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He's 25 and I'm 42

I travelled half the world to have one very special younger man
How we met was unimportant. I was a much neglected wife and mother, he was younger by almost 20 years. I wanted a younger man, he liked older women. The connection formed from there. That he lived half-way around the world from me was also unimportant. I found a way to be with Brian, if only for a few days. We knew there could be nothing permanent. We had agreed that the hours we were together had to count. It may sound overly romantic, but the memories would be the balm to soothe the sting of our parting.

We met in person in a quiet pub. There was absolutely no doubt we would fuck. However, being a bit old fashioned at heart, I wanted him to buy me a drink first. I was very nervous and I suspect he was as well. I need not have been. The spark was there in person.

He was so tall and lanky, he had to stoop down to hug me hello. I have a weakness for men that are tall and lean; he was 6'4. For me, it was lust at first sight. We brushed lips lightly and I felt the telltale tingle of desire in my core. I couldn't stop staring at him. He was 25, virile and endearingly shy in the ways that were sexy. When he smiled at me, crinkling the corners of his bright blue eyes, my heart flip flopped in my chest.

We engaged in small talk. How was my flight? How was my hotel? Gradually, the casual banter gave way to the familiarity we used in chatting over the Internet. I never missed an opportunity to touch him. His hand, his arm, his knee. The feel of his flesh, solid and warm under my fingers made me feel hot inside.

I longed to unzip his jeans and slide my hand inside. The urge was almost irresistible. I knew he would spring to life in an instant. We had performed for each other on camera and I knew just how capable he was. I wasn't in America...would I be kicked out of the country if caught? No, better to wait.

The anticipation was an exquisite torture. I forced myself to pay attention to the details. The shape of his hand around his drink. The way his shoulders filled out his shirt. The timbre in his voice, the lilt of his accent. His clean, masculine scent. I told myself to remember everything.

Finally we were alone in my hotel room. I was in his arms almost as soon as the door shut behind us. He bent down to take my mouth with a fierceness that surprised me. His long arms wrapped around my back, pulling me tightly against him. His tongue plundered inside my mouth while he backed me bodily towards the bed. I fell backwards with his body on top of me. His cock was already hard and grinding against my pussy, slow and sensuously. My breath caught in my throat and I found myself wanting him more than I thought possible. I wanted to taste and feel every inch of him, to record with my fingers and tongue every detail of his being.

Thankfully, he caught my mood. He didn't rush to take my clothes off. Despite his youth, he demonstrated foreplay skills I hadn't suspected he had. He pushed a hand into my hair and kissed me hungrily. My hands went to his face, holding the sides of his head, savoring the feel of his tongue in my mouth, his lips touching mine. His hair was cut very short, I traced the fine shape of his skull with my fingers and hands.

My breasts mashed beneath his chest. His mouth wandered down the side of me neck and my panties dampened. I couldn't take another minute, I took my shirt and bra off while he unbuttoned my pants. I helped him shuck them off my hips while kicking off my shoes. I laid back in my thong panties with my eyes shut. I was not young, I was not skinny. I had bore two children. I lay there fighting off embarrassment. What was he doing?

I opened my eyes to find him looking at me, but not with a critical eye at all. He appeared to be committing the curves and lines of my body to memory. I shrugged off my doubts and fears. There was no time for that. There was only time for pleasure.

He bent his head down to my breasts and sucked a nipple into his mouth. He rolled it around between his lips, tongue and teeth. Both of my nipples became erect and aching. I could feel desire churning between my legs, my pussy was wet and oh so hot. He kissed his way down my belly, seeming not to care that it was a bit rounded and soft. He stopped to kiss and lick the old tattoo on my lower abdomen only a few lovers had seen. I had gotten it after most of them had come and gone. He was the first beside my husband to have seen it in almost 20 years.

The tenderest compliment paid, his teeth nipped down my hip bone to the edge of my panties. He tugged at them with his teeth, pulling them down gently. I helped the rest of the way, lifting my bottom up off the bed and peeling them down, flinging them somewhere into the darkness of the room.

He slid down the bed, spreading my legs apart and bending his head down to my pussy. He laid hot kisses against my mound and I fought against the urge to grab his head and bury it between my legs. I fancied that steam was rising from my wet slit, I was so hot for him.

My hands went to the back of his head and I held him lightly against my cunt as his teeth nipped ever so gently down my soft pussy lips. His tongue snaked out every so often to lick the length of my slit, capturing my escaping juices and driving me mad. I decided it was my turn to be the torturer.

"Brian, stand up I want to show you how much I want you." I said, my voice husky, my pussy none too sure I wanted him to stop.

I rose up to sitting and began undressing him. I pulled his shirt off. He stood up and I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. I slid them down his hips and thighs. He stepped out of them while removing his socks and shoes. He stood in his underwear, the bulge in his pants reminded me that at the heart of it, our age difference was not important.

I pulled his erection free and caressed it in both of my hands. I relished the smooth hardness and the slide of his skin in my fingers. I curled my hand around it and I brought his cock to my lips. It was as wonderful in my hand as it was on camera. I kissed the head first. The sticky drops of pre-cum clung to my lips. I rubbed my wet lips against the head. His cock throbbed heavily in my left hand as I gently cupped his balls in my other hand.

I opened my mouth and began by licking the length of his cock up and down, all over. His cock grew harder in my hand and I wrapped my lips around the head and bobbed my head up and down, taking him in as deeply as I could, slowly at first. His hips began to buck and I increased the pace to meet his rhythm. I was caught between the desire to swallow his cum or have his first spurts inside me.

I pulled his cock from my mouth slowly, swirling my tongue around it as I did. I looked up at him. I spoke against his cock. "Brian, I need you to cum inside me first. So badly. Will you fuck me now?"

He looked down into my eyes as I punctuated my words with hot, open mouthed kisses on his cock. He pushed me back onto the bed forcefully. I caught glimpses of his cock bobbing between us before he found my opening and shoved himself deep inside my pussy. I cried out from the shock of how amazing it felt.

"Do you like how I feel inside you, Baby?" He whispered into my hair as he began to pump his cock in and out of my wet pussy.

"Yes, Yes I do." I moaned. I kissed his shoulders and captured his nipple in my fingers and pinched it. I was not allowed to leave marks, but how I wished I could. I bit gently into his flesh and released it in small intervals along his collar bones, stopping to lick the sexy hollow between.

I wrapped my legs up around his back urging him deeper inside me. He was right about that little curve to his penis, it hit my g-spot just right. As he moved inside me faster, his thrusts caused a delicious friction inside my pussy.

I could feel my orgasm gathering inside me, the need to climax was overpowering. I could not wait for him to cum, the dam burst and I jacked my hips up all the way, clinging to his back and shoulders with all four limbs.

"Brian, oh Brian, yes!" I cried, while my pussy convulsed around his cock.

As I came down from my orgasm, Brian pumped his cock into me harder still. He moaned that he was cumming. One last deep thrust and I felt him cum inside me. He grunted out his climax against the top of my head. I felt ridiculously happy to have his cum in me.

"Yes, Brian! Cum in me. Don't waste a drop. I want it all!" I whispered possessively. His cum filled me up, there was so much, it leaked out of my pussy onto the coverlet.

We lay in the bed, my legs still curled around his back. I loathed to release him. I don't think that he wanted me to let go of him either. His cock softened inside me. His heart and mine pounded out a rhythm older than time. Together in sync, our breathing gradually returning to normal. Our chests stuck together, sweat pooled between us.

I held his body to me, raking my fingernails up and down his back, over and over. I relished the feel of his body crushing me into the mattress. I told myself again that I must remember this, how he felt, how he tasted and smelled.

Unfortunately, time was short for us. There were more memories to make.

"Brian, lets take a shower." I said.

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