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First time with a BBW

Imagine ……..

The soft silky touch of her skin as you run your fingers across the valley of where her breasts meet. Nice ample “real” breasts, no silicon false jobs on her – in your arms you have a ohhh god damn gorgeous BBW. You always liked the way the cuddly ladies moved .. the wiggle in their butts and the way their hips sway and their tits bounce…… and you’ve found one .. your own goddess and you want to have her everywhere , taste her feel her and hear her moaning your name when you finally take her.

Can you imagine the feel of her lips on yours inviting your tongue in ever so slowly and softly coaxing you into her mouth , you taste her , you run your lips over hers in a dance of the senses and slowly running your fingers across her erect nipples – you haven’t seen them yet but ohhh lordy you can feel them pressing through her shirt hard and you want to feel them not through material but the real thing – flesh on flesh – you want to take each nipple in your mouth and tease and suck and gently bite. You take a deep breathe ….. move slowly ohh so slowly …….

Don’t rush take your time you reach inside her shirt and slide your fingers between her bra and her soft skin – you cant believe how soft and womanly she is. You hear her softly murmur as she takes a deep in breathe as you slide your hand around her back and unclip her bra , you turn her to face you and you are looking into her blue eyes as you undo each button and slide her shirt off her shoulders and down her arms – she is still in her bra and you slowly plop each breast out – they look like huge mangoes – juicy sweet – ready to suck .

Her skin is creamy white – paler than what you imagined but in stark contrast her nipples are a deep red colour and hard and sticking up waiting for your lips. You take each breast in a hand and touch them as if you are feeling fruit – you tell her how beautiful they are - you see her blush and instinctively she covers her chest – ohhh no babe please don’t – they are marvelous and you are beautiful and she smiles and lets you take a nipple in your mouth – you can feel her nipples hardening further in your mouth and her soft moans and you suck and lightly nibble each breast in turn while rolling the other one between your fingers.

You are aching , your balls ache so much with need – you have never felt this excited – this aroused and you need her so bad you trail your fingers down further lightly dancing them around her belly button and she lets out a sexy giggle. You slowly slide your fingers down further into the band of her pants. She slowly rises – shit have you scared her off ? – she looks at you and you see lust in her eyes and she stands before you and slowly , teasing you , takes off her pants and then her knickers .

Jesus my cock is rock hard – she had on a g-string – and as she turned away from him he saw her luscious butt.

She straddles your lap and she looks at you with such a intense stare as she feels your stiff cock straining through your jeans – she wiggles making even harder – it feels like its going to split its so hard. You run your fingers across her lips down her neck caress each nipple , revisit her belly button – but its lower you want to touch feel – what you hunger for . Her pussy is so smooth , a thought passes through your mind and goes in a instant wax or shave ….. you don’t care ….

The heat is what drags your fingers in further as she slowly readjusts herself to open herself up to your probing , you feel her love button and she slowly starts to rock against your fingers, she is so wet and you are sure you can smell the heady fragrance of her scent. She gives a shocked surprise when you place a hand on each cheek and rise carrying her and slowly laying her on the rug on the floor – she is expecting you to mount her but you need so badly to taste her .. you place your head between her legs and breathe in ohhh yeah . You slide your tongue slowly over her clit , relishing the taste and the feel of her – you explore running your tongue all around and back as she squirms in pleasure – damn she is so sexy she even has her hands in your hair guiding you. You dive your tongue between her clit and sliding it into her wet hole she is moving faster and moaning louder – any minute she will be yours ….. her orgasm is building and you want to taste every single drop of her – he thought she would trickle into his mouth but she let out a gush as she moaned and screamed and rolled around in his mouth – he was surprised at the intensity .

She tugs gently at his hair and he deep kisses her – she would taste her own juices on his lips and in his mouth. He flips her over so she is on top of him she giggles and kisses him on the nose and she slowly slides her tongue down his bare chest … his jeans and unbuttons him , unzips him and slowly pulls his jeans down – his boxers look like some damn circus tent he has a hard-on to surpass any hard-on.

He loves the way she giggles , when she is being nawty he closes his eyes as he feels her tongue slide across the head of his cock … she is searching for that spot the one that makes him buck .. he is already oozing pre cum and she licks right into the slit and tastes him – it always amazes her how something so hard can be so soft …….she slides her tongue down his shaft and back up again flicking her tongue all around tasting exploring .. teasing …. She has his balls in her hand slowly massaging and running her fingernails ever so lightly across them, She then slides her tongue up underneath his cock and flicks her tongue under the ridge between the shaft and the head OMG he jerks … ohhhhh god no one has ever made him jerk with so much pleasure …. Ohhhhh – he reaches down pulls her hair and brings her up to him … he is groaning no more baby ….I cant hold on much more.

Then he feels her raising herself up and then down on him – hey he was the one supposed to be in control – he can feel her muscles pulling him in gripping him as she slides up and down on his cock – he grinds back hard …… ohhhh he is right full hilt inside her and she is so tight – she rides harder as his balls start to bubble and starts to moan as she feels hot cum shooting up inside of her . He lays there with her still on top feeling her breathing …….. ohh she is a real woman and that was entree ……. He still had main course and dessert to have yet .

N. b My stories aren't as graphic as other authors and its not because I don't like that kind of stuff - in fact I love reading it - I just don't seem to be very good at it. I would like to think my stories are the sort that you could imagine and add to in your own fantasies. I know my knickers get wet writing them LOL !!

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