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Hospital Hijinks - Part 2

You should read my “Hospital Hijinks” before reading this story.
The next morning, after Edna and I had jacked and jilled each other off with our feet and she had left abruptly without saying even one word, I made it a point to watch for her in the hospital hallways.

Eventually, around 10 o’clock, I saw her walking toward me. I stepped in front of her, stopped her and said, “Hi, My name is Phil, that’s short for Phillip. Do you remember being with me in the telephone alcove off of the hallway last evening?”

Edna grinned, reached down with one hand and gently stroked my cock through my hospital robe and pajamas and spoke the first words she had uttered to me since I first saw her.

“Phil”, she said, “My name is Edna. How could I ever forget being with you and jacking your lovely cock off with my feet and you bringing me to a wonderful orgasm with your feet and toes?”

“Edna, it astonished me when you sat down on the opposite side of the desk and then put first one of your feet and then both, on my cock, then proceeded to jack me off. I wonder why you thought I would enjoy that and respond as I did by using my feet to provide you with an orgasm.”

“I could just see something in your eyes, Phil, that told me you would be receptive and respond. It was a gleam of some sort… a lusty glimmer, I guess. That, plus you are a handsome hunk and you look like someone I can be myself with and not worry about what you think of me for being a sexual aggressor.”

“Edna, Babe, I admire women who know what they want and go after it. You’re the best at that and you totally turn me on.”

“Good, then you won’t be surprised if I tell you that I REALLY NEED more than I got last night… MUCH MORE.”

“Such as?”

“Such as, I want to enjoy some real sex with you, Phil. I want to fuck you and for you to fuck me hard and often. I need that. I want to suck your sweet cock, swallow your cum and give you as many hand jobs as you can handle. I just need sex, sex and more sex, as often as I can get it. Are you with me?”

“Damn, Darlin’, you really know how to lay it on the line. I like that and I’m with you all the way, but how can we do that here in the hospital with people all around us?”

“Trust me,” Edna said, “I’ve explored the hallways of this hospital and I know where we can meet and enjoy one another, with little or no chance that anyone would see us”.

“OK, Hon, let’s go get it on then,” I responded.

“I wish we could, Phil, but I have to be back on my ward for a consultation with my doctors, ten minutes from now. That should take a half hour at most, so meet me in the telephone alcove we were in last night, 40 minutes from now, OK?”

I said,“Sure, Babe, I’ll be there, probably with a stiffy all ready for you,” as Edna left to return to her ward.

Not wanting to appear to be overly eager, I arrived in the alcove 42 minutes later but it was another couple of minutes before Edna arrived, apologizing for being late because the consultation took longer than she expected.

She hugged me, pressed her open lips to mine and our tongues danced a lusty hungry tango, while she pressed her body into mine and began grinding her mound against my rigid and eager dick, which began leaking precum.

Then Edna backed off and said, “C’mon, Stud, go with me and we can continue this in a more secluded place.”

We walked innocently side by side, through several hallways, where there were numerous people, until we reached a wing of the hospital that apparently wasn’t being used. It was quiet as a churchmouse and no one was in sight. Then Edna led me down a flight of stairs and stopped just around the first turn.

“Phil”, she said, “I need to tell you something about myself so you will understand why I my sexual desire is so unusually intense.”

“Tell me.”

“I wasn’t always this way,” she continued. “I always enjoyed sex like everyone else does, especially after I married Jack, my husband. We had a good healthy sexual relationship for several years. Then my appetite… no, MY NEED for sex slowly began to grow. Jack thought, at first, that it was great for me to be that way, but as time went on I became more and more sex crazed and Jack couldn’t keep up with me and give me what I needed. He said I must be a nymphomaniac and that hurt my feelings. About that time, Jack was sent on an assignment to a remote location and I had to stay behind. I began to wonder what was happening to me because I craved … no, I NEEDED, to have sex all the time, so I went to the base hospital and told a doctor about my increasing craving for sex." She looked at me, pausing before continuing.

"The doctor, a female, decided that I must have some physical abnormality that was causing me to become the way I was so she ordered several tests to be run on me. One test indicated that I had a problem in my pituitary gland that was causing it to produce an abnormal amount of estrogen. That’s when they decided to send me here to the best hospital in our branch of the military for more exams and possible treatment. I know this is a lot for you to take in and digest and I don’t want you to think that I must have sex with your because of my problem, because I believe, even being married, that I would be attracted to you and want to share intimacy with you even if I had no problem. I hope you understand, and will not think ill of me because not only to I need you, I want you... I really do.”

To be continued...

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