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His Former Teacher PT2

Former student takes pictures of former teacher, then has sex later on
Smiling from ear to ear, she watched as he walked out to his car. She didn’t care how she looked, although she was in that open blouse which was showing a formidable amount of her tits and body it was practically calling out his name. However, Lilly was so emotionally “high” seeing as finally she had sex once again with a man. For her this was soooo exciting and soooo riveting to her that she’d easily do it again in a jiffy.

Even though Harrison did not see it, her subdued wave she threw his way as she watched him walk to his car seemed pointless, but regardless she still felt internally renewed. She felt alive. She felt it strongly. She wanted and she strongly desired so much more all of a sudden now that she felt as if she was this beautiful and exotic creature. She felt, due to him, that she wanted him and every man in the world. Once he drove away, she made a point of doing something about it all and soon.

“I know what I want,” she said, as her half naked body walked away from the window. “I’m going to set it all up. I’m going to do it. Maybe that’ll get me the men I want. Maybe,” she said as another smile formed on her lips and in her eyes.

She didn’t do it that day. It was late in the afternoon. She couldn’t do it that week. By the time she got home from her summer job it was getting almost too late in the day. This took time. It took preparation. It also took the right lighting. But she knew exactly how and what she wanted to do when she did it.

The phone rang. “Hello?” she said.

“Hi there, it’s Harrison. How are you doing?”

“Harrison, well hello what are you doing in town still?” she said.

“Ohhhhhh nothing,” he told her. “I was just hanging out for a few more days.”

Then it hit her. The big idea she’d had came to mind. The evasive smile, which a good number never saw flashed again on her lips, and she had an idea. “Really like are you busy at all?” she said. He told her no he wasn’t. “I’ve had this idea Harrison and it is due all to you. You’re the one I have to thank for it actually.”

He said she was welcome without even knowing what it was. He asked her what her idea was and so she told him. “So what do you think?” she asked.

“Uhhh, me, uhhh, do that for you, honestly?” he said and she said yes. He could hear her upbeat tone of voice. “You want me to take the pictures, honestly?”

“Yes, and I have it all picked and planned out. Oh and if you do, there could be an added uhhh how should I put this? Another pleasure ride?” she told him along with a childish sounding giggle.

He loved that giggle she produced. It even had him smiling. They set a date. Two days later in a nice collared button down shirt and jeans, he was there, smiling. She opened the door. He walked in. They were hugging, firmly. He was kissing her and she was taking it as if she was his girlfriend. It was a wonderful heated kiss.

“So this is how we’ll do it,” she started to say but he cut her off.

“How about us making love first off?” he said.

“Ohhhhhhh no, uh uhhh I have to look pretty,” she told him. “And I want all these pictures that you’ll be taking to make me look that way too” she insisted.

He agreed but it was more then a little difficult.

“Wow, look at you?” he said, his eyes showing what he meant as she walked out wearing nothing but a blouse and a smile. He looked her up and down at least three to four times over and that was way before he even snapped a picture of her. “I mean it too, Lilly.”

She smiled and just as she did he snapped some pictures. She was sitting sideways at that moment and he found his former teacher more alluring then he ever had. Nothing was too exotic however in every pose she made he found her to be a captivating woman he had never seen her as prior to this day.

She got up and changed into another blouse. She even changed her hair a little. Her makeup was perfect, he thought. Her hair, down this time, shadowed her beauty as if wanting to get in on the act somehow. Life was grand or so he thought it was as his cock started rumbling down in his pants.

Quietly he said, “Oh god.”

She heard him but tried in vain not to pay attention to his growing desires. She’d stand up and change positions and try and look desirous, and she did in his opinion, and he snapped picture after picture of her as her large breasts showed every example of how gorgeous they actually could be. He became more familiar with the camera and as he did he’d shoot close-ups as well. Once he learned that he’d shoot close-ups of her succulent looking nipples.

“There we go,” he said.

“What’s that honey?” she said.

“Ohhhhhh, you’ll see, and I think you’ll like it too.”

She smiled once he said it and he quickly snapped a few other snapshots of her exquisite figure and boobs and her lovely smiling face as well.

“Do the pictures look good dear?” she asked.

“Ohhhhhh Lilly, I think you’ll love them once you have them developed, but how are you going to get these developed anyway?” he said.

She hadn’t thought of that yet. “Ohhhhhh, let’s not worry about that yet. There are still a lot of pictures to take, okay?” she told him.

She left and changed into something which trumpeted her in a whole new fashion, something which showed her off as an exotic looking woman. She wrapped herself up in a bedsheet. Once out in the main room, she lay out on the couch, and unwrapped herself as he began snapping more and more pictures of her new, slithery, and sexy figure. As he snapped pictures, she’d smile, change positions, and make Harrison all the more horny and possibly her too.

“Do you like this one too, dear?” she asked.

“Ohhhhhhh Lilly, I gotta tell you,” but he didn’t. “You are beautiful.” What he wanted to say at least a hundred times was she was hot and sexy as they came.

She’d smile and he’d snap the pictures. She got up and went again and changed. She changed into something which looked like a silky drape. She looked fantastic in it. He thought so too. She stood, laid down, and gave off a few different expressions during which he snapped the pictures and felt his cock growing harder.

And then, she finally got up again. “One minute alright?” she told him in her soft voice.

Wrapping her now slender shapely vixen of a figure in that bed sheet, she walked down and changed again. “Ohhhhhhh fucking god, I fucking want that body again. God I soooo want her,” he said aloud to himself.

“I know,” she said from behind him. “I can see it in you now.” She was wearing a simple cute polo shirt. It was pink with pink panties too. “Like this I hope?” she asked.

It was okay but as soon as he saw her in it he started snapping pictures of her again. She appeared to look phenomenal in it as it was tight and bearing all the features of her now slim and curvy figure, along with those big bare boobs of hers.

He snapped another picture just as she pulled up the shirt. He focused in on her round and succulent breasts making sure he paid direct attention to the nipples.

Lastly, she got up, and went into her bedroom. “Harrison, can you carry in the camera for me?” she called out. He carried it in. There she was. In a silky, see-thru body suit of some sort. “Do you like me in this?” she asked as she smiled devilishly.

“Holy fucking shit, Lilly,” he said as his eyes spread wide open. He couldn’t move a bit as he zoned in on her curves and tits and her “now alive” like figure. It made her smile. “I love you in that,” he told her.

“Then do this. Snap a few pictures and come to bed, will you please? We will play around once you do that for me” she told him in an almost coy like tone of voice. “I’m getting quite turned on by all this.”

“Uhhhhhh me too, me too,” he said.

“I know it,” she told him, grinning.

He snapped several pictures and with that ripped off his shirt and shoes and jumped into bed with her. “Mmmmmm, I’m so happy you’re here with me today” she said once he slid into bed with her. As she said it, she looked deeply into his eyes and started running her fingernails over his chest.

“Me too,” he came back. “God, do you know how beautiful and sexy you really are?”

“Awwww thank you, thank you honey,” and with that she leaned in and kissed his lips.

He kissed her back and as he did, she wrapped her arms around him and the passion laden kissing commenced. They fell onto their backs as the rolling back and forth along with the two kissing, along with their tongues, built up rather swiftly.

She was overloaded with more enthusiasm, more dedicated desire then she realized. Although, passion filled with her hormonal desires, she quietly looked into his eyes. He wondered what was going on.

In her quiet sounding tone of voice she asked “Have you ever, how should I ask this” but she found the words and said, “Eaten out a woman before?”

He nodded and said yes.

“Then can you do that to me too?” she asked.

“Ohhhhhh for sure,” he said.

Immediately, he went down on her. Immediately, he spread her legs apart. Immediately, he went up inside her. And immediately, his tongue and mouth, started doing there thing.

“Ohhhhhhh my lord,” she cried out as he licked away at it. “Oh god, yes,” she started off crying out. “Oh lord, oh my lord, ohhhhhh my lord, yes,” she cried out more and more as her body buckled and twisted and seemed to jump off her bed. Then suddenly she screamed out. “Fucking god ohhhhhh fucking yes, yes ohhhhhh fucking yes! That is so fucking,” and as she screamed it out she grabbed hold of him instead of the sheets, “Great!”

He licked and held her in his hands. He licked deeply into her pussy. He could feel the wetness building as he ate her out and she was expressively thankful as he did it too. However, she wanted to kiss him also.

“I want you honey. Come here,” so that’s what he did. She pulled him to her lips, looked into his eyes and told him, “I need to kiss you. I soooo need to kiss you,” and she grabbed his cheeks, pulled him into her, and she passionately kissed him.

He was hard just doing what he’d done. “I need you,” he told her.

“And I need you too. Does this mean,” but she didn’t have to ask it.

He was on her and in her and she opened up wide so he could go inside her with his hard white cock. She wanted this badly. She was all over him as her legs wrapped around his body. She pumped him full of her energy as the two fucked, and she screamed, and also as she orgasmed a couple times over.

For her, life that day couldn’t seem to be any better as he pulled out and she allowed him to jack it off so he could cum all over her supple sexy nipples and breasts. And she smiled throughout it all as well.

“I do love you, you know,” she told him. “I know, I know,” she went on to tell him. “We are light years apart, kind of, in age and all, but my door will always be open for you. I hope it will,” she told him as she smiled.

“I like you a lot too, Lilly, and that’s great. I mean your door and all,” he told her as he held her closely.

“Now, what about your pictures?” he asked.

She showed him. They finally got out of bed. She hooked up her camera to the computer. And with use of the proper paper, she printed them off, and saved them also. “Here, these are for you, but I’ll email them to you also if you want me too. I mean that is if you want me too.”

He smiled and nodded and said he’d love that. Again, the two huddled together and kissed some more and finally, a little later on, he knew he had to leave. He dressed. She did not, except for a robe, and they said goodbye.

Outside a car pulled up. “She should be expecting us dear,” said Lilly’s mother.

“Goodbye sweetheart,” Lilly said to Harrison.

They headed up to the front door. Lilly, unaware that her parents were walking up, and in her robe was letting Harrison out. They saw Harrison. They asked each other who that is. Suddenly, Lilly saw them. “Oh my god, holy shit,” she said upon seeing her parents walking towards the house with curiosity on their faces.

“Uhhh, hi there,” he said, smiling as he walked past them.

They did not know who he was but graciously said hello.

“Honey, who was that guy?” said her dad.

“Oh, he’s a friend dad. That’s all.”

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