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Hospital Hijinks – Part 3

Dedicated to all of my Lush Friends who offered advice
Sitting there in the stairway with Edna I didn’t know whether to feel passion or compassion for her. I had seen a tear trickle down her cheek as she told me about the medical condition that had changed her from a faithful wife with normal sexual desires into a sex starved woman who needs to have sex of any kind, anywhere, with any man.

I could tell that she didn’t like being what she had become, but that she was being driven by a force she had no control over.

Turning toward her, I wrapped my arms around her in what I hoped would be a comforting, consoling hug and we sat that way for several minutes in silence except for a soft sob Edna couldn’t hold back.

Then I said, “Hon, we don’t have to do anything if you had rather not. I enjoy sex, but I won’t be disappointed if you choose to just call off what we were planning to do.”

She sobbed again, a bit louder, as her body trembled in my arms. “Phil,” she said in a hushed shaky voice, “it’s not a matter of whether I want to have sex. It’s that I must have it whether I really want to or not. Can you understand that?”

“I’m trying to, Hon. Really, I am. You’re not a bad person, and you’re not that nympho your husband accused you of being. You’re a nice normal lady in every way other than doing what you’re driven to do by something you have no control over.”

A smile came over Edna’s face as she looked up and me and said, “Thanks. I think you do understand.” Then she kissed my lips softly and tenderly. “Now I really need my cravings to be satisfied, Phil.” With that she opened her hospital robe and her pajama top exposing her lovely round, firm, and fully packed breasts.

“Kiss them, Phil. Kiss them and suck my nipples. Tickle them with your tongue. Taste them and pleasure them for me, please.”

I moved to a lower step in front of her, leaned toward her, and feasted on her tits. They tasted so damned good I didn’t want to stop. With my lips around her nipples I felt them grow hard as I massaged them with the tip of my tongue.

My cock became as hard as the Rock of Gibraltar and raised a tent in my hospital pajamas that a half blind person could have seen from a distance. Edna reached forward and tugged it out and uttered, “Oh, oh, oh, mmmm. I need to play with that pretty toy, Phil,”

She began gently stroking up and down the shaft of my dick with her fingers. Then she cupped my nut sack in her hand and massaged my balls between her fingers as precum began to leak from the head of my tool and down the shaft onto Edna’s hand. When she felt it, she raised her hand to her lips, licked my juice off, and swallowed it after savoring it on her tongue for a few seconds. While doing that, she had put her other hand on my prick and began massaging its head, shaft, and my nuts. “Oh, Phil, you’re delicious,” she moaned. “Sweet, salty, and so very tasty.” Then she raised her hand from my pecker with more of my precum coating it and asked me if I wanted a taste of it. I licked off some of it and swallowed it. It tasted as good to me as it always had before. Edna enjoyed the rest of it while beginning to slowly pump my prick with her other hand. I continued enjoying kissing and sucking her sweet tits.

We were both writhing around a bit in ecstasy and emitting some soft moans and groans as we enjoyed the moment.

Edna increased the tempo of her strokes up and down my cock while her other hand fondled my balls. I thought I’d died and gone to my reward in Heathen’s Heaven. I was soon approaching the point of no return, but I wanted this joy to last as long as possible, so I held back as long as I could before groaning out, “Hon, I’m gonna’ cum. I can feel it and can’t hold it back any longer.”

Hunching forward and down to my cock Edna said, “I want you to shoot your hot load in my mouth and down my throat.” Then she put the head of my cock between her lips and began sucking on it while pumping it harder and faster until my cum exploded into her like hot lava erupting from a volcano. That felt so damned good to me that my knees buckled and I nearly lost my balance. A great cum like that is the best feeling imaginable.

Edna milked my dick with her lips and hands, extracting every drop of my cum into her mouth. Then, before swallowing all of it she shared some of it with me in a deep throat kiss. It was so sweet, caring, and thoughtful of her to share with me.

“Oh, Phil, that tasted so good. I love it and want more of it.”

After more kisses, Edna said, “But the next time I want it in my pussy.”

“I’m with you on that. Hon, and that’s a promise,” I replied.

There was a next time.

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