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Holiday of a lifetime

How a mature woman gave me the holiday of a lifetime
I'd finally done it. I'd saved enough money to go to America for a holiday. I'd always wanted to holiday at a working ranch and learn how to ride. After a long-haul flight, an internal flight and transfer by car I finally arrived at the ranch feeling jet lagged and very tired.

On arrival it was late and there was a brief introduction to other guests. There were a number of other people holidaying at the ranch, mostly Americans, and they were all couples. I was the only guy on his own and I felt like a fish out of water. My heart sank, what had I let myself in for ? Suddenly the holiday of a life time looked like it was turning in to a bad dream. I noticed one lady who stood out amongst the rest but as it was rather late and I was tired, I wasn't in the mood to socialise and went to my room to sleep. Sleep came slowly as my mind pictured the lady I'd seen briefly.

I was dreading breakfast the next day but I showered, dressed and decided to make the most of my time on holiday. A foreigner, alone, doesn't know one end of a horse from the other. What more could go wrong ? There was a formal introduction at breakfast and a briefing of what could be expected during the holiday and I was introduced to everyone. Almost all of the ladies were younger than me and were either intrigued or bemused by my English accent. Things had just gone from bad to worse. I wasn't attracted to younger women and I felt most of them viewed me as source of amusement. Then the host introduced me to couple who were around my own age. Things were starting to look up, it was the lady I'd seen the previous night.

"John, this is Ann and David. David and Ann, this is John" said our host.

I shook hands with David and exchanged pleasantries.

"Pleased to meet you, " said Ann as she shook my hand.

I really wanted to reply "the pleasure is all mine Ann,"she was stunning. She was wearing jeans, boots and a checked shirt and she looked gorgeous. The jeans hugged her body and she had a beautifully tight ass. I probably held on to her hand longer than necessary but her skin and touch were so soft, I didn't want to let go.

Over the next few days I became friendly with Ann and David. They were a really friendly couple with a good sense of humour. They seemed to make sure I was OK and that I was never left out of things. We ate together and at night, we'd talk and drink until late. The holiday was great. I was having fun and I got to spend a lot of time with Tara, she was so sexy. I found myself looking at her at every given opportunity. She had fantastic legs and a tight ass. I tried to be discrete but I'm sure she'd seen me looking at her legs on more than one occasion.

On the third night most of the other couples had gone to bed but David, Ann and I stayed chatting and drinking. Ann was wearing a skirt, nylons and open-toed high heels and sat opposite me as we chatted. I couldn't take my eyes off her feet. She had bright red painted toe nails which looked so sexy beneath the barely black nylon. I imagined kissing her feet, sucking her nylon clad toes, slowly kissing my way up her gorgeous legs. I felt my cock stiffen. As we chatted she'd cross and uncross hers legs. Each time I'd get a glimpse of her nylon clad thighs. By this time my cock was almost bursting out of my trousers so I made my excuses and stood to leave. When I was standing my crotch was almost level with Ann's eye level. I could feel how hard my cock was and was certain she must be able to see the bulge in my trousers. As she got up her skirt rode up and her legs parted for the briefest of moments. I could see she was wearing tights (pantyhose) and no panties. I almost came in my trousers. I retired to my room where I wanked my hard cock while thinking of Ann's nylon clad pussy.

On the fourth day David said he'd been called back to work and had to leave that morning but that Ann was staying to see out the holiday. I was sorry to see him leave but I shook his hand, thanked him and wished him all the best. As he left, he turned and said, with a wink

"Make sure you look after Ann for me."

I thought nothing of his comment but replied I would and wished him a safe journey.

On the fourth night, as usual, all of the other guests had gone to bed and Ann and I sat drinking and chatting. She was wearing a tight top, a very short skirt and open-toed high heels. Again, she was wearing barely black nylons. She looked so sexy and as David wasn't around, I probably wasn't as discrete as I had been when I looked at her legs. As we chatted Ann crossed her legs and then let the shoe on her crossed leg dangle by the toe part of the shoe and began to rock her leg up and down slightly. I couldn't take my eyes off her foot and I felt my cock instantly stiffen.

"My feet are really aching, it must be from all the riding," said Ann

I just couldn't resist it, the thought of touching her feet overwhelmed me.

"Let me give you a foot massage, it'll help ease the aching," I offered

Ann slipped of her shoes and I lifted her feet on to my lap. I began slowly rubbing the soles of her feet. Her feet looked so sexy with red nails through the nylon. I moved forward and brought her feet further in to my lap. I stroked her toes and rubbed her soles as my cock began to get wet. I could smell the musky scent of her feet and it was driving me wild, I longed to lift her foot to my mouth and suck her nylon covered toes. Ann laid back and began to moan slightly.

"That feels so good," she said

It felt good on her feet but it felt painful in my trousers, my cock was about to burst. Her legs were slightly apart now and I could see her nylon covered thighs. The atmosphere was electric. Ann realised her legs were slightly open and suddenly removed her feet from my lap. She sat up and pulled her skirt down to cover her thighs.

"I was enjoying that too much I think," she said

"Me too," I said as I looked in her eyes. "I could use another drink"

"So could I, but I think the staff have turned in," she said

That was it, I felt my spirits sinking. I could feel my cock slowly shrinking. Then Ann said

" I have drink back in my room, would you like to join me for a nightcap?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, of course I wanted to join her, I wanted her period !

"Sure," I said, as relaxed as I could

We made our way to her room. As soon as the door closed Ann asked

"Would you like a drink or would you like to rub my feet again?"

I was struck dumb by her comment, my mouth opened but no words came out. 

"I know how much you like my feet John, I've seen you looking at them and my legs. Would you like a closer look ?" she said as she slowly pulled her skirt up her thighs.

She looked beautiful. She was wearing nearly black pantyhose and no panties. I could see the nylon pressed against her pussy.

"I love having my feet massaged John it turns me on, look," as she said that she raised one foot on to the bed and parted her legs. I could see a small wet stain on the front of her pantyhose.

I walked over to her, took her in my arms and kissed her. Her lips were warm and moist. Her skin was warm and soft. She removed her tight top, she wasn't wearing a bra and her breasts were firm and warm. Her nipples were stiff and just begged to be sucked. She let her skirt fall to the floor. She stood there in nearly black pantyhose and high heels.....she looked amazing. I undressed quickly, my cock sprang out and stood to attention.

"Nice cock," she said

I lifted her and laid her on the bed. I removed her shoes and began to rub her feet again. She laid back and opened her legs. As I rubbed her feet I could the wet stain on her pantyhose getting bigger. My cock throbbed and began to ooze pre-cum. I lifted her foot to my mouth and slowly kissed her toes. The smell was amazing and I thought I was going to cum right there and then. I greedily sucked her nylon covered toes in to my mouth and sucked them. Her other foot found my cock and began to stroke it. I was so turned on, my cock throbbed so much it was painful. As I sucked her toes she began to rub her pussy through her pantyhose.

She looked so sexy, I wanted to fuck her so hard. I slowly kissed my way up her gorgeous legs until I reached her pussy. The smell was unbelievable. The warm musky smell of her sex was driving me wild. I moved up to kiss her. Her tongue found mine and we kissed greedily. I moved to her heaving breasts and kissed them. I took her nipple in to my mouth and teased it with my hot, wet tongue. She moaned and raised her body off the bed. I lightly bit her nipples as she rubbed her wet, nylon covered pussy against my leg. I couldn't wait any longer, I moved slowly down her perfect body kissing it as I went. I was now between her legs, I kissed her wet pussy lips through her pantyhose. She parted her legs further and her foot found my cock again. She rubbed my cock as I tongued her wet pussy.

She rubbed and teased her nipples as I forced my tongue up her pussy through the wet nylon. This was bliss. My face was wet with her juice. I ripped a small hole in her pantyhose and then sucked her wet pussy lips in to my mouth. She was dripping and I could feel her juices soaking my face. I laid down and she sat over my face. My tongue found her clit and she rode my face as she teased her nipples. My cock was almost at bursting point.

"I want to taste your cock," she said as she turned in to the 69 position.

She pressed her pussy in to my face as I greedily lapped her juice. She wanked my cock and took it in her mouth, rubbing my swollen balls. Pussy juice had run down the crack of her ass and her ass hole was wet. It looked so inviting I began to lick it. She took my cock deep in her mouth as my tongue licked her ass. I ripped her pantyhose more so I could get better access to her tight ass. Her ass cheeks through the nylon looked amazing. I pushed my tongue up her ass and began to tongue it. She reciprocated by pushing a wet finger in my ass as she greedily sucked my hard, wet cock.

I was near to coming but I wanted to cum inside her. I bent her over but couldn't resist tongue fucking her tight ass again as I fucked her nyloned feet with my hard cock. I loved the feel of her feet around my cock. She rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy as I pushed my tongue in her ass. I could the wet squelching of her fingers as she came.

"Fuck my cunt hard John," she said

I stood behind her and put my throbbing cock against her wet pussy lips. Her juice was running down her legs and soaking in to her pantyhose. She pushed back and took the end of my cock in her cunt. She was so wet I thrust my cock hard and deep in to her pussy. She let out a groan and stiffened slightly as my cock slammed in to her. I withdrew and slammed it in her again. I could feel her juice splashing my balls. I began to fuck her hard, pushing every bit of my cock up her until my balls were against her clit. I slammed my cock in to her as she fingered her clit. I felt her tense and then cum all over my hard cock. I withdrew, her cum was dripping from my cock end. She turned and knelt in front of me

"I want to suck my cum off your cock John," she said as she greedily sucked on my cock. I needed to cum badly by now but I wanted Ann's perfect ass. I lifted her and bent her over.

"Pull your ass cheeks apart for me," I said. The site of her ass hole through her ripped pantyhose was almost too much. I bent and licked her ass hole again. I could taste her cum on her tight ass. I put my cock against her ass and she pushed back.

"I love to be ass fucked," she said

I pushed forward to meet her and the head of my cock went in her tight, wet ass. She groaned and pulled her ass cheeks apart.

"Fuck my ass hard John," she said.

I pushed the full length of my cock up her ass. She moaned and began fingering her pussy. I could feel her finger against my cock as I fucked her ass. I moved faster, almost completely withdrawing my cock and then sinking it deep in her ass. I felt my balls tighten as Ann turned her head to look in my eyes as I ass fucked her. She didn't need to say anything as her sexy smile invited me to fill her ass with my hot cum.

"Cream my ass John," she said as she rode my cock and her fingers.

I couldn't hold back any longer, I felt my balls tighten and my cock spasm as I released my hot spunk deep inside her tight, wet ass. As my cock slipped from her ass she turned and began to suck it. We moved to the bed and 69'd again until I came in her mouth and she came on my face again.

She fell asleep in my arms. My cock still semi hard as I looked at her torn pantyhose. We woke around 5am and we fucked again twice before I left her room. We didn't want other guests to know, so I was back in my room before breakfast.

Our relationship continued for the remainder of the holiday and each time we fucked Ann would wear pantyhose or stockings. Sadly the holiday came to an end. As we parted we kissed exploring each others mouth with our tongues for the final time.

"I have something for you John," she said and gave me a small package, "but you can't open it until you're on the plane home."

I agreed and thanked her for what had been the best holiday I'd ever had and, was likely to ever have. I watched her walk away and she did she turned to me and said

"By the way, thanks for looking after me John"

I opened Ann's present on the plane journey home. It was the nearly black, ripped pantyhose she wore the first night we fucked. I sniffed then and could still smell her sweet pussy on them and I felt my cock stiffen. I put them in my pocket and made my way to the toilet.

"Can I help you with anything Sir ?" I heard a voice inquire. I turned to see a stewardess in black nylons slowly raising her skirt and rubbing her thigh.

I looked down at the bulge in my trousers and said "Actually Miss, there is. "

but that's another story !
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