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Hot for a Computer Geek

Neglected wife services the computer geek sent to service the family computer.
I wasn't looking for a fling. I had never even entertained the idea. However, there was something about the young man that came to fix our family's home computer that put naughty ideas in my head.

The family computer crashed and I decided to call that popular company that sent a computer geek to your home in a tricked out little car. I had heard that they were good and reasonably priced, allowing the luxury of the customer never having to leave the home.

I made the appointment and due to scheduling no one would be home but myself. I decided to treat myself to a long soak in a fragrant bubble bath and at home spa day. By the time the doorbell rang, I had soaked in softening bubbles and massaged a warm scented oil into my skin. I had just finished with a pedicure and a hot pink polish was drying on my toes.

I threw on a satin robe and answered the door. I opened up to find a very tall and lanky young man with curly black hair, wire-rimmed glasses, and shy smile. He introduced himself as Adam and showed me his identification card, although I could clearly see he was driving the company's distinctive car. He was probably in his mid-twenties, cute in a geeky kind of way, clean and neatly dressed. He called me ma'am and politely asked to look at the ailing computer.

I showed him to the computer room. As we walked through the living room and kitchen I turned back to ask him a question and caught him staring at my generous back side. He cleared his throat, pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose and quickly looked up at my face. I did not realize that my robe was clinging to my damp body, hugging my curves in a way that was more revealing than I intended. I pulled the robe away from my skin and felt myself flush a little. I was surprised as it had been a long time since I had noticed a man, a young one at that, checking me out in a sexual way.

I suppose, realistically it was not beyond the realm of possibility. Although I am in my early 40's, I am still attractive and keep my genuine hour glass figure reasonably fit. A lot of people are surprised to find out my age and tell me that I don't look like I am in my 40's. None of this matters to me. I am in a happy marriage and keep myself up to feel good and please my husband. But to tell the truth, my husband and I had been experiencing a dry spell in the sex department. I still desired him in the worst way, but his interest had been flagging. He claimed it was because of his demanding job and our incompatible work hours. I didn't (and still don't) know what the problem is, only that I felt so neglected that I it made my heart hurt.

Adam sat down at the computer and began to fiddle with the key board and asked my a few questions about the problem. I noticed that he had strong, well-shaped hands with long fingers. He smelled clean and fresh and his shy manner was attractive in a way that took me by surprise.

I told myself I was being silly for thinking a man so much younger would be interested in me. But I found my pussy getting damp from staring at those quick moving fingers. I imagined those long fingers inside me. His lips looked soft and very kissable.

I had to stop thinking about him that way. It was impossible. There was no way anything was going to happen. "For Christ's sake, he is probably at least 15 years younger than you!" I thought to myself.

But I couldn't stop staring at his lips, at his hands, his long lean thighs and the bulge between them. I had to leave the room. I told myself I was an idiot. I spun on my heel to leave the room. I tripped and fell onto my palms and one knee. To my shock, my short robe flipped up and exposed my bare ass. I felt cool air on my damp pussy. I knew he could see it all, from the cheeks of my ass, to my cunt lips peeking from beneath them. I should have been embarrassed. But somehow I was turned on. It was sinful how hot it made me.

The next thing I knew his arm was wrapped around my waist and he was asking me if I was alright. He helped my up and his arm stayed around me just a bit longer than was necessary. Did I imagine that? Was I just feeling hopeful? I felt his thumb brush my nipple. I knew then that he was attracted to me. I was unsure if I should do anything about it. I was more turned on than I had been in a long time. Oh God, what to do? I thought.

I thanked him and asked him if would like a soda or water, or beer if it was allowed. He said yes he would like a water. I left the room and fetched a water for him. I came back after having splashed some water on my face. I felt more in control. I still had not made up my mind about acting on my attraction to him.

I came back into the room to see he had gotten the computer up and running. On the monitor was a porn video. A man was stroking his cock while a woman sat on his face. From her moaning and panting I could tell she was enjoying herself.

Adam quickly explained that it was a website that came up when he was checking our cookies. He moved the computer mouse as if he were going to click it closed. I stopped his hand without even thinking. He and I watched silently as the woman began to yell she was coming.

I felt my nipples harden as I imagined it was his tongue was licking my pussy. I looked at his mouth unconsciously. As if he read my mind, his tongue appeared and licked at his full bottom lip.

That was all it took. I bent over him without thinking, just feeling an uncontrollable desire to kiss him and make him my own. I covered his lips with my own and stuck my tongue into his mouth. I pushed my fingers into his hair and pulled his head closer. His tongue tangled with mine as he breathed hotly into my mouth.

I climbed into his lap and tried to straddle his legs and push my hot pussy against the growing bulge in his pants. The chair was too narrow to accommodate us both. I moaned in frustration against his mouth. I stood back up and continued to kiss him.

His hands opened up my robe and he cupped my breasts in his hands. Massaging them and hefting them in his palms, I felt my nipples harden even more. My breasts felt so hot and heavy. I asked him to suck my tits.

He bent his head to my breasts and captured a nipple between his beautiful young lips. He began to suck my nipple greedily. I felt desire stab deep down in my cunt, it dripped and throbbed hotly. I felt an actual ache in between my thighs. I desperately wanted his tongue on my clit. But the things he was doing to my nipples were too delicious to stop.

Adam sucked at each nipple, taking turns rolling first one and then the other nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Impossibly, I felt me nipples get even harder. My breath came in hot gasps.

He was making me feel so good. I wanted to return the favor. Suddenly, I felt desperate to put his cock in my mouth. I pulled my nipple out of his mouth and stood up and began to unbutton his white oxford shirt. He even had a pocket protector. I don't know why, but it made me feel even hotter.

My hands moved almost without me thinking. I pushed his shirt open and my fingers found his nipples I pinched them and fell to me knees. I sucked a nipple into my mouth and swabbed my tongue back and forth over it. I felt his breath blow out hotly into my hair. His hands grasped the arms of the chair.

I closed my eyes and kissed and licked my way down this smooth chest to his belly button. I stopped and dipped my tongue inside. To my pleasant surprise, a thin line of dark hair curled down into the waist band of his khaki pants. I kissed my way down the happy little trail as I unbuckled his belt and pulled it apart. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. I put my hand into his pants and grasped his cock gently and pulled it free.

In my hands was a beautiful, young cock. I was thrilled to find it to be quite long and thick. I looked up into his face to see him looking at me with pure want in his eyes. I asked him if he would like me to suck his cock.

Adam cleared his throat and said yes hoarsely. I think he was holding his breath at the time. I licked the tip of his velvety smooth cock. It was delicious. I told him his cock was gorgeous and I loved it. His shaft was thick and pulsing hotly, I felt it grow even harder in my fist. I sucked the tip in between my lips. I pumped it in my fist and enjoyed the feel of his skin moving up and down in my hand. I put my mouth down onto it. I moaned around his cock and began to suck and lick it all over. I swirled my tongue around the helmet shaped tip, licking the pre-cum off and sucking the tip a little harder, hoping to taste more. I put my tongue and lips to work at earnest, I couldn't shove enough of him in my mouth. I slurped and sucked, my only conscious thought was to make him cum into my mouth. I had an idea his cum would be as sweet and wonderful as his cock was.

I hadn't even sucked my husband that wildly in a long time. But, this young man was so appreciative and responsive. He rewarded each lick, slurp and suck with a new moan. He whispered "yes" over and over. I felt powerful, sexy and lusty. It felt as if I was holding his beating heart in my mouth.

Soon he was cumming. He pushed me head down hard onto his cock and felt his hot cum shoot into my mouth. God it was good! It was sweet and salty. I swallowed it and it burned pleasantly down my throat. I didn't waste a drop.

Adam opened his eyes and looked at me. I vaguely noted that they were a sexy, warm brown color behind his glasses. I stood up and removed his glasses and set them aside. I undid my robe completely and let it fall to the ground. Before I could feel shy or hesitant, he whistled low and appreciatively, told me I was beautiful and pulled me closer. He began kissing my softly rounded belly, while fondling one breast. His tongue began to lick down to my mound, neatly trimmed into a low small triangle with the lips shaved clean. I long ago discovered that it feels better during sex, especially during oral.

My pussy felt as if it were on fire. I could feel my pussy lips swell and my juices flowed even wetter and hotter. I knew he was going to eat me and I couldn't wait one second longer for it.

I pulled away from him and lay back onto the area rug that covered the floor. I spread myself open and played with my hardened clit while he looked down at me and ripped his pants, socks and shoes off. His cock jutted out proudly, it looked harder than it was when I sucked him off.

Adam dropped down to his belly and began to lick my cunt. Up and down my hot slit, his tongue was more talented than I would have believed. There was more to this hot young geek than I had originally given him credit for. He attacked my pussy without mercy, licking and sucking the swollen lips of my pussy, making me open up me legs wider and grasp his silky hair in my finger and push his face tighter against my pussy. I began grinding my pussy against his hot mouth, desperate to cum. Finally, he stopped teasing me and he attacked my clit with his tongue. He licked it relentlessly as he shoved two long fingers up my hole, soon there were three.

He finger fucked me while licking my clit without mercy. I became aware that I was begging him not to stop and panting like a bitch in heat. I came violently and fast, pulling his head tightly against my cunt.

Panting and even more hot for him I flipped myself over onto my belly. "Now, fuck me hard!" I demanded as I rose up on my hands and knees and presented my cunt to him.

He needed no further instructions as he quickly got to his knees and grasped his cock and pushed my ass into him trying to get as much of his hard, hot cock into my cunt as possible. I wanted this fucking to last. I felt his hand cup my swinging tits and his other hand grasp my hips.

He thrust into me harder and pounded his hips into my soft ass over and over again. I begged him to fuck me harder and faster. I just couldn't think of anything but getting off.

"Make me cum baby, please make me cum" over and over I begged. My fingers dug into the short shag of the rug. I leaned down onto my elbows so Adam could shove even more cock into my pussy.

I felt my orgasm start to build, my back arched and every muscle in my body tensed. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me, I realized the moaning sound was coming from me.

Adam continued to fuck me and I urged him to come in me. I wanted to feel him shudder and release his sweet cum into me. He had made my pussy feel so good, he deserved to shoot his load into me.

"Cum inside me baby, fill me up with your hot cum!" I whispered to him.

That apparently sent him over the edge, soon he was cumming. He thrust his cock into me and stilled as he shook and trembled. I could feel his cock twitching in my pussy as hot cum shot deep in my womb.

Adam collapsed on top of me. He pulled his softening cock out of me. He rested on top of me kneeling my breast. He whispered in my ear that I was awesome.

I wasn't done. I got up and knelt before him and took his wet cock once again in my mouth. I might never again get the chance to do this to him. I was going to enjoy him to the fullest.

His soft cock was hard again within seconds of me sucking it in my mouth. I sucked off all my juices and tried to make him cum in my mouth again. I nibbled more gently along his shaft, kissing and licking me way up and down it's length.

I began to suck him off harder as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth. He held my hair out of my face and reached down to fondle my tits. I looked up into his face to see him watching his shaft disappear in and out of my mouth. We stared into each others eyes as lovers do, silently communicating mutual desire and pleasure in each others bodies. I grew more turned on with him watching me so closely.

I showed him just what an experienced mouth could do. I sucked him and cupped his balls in my hand holding them while I tongued them and sucked each gently into my mouth. Saliva dripped all over my hands and down my chin and neck. I was determined to give this sweet young thing the kind of pleasure he would never forget.

I shifted my attention back to his shaft and sucked his prick in and out my mouth, enjoying the smooth texture of his penis and the scent of his body. He reached down to play with my leaking pussy. My cunt was still incredibly wet. I wanted him back inside me. The walls of my pussy clenched just thinking of him putting his prick back inside. Pretty soon I was overpowered by the desire to wrap my legs around him and swallow his cock inside my cunt.

I looked up to see Adam watching me, holding his breath with every muscle straining visibly under his skin. I pulled his cock out of my mouth to ask him if he fuck me again. I barely had time to take my hand from around his tool, he pushed me onto my back and knelt over me while shoving my knees wide apart.

Adam stared down at my pussy for what seemed like hours. I squirmed around and bucked my hips. Cum dripped out of my hole into the crack of my ass. He watched the display intently. I whimpered without realizing it and begged him to please fuck me as if I had no other need in the universe.

Adam pumped his cock in his fist while shoving three whole fingers up my snatch. He fucked his fist and my hot cunt in unison.

How was he able to resist ramming his entire cock in me? I had no idea and still don't. Although I think I seriously under-valued this boys experience level. I realize someone taught him to eat pussy and fuck very well.

After what seemed like an eternity in hell, Adam slammed his cock up me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and reveled in the feel of him pushing his hard length in and out of my ravenous pussy.

My body was no longer my own, just a machine working feverishly to come. I greedily grabbed his ass checks and pushed him in and out of me harder and faster.

We came together. We were panting in each others mouths, our lips open and kissing, licking each other wildly. Tongues wrestling, teeth nipping and biting necks, ears, shoulders...I think the violence of our mutual orgasm took us both by surprise. The only sound was our gasping breath.

We lay together sweat dripping from every pore. His hard lean body stretched over my soft welcoming one. My hands stroked his back and pushed through his soft curly hair, damp with sweat. I felt a tenderness for him that I had not expected.

He was so incredibly sweet and even after fucking like animals, he turned shy on me again. He thanked me and told me I was incredible and that he couldn't believe what a lucky guy he was for managing to get the best house call he ever made.

We kissed and I offered him the shower. He said no, he had to finish the real job. I got him a warm wash cloth and washed his penis and balls, kissing the head when I was through. He dressed and found his glasses and put them back on. I left the room to clean up a bit.

I came back to find Adam finishing up. He was writing out the bill and looked embarrassed to be charging me. I told him not to worry, he had to do his job. I wrote out the check and handed it over. Besides I really didn't want to see the poor kid get in trouble. He was so cute and adorable.

As I showed him to the door, Adam turned and asked if he could see me again, saying "please" in way that was hard for me to say no to. I told him I was happily married and planned to stay that way. Adam replied that he figured as much. He then stated that he really wanted to see me again and would not cause me any trouble. He added that he hadn't had much experience aside from another woman a few years older than him a year or so back. That explained the expertise in the pussy eating and fucking department.

I could not tell the boy no. I said yes I would like to see him again. It was the honest truth. Having been able to fuck an attractive young guy four times in the space of few hours was just enough to make me want him on a longer term basis. It was an added bonus that he found me attractive and wanted me again. It had truly been a long time since anyone, even my husband, had made me feel that way. What the hell, I deserved to feel passion.

Adam gave me his card with his cell and asked me to call and he would fix me diner at his place. I told him it might be a week or so before I could arrange it.

Adam hugged and kissed me goodbye. I watched him fold his lanky frame into his geek patrol car and drive away. As soon as he was out of view I began to plot to see him again.

I have so many tricks to share with him, so many delicious things I want to do to that young male body.

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