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Holiday Massage

A sensual massage on holiday is followed by passionate sex.
Holiday Massage

Waking up on this third day in the Holiday villa was heaven, the sun was shining and the views stunning, I rolled over and snuggled into Ju’s back folding myself around his bum, I had been awake a little while and was feeling quite horny, as I knew today was the day for my sensual massage, whatever that was!

I pushed my mound into his bum and felt him stir I moved my hand over his stomach and slid it down over his pubes and felt his semi-hard cock. As I folded my hand around it, I felt it pulse and start to harden, he pushed back against me allowing me to rub my clit into him, as he started to harden in my hand I could feel my fanny starting to respond, my clit was hardening and there was a pulsing in my lips, as I moved against his bum rubbing my clit and lips against him. I could feel my moistness on him.

I put my finger to his mouth and he wet it, I moved away from him slightly and put my hand between my legs, sliding my wet finger over my clit and straight into my hot wet fanny. As it slid in I felt the quivering surge through my stomach, his cock was hard now and as I gently mimicked my fanny sliding over it with my hand, I slid two more fingers inside myself to mimic his cock inside me, I could feel my juices coating my fingers and with each movement into and out of my fanny I brushed my hard clit, the pulsing of my clit was almost matching the pulsing of his cock in my hand, I needed to cum but it didn’t feel like now was the time.

I slid my wet fingers out of myself hearing the wetness as they exited my now sopping fanny. I traced between his cheeks and circled my wet finger on his bum, as I did I felt his cock throb in my hand, I pushed gently and felt my wet finger slide inside, he pulled his knees up slightly causing it to enter him further. It was hot around my finger and as I slid my hand over his hard cock I could feel his bum spasm around my finger. He reached around and pushed my hand urging me to enter him further, I was scared I would hurt him but felt my finger slide fully inside him.

Each time, as I moved my hand pulling back his foreskin, I could feel his small spasms around my finger. I gently moved my finger inside him pulling it out slightly then pushing it back deep inside. I felt him reach behind and cup his hand over my mound, I felt his finger gently part my wet lips and slide slowly up to find my little hard clit, as he touched it I could feel the urge for more, deep in my stomach.

I felt his fingers tracing between my lips and gasped as he gently slid one inside me, I could feel my juices escaping onto my legs each time his finger slid out.

I spread my legs a little allowing him better access, he took this as the opportunity to shape his hand and slide two fingers into me searching out my G-spot and gently sliding over it sending pulses deep in my fanny. His cock was pulsing and I sensed he was close to cumming.

He moved my hand from him, I slid my finger out as he turned to kiss me. We kissed open-mouthed, tongues exploring each other. He moved his mouth to my hard nipple and sucked sending more pulses deep inside me. I knew what was coming and as he slid down my body, I felt his tongue search out my clit, gently flicking it sending shivers through my body.

I felt his tongue parting my wet lips and gently probing inside like a tiny hot cock. He traced between my lips almost reaching my bum. I knew what he was trying to do so I lifted my legs allowing his tongue to reach my bum, his tongue strokes were long and slow from my clit parting my wet lips to my bum.

His tongue circled my bum gently licking around the sensitive nerve endings. I relaxed my cheeks allowing him easy access and I felt his tongue push inside causing me to shudder as he entered the forbidden.

His tongue pushed inside where I allow nothing else, it felt gentle and sexy as it entered my hole working like a tiny penis probing into my wet, relaxed hole.

He moved his tongue back to my clit as I felt his finger gently circling my bum it slid into the wet hole easily and I felt myself clench around it as he licked my hard clit.

“Enough!” he said. “You have your massage later”

I was wet horny and gasping I just wanted him inside me, but I would have to wait.

We had been by the pool in the sun all morning. I had been topless and feeling horny all day, laid down looking at my mound forming the perfect camel toe in my pants, I was almost asleep when the doorbell rang.

Ju got up and answered it and came outside to introduce the masseur, a fifty-something bit of totty dressed in a white, clinical, short uniform.

She didn’t look much different than me, nice firm tits and shapely legs and bum.

We offered her a drink and she accepted a large glass of white wine.

“I can bring in my couch or we can do it on the bed which would you prefer?”

I lay on the bed, feeling quite vulnerable with just my pants on, with Ju sat in the chair watching.

I was laid face down as I felt her wet, oily hand start to gently massage my shoulders. As she gently moved her hands around I started to relax. Her hands traced down my back and for some minutes just caressed my neck shoulders and back. Then she pulled both sides of my pants into the crack of my bum and started to massage my cheeks.

With each movement my clit was rubbing on the bed and my fanny lips were parting, I was getting wet and horny.

Her hands stroked over my bum cheeks and down my thighs, on the upward stroke they came up my inner thighs right to the top brushing my fanny.

I was already wet but still apprehensive, as she asked me to turn over. She soothed her oily hands over my breast circling my nipple and then gently brushing it, it was rock hard and wanted sucking, but she just gently cupped and stroked my tits.

Then her hand was sliding down over my stomach, which was glistening with the oil.

I wanted her to touch my fanny, to put her finger inside to stroke my clit, but she was working slowly. I felt her hand just stroke over my pants, touching my mound. I was about to explode! I nearly grabbed her hand and pushed it inside my pants.

She slowly put both hands inside my pants and gently pulled them down, and I was left completely naked.

She kicked off her shoes and climbed onto the bed, she knelt astride me, facing my feet, I could feel her warm bum gently touching my stomach through the thinness of her knickers.

I arched my body willing her to touch my soaking fanny, it worked. I felt her warm, oily hand stroke gently over my pubic mound, her fingers stroking my hard clit and gently parting my wet lips. I felt her warm breath as she moved her face to my fanny, as her tongue touched my clit I am sure I released enough juice to mess her face.

Finally I opened my eyes.

I could see the perfect form of her bum as her tunic had ridden up, revealing a white G-string deep between her cheeks.

I loved her hot tongue inside me, but now I wanted to taste her. I have never tasted another girl, but now I was ready, knowing Ju was watching, I wanted her.

I looked at this fifty-something woman eating my pussy. I gently pulled her up, started to unbutton her tunic, no bra, nice big tits, firm nipples, and skimpy G-string knickers. I caught Ju’s eye as I started to peel off her knickers. He was bursting.

Both of us now naked I motioned her to sit on my face but in a 69 position. I was looking at a nice, round bum and a beautiful shaped fanny, neatly trimmed, as she started again to lick my fanny. I gently probed between her lips first sliding one finger into her wetness and then two fingers as she readily opened up.

I shouldn’t have, but the curiosity got the better of me and I circled her bum with my tongue. I could feel the response and this forced me to push my tongue inside. As I did, I felt her spasm almost grip my tongue. It was forbidden so I pushed harder, making her wet and easy to enter.

I traced my tongue between her lips tasting her hot sweet fanny juices, which tasted like my own when I’ve fingered myself and sucked my fingers.

As she was licking my clit I wanted to cum but knew it probably wouldn’t happen. Just at that she lifted herself up and stepped off the bed. She returned with a rabbit vibrator and switched it on, resting the ears against my clit.

I was looking at her body, no better than mine, I took her hard nipple in my mouth and screamed as the pulsating orgasm took over me.

I bit on her nipple as she pushed the full length of the rabbit inside me, as it was vibrating against my clit. I rubbed her fanny hard and, as I exploded, she gasped and I felt her cum gush over my hand.

We both collapsed on the bed and just lay, quietly sated. I could still feel the rabbit inside me and I reached down and switched on the ears. She was watching me closely as I quickly gave myself a shuddering orgasm.

I gently slid the vibrator out of my wet fanny and rested the vibrating ears directly onto her clit. She grabbed my hand and forced the full length into her. She arched her back and let out a long moan as she started to orgasm. I kept the rabbit in place on her clit and she continued to shudder, trying to move my hand away.

Ju was watching closely as she put on her tunic and knickers, we all sat on the bed as Ju brought us a glass of wine. I felt his arms around me as he pulled me toward him and he started to kiss me pushing his tongue deep into my mouth.

I was still naked and I felt his hand cupping my tit and stroking my nipple. It went hard as soon as he touched it, he moved his mouth to my nipple as he slid his hand between my legs.

His two fingers slid straight into my wet fanny and brushed my G-spot, there was another “o” in there, but I wanted his cock.

As he lay on top of me I felt his hard cock part my lips and slide inside.

“This won’t last long,” he said.

He pushed hard into my pubic mound, rubbing my hard clit with every move, just as the shudders spread through my body and I let out a loud scream. I felt his hot cum explode into me, a little clap of hands and “Well done!" came from the masseur, "Bye," she said as we lay in each others arms.

“Sit above my face and let me eat our cream pie,” he said, and as I crouched above him I could feel his cum and my juices dripping out.

I pushed gently, trying to empty my fanny, and as I did I felt his tongue between my lips licking the last drops of our sex.

I moved off him and looked at his face, cum on his lips and cheeks. I licked his face clean and shared the last bits in a long wet kiss, as we curled up together and slept.

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