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I finally fucked my best friends mom

She spreads her warm pussy lips so I could fuck the shit out of her with my 21 yo dick.

I have a girl friend, and her  cousin should  look after  the enormous mansion,  with a long swimming pool.  We went ahead and began to organize a visit around this house on a week end and would soon go for a dip at this swimmng pool. Such colossal facilities occupied by only four people would be cool!

My girl friend’s cousin came up with the idea of having some company:  his mom, my girl friend's mom,  and his mother in law. All of them were either divorced or widows.

It was a hell of a hot  day that afternoon and it didn’t cool down at sun set either; I got busy trying to start a grill so I began to  heat up the meat left over from lunch that day, and my buddy would give me a hand at this, while the five women were having  a shower.

We still worked at the grill as we  heard laughs and jokes coming from women in the bath room. They kept calling at us to show their bikinis, waving them in the air for us to see, as they had just stripped off them.   They cheerfully shook their thongs over their heads visible by a  dim light illuminating  the place,  leaving the swimming pool surrounded by shadows. The moon shed a light on the place thought. 

Albert was a lot familiar with every corner in this house, and instructed me to distract these girls so we’d steal their suwimming suits they had left by the pool's edge.  We planned to turn on the lights the moment they  came up  naked to collect  their swimming trunks. What a surprise it would be as they find out they were gone!!   He   sent me over  to ask who was in the mood for a beer, this way would be easier to set them up.

They continued to mock at us but never suspected what we were plotting.  Out of the sudden, Albert turned on the lights. I still have those images of those naked women wandering about looking for their swimming trunks in the darkness, displaying their tits at us. My girl friend's mom had  exquisite tits, superb, delicate, round pieces of meat, big and white. The cousin’s mother were small, and Albert’s mother: gorgeous, spectacular, giant bra!!  My girl friend didn’t have any goodies at all to show, and didn’t excite my curiosity either;  I couldn’t see her cousin's anywhere. 

They all screamed at the surprise, then laughed, cupped thir tits with their hands asking to turn off the lights, while Albert and I celebrated with big enthusiasm: these were killing tits. The woman with the most massive tits was Paula, Albert’s mother,  who still laughed, claiming she wasn’t embarrassed at all, or reluctant to show her body; least ashamed.  She was 53,  jovial and young at heart,  though. This mature later commented  was too proud of her gorgeous tits, and would display them if having a chance.  She raised above water level. We didn’t believe our eyes, seeing these beautiful massive udders, a glory, grandeur, which she kept showing off so proudly.

This made both my girlfriend and cousin to blow their own horn,  and showed  their tits too,  while laughing.  My girl friend's mom  were having fun, submerged in the water crossing her arms over her tits. The other granny was embarrassed, covering her tiny tits.

They were like this for a while, exposed under the water, or floating with their ass in the air.  This situation was not funny at all in my case: I was thinking in another stuff which had begun to worry me a lot.  Mrs. Paula had turned me on.

We all returned to the city but Albert and his  cousin. They had settled in the big house to take care of it. Albert’s cousin had  liked it here. As a result, only four people rode in my car. I'd have to take them to each one's home,  so I’d first drop  my girls friend's mom and the other woman. Then it was Albert’s mother turn to get off the car.  Although this route was a longer one, I chose to take the aunt first, so Albert’s mother would be the last one to arrive home.   I asked: “Sorry, say again Mrs. Paula: where to?” She replied:

“Just call me Paula, young boy. I’m not too old. Could you stop to pick up some cigarettes?”  I said:

“Oh, not at all. Please by some for me too."

We stopped to collect a pack of cigarettes, but didn’t find a lighter.  The one fitted in car didn’t work either.  Since  we were too close to Paula’s home, we'd smoke at her place.  

I talked nice to her and gave her some compliments; the excellent   mother and son relationship, and the like.  she commented to this by saying she never interfered or got inquisitive with Albert if he wished to stay overnight with any girl at her home, but    this boy should reciprocate,  not messing into her business  when it came  her turn with her men to have great sex at  her place.

We got home and saw a neighbor standing across the street; this was an old lady who, according to Paula, was a known gossiper and would have enough chat if seeing us hugging while getting in the house. Paula told me to hug her so I obeyed. We  made the old lady  believe I was her new lover, and   no sooner had gotten off the car as she embraced me, putting an arm around my waist. I locked the car door as Paula took my arms again and directed them to rest on her waist, hugging her while she looked for the keys in her purse. This was only intended for the old lady to see us. I felt her fat ass, big asscheeks pressed against my rod. We laughed for a while  inside the apartment, only at the thought of this neighbor’s killing envy with Paula having a new guest.

Paula helped us a glass of beer. I stared at this smoking mature as she peered  through the curtains to check if  the old lady was still there, spying us, so I’d have a chance to  leave without been watched. I didn’t wish to leave, just stay longer at Paula’s place.  Our chat got us to the sexual theme. She said she was enjoying for her age. I began to compliment her by saying she was interesting, a smoking mature. She liked this compliment  and added laughing:  “Watch out, 20 yo. boys are in my menu.”

I replied: “No problem I like matures like you too.”

We changed to another  subject, but noticed a change in her stare. Another glass of beer was served.  I was kidding again: “Beer changes my manners. I never behave myself.”

She said cheerfully:  “Oh, if that’s the case, I’m gonna fetch   another glass off beer.” Then she said: “Ok boy, thank you for the ride, I appreciate that. I’m not kicking you out, but beer changes my behavior too. Such handsome young boy might excite me and end up raping you!!”

It’s out of the question: despite we had been unserious, just joking,  we had been communicating each other our feelings. She got closed to me and kissed me while holding my glass; I reciprocated, returned the kiss. She took this glass off my hand, and while returning it to the table, jumped over me. I had to support her huge body weight. She threw her hand right into my thighs, at the same time my hand looked for support in her fat ass. We were too uncomfortable sitting in a couch like this, so she proposed to move to her bedroom. She proposed:

“Oh, should we move to my bedroom?”

I replied: “Yes, of course, would be happy to.”

Paula was almost naked, grabbed my hand to take the lead. My rod ready for battle, like if awaiting orders ; she wasn’t gentle at all and deep throated my rod holding it at the base, while sucking strongly. It was a stunning view of a great mouthful, sucking incredibly, like a pro wishing to empty me off cum. I had to contain myself and hold my cum. She almost succeeded though. I had to change position so to prolong and keep on with this fantastic blow job!!.

It was her turn now: didn’t wait to spread her legs wide, and she cooperated conscientiously as if knew I was going to call for it.  What I saw was a big mature cunt, pink and wet, too hairy though. Black hair covered her pubis bone; it didn’t make me sick, or nausea or disgust: I hurled myself to do my best job ever. I encountered some difficulties, as I met in battle with the colossal mound. It had been clear to me, lots of guys had been here and I’d have to do my utmost to match those guys or the pussy would be dissapointed, unfulfilled.

How possible I’d get this mom to cum with such huge cunt. I had never been proved in this field and I felt it was not going to be an easy job. I began by looking for a clit, her sensitive spot, but no show anywhere despite I kept pulling the outer labia apart using my fingers. Oh, it was gone?!!!  Another problem would be excessive dampness, which kept me from holding the meaty lips, as they slipped off my fingers. My tongue applied at the pussy but I soon realized this was useless, darnit!!

I had been good at this with other girls, but this grannie… uh!! My girl friend had performed ok, just by having her cunt eaten, given that she never had  a monster cock within her, or had experienced black cocks to now.

My fingers came to aid, as  my tongue wasn’t enough match.  I stuck one, two, three fingers in it, sliding it smoothly but I couldn’t’ get a moan out of the mature’s mouth. I quit the love box, went up to her breasts, to work on the massive udders. I couldn’t handle it with one hand, so I used both.  I sucked with ecstasy and delight. Never, ever had had a pair like these, sucking the tits, my mouth full of them. I got on my knees, while she began to suck my dick doggy. Reflected on the wardrobe mirror, I could glimpse the bulky body of a luscious mom doing me a blow job in a squatting position.

At the same time, I grabbed her two massive tits; I got occupied in holding on the fat ass. She turned around and was now on her 4’s. This inviting position meant only for an offer to take her ass. I began to hold her in place and grabbed her hips so  to slide my rod into the meaty and pulpy ass. I had lots of difficulty to find the pussy. It was somewhere here, but… where? So I parted the asscheeks and peered into the Glory hole.


I decided to get off the bed so I’d work more comfortably with the pussy.  She assisted me by looking for the best position on her 4’s and my enquire were answered: “Where’s that hairy pussy of yours,  Mrs. Paula? can’t find it.”   With my  my rod only resting on her buttock, I tried again and parted the asscheeks, so I’d  see the cunt. Bingo!!

I no sooner spot it, I began to aim my rod in that direction, I dint’ want to miss my course now, and plunged it with a single stroke, deep into her. I started to fuck but ignored if my rod was actually inside her by now… or outside. Such big asscheeks posed a problem as they were in the way; I consequently had done  my best with poor results. She wasn’t getting any pleasure at all,  riding her colossal behind was so gratifying though!!

This had been the first time in my lifetime a woman had asked me to take her asshole, yet  I had tried this with my girl friends before: they would  reject. I was pretty surprised at realizing Albert’s mother was so longing to feel my meekly rod within her.  She herself parted her flesh, letting a view of a tiny hole. I started with my fingers, which I had wet in saliva. I aimed trying to poke into it but refused to give in  locked up  until she suddenly gave way and felt my rod descending slowly into her.

It was now as I heard a moan for the first time, mixed of pain and pleasure at the same time. I drilled her slowly until we matched perfectly. I don’t yet understand why my rod had endured so much like rock  hard,   sliding in and out until… bingo! The fat woman cummed!!

She said aloud: “Oh, yes, like that, oh, my god!! Oh sorry, Marcos to tell you this: cum now or I won’t stand any more.”

I said, under my breath: “Oh, you just wait a little. Happy to cum inside those buttocks.!

I continued: “You’d better lay face down so I’d ride on your back.”

I began to rub my dick against her asscheeks. I parted her asscheeks again and began to drill. drilled.  She didn't resist any more,  and I finally had a chance to cum within the fat ass. One minute passed before  I could   spurt my   white cum within her. I lied next to her to catch up my breath. She promised to keep the secret, and proposed  we never mentioned   this events unless  I  wished to lay her again.
                                                                     THE END

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