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His Former Teacher

Former student invited over for a good time but doesn't know it
“Whoa, did you see her?” asked a guy who graduated five years ago from his high school. “She’s lost a lot of weight. And I mean a hell of a lot of weight too.”

They looked in her direction. Lilly Chappell, who’d always been pretty, but quite chubby as well, had taken off a serious amount of weight over the last few years. Shapely as ever now, her hair was much shorter. Her body was a killer so to speak. She took off that stomach she once had. And in addition to her boobs, she had hips which did not quit.

They looked in her direction. They had to remember her before recognizing who she was. Yes, her hair was a lot shorter. She seemed to be smiling all the time nowadays. And it appeared none of them could get their eyes off this boundless beauty as the skirt she had on easily emphasized all the bends and curves the older woman of 32 would show off.

He split from that crowd. He unassumingly headed her way. Quiet as he was in high school, he was more talkative now that he was older. He was a little like her. He too was chubby. He too had his fair share of problems while in high school. He could never shake that added weight he had. But now, now that he was out of school, he worked his butt off to get into shape. And he did.

“Hi Ms. Chappell,” he said, trying to force a smile as he was a little uncomfortable walking right up to his former teacher. She turned and smiled but didn’t initially recognize him. “It’s Harrison. Harrison Minor,” he said.

“Harrison,” she said, surprised at how he looked. “How are you?” and the gleaming smile grew wider as they “re-introduced” one another.

They shook hands. Her hand felt soft. It felt wonderful. He did not mean for that emotion to happen but it did anyway. He liked it. He said he was fine. He asked how she was. She smiled, into his eyes, and they stood there getting reacquainted. She made him feel at home. It was almost as if it was the old days. It was like being back in high school. She’d always made him feel better when she tutored him on certain subjects but now, well now it was all different.

Both were a little older. Both were a little more mature. Both had lost a considerable amount of weight. And both appeared to look very, very good too.

“We should get together sometime,” she said, not realizing what she said. “That would be wonderful. Don’t you think soooo?”

He smiled, modestly and said, “I guess so,” as in is that normal. “Sure, I’d like that,” he went on to tell her. “Great, when?” he asked.

“You tell me,” she told him.

“I’m free this week. I’ll be heading back to... ” and he told her to what city he was now living in.

“Great,” she said. “How about tomorrow afternoon?”

He smiled a little more comfortably and they stared into the other’s eyes. He thought about it a moment and then he said yes. She wrote down her address and gave him directions and all of a sudden they were on their merry way.

“What was all that about?” asked one of his former classmates.

He said nothing so not to be harassed by them. This was simply a get together and nothing else. It was cool, to him that is, and as he thought about it, it was nothing but that.

The next day arrived. He got dressed wearing a nice, pressed polo shirt and jeans. When he left he knew he was a bit early, but was happy regardless seeing as he was headed out to her place. For some reason, and he didn’t know why, he felt happy he was going.

She was all ready dressed. “Hi, come on in,” she told him. A brilliant smile lay on her face. She pushed open the door all the way. “So how was the rest of your night?"

He told her it was fine and she responded with “Good, I’m happy to hear that. May I offer you anything to drink?”

He took water. They soon sat and talked. Her eyes, for whatever reason, seemed to be all over him. He noticed a little later on and wasn’t sure why. Nor was she for that matter.

“Boy, I sure have to admit but you do look great,” he told her. “I mean all the weight you’ve lost.”

“Yeah, it is amazing. I’ll admit it feels odd but look at you. I mean, look at yourself. You’re the one who has lost a heck of a lot of weight too,” she told him.

She was impressed. She marveled at how much he’d lost. In turn, he had to admit, he felt the same way about her. This went back and forth. Both complimenting each other, both becoming more and more comfortable around one another, and both feeling more at ease with each other as the afternoon went along.

Out of nowhere, the woman, his former teacher, as they chatted, laid a hand on his leg for some reason. There wasn’t any intention on her part but it sure felt like it to him. He looked down at her hand as she spoke. She was nodding. She was happy. She was smiling. She was friendlier then he would have expected her to be.

“You’re such a sweet young man, Harrison,” Lilly Chappell told him. “I’ve never known anyone to be soooo sweet like you,” and again she put her hand on his leg.

He looked down. This is odd, he thought. What is she doing, he wondered? Is that normal, he asked himself. Do teachers, even former teachers for that matter, do this sort of thing? He wasn’t sure but tried letting it all go. He liked her as his former teacher. He knew that but what she had just done or was doing in putting her hand on his leg, he wasn’t so sure about.

He looked down again. There it was. Her hand was on his thigh, but not doing anything, but sitting there in a friendly gesture as they spoke. He looked back at her as she talked while she smiled and so did he. He answered her when asked but it all felt so weird too.

“So is there a girl in your life now?” she asked out of nowhere.

That was a weird question, he told himself, but answered with, “No, not these days.”

“Awwww that must stink,” she came back.

“Nah, not all the time,” he told her. “I miss having one but it’s not all that bad,” he added.

“Me too,” she said.

“Huh, a pretty looking woman like you?” he told her and she nodded although she smiled and said yes. “I can’t understand that.”

“It happens but look at us, two individuals, out of high school, out of college, and having lost all this weight and what do we have for it all. Nothing,” she told him.

He was agreeing by nodding his head. He looked at her. She stared at him. Again, here she was a smiling, prettier then ever looking woman, and in search of what? He didn’t ask himself that question but it seemed as though he should have seeing as she was the “friendly” one that day.

“I’d have to say I miss it more then I thought I would,” she went on to say.

He thought about it and agreed. “Me too I suppose.”

They laughed and before either of them knew it, they were touching one another’s hands or bodies. Neither was sure of what that meant but it was nice to have a connection to the other. They talked some more. She asked if he wanted some more water. He said yes and she went and got some.

As she walked away, Harrison found himself studying her backside. He really liked how she looked from what he saw. “Excuse me for saying this Ms. Chappell,” and she cut him off and told him to call her Lilly now that she was no longer his teacher. Then she asked him to continue. “Oh it was nothing,” he said.

“No, go on Harrison. What were you going to say,” she said.

“I noticed how nice you look from the backside,” he told her.

She was surprised by his compliment. “Ohhh really?” she exclaimed with a smile piercing his eyes. “Well thank you, that’s soooo sweet of you to say.” With that, she sat down, and again touched his leg.

He liked it a lot.

What he hadn’t actually ever paid attention to was Lilly’s front side. Yes, she did have a great looking ass and yes, she also had wonderful looking hips as well, but what he never had ever paid attention to seeing as he was her teacher were her blossomed breasts, which now were clearly bigger then life itself.

“I must say, Harrison,” she found herself telling him. “You have turned into an exceptional young man. I’m so happy we got together today,” and she smiled, again.

It was the first time he noticed her eyes. They were soft. They were redeeming in that they accepted you for who you were. They appeared weak but she was not that at all. She was a very warm and loving woman and she wanted you to be her friend at all costs no matter what.

“If I were only, possibly, a few years younger,” she went off to say as she smiled. “I’d easily go out on a date with you. I know, I know,” she added, “that sounds ridiculous and little childish too, doesn’t it?” she added as she shook her head and smiled, again.

“No, I don’t think so,” he told her.

Silence interrupted their conversation as both sat side by side on the couch. She looked deeply into his eyes. He stared back, wondering. What was going on in her head, he asked himself. He didn’t know but she seemed so much prettier these days compared to back in high school when she was a chubbier looking woman. But now, well now she was so much slimmer. Her body, to him, appeared so much “tighter” then normal compared to when he was her teacher.

For the very first time something said “Wow” to him. Do I like her?

“Is something a matter, Harrison?” she asked, in a sweeter then normal smooth voice.

“Oh, uh no,” he said. “I don’t know. No, everything is, uhhh, fine.”

But it wasn’t or so she thought it wasn’t and again it happened. Her hand, the same exact one which had laid down on his thigh was there again. He looked at it. He looked at her. He looked at her hand again and then at her.

“I uhhh like that,” he said.

“You like what?” she asked.

“Uhhhhhh when your hand is on my leg like that,” he told her.

“Really, I just do that,” and she took it off.

For whatever reason she took it off and he said, for whatever reason, “You don’t have to do that.”

“I don’t have to do what?” she asked.

Silence ensued, again.

Then he told her, “You don’t have to take your hand off my leg.”

She looked at his leg. She looked at him. Again, she looked at his leg and then at him. The hand, suddenly, laid down on his leg again. “Like this?” she said, smiling warmly. He nodded. “You like it when I touch your leg like this? I don’t mean to disturb you when I do it. It’s just a habit of mine.”

“It’s nice,” he said, smiling into her eyes. “I do like it.” Harrison, for whatever reason, reached out, and he touched the side of her arm, “Do you like it when I do this?”

She didn’t say or nod yes right at that moment but soon enough she did and said “I guess so. Yes, it is nice I suppose.”

They gazed into the other’s eyes and he rubbed her arm. She rubbed his leg, barely. They looked at each other as the activity went on. She rubbed his leg some more and he went ahead and rubbed her arm some more too.

He stared into her eyes. Finally he said “May I ask you a favor?” She said yes. “May I kiss you?”

“Kiss me?” she said, surprised he asked it. “You want to kiss me on the lips?”

He nodded and then said yes.

“Yes, sure,” she told him. “I suppose that won’t hurt.”

He leaned in. Slowly, gradually, warmly, and also quite affectionately his lips kissed her lips. To Lilly, the kiss was comforting and she found she wanted another one right away. He kissed them softly. He kissed them deeply but without all the passion which comes with most fiery, obsessive kisses. She loved it but did not say so, right away.

He pulled back. “That was a nice kiss,” she said.

“Thank you,” he told her. “You liked it that much?”

She smiled and nodded her head. “Yes, I did Harrison.

“I did too,” he said and smiled brightly.

They looked at each other without saying a word. Thoughts moved at an enormous pace inside both of their heads. He was thinking do I want this? Does she want to go any further? How does she feel? Wow, I’d love to lay down with her, and enjoy all the beauty and comforts being with a woman, like her, might enjoy.

Out of nowhere she said, “I know that there is a big age difference between us but I want something,” and she paused a moment. “And I want this to happen,” and she smiled, “with someone like you.” He asked what. He was totally unaware of what she was going to ask. “Harrison, how do you feel about making love to me, having sex with me?”

“Huh, me and you?” he said. His eyes had grown large as his mouth opened wide. “You and me have sex, really?”

She was not smiling as she stared at him and nodded her head. “Yes, Harrison that is what I’d love to do today and with you. You are a very sweet guy, a good looking sweet guy, and I’d be honored if you’d please me in doing so.”

He was flabbergasted, dumbfounded, and he was shaking his head no as if in disbelief. He couldn’t believe it. She wanted to make love with him, really? “Uhhh me, really uhhh have sex with me honestly?” he said.

She finally smiled and told him yes and reached forward and caressed his cheek. “Nothing would give me more pleasure, right now, then for us, to do this Harrison. I am talking about it all, dear. I mean kissing me, holding me warmly, and as you do also caressing my body all over. Doing that dear would most definitely give me lots of wonderful sexual pleasure” she went on to say. She smiled into his eyes as she added “Nothing but being with you, at this moment, would give me greater pleasure,” but then he cut her off.

“Oh yeah, I’d like that a lot,” he said while remaining calm and mature about it all.

That’s when the room fell silent. The two of them looked at one another. Neither smiled but then she reached out and pulled him towards her. He of course let her and once she did, she kissed him in a tender, loving style.

His hormones shot all over the place although he didn’t do anything about it. It did feel awesome, her kissing his lips affectionately like she did. He pulled away. Again they looked at one another. Life was grand suddenly as he still felt the affects of her lips “grazing” over his.

“Can uhhh you do that again?” he asked quietly.

Softly she said, “Yes, sure honey,” as she smirked and nodded her head. “I’d love to.”

She leaned in again but this time she put her hand behind his head. She pulled him towards her. He of course let her too. Their lips met. She foraged about his lips gently and as she did again he felt it in a manner almost unspeakably. Down inside his legs, he knew he wanted to push her back, but for some reason something told him to be civil and be an “upstanding citizen.”

So he kissed the woman back. His arms, as he knew it, reached out, and he pulled her into him. They huddled closely and continued kissing. It was loving and appeared to be quite romantic too. These two unlikely individuals kissed and as they did they enjoyed what was occurring between them.

“Wow, you are a really good kisser Harrison,” she said after pulling back. “I mean it too.”

He liked hearing that and thanked her as he smiled. He knew he wanted to do a lot more seeing as he was kissing her. He wanted to kiss this very nice looking older woman who now appeared more attractive then ever. His former teacher forever did have nice lips too he told himself and he was beginning to tell himself he wanted to do it all.

“Care to kiss some more?” she went on to say.

He nodded and smiled and these two laid into one another as their hands got a bit more involved in it all seeing as they were more comfy with each other. Her hand weaved through the back of his head. As it did it, it started running into his hair. He pulled himself closer. They kissed more feverishly as this all came about. Both of them were pressed against one another. And a fire erupted which neither could understand but it felt awesome as the heat exploded.

He felt her bosoms. Yes, she felt it, but she did not stop it. He slowly and gently ran a hand over one of them and she allowed it to go on too as these two kissed, lovingly. She’d garble sweet nothings as she felt his hand wander about her boobs.

They fell back. He was atop her once they did. And her hand ran over his chest but his hand went down lower. He was rubbing her flat tummy lightly but he also “exploring” the idea about if he should do it, if he should rub down inside her thighs.

“Mmmmm,” she said. “Mmmmm uh ohhhhhh yes oh yes Harrison, feel me down there. Do it” she told him and so he did.

His fingers trickled inside her thighs to her pussy although all her clothing was still on. She spread her legs apart. It felt incredible. It felt soooo great she told herself as she ever so slightly pushed herself up into his hand as it rubbed or caressed her loins.

Out of nowhere, Harrison pulled up, and in doing so she felt his hand up inside her top. “Oh my, yes oh yes Harrison yes that’s it honey.”

It was up inside her top. He moved steadily to her bra. She quietly urged him to go all the way. It felt soooo good. Yes it did. She knew it would as the two started kissing again.

Before she knew it, her top came off. And she wanted this to happen too. Once it did, she smiled. Once it came off, his hands, thankfully, were all over them, but in a manner only a woman desires. Gradually, smoothly, and lovingly he’d pet them and eventually squeeze them too. It had her smiling all over inside as he petted and played with her boobs.

By this point, she was sitting backward on the couch. He was caressing them and making more love to her and her tits as the two also kissed. Life was good, finally she thought. She was having the time of her life finally seeing as she had a man there who could do it right. His tongue was inside her mouth and trumpeting all over the place as they kissed.

She loved that also and returned her passionate accolades as well and with two tongues in action, god only knew what would happen at this point.

“Take off your clothes, will you?” she said, smiling. “I want your chest and body.”

So that’s what he did. First his shirt, then his shoes and socks, and then, as she watched and waited, his pants and his boxers. Her eyes opened as she looked him over. His lean and somewhat long cock hung there. He then sat down.

“You do have a really nice body, Harrison” she told him with a smile. Then she caressed his chest and leaned in to kiss him.

“Do you mind or have a problem getting naked too?” he asked.

“Uhhh, no,” she said, but she hesitated a moment as though she was a little self confident.

“Don’t be worried. I’m sure I’ll really love your body,” he told her.

Gradually, she took piece by piece off. He watched, delighted that she had. His eyes showed he was thrilled by what he saw. She felt better each second as she removed her clothes for him.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked as that lack of self confidence reigned in.

“Ohhhhhhh my gosh, yes. Yes I do” he told her. His eyes were pinned to her body. He loved what he was seeing. He loved everything about her. She sat up. Looking at him, she noticed his eyes weren’t only on her big boobs, but also on the lower portions of her figure too. “You’re an amazing looking woman, Lilly. You uh really are.”

“Thank you, Harrison. Thank you very much,” she said.

With that, she leaned in and kissed his lips and took off her bra and panties too. Both were naked now. She pressed down on him so that her naked breasts and body were on top of him and she could kiss his lips forever. Their arms wrapped around one another, he pulled her into him even more, and the kissing did not seem to stop.

Finally, she reached down. She took hold of it in her hand. “Ohhhhhhh mmmmmm” he said as he felt the soft palm of her hand on his limber soft cock. “That feels soooo nice Lilly.”

She stroked it slowly. She stroked it gently. She stroked him for a long, long while making it harder and getting him hornier and hornier and even hornier.

“I want you in me. Will you do that?” she asked.

“Uhhh yeah, sure,” he told her.

So smiling, she climbed on top of him and inserted his cock up inside her. But it was not to be some wild riotous ride. She went slowly. She did her own thing. She went about it very, very slowly as she rode up and down his hardened shaft. She loved it. But so did he.

Watching her big ass tits move about and seeing those nipples do their own thing too aroused him to the max. He tried fucking her more rapidly but she wanted this to be her own way.

“God, you are soooo good Harrison. I mean it. This, you feel soooo good up inside me,” and she leaned down and kissed his lips.

She came. She screamed out once she did. She leaned in and kissed his lips again and afterward he leaned in and kissed the very tips of her boobs. She loved it. Although his cock remained inside her, he pulled her in, and sucked on her juicy fat boobs.

“Mmmmmm, I could let you do that all the time you know,” she said, smiling. “Maybe we could work something out?”

And then the fucking started up again. They banged hard this time and she came again. But he felt it coming too and had to lay her down or cum in inside her. He did not want that and told her. She understood and he pulled out.

The cum flew all over the place. Lilly seemed to love it too. Life was great. She “fell in love” with him although both knew better. But she seemed to enjoy his cum and licked most of it up. They snuggled under a blanket for a while and made plans to get together soon. Specifically when, she did not know, but they hopefully would do it soon.

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