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In Praise of Younger Men

A Cougar and a Young Man get what they want
It had been Julie's turn to choose where we went out to that night. Of the three of us, everyone says she's the wildest which is saying something because Jackie and I aren't exactly what you would call reserved.

Not for the first time, she chose to go to a club we knew well, probably too well. It had a reputation as somewhere young men go to meet older women, and of course, vice-versa. Every Saturday there's an evening known locally as "Grab a granny night", there are no prizes for guessing why. We all knew that we'd go together in a taxi, but probably make our own way home.

Jackie and I pulled her leg about her choice telling her we both knew what she was after, but I was secretly quite pleased. I was spending too much time on Lush and however sexy cyber chat can be, it's no substitute for the real thing.

I saw you looking at me several times before you eventually asked me to dance. I suspect it was the first time you'd looked at my face. Until then, you hadn't taken your eyes off where my long slender legs met my short leather skirt or where my obviously braless breasts swayed slightly under the low cut camisole top I'd bought that afternoon. Right from the start I knew you had the hots for my body and that I could have you if I wanted you.

We both knew why we were there but we played the game. We danced, you bought me drinks, doubles, not hiding the fact that you were trying to make sure my resistance would be low.

You didn't need to; you could have saved your money.

On our third dance you moved me towards a darkened corner where other couples were already skulking, pretending to dance.

I showed no resistance as you turned my back towards the dance floor and pulled me roughly into a close, body grinding dance. We weren't really dancing; we were performing a ritual where we competed with others to prove that our bodies were capable of contorting into every sexual position imaginable.

"How old are you?" Your voice screamed in my ear trying to make itself heard over the blaring music. I knew I couldn't be heard so I held up first 5, then 8 fingers.

"No way." You screamed again. "You have a hot body hon." I mouthed my thanks. As I always do, I silently congratulated myself on all the work I do to keep myself looking like this. I watched your eyes, this was the moment when the lust I saw in there could wane as you realise I'm older than you imagined. Not this time. Perhaps it was my imagination but I thought I saw a heightened desire reflected in the look you gave me as your eyes scanned back over my breasts, down over my neat waist to re-check that my legs were as long and slim as you remembered.

I didn't ask you how old you were. Young, good looking, fit, cocky, legal, horny. Not necessarily in that order.

No one paid us any attention as we performed for each other; there were couples near us who were much more interesting for any voyeurs in the room.

That was even true when you slid your hand under the loose hem of my cami, watching for my reaction as you lifted the thin material to expose my smooth, slightly muscled stomach. It only took seconds for your hand to close over one of my breasts, your fingers plucking at a nipple that stood to attention telling you I wanted this as much as you did.

Your voice was in my ear as your hand squeezed hard, stretching my flesh, mashing my breast while your lips sucked at the sensitive side of my neck. You were turning me on but there was a desperation about your actions that told me you were way ahead on that score.

"I love your body hon." You weren't eloquent, but then it wasn't your brain I was interested in.

"Me too." I purred. You didn't get the joke. It wasn't that funny anyway.

I could feel you pressing into me, the bulge in your trousers evidence of how badly you wanted to take me right there on the dance floor. I slowly edged my hand down between our bodies and gripped you through your trousers. You were hard, the kind of steel like hardness only young men can maintain. I knew from experience even through the thickness of your clothes that you were big enough to satisfy me. In case you had any doubts, I decided to let you know how much I wanted you.

It only took seconds for me to slide your zip down and push my hand inside your trousers. I reached through the opening in your boxers and with difficulty, pulled your engorged manhood out of your pants. I stroked you firmly, not caring who might see us. I knew from your breathing and the way your eyes closed that you liked what I was doing. My other hand dipped and carefully pulled your heavily laden balls out for me to play with as well.

You were so very horny, your heartbeat raged against my palm through the blood vessels feeding your engorged tool. Each time my fingers slid towards your purple end your hips jerked in an imaginary fuck. I sensed you wouldn't last long. I didn't mind, young men recover quickly, I knew I would get my reward later.

I didn't need to pull you fast or hard, you were leaking so much pre-cum I could run my hand all over your length, wrapping my palm over your smooth wet head rubbing you towards an orgasm you hadn't expected. My left hand cupped your ball sac carefully churning, imagining the creamy contents you were making just for me.

I felt you stiffen, your eyes shot open, you gasped, you looked almost frightened at what was happening to you. Over the blaring music I thought the word "Sorry."

I heard you groaning over the noise of the music as I dipped down to take you into my mouth seconds before you let fly with what felt like gallons of seed. My hands carried on their tasks while my mouth milked every drop you gave me. I revelled in the feeling of the strong youthful pulses of your organ in my mouth and sucked hard until you stopped pumping and began to relax.

The look on your face was a picture when I stood up and showed your cum lying in my open mouth before I swallowed, licking my lips to show how good I thought you tasted. I leant into your ear.

"Well do you want me to come back with you tonight, or have you finished?"

You'd have thought any taxi driver doing a pickup at a club like this would have been bored by the activities of the mature women and boys who were leaving together. I still saw him adjust his mirror and he wasn't making sure he could see out of the back window.

You quickly gave the driver your address before turning back towards me. I knew not to expect a slow sensual seduction; I hadn't picked you for that. You were more the "Get your coat, you've pulled" type.

Your eyes swept over me. Well they swept over me from the neck down. You lingered where my nipples were poking through the silky material of my camisole. The shape of my breasts were clearly outlined where the fabric clung to them, the tips confirmed that I didn't wear a bra, but you already knew that. It didn't stop you looking.

Your gaze carried on down to where the hem of my tight leather skirt sat on the middle of my thighs. I'd been careful not to let it ride too high. You had no idea what was under my skirt yet. More importantly you had no idea what wasn't.

You hesitated. I was surprised and strangely flattered that you didn't assume it was your right to grope me in the back of a taxi.

I wanted to tease you, keep you interested. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the driver adjust his mirror when he saw me pulling my skirt seductively up my legs. Let him watch. You stared, wondering I guessed, how far I would take this, but not wanting to risk interrupting the moment.

A huge grin spread over your face when your eyes told you I was wearing stockings, you responded in your own unique way.

"Fuck me hon. Suspenders too?"

You tore your eyes away from the vision in front of you to look me in the eye for a split second. Perhaps I read too much into your glance but it looked to me like some of the cocky boyishness had gone to be replaced with the realisation that you should just enjoy this for what it was.

My skirt was too tight to pull any further over my thighs, but I had one last treat for you.

I took hold of your wrist and placed your hand on the pale white skin on the inside of my right thigh. You didn't need any encouragement and worked your way under my skirt ignoring the tightness that limited your access.

I pushed myself back into the seat to allow my legs to spread as far as my skirt would allow. Tell tale movements of the drivers head signalled that he was missing none of this.

I smiled like a Cheshire cat, maybe a Cheshire cougar.

"Oh god, oh god Roz, you make me so fuckin' horny." You didn't call me "hon", that was good.

I felt your hand cup the soft triangle between my legs before your middle finger pushed easily into my pussy, god, I was so wet. It had been too long since anyone's fingers but my own had done that. You didn't seem surprised that I wasn't wearing panties. I expected a reaction but there was none, maybe you understood only too well what sort of woman I am. You were good, much better that I expected, you twisted and turned inside me stimulating all my nerve endings. You turned your hand to curl your finger against my G-spot, pushing deep before withdrawing to slide across the lips of my slit and then in again, deep.

I didn’t want to, but I was going to have to stop you finger fucking me before it was too late, cumming in front of the driver would be just too much. Before I could gather my will power, the driver's voice broke into my thoughts.

"That'll be £18.50 folks, no discount for the live sex show, sorry."

I was so distracted I hadn't even noticed the car pull to a halt. I looked up to see the driver leering at where your hand disappeared under my skirt, only looking up when you pulled away leaving me to tidy myself up.

As you paid the taxi, I rubbed both of my hands across the front of your trousers to see what effect I'd had on you. I found a beautiful rock hard bulge just where I hoped it would be. I knew you wouldn't let me down.

It came as a pleasant surprise to find that you lived in an up market part of town in a block of flats which looked like it had been built just a few years before. The lift worked for which I was grateful when I saw you press floor 14. It didn't surprise me when you had me pinned up against the wall of the lift within seconds of the start of our short journey.

If the lift door had opened suddenly, your neighbours would have been treated to a rare sight. One of your hands was under my skirt, quite obviously groping my pussy while I was humping back trying to get your fingers as deep as possible. My camisole top was pushed up, with your other hand gorging on the flesh of my breasts. There was no tenderness just a frantic urge to touch as much of me as possible. Sometimes, when I'm really turned on, I love being treated like this and now was one of those times.

Even the testosterone coursing through your blood stream didn't stop you giving us both the time we needed between floors 13 and 14 to straighten ourselves up enough to make it to just inside your front door. Your restraint lasted long enough for me to drop my jacket and bag on the table next to the door, and to quickly scan the bits of the flat I could see.

It was open plan, we'd entered straight into a lounge area, I could see what looked like the kitchen. In front of me there was a short flight of stairs leading up to a mezzanine level which I guessed would be the bedrooms.

I hoped you weren't going to do the "Lets go to bed" thing. Beds are for making love not for fucking. I wanted to do it anywhere but in bed.

For a moment, I thought you were going to do just that as you pushed me forward but I quickly found out that we weren't going to reach the bedroom.

One of your hands on each side of my skirt was lifting it up over my thighs exposing my naked buttocks framed by stockings and suspenders. I raised my right foot to mount the first step but was pulled back. My head was pushed forward until my hands rested on the fourth step with my feet still on the floor. I didn't have to be a genius to work out where this was going.

Momentarily, fingers delved deep into my pussy making me growl with pleasure. They only remaining for long enough to check that I was ready for the real thing. A second hand pushed my legs further apart preparing me for what we had both been working towards all night.

We were like animals in heat, fucking each other like our lives depended on us cumming. Your cock had that wonderful quality I love so much in younger men. A hardness that means I know I'm going to cum.

My vivid imagination pictured the way I was bent over on the stairs. My tits were hanging down inside the camisole top you hadn't bothered to take off, my naked arse stuck out with you slamming into me from behind. For some unknown reason, the image of my stockings and suspenders finished it off perfectly.

"Urghh, fuck me Alex (yes I did know your name), fuck me hard, make me cum. Ohmygod fuck, fuck yes." Obscenities were spewing out of my mind and finding their way out of my mouth. You were quiet, lost in the moment, only gasps and grunts giving away the effort you were making.

Fuck, I was there I felt it in my toes, rushing up through my legs and overpowering my muscles. I tried to hold onto something and found the banister, my forehead dropping onto the step as I moaned into the crook of my arm and shook my way through the climax I'd waited for all night.

I knew you hadn't cum, but I expected you to stop or slow down to let us recover. You had different ideas. Your pace didn't slow for a second, prolonging my own orgasm then starting to build again as if the first one had never happened.

"This boy is a fucking sexual athlete" I thought. On and on you hammered into my pussy. Just when I thought you couldn't keep it up, your pace quickened. I could feel you harden even more, I knew you were about to shoot your spunk deep inside me. I screamed.

"Cum in me, cum inside me, fuck, let me feel you."

My words spurred me on as much as they did you and my second orgasm was on me before I knew it.

Your body was tense for a second before jerking 4, 5, 6 and one final time accompanied by a drawn out growl.

"Fuckin' hell Roz, awesome."

I half crouched, half lay on the stairs with your cock still inside me. I waited until the discomfort overrode the sexy feeling of you slowly softening in my pussy. As I moved, you stood up with me and we looked at each other with grins on our faces like kids who'd just had their first screw. I put my arms round your neck, feeling my nipples rub against your chest through my cami.

"Thank you lover, that's just what I wanted."

"Glad you liked it babe. I told you I'd give you a good fuckin'." The old brash Alex was back. I'd have missed him.

I told you I needed a shower. Any thoughts I had of having one on my own vanished when I saw the glint in your eyes. So, 5 minutes later our bodies were pressed together in the shower cubicle, hot water streaming down our naked bodies.

We kissed, possibly for the first time. We soaped each others bodies, our hands able to slide easily skin to skin. My breasts and nipples were cleaner than they had ever been and your fingers made sure that every drop of cum was scooped out of my pussy. You turned me on again in the process. For my part, I loved soaping your cock while it was soft, but it wasn't soft for long.

Tonight was turning into everything I hoped it would.

I handed you the soap as I turned away, giving your lovely stiff rod one last tug. I leant against the wall with both hands.

"I think my bottom need cleaning."

Your erection continually rubbed against the tops of my thighs; your soapy hands pulled and squeezed the flesh of my bum cheeks. The warm water cascaded down my body all the time your hands were pinching, touching, concentrating on my shapely arse. Every now and again your fingers reminding my tits and pussy that you hadn't forgotten them.

I could sense you were timid about taking the next step. I decided to make it easy for you so; reaching behind me I took one of my cheeks in each hand and pulled them as wide apart as far as they would go. I felt my small brown ring stretch.

"Clean me properly Alex, clean me with your finger."

If you'd been reluctant before, you certainly weren't now. I turned the water off; I needed everything to stay soapy to get what I wanted. You might never have done this before, but what the hell, you were a man. It wasn't likely that you would blow the chance of getting your cock into a woman's arse for the fist time.

Fingers slid easily over and around my rosebud sending sexy little shivers through me. You loved making me moan by pushing 2 fingers into my pussy and 1 into my arse at the same time. My reaction told you I liked it. I knew I was ready when you pushed a second finger into me from behind, twisting and turning, spreading the soapy subs round my insides.

I took the soap and covered my hands in thick suds before running them over the head of your cock. I gently guided the head towards my back entrance, carefully inserting the tip, holding it; rubbing it slowly in and around the hole we both knew it was going to penetrate. I pushed back firmly; you stood stock still, allowing me to set the pace.

I felt your cock head break through the resistance and for the first time in minutes you moved, pushing your hips very gently forward to ease another inch into my bowels.

"Ohhh yes, fuck me slowly, ohmygod, I love it. Fuck me in the arse Alex."

Your hips were grinding your cock in and out, you weren't touching any other part of me. Our bodies were joined only where your hard rod ran between your groin and my anal passage.

"Jesus, jesus, amazing it's amazing. so tight. Oh god I'm sorry I'm cuuuummmingggg." I knew you couldn't hold it by the way your body was jerking but you didn't want to stop. I was treated to the sensation I love so much, when a man cums inside my bottom. Hands grabbed my hips holding me tight, tiny anal orgasms shot through me matching each thrust of your pulsing shaft, each pulse shooting your young spunk into my arse. The sounds coming from your mouth were more like whimpers than anything else; you were experiencing the best orgasm of your young life.

"Oh god, I'm sorry, I don't know what happened, I couldn't stop."

"Don't apologise, it was amazing, I loved feeling you cum." Inside my head I was thinking that I knew how you could make it up to me.

I turned the shower back on and carefully washed you clean finishing by giving your spotless cock a long passionate kiss. This time there was no reaction from your exhausted member. I told you to leave me to clean myself up. You were shot and only too please to be able to get a rest. 5 minutes later, I wrapped myself in a towel and went to look for you. I could see you in the lounge from the top of the stairs, still naked sitting on the sofa stroking yourself. There was no sign of any stiffness there but that wasn't surprising.

I went down to join you. You looked up as I walked across the floor towards where you were sitting. I grinned as I dropped the towel. Your eyes devoured my body again but you just looked down at the limp manhood you were holding and shook your head.

You were about to speak when I took hold of your hair with both hands and pulled your face hard into my pussy.

"Now eat me you sexy man, make me cum one more time."

I didn't see you putting up much of a fight; I think you wanted your head between my legs. I raised my right leg up onto the sofa to open my pussy up for you and you set about your task. I could have made it easier for you by lying down and opening my legs properly but this felt dirtier. I didn't let go of your hair, I used it to direct where your mouth and tongue needed to be to bring me satisfaction.

You knew to concentrate on my clit, sometimes just holding your head still, your tongue as stiff as possible while my hips did the rest. I rocked and ground my cunt into your face driving myself towards another climax. Your face was smeared with a mix of your saliva and my fluids, I heard you mumble despite your mouth being forced onto my pussy, the speech vibrations made me shiver.

"You taste fuckin’ amazing."

I needed more, I needed your tongue and fingers inside me. I let go of your hair and pushed you back into the cushions hooking my leg over your head. My thighs straddled your head while my hips carried on fucking your mouth. Your tongue could now run all round my sex, you made the most of your freedom to move and dove into me, dipping your tongue as deep as you could. I could feel my orgasm building.

"Finger me Alex, please, finger me." You didn't need to be asked twice. I felt a hand reach through my legs from behind and first one, then two fingers sank into my wide open pussy. I don't know how you held it together while I used you to bring myself off again but you did.

"Ahhh yes, yes, yesssss." My hips ground down onto your face undulating in waves that threatened to drown you.

My release left me void of energy leaving me draped over your face like a wet cloth, I could still feel your tongue caressing me and your fingers moving gently inside me. You were happy just to have a naked woman’s body to touch in any way you wanted. Eventually I recovered enough to slide down and join you where you were lying.

We lay together afterwards, playing with each others bodies. I even tried sucking your cock again, but you were exhausted. I could tell you'd be asleep soon so I had to decide how to get home. Quite rightly you said you couldn't drive but suggested I stay the night and you'd take me back the following morning. You added "after I fuck you again."

I'm not a big lover of staying overnight with casual sex partners, it can be awkward in the morning, especially if one of you was drunk, but it did make sense and soon I was in your bed with you breathing gently beside me.

I was re-living the night, as I do, stroking one of my nipples and running my fingers over my clit when I heard the flat door open. I listened carefully; it had been a key in the lock so it wasn't a break in.

The TV was switched on, the sound too low for me to tell what the program was. Alex must have a flatmate he didn't bother tell me about; I guessed he must have been out for the night.

I wondered how tired he was …….

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