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How a Lush man's wish came true

Have you ever asked a Lush woman to meet you for sex?
I lay in bed basking in the glow of my self induced orgasm, feeling the cold spots on my chest and stomach where cum had dried on my skin. For the umpteenth time this week I'd been replaying in my mind the episode of 7 days ago. Thinking about it made me rock hard again and I'd had to have another wank.

Was it a week ago? My mind drifted off, the images and thoughts taking over again. Even with the cum still dripping from my thick cock, I felt the stirrings of another erection.

As usual, I'd been logged into Lush chatting. Wholelottarosie and I had been friends for a while and I loved the fact that she didn't ever get upset at sexy exchanges. I guess this is one of the many advantages of an older woman. Sadly, she always drew the line at the same point.

Sundance says:

At least send me a picture with your face on it, I promise I won't let anyone see it.

Wholelottarosie says:

Not a chance, I've told you before that I won't do that, you're wasting your time.

Sundance says:

OK, but I'm visiting near you in 2 weeks, meet me for dinner.

Wholelottarosie says:

No way, no one can see me, no meetings, no pictures, get it?

Sundance says:

But I've got a permanent hard on imagining what it would be like.

Wholelottarosie says:

What do you mean - what it would be like?

Sundance says:

What it would be like to fuck you of course. I've read so many of your stories and they're all so dirty. I imagine I'm one of the men. I can't tell you how many times I've cum in your fantasy world.

Wholelottarosie says: 

Control yourself Sundance, remember it's just that. A world created by our over fertile minds.

Sundance says:

I know, but doesn't it stimulate your when you think of meeting a Lush reader like me and playing out one of your plots?

Wholelottarosie says:

Of course, but if we met it would shatter our illusions. Especially yours, you've seen my profile, I bet the film you've built in your head has me a lot younger than I am.

Sundance says:

Ha, I've seen your pics, you wouldn't shatter any illusion of mine. Have you thought what you would do if you did meet one of us, or maybe more than one. You always tell stories where you get taken by more than one man, that's your thing isn't it?

Wholelottarosie says:

Mmm, yes it is. Of course I've thought about it, that's what I do now, I think more than I do. But that's where it stops so take you hand out of your pants and stop playing with yourself.

I laughed.

Sundance says:

How did you know? Tell me what you would do; I know you'll have made up something really sexy.

Wholelottarosie says:

OK, I have thought about it, let me try to build it round your visit. I'll give you a synopsis. You're right; there's a good story in there.

Wholelottarosie says:

When you're visiting my area, we arrange to meet at your hotel - You send me your room number over the Lush pm system - You have a key card left at reception for me - When I arrive I ring your room from the foyer and tell you I am on the way up - Our agreement is that you will be blindfolded and lying on your bed naked - You don't talk until I tell you it's ok - You must let me do anything I choose unless you tell me before hand - Your body is mine to do with as I please for as long as I like - You will probably want to place some limits on this - When I am finished and you are exhausted, I leave and ring you again from the hotel foyer - Only then can you take your blindfold off.

Sundance says:

Tell me what you would do to me; you've got me seriously excited.

Wholelottarosie says:

I haven't written that yet. Don't get the wrong idea, it wouldn't work in real life anyway, you would do something stupid like take your blindfold off.

Sundance says:

No I wouldn't, you'd have my word. You've got me so turned on, my cock's as hard as it's ever been, I feel like a teenager. I'm sitting at my computer, no clothes on with my hand wrapped round an erection that isn't going to go away on its own. Fuck, what a story this would make. Please tell me that thinking about it turns you on as well.

Wholelottarosie says:

Of course it does, the idea's incredibly horny. It's the reality that doesn't work. Are you wanking yourself?

Sundance says:

Yes. Are you touching yourself.

Wholelottarosie says:





Sundance says:

Are you still there Roz, you've gone very quiet. Come on, tell me what you'd do.

There was a long pause; my mind pictured her sitting at a desk with her laptop. She was wearing a loose shirt hanging open at the front giving glimpses of her breasts every time she moved. Perhaps not as perky as in her youth but firm for her age with small bullet like nipples giving away how excited she was. The shirt was all she was wearing.

Her long slim legs emerged from the loosely hanging cloth, her knees were spread allowing me to see her neatly trimmed mound below which her right hand was holding the protruding end of the vibrator she had buried deep inside her body.

My hand stroked faster as I pictured her face, her mouth slightly open, her eyes closed ignoring the messages on the computer screen as she concentrated on her physical pleasure.

My own screen burst into life, stirring me out of my imaginings.

Wholelottarosie says:

What if I showed you instead?"

Oh my god, does she mean what I think she means, what's she suggesting?

Sundance says:


I couldn't breathe while I waited for the response. It was a long time coming. I tried to picture what was happening at the far end of the electronic link. Time dragged.

Wholelottarosie says:

If I met you, it would have to be on my terms, the terms I just outlined.

Sundance says:

Yes, anything.

I could hardly breathe, how could a 58 year old woman I've never met or even seen, have me so turned on? Despite the excitement surging through my body, I made myself think.

Sundance says:

Can I ask for some simple rules as well?"

Wholelottarosie says

Maybe, try them.

Sundance says:

I'm not gay, I know I said I sometimes fancied being with another man, but I wasn't really serious. You are a woman aren't you? Sorry to ask but ..... well you know."

Wholelottarosie says:

OK I understand, I'll prove that, on the night, before doing anything to you, is that ok?"

Sundance says:

Also, just you and me, if I have to be blindfolded, I want to know there will only be you there.

Wholelottarosie says:


And so 2 weeks later as I lay on my hotel bed in Manchester, the phone rang.

"Have you remembered our agreement Sundance?" Your voice was soft with no trace of an accent.

"Absolutely, I promise I'll be blindfold when you come up, I've left a key card for you at reception using the name Roz and my surname. I won't speak until you tell me I can."

I slipped out of my shorts, that's all I'd been wearing, pulled the blindfold over my eyes and lay back on the bed. What the hell had I let myself in for. This was either the best or the most stupid thing I'd ever done.

The steel hard erection sticking out at 45 degrees to my groin certainly thought it was the best as it bobbed in time with my racing heartbeat.

The door opened and a hooded figure entered carrying a small bag. Almost like a shadow, the figure ghosted across the room to where I lay. Working quickly, the contents of the bag were emptied onto the bed and each of my hands and legs was handcuffed to one of the legs at the corners.

Only then did you take your hood off and look down at me.

"Don't speak yet. You said you wanted me to prove to you that I'm a woman and I promised you I would prove it tonight before doing anything to you. Are you ready?."

I quickly signalled that I was with a nod of my head.

I heard the rustle of cloth as you stripped out of the hooded track suit and trainers that were all you were wearing.

I felt the bed dip and sensed your body above me. Soft flesh slid over my face, a small, hard button pushed gently onto my mouth. My lips opened, and closed over a nipple that grew harder as I licked its rough tip. Your breasts were small but real, there was no silicon here. I remembered you describing them as "more than a mouthful's a wasted." I sucked, devouring your flesh as you fed me as much as I could take. I chewed on the hardened point as you withdrew. You groaned with pleasure.

"Are you convinced I'm a woman now?"

I shook my head, you still hadn't told me I could speak but I wanted to suck your breast for longer.

You leaned over me teasing me by holding yourself just out of reach of my tongue. Your second nipple was soft as you let it fall between my lips but it quickly stiffened under my tender ministrations. I felt your hand move, I was sure you were playing with your other breast.

You rubbed your chest across my face, almost smothering me in your warm sweet smelling flesh. You let me suck and lick, bite and nibble. You're moaning was low, animal like. You told me I could speak now.

"Take the handcuffs off and let me touch you."

"No, this is what we agreed. Have you enough proof yet?"

"No." I don't want this to stop. I want to nuzzle your breasts again.

You had other ideas. A breast pushed into my hand, the hardened nipple pressed into my palm, I squeezed gently. You held it there while I played with you satisfying any remaining doubts about your sexuality. You hadn't touched me but you can't have helped but notice my throbbing erection, if my hands were free I would have to touch it myself.

You groaned, I could sense that you were turned on almost as much as me. Your breathing was loud in my ears. You let me play with you for as long as you felt you wanted to be pleasured and only then did you move.

My other hand was treated to the same delight, I imagined it was your other breast. You lingered long enough for me to pull on your nipple, twisting it and squeezing the small bullet until your moans grew louder. I felt the heat from the sexual tension in your body rise along with my own. You pulled away when my fingers were gripping your nipple. I heard your gasp as your flesh stretched. You paused until I let go, but you didn't ask me to stop. You liked that.

You didn't ask again if you'd given me enough proof.

The bed moved again. I felt my shoulders being pinned to the bed before a slick wet pussy was lowered over my face, sliding up and over my chin lubricated by copious amounts of your juices. You'd clearly been looking forward to this.

You had no pubic hair; I'd told you before how much I loved to orally satisfy a woman who was clean shaven. Had you prepared yourself just for me?

I inhaled your heady aroma, you smelt and tasted wonderful. I flicked my tongue out and licked you. I lifted my head as far as I could, hoping to feel the small slippery clitoris that I knew would be seeking my attention. You were in control and moved away slightly before sitting on my face again.

My heightened imagination pictured you on top of me with your hands resting on the wall above me, your sexy thighs straddling my head controlling my access to your sex.

I felt you ease back to sit on my chest, I could hear your breath rasping in your throat and another sound I knew I should recognise but couldn't place. Your hair fell over my face as your mouth touched my ear.

"I'm playing with my cunt Sundance, can you imagine it. My fingers are rubbing my clit, ooooo ...., I'm sliding 2 fingers inside now. I'm finger fucking myself while I sit on you. Does this turn you on?"

"God yes, look at my cock, for fucks sake touch me, make me cum please."

"Do you still think I might be a man Sundance? If you do, I'm going to finish myself off and leave you, what do you think?"

"Fuck no; you're the horniest woman I've ever met. You can do anything to me but please make me cum."

I felt you reach back, sliding your hand down over my stomach, your nails scratching. I was sure you'd be leaving red lines across my skin.

"Ohh yes." A strange sense of relief flooded me when your fingers curled round the base of my rod, squeezing hard. I felt a small stream of pre-cum flow out and land in a small, rapidly cooling pool on my stomach. Without letting go of me, you lifted yourself off my chest and turned. I lost track of where you were except for the wonderful cool sensation of your fingers gently sliding the loose skin over the rigid muscle of my erection.

"I love your cock Sundance."

I fought the feeling that I should say thank you. My lack of response didn't matter, you were back on top of me pinning my shoulders back to the bed.

I felt your legs on my shoulders and smelt your pussy closing over my face again. I knew what you were doing. My tongue sank as far into you as it would go, but nowhere near as deeply as you took me into your mouth. I could feel every nerve end in my cock being stimulated by your tongue, your mouth and your lips. I may have imagined that I could feel your throat closing over my super sensitive bell end when you sank down onto me.

I knew I wouldn't last long; I was near to orgasm before you ever touched me. I hoped you were the same.

As your head moved more and more rapidly up and down my shaft, your hips ground onto my face. Your movements became more agitated, a sure sign you were close to your goal. Every attempt I made to move seemed to take away, not add to the effect we both wanted and I eventually lay still allowing you to bring the final pleasure to both of us.

I heard your muffled cry at the same time as your body went rigid. I could only imagine the surge of feelings that would cause you to halt all motion. Then the release and your gasp as you sucked air into your lungs past the block my sex organ was creating in your mouth. With your release your hips pressed back down on my face, sliding backwards and forwards as orgasmic aftershocks shook you over and over.

Your body started to calm before I had to beg you to let me breath. The muscles of your thighs relaxed enough to allow me enough head movement to grab lungs full of air. I heard a mumbled "Sorry" as you realised what had happened and a "Thank you" as your tongue bathed the head of my cock to let me know you hadn't forgotten me.

I tenderly caressed the lips of your pussy again with my tongue making you moan. Every sound you made created wonderful vibrations through your lips onto my cock.

Now you could concentrate on me, you showed me the full range of manual and oral skills an older woman can develop. There wasn't a single part of my lower regions left unscathed. Your fingers cupped my ball sac, squeezing me before moving down to rub between my legs. Simultaneously, a hand gripped my shaft, wanking me slowly into your mouth as your lips and tongue treated me to your expertise. I could feel the stirrings of my sperm readying for release when your fingers left my prostate and moved up to rub my anal opening.

No one had ever done this to me before and the effect was electric. The first spasm of my orgasm felt like a bow string pulled taught before being released in an explosion more powerful than anything I had ever felt. Six, seven powerful pulses took me through a mind blowing orgasm. I never feel more than two or three. I could hear your throat working and I felt the sucking of your cheeks as you swallowed every drop of my ejaculation.

You'd told me that you rarely let a man cum in your mouth and even more rarely swallow. It made me feel good that this time was different.

We lay together our sweat mingled our breathing slowly returning to normal. I still lapped at your cunt with my tongue sending shivers I could feel through your body. You were still massaging my cock with one of your hands.

"You're still hard Sundance, wasn't that good enough or are you just randy?" You laughed.

"I took a Viagra tablet; I didn't want to disappoint you."

We lay in silence enjoying the afterglow.

"If you're going to stay hard, does that mean I can fuck you as well?"

"Oh god yes, but untie me, please, let me touch you."

"No, you know our deal."

"Oh fuck."

You moved away, a faint rustle from the side of the bed was the only clue to where you were. One of your hands took hold of my cock again while the other slid a condom over the top with a movement that showed years of practice.

The telltale dip of the bed and the warmth of your thighs pressing against my sides preceded the feeling of the tip of my erection being fed into a warm wet channel. I knew this wasn't your mouth; it had to be your pussy.

Being blindfolded magnified every sensation. I wondered if I'd really needed Viagra you turning me on.

The feeling wasn't like my cock sliding into you; it was your warm tight pussy gradually enveloping more and more of my tool. Every time I tried to push up with my hips you moved away, teasing me. I lay still, happy to do things your way as long as you didn't stop.

My heightened senses could feel your pussy lips opening to let me in. Then again that wonderful feeling as you slid ever so gently down, down for what seemed like forever until I was as deep inside you as I could be. I don't ever remember my cock feeling so long.

I could tell you were facing away from me. I think it's called reverse cowgirl. Your hands had grasped my ankles as you leant away, I think you were finding the perfect angle where my cock could touch your most sensitive parts. You rose up my pole and slide smoothly down over and over, faster and faster.

The sensations I felt were magnified by my being blindfold. I was glad you made me keep it on

I wasn't fucking you, you were fucking me. That feeling was more intense than anything I'd ever felt before.

If I could have seen, I would have been able to see your tiny puckered hole; if my hands had been free I would have been able to caress your arse cheeks and finger you. I know you'd told me you liked to be fingered when you cum and I could sense you were almost there.

Your movements became more frantic, your breath was coming in gulps and then I felt you cum. I actually felt your orgasm. I don't think I'd ever felt the muscles of a woman's pussy grip me like that but I knew the moment you started and when your contractions gradually slowed and your body started to relax.

I was engrossed in what you'd been doing and the amazing sensation of being fucked by a woman who was in complete control of me. It came as a surprise to hear your voice.

"Are you going to cum again Sundance, I don't like to leave you with a stiff cock."

I'd lost track of my own feelings, but the question made me realise that I'd been quite close, god yes I wanted to cum again.

"Yes, please I'm close, fuck me harder, squeeze your cunt muscles tight and fuck me hard, make me cum."

"I have a better idea."

I groaned as I felt you lift, removing the beautiful warm feeling that had surrounded my cock. Then relief as you lowered yourself again. I waited for the warmth to return.

The anticipated slippery wetness of your well lubricated cunt didn't materialise. It took me seconds to realise that you weren't going to fuck me with your pussy this time. I felt the pop as your anal ring opened to allow the first inch of my Viagra induced erection into your arse.

"Is that tight enough Sundance?"

"Oh fuck yes."

You started to work on me. I tried to lie still but as you rammed your hips faster and faster I couldn't stop a slight involuntary thrust of my hips. This time you didn't complain.

"I'm playing with my clit and fucking you with my arse Sundance, I'm going to make us both cum. Tell me when you're there, I want to cum with you."

It didn't take long, the mental picture of what was happening to me and the tightness of the muscles wrapped round me were sure to bring me off quickly. I only just remembered to tell you.

"Oh god yes, it's tight I'm cuuuuummmmmingggg, ahhhhh yessss!"

I heard you scream as you brought yourself to orgasm seconds after mine, our bodies jerking in unison as we prolonged the feelings coursing through us. Eventually our breathing started to return to normal.

Even my Viagra fuelled erection was struggling and as I softened, you slid off, lying beside me on the bed while you finally brought your breathing back under control.

"Well Sundance, was being fucked by a 58 year old woman as good as you hoped it would be?"

"Better, much better, Can we do it again?" You laughed softly but didn't answer. Well it wasn't a “no”.

You reminded me of our deal and to keep the blindfold on. You undid the handcuffs, packing them away. Then you were gone, I waited as we agreed, I felt I must obey the letter of the agreement we had reached.

The harsh ring of the phone woke me from my daydream, as expected; it was you from downstairs to say I could take my blindfold off.

I pulled it away from my eyes, blinking against the light as I walked over to the shelves at the far side of the room and reached up for the video camera.

I plugged the memory card into my laptop and hit play.

The door opened and a hooded figure entered carrying a small bag. Almost like a shadow, the figure ghosted across the room to where I lay on the bed. Working quickly the contents of the bag were emptied onto the bed and each of my hands and legs was handcuffed to one of the legs at the corners.

Only then did you take your hood off and look down at me.........

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