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His New Teacher

Nun falls for student and finally gets together to do things with him
They were all seniors. She recalled the days when she was back in high school. Girls growing up, maturing, still developing their figures, and sometimes even hot and horny for a guy as well not that she thought of them in that manner, but lately all this had come to a head. Nowadays it had become an issue for her again. This was not good at all she thought seeing as she is one of the very first nuns to have stepped on the all boy’s high school campus as a teacher.

Sister Katrina a “healthy” and quite pretty looking woman for a teacher. She knew that from the start but having joined the convent was wrong. She always knew it. She’d thought about it a number of times in fact. She knew this wasn’t the way her life was supposed to be but she made a decision anyway and committed herself to the life as a nun

Yes, she committed herself. She decided to join the convent. Her parents were thrilled. Her friends weren’t. They knew better. They knew what she was like. They knew her better then her parents. They told her not to join. She thought about quite often. When she was all alone she think about boys a lot and in truth sometimes did something about it.

However, her friend told her “You shouldn’t do this Katrina. You know how you are around guys. You know you’re just like us. You have those feelings too. You know what I mean don’t you? You have those feelings all the time. You shouldn’t do it.”

“I’m going to be fine,” Katrina said. “All of that will go away. You know it will.”

She blew the comments off and made her decision. For several years things went fine but once in a while she’d have those emotional outbreaks. She’d be alone. She'd think about her old friend Tillie who told her not to go. She’d smile about it but as she thought back on those days, she’d wonder, and shortly after the woman began to develop physical emotions which she was unable to control. However, through it all, Katrina knew one thing and that was she was no longer able to share a man’s love in her life be that personal or be it physical. Her love belonged somewhere else.

However, other times, she felt differently. She told herself at certain times of a week that she wasn’t any different from other women. She’d look, she’d study, and she’d wonder about those women in life. Did they have the “feelings” she’s been having too? There were many times she wanted to get to know a guy and get to know what he wanted in life. She knew that for sure. Yes, she knew she wanted a man and at some point she found that anyone or anything would do.

She lived in a house. Shortly after moving in she picked up a position as a teacher at the local all boys high school. Although it was a college preparatory school, she seemed to love that she’d be teaching young men.

Men, mmmmmm yes men she’d tell herself and closed her eyes at the idea. Katrina seemed to smile at the thought of it. Although this young and pretty woman was 26 she’d always been known to have a way with people in general and that included high school kids to.

She walked in on her very first day. There early, she stopped to see the principal. They spoke and she left for her classroom. She was excited. Boys, no young men, she told herself as she smiled endlessly.

Thomas was a newcomer to the school last year. He barely knew anyone. He was nice enough, they thought, but seeing as he came in at the semester it was hard for anyone to really get to know him. He was a shy person although smart but he kept to himself nonetheless.

She noticed it right away.

“Thomas, come and see me after class will you?” she said in a sweet tone.

Not the nuns of today rarely ever wear habits. She didn’t either, wearing dresses or ling skirted apparel as was the norm for most nuns. Even her blouses or sweaters and blouses were quite conservative in their nature. However, none of that ever stopped her desires.

“Thomas, I can see that you’ve been having a little difficulty adjusting with this class. Is there anything, and I do mean anything, that could be helpful to you?” she said to him in all honesty. “I mean you don’t want to fall to far behind do you?”

He had a C average in the class, which was far below his usual average. He didn’t ask for help seeing as he never had to but there was something about Sister Katrina invoked him to speak up.

“I don’t know Sister. I’ve never had problems before.” Then he went quiet on her. They started to look at one another just as she smiled. “I guess I could use help on this.”

“You mean tutoring?” she asked. He nodded and said yes. “Well I’m not real busy. Maybe I can help you out,” she told him.

He agreed to it. The next several weeks allowed him a chance to get the tutoring he needed and he brought up his grade, slowly, to an A-. Both were pleased. They also slowly got to know one another, personally, and it allowed him to know about her background too.

“So you weren’t sure you wanted to join in the first place?” he said, referring to joining the convent several years back. She said no. “Why did you stay then?” She explained herself. Why haven’t you umm left it then?” he asked.

She didn’t tell him the truth.

He graduated and went on to college but stayed in town instead of going away. They ran into one another one day a few months later and made it a point of having lunch together. In truth, he loved it. He enjoyed being out with her, never once thinking of her as Sister Katrina, only Katrina, which made it all more worthwhile he thought. She was really cool and the more he learned about her the more he enjoyed being around her. He only wished they could see more of one another then they had.

Then he signed up for a course he knew would be difficult as heck. That would entail a tutor, he thought, so what better way to keep the grade up then to give his old teacher a call. Anyway, that was what he did.

“Is Katrina, I mean Sister Katrina there?” he said once he called.

“Katrina, Katrina some man is calling for you,” one of the other nuns said.

That confused her but when she answered and heard his voice, seemed to smile all over. Katrina really liked him. He made her feel really good. His voice sparked something within her no one had done lately in fact. She loved the “feelings” she was having lately as a result of hearing his voice and by that evening she went to bed early.

Katrina had reached the brink. She could not maintain or contain the emotions which filled her all over. She tried and tried to make them go away. She did but in truth it was a losing battle for her.

She got up and locked her door. She sat back down on her bed. She listened for what was going on around her. Then she did it. Katrina slowly pulled up her dress. She slowly, with some hesitation, reached down, as she rocked a little, and put her hand down inside her legs. She rubbed her thighs as she thought about what she was going to do.

It felt nice, rubbing her thighs like she was doing, and as she saw his face. She smiled as she kept on lightly rubbing her thighs. He’s the sweetest and nicest boy I know, she told herself as she continued lightly rubbing her inner thighs.

She then rubbed her underwear. Mmmmmm uh oooooohh now that’s nice she thought. Do it some more she told herself as her hand rubbed her plain white cotton underwear. She pressed on them a little more. “Oooooohh,” she muttered. “Mmmmmm, that feels nice.” She rubbed the area some more and as she did she pictured Thomas’ face.

She smiled as her fingers not only rubbed her underwear but found she did more. Her fingers, gradually, entered underneath the underwear. “Oh wow, wow ohhh wow,” she said as quietly as possible as her hand entered her bush and felt the pussy’s lips.

Then she heard something. She stopped everything and listened. Someone was walking down the hall. She pushed her dress down and pulled out a book. She got herself into a reading position. The person walked on by and she kept the book by her side and slid her fingers back underneath the dress.

Of course, Thomas’ face was there too doing it all for her.

It felt good but that was all that happened. She felt herself up but nothing happened as a result. Boy, she wished something had. “I wonder what it feels like,” she told herself. “I so want to do that again.”

She made it a point of calling him the following day.

And she did. She asked him what was on his schedule. He said nothing. She invited him out to lunch and surprisingly he said yes. She was soooo delighted she almost went back to the house and did it again. She almost tried masturbating again.

But she did not that afternoon. Instead she read a new book.

That week they had dinner. Oddly, it was at a nice and inexpensive place. They dressed as casually as possible. To Katrina, he looked dapper. To Thomas, she looked pretty but she also looked nice. There was of course no romance but hopefully and maybe something might result from it.

She needed help in a way only a man might be able to help her out or so she thought.

One night, as she sat alone in her room, she thought about everything. She thought what she’d been going through over the course of 7 or eight years and lately all the “emotions” recently running throughout her thoughts and body alike. She also thought about her life in general and what it’s meant to her. But then, out of nowhere, she also thought him. She finally convinced herself to do something about her life as a whole.

She put the goal “out there.” She would suggest the idea to him and even if she had to lie about what she needed, she would, but regardless she was more then willing to at least bring up the “subject” to him she told herself.

And so she made a point of it by calling him and suggesting they have lunch together again. So they did. They had it at her house too. All the other nuns, including those at the convent were on sabbatical, which she was supposed to attend, but she found a way to get out of it. It was ingenious. She mapped it out in her free time. It worked out perfectly as a matter of fact. So he came over to the nun’s house for what he thought was lunch only.

He was dressed nicely. Or so that’s what she thought. But of course she was already interested in one thing only. You already know that that is. And she was already to lie about what she needed to get it too.

They ate. They sat and talked. He seemed very comfortable there. Finally she brought up the idea, by lying of course. “Thomas, we’ve known one another for what? A good year now, right?” she said, which he said yes. “Now here we are,” she went on to say but stopped to find the words. He listened. “You’re all grown up,” she added and giggled too. “You too for that matter.” She smiled and giggled again. He smiled. “From what I know you don’t have a girlfriend, right?”

“No Sister,” he said but thinking to himself as he called her Katrina in his thoughts. “I don’t. Wish I did,” he added “but I don’t.”

“I don’t know why. I mean you are a really good looking guy,” she interceded.

He smiled and thanked her and oddly said “And well you’re a pretty woman too.”

“Awwww, that’s soooo nice to hear,” she came back and saying nothing else at first.

But then she said “Yes, I am a woman. That is true,” as she smiled. “Do you always see me as a woman or as a nun too?”

“Uhhh both I guess. I don’t know,” he replied.

“To be honest Thomas there is something else, something very important to me. I’m not sure how to tell you though.”

“Well heck Sister, I’m all ears. Feel free to tell me anything. You know you can trust me,” he told her. “I mean we’re friends, right?”

This seemed to be playing right into her hands. “I think we are,” she said as she smiled and nodded her head. “But to be honest with you there is something else, Thomas.”

His answer was “What’s that?”

She slowly lost her smile before saying “Thomas, I am a woman just like you’re a man, right?” He said yes. “And like a man, a woman has her feelings, and emotions.” She closed her eyes and looked down and away from him. Slowly, she looked back at him. Thomas, I need you to do something for me, alright?”

“Anything Sister,” he said.

“First off will you call me Katrina for today and not Sister, please?” she said. He agreed but felt weird at first. “I would really, really like that today.” He was confused. “I want you to help me to something umm really personal, okay?”

“Ohhh anything Sister, I mean Katrina. I’ll help you with anything.”

She smiled and as she did she reached out and touched his hands. Hers felt warm. Hers felt soft. She knew she liked holding his hands and he didn’t even pull them away. She tried rubbing his hands. It floored him but he was polite and didn’t pull his hands away.

“Does that feel nice?” she asked sweetly. He looked at her but nodded his head and said yes. “I like this too, Thomas. I’d be more then, well maybe I shouldn’t say it, but I’d really love to give you a back rub.”

“Uhhh why, why would you do that Katrina?” he said.

She tried thinking quickly. But the only thing she thought of was “Because I want something from you too.”

“What’s that?” he said.

“Let me show you,” she said. “Follow me, alright?”

With that, she stood up. She took his hand in hers and she led him down the hall to her bedroom. The cross was off the wall. The bible was stored in her closet. Any other prayer material was hidden away. She felt she just could not do what she wanted to do with that paraphernalia around and seeing as her physical desires had ruled her so strongly that they needed to be gone from sight.

“This here is my bedroom,” and once inside she locked the door despite she was there all alone. He didn’t move. She looked stared at him for a moment. “Thomas, I need you today. I need you like any woman needs a man. And seeing as you are a man and I am a woman,” and she closed her eyes but finally said it as he listened “I need you to do those things a man might do with a woman, please Thomas please?”

“Holy freaking shit,” he said. “Do uhhh you mean it? Are you like serious?”

She stared right at him and nodded and as she did she placed the palms of her hands upon his chest. He looked down at them. His eyes opened wide upon feeling her hands on it. He closed his eyes and she lightly rubbed his chest.

“Ohhh wow, man oh man,” he said as his eyes reopened to watch her hands rub his chest.

“I’d really like it Thomas if I could see your naked chest,” she told him.

She began to burn all over as she did it. She could feel her hormones growing and spreading all over her body. She could feel the need for some physical attention too. First she felt it in her belly but then she felt it down around her inner thighs. All of a sudden she felt that growing, burning feeling sensation up around her nipples. That did it for her.

“Umm Thomas, umm I’ll make a deal with you right now okay?” she said. He asked what. “You undo your top or let me undo it for you and I’ll undo mine or let you undo my dress a little for you. How’s that sound to you?”

He was all for that and graciously told her she could unbutton his shirt. She smiled and looked at him and then, excitedly, began to do so even if she didn’t show it. Inside, she was bursting with overwhelming longings she hadn’t ever felt before in her life as she kept on unbuttoning his shirt and he stood watching it all unfold.

“This is weird you know,” he said.

“I know,” she came back. “But is it exciting?”

He looked at her chest and then said “Uh yes, yes it is, but tell me something. Do you have umm nice looking breasts?”

“Want to see and find out for yourself if you like my breasts?” she replied with great hope he thought so.

His shirt was totally unbuttoned and he felt it too. He looked down and saw that it was and also noticed Katrina was looking at his chest too and smiling as she did. Then he said “Yeah, I would like to see your upper body Katrina.”

“Would you like to unzip my dress?” she said and turned around.

He unclasped it and then slowly began unzipping it. She grew increasingly hornier. “Oh gosh,” she quietly cried out. “I can’t believe I’m about to do this.”

“Are you sure you uhhh want to?” he asked.

“Yes, I do,” she intoned. “I do without a doubt want this to happen.”

He unzipped the dress all the way down to her waist. He saw her backside and the bra strap as well, he saw her white almost silky flesh, which he like instantly, and he saw a fair amount of her underwear’s waistband. He grew increasingly hungry to see more.

“What do you want to do now?” she said. “I know what I want.”

“What’s that Sister, uhhh I mean Katrina?”

“What I want is for you to touch me all over, all over my upper body Thomas.”

He froze for a second. She didn’t wait. She slipped off dress off her shoulders exposing her upper body for him and when she was naked from the waist up she turned around and looked right at him.

He immediately looked at her tits. They were big, kind of, but regardless he liked what he saw. “Feel me will you please?” she said. “I’d like that a lot Thomas.”

He looked at them. He looked at her. He looked at her tits again and then, slowly, reached out, and put one of his hands on her boob. She moaned, almost lovingly, once she felt his hand press against her tit.

“You know what I’d really like?” she said and he asked what. “I’d love to lie down and relax with you.”

They laid down beside one another. He laid down relatively close to her and she watched him as he did. He reached out again and felt a boob again. She absolutely loved hot that felt. She wanted soooo much more and told him to feel both boobs but to take his time. He did what she requested and she loved his slow almost methodical style. It was, to her, erotic as ever. She felt it all over. She wanted so much more and hoped it would come.

“Do you care to see them?” she finally said as his cock felt pangs within it.

He nodded so she took off her bra. Holy mother of god, he found himself saying. “Your breasts are absolutely beautiful,” he told her. She smiled gallantly. Now that was a compliment. She knew that. “I mean they really are.”

“Go on and feel them all you want Thomas,” she said smiling ear to ear. “Gosh, even kiss them, make me feel wonderful as it gets.”

He did as she said. He went down and kissed both of them and as he did he got harder. Before he knew it he was all over her boobs and totally and truly enjoying her boobs. Thomas, before he knew it, had gotten Katrina’s nipples hard, and got her extremely horny too.

But she needed something so powerful at this point she felt the need to tell him. “Oh gosh Thomas, I should ask you something. But I want you; no I need you to do something for me, please?”

He asked what. “I want, I want you to uhhh feel my uhhh vagina. Can you, will you do that?” she asked. “You’ve made me feel so, I don’t know. I fell wild and crazy down there. Feel my vagina, please?”

He was into that and without hesitation slipped his hand down there. She was hairy. She had a bush he did not expect but he found his way. He cleared that hair. His hands made it through and he found the lips.

“Ohhhhhhh gosh yes oh yes Thomas, oh my gosh yes more,” she cried out at the very top of her lungs and as she cried out her body came up off the bed.

He fingered her some more and she cried out more and more too. It was energizing for both. He got harder. He got hornier. He wanted her to feel not only his crotch but his cock. He wanted her hand on it and doing it to him.

“Katrina, I have to ask favor,” he said. She asked what. “Feel my penis, will you?”

Her eyes opened wide. Feel his penis, really she asked herself, and then said “If you keep fingering me like you’ve been doing alright?”

He undid his slacks and pulled them and the boxers down. He reached for her hands and put one on his now erect cock. It felt so good he thought but she thought so too. She held it at first as he kept on fingering her but soon enough he felt her hand going up and down the shaft. He loved it.

So did she and as a result of what he was doing he got her to orgasm. She moaned and cried out a number of times, arcing off the mattress as he kept on fingering her wet, warm, and hairy pussy. She was a lot of fun. He knew that. Her tits were magnificent. She was his first as he was her first to and although they did not have intercourse, that day, it still was a lot of fun for both as she orgasmed twice and he came all over her upper body. She loved seeing and experiencing that and had something to say to him.

“Thomas, I promise you one thing. I guarantee you that you and I will do this again. Plus I assure you we may just have to do a lot more then what we did. Either way, I had a lot of fun being with you. God, you are soooo wonderful.”

With that she stroked not only his chest but eventually stroked his penis some. About an hour later, after he showed her what all the girls did around their pussies and she did too he left, giving her a kiss on her lips which she loved a lot. 

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