they each looked into the other’s eyes. She was too aroused for words. He was too. She was so damn horny all of a sudden that she looked deep into his eyes and said she was horny too. With that she took her hands and immediately placed them on his hands which were already on her boobs. She helped him squeeze her own tits. She absolutely loved how it was all working out.

“God Patty, your tits feel” and he paused and then said ohhh soooo awesome” he told her.

She closed her eyes and smiled as she felt his hands on her tits. How he squeezed them, to her, was magnificent. It was arousing as hell. Then all of a sudden he spun her around and with that he was back feeling and squeezing her ass cheeks again. She loved that too. How many men really love doing that, she asked herself. Not many she thought. He caressed and grabbed hold of her ass and squeezed every inch of her ass he could.

“God, I love your body. I really, really mean that too. I’m so in love with it that I’m horny as hell. I’m so crazy about your body that my cock is actually hard at this moment. I wish we could do a million different things together sexually and get this” he went on to say “it doesn’t even have to involve sexual intercourse, if you can believe that.” She didn’t. They stared at one another as he held her body closely. Nevertheless sex, in her opinion, had to be involved at some point she thought, in order for the furnace bill to get reduced to what she wanted it to be. She’d see. “How can a guy not love being with you Patty?” he went on to say. “You’re more then a terrific woman. I mean that. God, I mean that right now.

“I feel that way about you too David” she replied. She meant it too. “God David, will you do me two favors right now?” He asked what they were. “Take off my skirt. Feel and suck on my ass all you want. Oh and the second one?” she went on to say “is take off my blouse and do the exact same thing to my boobs.”

No problem he told himself happily. I’ll love doing that, especially and then he stopped. No, I don’t know. God that ass, he thought, and your boobs as well. Mmmmm, god I want her to feel it. I want her to feel it right now.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Oh uh nothing” he said, lying.

“Yes there is” she came back. “What is it? Something’s bothering you. What’s wrong David? Tell me, you know you can, honey.”

“Umm, I’m I don’t know” he began and his eyes closed, then opened. “It’s just that oh god” he started to say. “I’m crazy about you. I’m nuts. I’m head over heels about being her with you, like this, today” he added.

“But?” she said. “Something else is bothering you, isn’t it?”

“Uhhh yeah” he replied. “There is something else.”

”Then what David, what?” she said.

His hard horny cock was practically burning a hole in his pants. He wished before she did another thing she’d reach down, undo his pants, and take hold of his cock and gently stroke it for him. That would please him to no end but he was so horny that if he did it he was afraid he’d erupt and cum all over the place. He didn’t want that to happen. Not now or not anytime too early however he still wished she’d hold his cock and stroke it a little.

“Come on David honey” she insisted. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

”I’m horny as hell, Patty. I’m soooo damn horny that I’m harder then a rock and I want you to see it and hold it and” and he shut up for a second. “And I want it to be stroked.”

“Oooooohh really? It is, already?” she said. She was happy to hear the news. That was something she didn’t expect. With that, she soon undid his pants. Forget about her tits. Forget about her ass. Forget about any possible sex. His cock was hard and David was horny as hell. “Ohhhhhh David, that is exciting news. You know” she went on to say “I don’t get as many chances as you think to be with a man like this. God only knows I wish I did but I don’t. I’m thanking you now” she went on to say as she undid his uniform pants. She pulled them down. He word tight white underwear. Yes he was definitely hard as hell. It was truly noticeable inside his tight looking underwear. “Oooooohh” she said. “I love these. And then added “Nice and tight and, if I may say, sexy too?”

Her hand eased down inside the underwear. David felt it hovering just over his hard cock. His eyes closed as it took hold of his erection. His whole body seemed to tense up as she took it in the palm of her hand and squeezed his erection and then without knowing how she did it, pushed both the uniform pants and underwear off his body, and exposed his lower body. Stroking his cock, she looked up and into his eyes. She smiled and watched him as she stroked it. She asked if that made him feel better.

He said yes and with that he took her hand and walked over to the bed while her hand remained on his hard cock. He sat down. She sat down. He pushed back so they both could lie down. She hovered over him as her hand stayed on the hard cock and relieved some of the erogenous desire he was having.

She kissed him as she petted his cock. “You want to cum now or wait?” she said.

“Ohhhhhhh god” he said. “I mean that feels soooo good but no, I want to wait.”

”Okay, then why don’t we just get entirely naked and you can do those things to my ass and my tits for now. I’ll hold on to this as much as I can. We’ll work it all out, alright?” With that she kissed his lips and they got undressed.

“Holy shit” he said. “You’re” and he stopped talking as he looked her over. “God, you are a princess. You’re a queen. You are soooo beautiful looking” he said as she first exposed her breasts, then her upper body, and soon after her lower body. In the bra and panties, he felt a zooming wealth of arousal consume his body. He didn’t need the jacking off by her and said “Let me do everything you wanted. God, you’re so sexy.”

She smiled and let him do his thing. First things first. That ass. Oh yeah, that ass and with that he turned her over and began kissing and sucking her two delicious ass cheeks. He didn’t stop. He kept on doing it. She lay there taking it, but she loved it too. She was murmuring all the while feels lips and his tongue crossing over both cheeks on her ass.

“They’re awesome Patty” he said, sounding like he was a little kid. “And I mean awesome. I could live on these. I mean that too” and with that he sucked and kissed the life out of her ass cheeks. “Mmmmmm do you have any idea how incredibly sexy your ass cheeks really are?”

“No David, I don’t” she said.

He told her they were and with that he rolled her over. He went at her tits, slowly, and intimately and made love to both. He turned her on so much that nothing, at that point and time, was necessary, and so after spending time making love to both boobs they went at one another, almost. However, he felt he had to finger her a little first, which he did, and once he did he knew she was primed. Having done everything he’d just done, he had her stroke him a little bit more. He was hard again and with that, she went inside her.

Both loved it, immensely. He eased in and slowly built up the arousing, painstaking fucking which naturally both enjoyed. She wanted it to last all day but seeing as he was already behind schedule, neither could. Nevertheless, he was on her. She was on him too. It was a majestic moment for both as he fucked his friend and neighbor and at the same time made love to her tits too.

Patty wailed and squealed and murmured endlessly as she felt him inside her warm soft pussy. Neither wanted it to end but regardless of what happened, that these two fucked romantically and cordially, they snuggled afterward holding and petting one another for a while. Yes, they felt one another’s body afterward but they talked as well.

“We’ll always stay friends won’t we?” he said.

”Oh sure we will” she said. “I need you here, you know, checking out me, I mean my furnace that is” she said on purpose. She smiled and winked. “You can put me on your schedule to come and well you know, service me right?”

“Ohhhhhhh yeah, you bet that sweet delicious ass of yours I will Patty. I mean it. Thank you. Oh and the other things is, other then the parts, this job is on the house.” With that he leaned in and kissed her nipples. “God, I really truly love your body. I sure hope you had a great time.”

“I did” she said and then held his limp cock in her hand.

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