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In the Car

Jane's teenage dream of her handsome neighbour comes true
Jane’s eyes flitted to the house across the street as she waited for her mother to unlock the front door. There was a black Jag parked in the drive, which meant that Mr Southgate was home. Or John, as she called him these days. She was, after all, sixteen now and no longer a child. John spent about half of the year abroad, and when he was away his car was locked up in his garage. A little grin crept across Jane’s lips at the thought that she might see him soon. Not only was he English, which automatically made him the most interesting person in the neighborhood, but she had also come to consider him very handsome and lately she found she got butterflies in her stomach whenever she thought of him.

Once inside, she hurriedly helped her mother unpack the groceries and put them away in the cupboards, then she ran down the stairs to the sanctuary of her bedroom, where she pulled out her diary and began to write. Today’s entry was unlike any she had ever written before. Her mind was full of exciting thoughts which she was dying to explore and the page was the ideal place to do so. Her hand didn’t stop writing until she had filled up an entire five pages of detailed descriptions of the fantasies going through her mind. It felt so good to get it out, for there was nobody she could have talked to about these things. She knew that none of her friends could possibly understand her penchant for older men, and so it had always been the sort of thing she thought best kept to herself. Putting the pen down now, she re-read the lines once, then a second time before closing the book and tucking it away under her bed. Then she lay on her back and closed her eyes, a look of perfect contentment on her face as her mind wandered.


After dinner that evening she showered and feigned a headache so she could turn in early without any pesky questions. Back in her bedroom, she turned off the light and lit a candle and some incense. Turning on her stereo, she selected her favourite track on her Beethoven CD and pressed play. The first soft, haunting notes of the seventh symphony, second movement, filled the room and she turned the volume down low and crawled into bed. This piece of music always made her feel sensual and perfectly matched her mood that evening. She thought of handsome John and replayed the highlights of the few conversations they’d had earlier in the year, before letting her imagination take over. Closing her eyes, she conjured up a vivid image of him pulling her in for a passionate kiss. It made her feel warm all over and with a sigh she arched her back, unaware of the fact that her hands were running over her body, down over the curve of her breasts, her stomach and her thighs. As the imaginary kiss progressed she rolled over onto her side and embraced her pillow, pulling it to her neck and imagining John’s mouth there, sucking and biting her soft flesh as she clung to him. She wanted to smell him; to hear his breathing and his voice as he softly spoke her name. A curious jolt of pleasure hit her deep inside and her muscles tensed. The area between her thighs felt wet and hot, and she was suddenly very short of breath. After a moment the overwhelming sensation began to subside and she tentatively reached down the front of her panties to assess what had happened. Turning on the light to investigate the strange, creamy substance on her fingers, which she then lifted to her nose, she wondered what on earth it could be. She would ask her best friend Vanessa the next day at school. Vanessa would know. She knew the answer to everything.

Still buzzing from the exhilirating experience Jane cleaned herself up and changed her knickers before crawling into bed, where she fantasised about John for another two hours before finally giving in to sleep.


John had not expected Mrs Jones’ call, and what she had to tell him was a complete shock. She’d been going through her daughter’s room looking for clothes that needed washing (or so she said) and had happened upon her diary. The latest entry, she told him, had given her cause for concern. John’s heart raced as his neighbour spent the better part of ten minutes reading out word for word the fantasies of the girl who he had never thought of as anything more than the sweet little angel who he would sometimes take for rides in his car .

Mrs Jones knew how her daughter could be once she got an idea in her head, and she told this to John. They both agreed that the best thing to do was for John to have a talk with her as soon as possible. To set some clear boundaries. As John was free the rest of that afternoon, he proposed that he drive to the school and pick Jane up so that he could have a talk with her in the car on the way back.

When Jane’s teacher informed her that her that Mr Southgate would be picking her up that afternoon, her heart leapt. Not a word of her lessons sank in after that, and for the remainder of the school day all she could think about was when it would finally be three o’clock.

When the bell rang she ran out the door, making certain that her hair was just right before scanning the line of cars as the rest of the school emptied out. She saw John’s car at once and made a beeline towards it as a handful of her classmates looked on in amazement. So full of pride she thought she might burst, she greeted her dishy neighbour and turned to wave goodbye to a couple of her friends before opening the door and getting in.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she fastened her seatbelt, stealing a glimpse of John as she did so. He did not seem his usual carefree self, but he did give her a reassuring little smile. In her mind, she pretended she was his wife and they were driving back to their home. She pretended this every time she was in the car with him. How she longed to be older; to be a woman.

John drove in silence for a few minutes before turning to Jane and sincerely asking how she was. She wanted to answer that she had never been better, but quickly changed her demeanour and replied “Okay” as casually as she could manage. She breathed in the heavenly mix of his aftershave and his natural smell as she pretended to look out the window.

The things that had been read out to him earlier that day played on John’s mind as he navigated his way through the traffic. In the scenario Jane had written in her diary, he had told her what an attractive young woman she was becoming, and as this was the truth he thought that the best way to start would be to use those exact words. Once he had said them, he averted his eyes because he knew they would cause her to blush. Jane knew she was pretty, and she rejoiced in the fact that this special man saw her beauty as well. If anyone knew about beautiful women it was John.

Switching to lecture mode, he then went on to caution her. “You know, Jane,” he said in a soft but serious tone of voice, “you ought to be aware of how attractive you are becoming to the opposite sex. To the boys at your school and at church. And I can tell you this, because I can actually recognise this myself as a man. You are turning into a woman. Your clothes are getting tighter on you and guys can have really dirty minds when it comes to pretty girls like you. They might ask you to do things. Try to touch you. Your body is the most exciting thing in the world for a boy.”

Jane shifted uncomfortably in her seat, trying to figure out where John was going with this. She half suspected her mother of putting him up to this, though she did not want to believe this was the case.

“I’ve known you for years now, Jane,” John continued, taking a different route than the one her mother normally did. The area they were in now was unfamiliar to her and she wondered if they were lost, but said nothing.

“I wish I could protect you from any bad experiences you might have. To ensure that the first time you experience these things, that it is special. Not clumsy. And with a person who you are attracted to and who can really appreciate the beauty that you’ve got. So that when it does happen, it is something really special. For both of you.”

Jane’s heart sank. This sounded dishearteningly similar to the lectures she had been forced to sit through all her life at church, warning young people not to give in to their desires, to a life of promiscuity and misery, but instead to save themselves for marriage.

“Someone who really wants you,” John continued, his eyes wandering over to her as he drove. They were now on a much quieter road and surrounded by trees. There was an air of serenity and Jane found it quite beautiful, though she wondered what exactly they were doing there.

“Someone who… has secretly thought things about you that you might have thought of them too.”

Jane’s blood froze in her veins when it dawned on her what was going on. Her body language told John that she desperately wanted to get out of the car, to end the conversation at once, and he tried his best to assure her that it was not his intention to upset her.

“I know about the things you’ve written,” he said, spontaneously opting to come clean with her in hopes that reaching out to her in this way would help her to calm down.

“I didn’t mean any of those things!” Jane insisted defensively, on the verge of panicking.

“Jane… Look, it’s okay. I’d like for us to speak as adults now. And as we’re being honest with each other, I can admit that I feel guilty talking to you in this way now. Because the truth is… I’ve actually felt those same things about you.”

Jane went over all hot and flushed as her pulse quickened. She momentarily forgot to breathe. Either this man was playing some cruel joke on her, or he was not. And both possibilities made her feel slightly ill.

“I feel bad about it,” John went on, more to himself than to her. “Very bad. Bad enough to go to confession and tell my priest.”

He let the words sink in and drove in silence as Jane struggled to process what she had just heard. When he finally resumed, she did not look at him but instead kept her eyes on the road ahead of them.

“This is really difficult for me to say, Jane, because I know it’s wrong. But it’s something I desperately want.”

John could not have known, but these words actually made Jane’s heart race with an excitement she had never known until that moment. A dozen images raced through her young mind, just as they had the previous afternoon when she had made that incriminating entry in her diary.

“Have you kissed a boy before? Properly? With your mouth open?”

Jane flinched and swallowed hard at the thought of this, then shook her head. Another long silence followed, and she felt John’s eyes burning into her, though she still could not bring herself to look at him.

“Would you like me to show you how it’s done?”

Jane could hardly believe her ears. It was as though she were in a dream and would wake up any moment. A fleeting glance at his eyes confirmed that he was real and meant what he’d said in earnest.

“You?” she asked, failing to suppress the excitement in her voice.

John gave a little nod, his expression serious. “Yes, Jane. Me.”

Making up his mind to find a quiet area where they could have some privacy, John grew undeniably aroused at the thought of kissing the young woman beside him. His heart was pounding in his chest as he pulled into a small clearing on the side of the road and stopped the car.

When he leaned across and brought his mouth to Jane’s, her breath caught in her throat and her heart skipped a beat. She was at once immersed in the feel, the smell and the taste of him as his lips explored hers. An intense heat spread through her lower abdomen and something deep within her loosened and melted, seeping slowly into her knickers. Her body went rigid at the thought that she was actually wetting herself at this of all moments, but John’s fingers stroking the side of her face pulled her back into the bliss of the present and all else was forgotten. The next thing she knew he was parting his lips and gently pressing his tongue into her mouth. Sensing her naïve hesitation, he buried his fingers in her hair and pulled her closer before he continued caressing her tongue with his. Jane moaned softly into his mouth as his ministrations grew more impassioned and soon she found herself reciprocating what he was doing to her. It felt better than she ever imagined anything could feel, and the way John was breathing and moving his tongue against hers told her that he was enjoying it as much as she was, which only made it sweeter. Although she had never heard anything like it before, the sounds he was making caused ripples of intense pleasure to spread through her body and she found herself kissing him back harder now.

With a loud sigh he pulled away and Jane searched his face for an explanation, fearing she had done something wrong. She watched as he fumbled with the buttons of his jeans and thrust a hand down the front of his underpants, exhaling hard as he did so.

“Sorry,” he said breathily, turning to look at her as he rubbed himself. “I’m just so excited now… I need to do this.”

Having led a very sheltered existence all her life, Jane didn’t quite understand what being excited had to do with him touching himself between his legs, but she kept quiet and tried hard not to stare, despite her burning curiosity. As though he had read her mind, John took out his rigid cock and explained softly, if a bit out of breath, that when a man is sexually aroused his penis becomes hard, as his was now.

Jane stared at it in awe as John slid the foreskin up and down, alternately covering and uncovering his shiny crimson glans. His penis was much bigger than she had imagined one of them being, and it looked strange to her for she had never seen one before, other than on the odd Greek statue in her art books. John’s openness about his body encouraged her curiosity.

“Does it hurt?” she asked, her gaze fixed on the raw red object he held in his hand.

John smiled and shook his head. “It actually feels very good.”

“Why is it pointing up like that?”

“Well,” he explained patiently, “so that it can go inside a woman.”

This answer obviously puzzled the innocent girl, and John calmly enlightened her. “You know the slit between your legs where your pee comes out? It’s called your vagina, and that is where a man’s penis is meant to go. That is called sex.”

Coming from anyone else, Jane would have instantly dismissed these words as a sick joke. But it was obvious to her that John was being truthful, and in a much more straightforward manner than any other adult had ever employed with her. A part of her wanted to reject the idea that such an activity could actually be “sex”—the thing that grownups were all so obsessed with, always talking about on TV and in the songs and films she and her sister weren’t allowed access to. But after a few moments’ reflection, she found herself warming to the idea because she had learned it from John. All her life she had associated the word “sex” with big breasted, long-legged women; but according to John’s description, these physical features had nothing to do with sex per se. All that was necessary was a boy and a girl. Or a man and a girl, in this case. That last thought made her cheeks go rosy; something that did not escape John’s notice.

“Tell me what you’re thinking,” he said softly.

Jane hesitated a second or two before answering him. “I’m thinking… I want to be closer to you.”

“OK,” John said, bringing the car to a stop on the side of the road. Turning in his seat, he looked at her in silence for a long while before crawling over the gear box to her side of the car and kneeling down at her feet. It was very cramped but he didn’t seem to mind at all.

“I don’t mean to shock you, but I’m going to do something now,” he said with utmost reverence as he looked up into Jane’s eyes. They widened somewhat and he could sense her fear as she whispered, “Is it going to hurt?”

“No. Quite the opposite. I’m going to taste you.”

Jane looked down at John as he kissed her between her thighs. He seemed to be enjoying himself immensely. The lustful expression on his face and the passion of his touch caused her tender young vagina to twitch involuntarily. He grabbed her bottom and pulled her closer to his face, making her spread her thighs farther apart to accommodate him. Her flesh was hot, sensitive and soaking wet. John’s pulse raced and his heavy cock throbbed as his tongue flirted with the tiniest of openings he had ever encountered.

Reaching around Jane’s knee, he pulled the little lever at the side of her seat and it fell back so that she was lying almost horizontally. Next he was crawling on top of her and pushing his jeans and underpants down impatiently. His hand wrapped tightly around his thick, swollen shaft and he stroked it as he lowered his mouth to hers once more and kissed her hard. The familiar smell of her most intimate area filled her nostrils and she tasted herself on his lips as his hot tongue thrust deep inside her waiting mouth. His hand continued to move up and down over his erect penis as he pulled her tongue into his mouth and sucked on it.

He tore his mouth from hers and in a trembling whisper he spoke, more to himself than to her, the words “I want to fuck you”.

Jane’s eyes locked on his and he saw the desire in them before she closed them and settled back further into the seat. His hand instinctively sought out her slit and he ran his finger along it. God, she was so wet, and it only made the urgency he felt all the greater.

He’d wanted so badly to be gentle, to take his time and make it pleasurable for her, but the urge to fuck her was stronger than he was, and all he could do to console her was to hold her close and kiss her as his rampant cock violated her virgin opening, stretching her sensitive flesh, tearing her apart and thrusting its way inside. He didn’t make it far before the waves of ecstasy took hold of him completely. It was too good, too tight, too delicious, too much. All too soon he lost control and felt his orgasm rip through his body. He withdrew the head of his cock from her tight pussy and stroked himself as he ejaculated in several forceful spurts all over her skirt, stomach and thighs.

A heavy silence descended, broken only by the sounds of their breathing. When this died down, Jane asked John what had happened. “I’ve just come,” he answered.

What a mess. It had gone all over, but all he could do was smile and look at her lovingly as she did the same. “We’ve got to get you cleaned up,” he said, giving her a tender kiss on the forehead. “And we’ll stop at the mall on the way home. You need a new pair of knickers.”

The ones she had been wearing when she got in the car were now in his pocket.

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