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Intriguing Marshall PT2

Marshall stops in at homestead and does Maxine's mother
We’d gone our own way once we arrived in town. The Marshall and I, although having spent more then some memorable times on evening’s like the one I was sitting out on the porch that night, where the sky is clear and the stars and moon shine brightly, it had me thinking about those days gone by.

My mama had stuck her head outside and said “What are you doing out there dear?” I told her just thinking about things. “About what?” my mama asked.

“Ohhh about being out on the prairie and wondering what it’s like to be out there and working all by yourself.” I told her.

What I didn’t tell her were those few nights he and I had “bedded” down with each other, those few nights when I felt his body on mine, and how I could definitely feel his privates up inside me too as we fornicated, madly with one another. No, I couldn’t tell my mamaa about those moments. They were definitely great times to be honest and knowing my mother and who she was, I knew better then let on I’d had sex out of wedlock as if I was a prostitute or something. However I wasn’t thinking about her and past exploits of hers at the time. No I was not and I didn’t know about them either for that matter and she was about to tell me about them too.

“Was he a gentleman?” my mama asked, smiling.

The question more then surprised me. Well of course he was, I thought as I turned to look at her but wasn’t about to give out any particulars to my mama. Although I was of much older age then many girls who weren’t married yet I know I should have been and was more then ready to be married to a good man, such as the Marshall.

“From what I’ve heard about him, he seemed like a nice man, dear; a gentleman and I also hear he is also a really nice looking fellow too” she went on to say. “However dear there are stories I could tell you and umm these stories would surprise you too” she continued.

Now at that point, Maxine wasn’t really listening to her mama. She kept on recalling how he felt when inside her, when he was on her, and also when he was inside when they were going at one another hard. She recalled everything she felt and experienced with his “commanding” body as he eased himself up into her too. It had her feeling so fulfilled she recalled that she never wanted it to end, ever. She knew she needed him again. Maxine had held back any gratifying smiles she had from being with that man as she sat and easily pictured him naked and with her that beautiful evening.

“Are you hearing me honey?” her mama asked.

“Oh uh yes mama” Maxine said, lying to her.

All Maxine wanted was some “alone” time with Marshall Gabriel once she saw him again. All she really wanted was to see his healthy frame, naked. She wanted to see his privates badly too. She wanted some more alone time with that man and she wanted it anywhere out in the open plains where the two could completely become undressed all the way down to nothing. She wanted to again feel him taking her into his arms and doing to her what he’d done with her back out in the open country.

She remembered it all. The wooden dildo she had whittled, how she first used it on herself once she determined she was finished shaping it, and how the contraption felt inside her. That was terrific. She smiled inside. Her eyes closed only for a few seconds but mainly what she remembered most was when he came to her and got down beside her and then both removed their clothing so they could fornicate. This was a very good and prevailing moment to her. It was, as she recalled, and as she gradually again began feeling a time of “aching” for the real thing. It was a moment she knew she needed him again. Then it had begun occurring once again She knew she needed him again.

“Maxine honey, didn’t you hear me?” her mama said again.

“Oh uh yes mama. I heard you” she told her mama.

“Then what was it I just said dear?” her mama asked.

Maxine had no clue as she turned to look at her mother. She apologized and told her she had “things” on her mind too. “To be honest mama,” and she was being honest “I really don’t know at all. I’ve got things I’m thinking about.”

“Like what honey?” her mama asked. Maxine didn’t want to tell her and said so. “Oh honey, did you and he” and her mama spoke slowly when she asked the question “the Marshall, do things to one another?” It was then that the mother suspected there was some hanky panky going on when the two of them rode back home.

“Mama” Maxine cried out. “What are you saying? What are you suggesting?” in a surprised tone of voice. Maxine was certainly her own woman and her mama certainly knew that too, but her mama and she were a lot a like as well.

“Well honey,” her mother then alluded to some truths. “I too had been known to be known a long time back like this. Do you know what I’m saying?”

Maxine, trying to sound stunned by it all was shocked and turned towards her mother, sharply asking her what she meant. “Girl, some people considered me of somewhat of a, how should I put this, not a whore mind you, but a woman who fooled around here and there. I wasn’t, no, I was not, but I sure wanted to play around, and that is the impression lots of men had of me. It’s just that” and her mama smiled as she said it “I did want to uhhh play around. I did have my yearnings for that, dear. Many a woman does. I do too on some days. I had my wants. I had my needs. I needed certain desires fulfilled. I had needs that needed being taken care of” and with that Maxine’s mama shrugged her shoulders and then added “That is how I met your lovely father honey.”

Maxine looked at her attractive mother. Yes her mama, like Maxine, was quite the attractive woman for sure, and Maxine cut in with “You and daddy, did you two play around before you were married mama?” and her mama smiled, nodding her head, and offering her daughter a sweet and loving look as she did. “Mama, was daddy a law officer too?” He mother shook her head and said no.

“I duly swear you in” the judge said as the other man held up his right hand “as a U. S. Deputy Marshall in this state of” and as the judge finished up swearing in Gabriel Roberts as a newly licensed Marshall in the same state in which Maxine lived. He was happy and pleased that he could be one in this state, one with enough downtrodden “traffic” in it that it would keep him busy and happy that she also lived in it also. He hoped to see her soon. She likewise hoped to see him as well but hadn’t.

“What are you going to do now that you’re back home dear?” her mama asked. Her daughter told her. “A what?” her mother asked. “Where is that, dear?” her mama said.

“Down in Bourget” Maxine said. “It’s an adoption center and I plan on owning it too.”

Maxine, having set her plans, and moving on with her life had seen neither hide nor hair of Gabriel. She had no idea where he was or if he was even around at all. She missed him deeply. She missed their moments, at night, together. She missed them badly too. Having him around and having his naked body beside hers and being with him, or for that matter him on her and inside her often gave her a fabulous progression of vibrations she never to go away, ever.

However, she did have one thing to recall her days by and that was her trusty thick wooden dildo she decided would always be kept by her bedside. Seeing that she loved it that much and that she was now alone in a town she didn’t know too well, along with a people she knew even less, there would always be her grand wooden dildo to remind her of him. Those few times spent with the Marshall out on the plains had her smiling when she’d pick it up and put it into her hands. Yes, there were many an evening, she found herself reaching over to her bedside nightstand and pulling it out. And yes, there were many an evening which she found herself having pulled up her sleeping gown and using it on herself as well when she grew lonelier and lonelier during the long nights of her stay in this town after thinking about him. Maxine didn’t know where he was at any longer.

“Hi may I help you?” she said once she heard the horse coming up to the house.

Then the woman told herself as she looked at him wow, he is a tall and very handsome looking man. Once she thought it she felt as if she was a young woman again and smiled as he got off his horse and said hello. Yes, he was handsome as they came. Oh yes, he most definitely is with his wide shoulders. He is assuredly a big man. Without question, the woman instantly, adored his manly traits. That smile he wore as he walked up sunk in too. If only my husband was as big as you, she thought.

Wow, mmmmmm if he was my husband we could have a great time in bed, couldn’t we?

“Yes mam” he said. “I was asked by our Marshall’s office to look in on this homestead” he told the woman. “I believe the request came from your husband? Now, is everything okay here?” he asked, what he considered, the pretty woman. He had noticed her beauty right away. She smiled as she told him yes. “Mam, seeing as my horse and I have been riding all day, I don’t know if it’ll trouble you at all but my horse needs some watering, and also some feed. I surely can pay you for it all. Can I beg you for a little food for my horse here?”

“Ohhhhhh indeed Marshall” she said. “Feel free to let it drink from the trough and back behind the barn is also some straw. The horse can have some of that too” the woman said.

To him, she was pretty as pretty could be. She wore a dress which complimented the womanly features of her slim, curvaceous physique, or so he thought it did. He looked into her eyes and as he did, she instantly loved how he’d done so. She looked back at his too and felt like saying something to him, something compelling she thought, such as complimenting him, but for what she didn’t know what to say exactly. He felt like complimenting her dress she was wearing but decided not to. He didn’t want to be too forward to a woman he didn’t know. He got down off it, led the horse to the water and walked back and she offered him something to drink which he accepted and they sat and talked. He said he couldn’t stay but would be back in a couple days to see if her husband had arrived home yet. Once the horse ate, he decided to leave, but these two seemed to “eye” one another and too much for her own good.

He was back as promised and she said “Ohhh hello again Marshall.” Still, neither knew exactly who the other was, but they knew one thing and that was both felt the other was attractive to say the very least.

Still, she loved every physical feature she had seen of this man, so far. In fact she found she adored them to no end. His wide shoulders, no belly either, and even his soft looking blondish wavy hair, which she’d seen the other day she knew she loved. As far as his face was concerned, it had the “chiseled” look of a real man’s face too.

Oooooohh, if only I was a little younger she thought. Ohhh yes mmmmmm, she found herself thinking. If only I was only a few years younger and also a single woman too, I’d ohhh I’d find a way, yes I’d find a way to bed this man down. Then she caught herself and stopped herself from thinking these frivolous ideas.

However, then she looked him over, quickly, and thought yes, I’d let this man have a poke at me. She felt warmer and warmer as the thoughts carried through her. She felt a sense of power too as she watched “how” he walked as well. It was a man’s walk, she told herself. Those one time “feelings” she used to have as a younger woman begun stirring about her. Oh gosh, what am I thinking? What am I doing to myself she wondered? I am becoming all hot, all bothered, and I know I feel like I want this man.

He walked up to the porch, smiling and she said “Care to stay for dinner, Marshall?”

He paused a moment and looked around once she asked him. He said he wouldn’t mind, if she didn’t mind, and seeing as she was quite the looker, it was not hard to resist an invitation such as hers, so he said yes. Once he did, it allowed her a certain amount of fancies to upset her down in her belly, and into her privates as well.

“Great” she told him, once she swallowed hard but with a smile which could melt many a man’s heart, and then she added “we’ll be able to eat in about an hour.”

He said fine and took his horse out so it could relax and eat and he came back. She had changed, again. This time she wore a nice and fancy looking and an even “tighter” dress. This one seemed to let him know she was “showing” it all off now. It allowed him to see her “miraculous” shape and curves as well at the age of 39. She caught his eye with that dress and there was no doubt about it. He saw what she intended him to see.

Yes, I am not that old or so I don’t think so and no, you’re not too young in my opinion either. So Marshall look at me. Look at my body too and make me feel like a woman again, she found herself saying. I want to feel as if I am worthy and “healthy” she wished she could tell this man. She also wished she could turn around several times too so she could let him see her in a different light. He had seen her and truly liked what he’d seen of her as well. Once he saw her bosoms, the younger and new Marshall found the older woman to have a body which was more then worthy of his affections.

He slipped. He said it anyway and with a smile she loved seeing too. “Mam, may I say you look right fitting this night?”

She turned to face him, surprised at what she heard. “Parson me, Marshall?” she said. No, there wasn’t a smile on her face shortly afterward once she digested what he’d said she had one on it.

He felt he had to clarify what he’d said to her. “All I am saying mam is you look right nice this evening and real fitting too. All I’m saying is the dress you have on, well mam, it looks really nice on you.”

She was shocked by his words and felt a slight heat rushing through her but was able to say “Well thank you Marshall” although he could see her red face. She felt some tingling within her, again, which she hadn’t felt in ages. She thought about his words he spoke and knew she hadn’t felt these feelings in years. She liked feeling the feelings she was experiencing and although her thighs and tummy burned like never before she forced herself to get control of herself. She knew she was married and these emotions were not fitting of a married woman. “Marshall today is a really nice evening. Would you like to have dinner with me, out on our back porch which I can set up?”

He looked at her and dreamt of women all over the country he’d seen, such as Maxine, and though he didn’t know she was Maxine’s mother he still felt possessed by her looming attractive features, which overtook his thoughts.

Her hair, her eyes, and yes, her bosoms seemed to attract his hormones to her. And as for her yes, her looks attracted her to him too. That “grand” looking chest of hers along with facial features was easy for him to fall in love with.

“Care for something to drink with your dinner, Marshall?” she asked and he obliged.

“This is a real fine dinner mam” he said. “I do love this steak.”

She thanked him as they talked and talked. It was nice to have a man at her homestead seeing as her husband was not for the time being. It was getting late. He felt as if he owed it to her to help cleaning up the dinner dishes, which surprised her.

“No, I’ll be going into town and renting a room at the local hotel there, mam” he said. He watched as the sun slowly went down and said he probably should head on out, but she “sold” him on staying a little longer. She smiled.

Before either knew it, it had become much too late to be riding back into town and she offered him the floor by the fire, but wished he could sleep in her bed, although she did not want to push it so he agreed to bed down by it and she did too, in her won bed that is. She wished she could be out there, by that fireplace with him, and snuggling closely to see what might happen with her lovely guest. She began picturing it all. She wished she was there, naked, and beside his body as he held hers against his. She wished he was truly without clothing and holding her naked features against his body too. She found herself craving him more and more as the night went on, longing for the comfort of this man in her house, and longing for whatever to happen to commence now.

She got up early. It was much too early for her but seeing as she had woken early and she knew why she cleaned up and dressed a little more provocatively then usual. Not so much so that she was dressing like she was going into town with her husband or anything seeing as she was at home and it was earlier then usual, she decided to put on something a little fitting, for his sake of course.

She felt “fanciful” that morning. All of her did in fact and with that she put on the best morning wear she could think of. It was one which her husband had bought when he was on an out of town trip. He eased it up over her shoulders and tied it shut but she smiled and asked herself why do that as she too could see her breasts and nipples right through the silky layer of the see-through robe.

She looked at herself. She smiled and looked at her figure which lie beneath the lovely robe she adorned. And once she had, she touched each one, and closed her eyes as she felt her fingers on them. Quietly she said it. “Ooooooohh Marshall, I do hope you like this because I do” and she smiled a heavenly smile.

She walked out of her room. He was up and around and dressed as well and despite that he was she said “Good morning Marshall, how are you?” It was said with a conniving smile for the ages.

He turned around. The look on his face had said it all. He saw the woman the way every man wants to see a beautiful looking woman. In a robe which says it all. Oh yeah, he saw her bosoms. He saw their shape. He saw their fullness. And yes, he saw her luscious looking nipples crying out his and only his name. He stared at her. No, he stared at them more to the point. She was delighted that he was staring at them too. She felt like saying it, like telling him to come here, and touch them and take them in his hands.

This was a woman he barely knew and here she was displaying herself as a woman of the evening he thought. Oh she was beautiful and there was no denying that of course. Seeing her in the robe and seeing through it so easily as he had, he could see the definitions of her figure, and he knew he truly loved her figure too.

He was shocked she wore it, at first as he looked at her some more. Full as they were, and lying right beneath it as if she wasn’t even wearing anything at all, he told himself they are right there. Wholesome, gorgeous looking, and wanton for the touch of a man and whatever he wants to do with them he thought. She has two of most beautiful bosoms a man would ever want in his lifetime.

Hers were lying beneath a carnal sheath of unimportant material which are covering her breasts. He wanted them, both of them, and as he told himself so his privates began tingling painfully too.

“How are you Marshall?” she asked again, in a tone of voice which sent hard “prickles” flying down into his own loins. He needed something done about that and knew it too. As she stood there and he did too he was soon suddenly mesmerized by the beauty she displayed of her nakedness lying beneath the frivolous silkiness of the robe. He saw the flat toned belly of hers too, and despite what she was doing he didn’t know why she was doing it. All he knew was he was trapped by her beauty as it was going on. What is she doing to me he asked himself. Why is she doing this? I gotta go. I gotta go and now. I just have to get out of here, he told himself.

But she was not to have it. Not yet she wasn’t. She wanted to walk up to him. She wanted to rest her hands on his wonderful manly chest but felt she couldn’t do it yet. Still she said “Sit down, sit down Marshall.” Somehow she was able to ease his big tall frame over to her table and get him to sit down. “I can easily cook you up some ham and eggs as well. Here, take off your hat while I do that” and she got him to ease the good looking guest to her table and when he did, he sat down and pulled off his hat.

He turned and looked at her. Boy, he sure liked what he saw. Seeing that woman’s bare naked ass right through her robe and no underclothing on whatsoever, he thought. Oh my lord, he told himself and with that he sat and stared at her two lovely cheeks. The mature woman’s buttocks stared at him too.

He knew he loved her looks. He knew that for sure. She most definitely was one of the most attractive women he ever ran into over the years but he also knew he had to move on after breakfast. He had to go. He must go. However, he looked at her again. Look at that body of hers, he told himself. Does she really want me that much? Does she he asked himself.

“Here” she said as she brought the eggs and ham to him. “I do fry great ham. I’ve been told that” she said smiling and rubbed his arms, gently. “How does it taste?”

“Good mam, real good indeed” he said as he worked it down while he felt his loins burning crazily and trying hard not to look at her incredibly beautiful bosoms.

“I know I am married Marshall” she said out of nowhere “and I do know I am not a whore either” and as she said it her hand slid up on his lap. He looked down at it and then at her as he chewed his food up “but Marshall a woman can and will have feelings, sir. Now men, well men they’ve said think by these” and with that her hand ran over his privates. He jumped.

“Mam, please” he called out. “You are a married woman. And despite that you are a beautiful one at that, I do not see anything happening here.”

Then out of nowhere, she smiled some more. “Ohhhhhh Marshall, we both know that you’re saying but Marshall I do aim to get what I need. Like I said, men and women both have feelings and though men “think with their privates, women do not. Still, I” and with that she closed her eyes and went on to say “need certain feelings disposed of.”

With a full mouth he sat looking at her as his loins burned up more and more and she went on to say “My husband goes out of town often, Marshall. Me, well I’m here, left all alone to, well I don’t know, dream kind of?” Her words made him grow curious as to what she was getting at and listened. “Marshall, well maybe you understand but maybe you don’t. I do not know, sir, but a woman’s dreams grow and they do grow wild.”

Wow, what is she getting at, he asked himself. Oh lord he thought, what is she getting at?

Sitting at the table, and smiling as she looked at him, she did it out of nowhere. Maxine’s mother untied her silky see-through robe hence unveiling her full and more then healthy bosoms so that this man was more then able to see them. She smiled and stared at him and waited. Once he saw them, he sat straight up ogling their beauty and he did not move an ounce. She touched his wrist and then caressed his arm and with that, as if he didn’t know it, she lifted his arm so that he would feel her bosoms. Not wearing a drop of clothing he was more then able to feel her bosoms and she pressed his hand against one and then the other and as she did she closed her eyes.

He looked at his hand on her boob and said “Pardon me, mam.”

She dropped the robe to the floor and stood up. Now, he was able to see all of her nakedness, all of her fine drawn out curves. He saw everything. He saw her beautiful and hairy vaginal area and stared at it too. With that she held his hand in hers and said “Take me, Marshall. Take me to my bedroom. I need you Marshall and I so need you badly. I want you inside me Marshall. I want you badly.” She closed her eyes closed and once she did she went on to say “I need you soooo badly. Do this for me, to me this one time?” she begged of him.

He swallowed down the last piece of ham and then stood up as he continued to stare at the absolutely fabulous body figure. He knew and he also felt the rumblings within him. She knew she was about to get what she wanted all night long. He came, she saw him, and they were soon going to breach any marital love she had for her husband. He was about to go beneath those bedsheets in the other room and was damn proud of himself too. Yes, he felt those tingling feelings a man feels when he’s around a woman who is trying to exploit her physical qualities. It harped away at him down beneath his trousers while his eyes fancied her wonderful shapely and juicy breasts. He could almost feel them in his mouth and without her help at that as he slowly but surely became harder and harder already. The Marshall felt she was a fabulous looking woman and there wasn’t any denying that. As good as Maxine was, he thought, he wondered what this woman would bring to him.

“Ohhhhhhh my god woman” and when he said it he saw her smile. She knew for sure it was her chance. “Oh my lord lady” he said again. She was sure of one thing. That morning, she was to get lucky as she grabbed hold of his hand leading him back to her bedroom.

She undid his clothing. She unbuttoned his shirt. She pushed it off his shoulders and when she did she saw the massive looking chest. Overtaken by his strikingly attractive features, she had not seen a man of this stature in ages. Not even her husband could match these physical demands. No way, no how could he ever match those.

She then looked down and he let her do it too. She undid his trousers and he knew by her doing this, she couldn’t wait to see it all. Yes, he was hard and so at this point he was already horny too. She pushed them down. She removed them next. She burst with heightening arousal herself as she eased them off his body. Once off him, she looked at all of him from his chest to his stomach and all the way down to his privates where she smiled a glorious and prevalent smile. She looked into his eyes as her hands ran up and down his chest all the way down around his long and miraculous sized manhood. He truly enjoyed what she was doing and so he picked her up and laid her down in the bed.

He laid down with her and she was already “moaning” before he’d done anything to her. The anticipation had already throttled her emotionally. She saw his privates but wanted them inside her at that point. Yes, he ached for her, and yes he wanted her now. He was ready for all of her. So at that point without request from her he climbed atop of her, his erection sliding up over hers and then her tummy. He smiled as he laid down over her. As he did his hands came up over her bosoms. He caressed them, then squeezed them too, but before she knew it his mouth came down over them and kissed each one passionately as her bosoms had ever been kissed before.

“Ohhhhhh” she cried out, out of nowhere “Go in me. I want you now. Now do it to me and do me badly Marshall” she said, never knowing his first name ever. And he did as she requested and pushed it down inside her. She screamed immensely as it went in and went up and further into her pussy. He pushed hard and directed his hardness deep inside her swollen horny privates. “Ohhhhhh uh ahhhhh yes” she clamored as her body moved about. “Oh yes more, oh more” she cried again and again as her hands came around him and held onto his back and pulled hard at his shoulders and back. And as he went at her he felt her legs come around him onto his shoulders and pull on his massive frame. She found herself wanting much more. It went on and on and as it did she screamed out endlessly.

With the power of a work horse inside her, which she had never felt before, the Marshall fucked her wildly. She loved it. As he fucked her, like with Maxine, he often leaned down into the woman and crazily sucked her breasts as well. It didn’t take long for either of them, but she came twice and he would cum too. He felt great and she smiled feeling wonderful as ever.

She wanted his body all the time but knew that wasn’t possible and he knew he had to leave. She was great and wild and a heck of a lot of fun too. He told her so too and that alone made her a very happy but married woman as she lay naked face up in her bed. He got up and dressed right in front of her and as he did, she watched him. What she’d done with this man made her feel more fulfilled then she had ever felt in a long while and as she lay in the bed, it seemed she couldn’t catch her breath all morning long. He bent over and kissed his one time lover a long good bye.

As he walked out the front door he said to no one in particular “Gotta go find the woman I really think I love.” As he rode away she rode towards the house herself and thankfully her mama had heard the horse as it came closer and closer to the home. He never even knew it but there he was, fornicating with the young woman’s mother, and he never even knew he was doing it to the same woman.

“Mama, ohhh mama” Maxine called out. “Who was that I saw riding away?

“Oh nobody dear” she said as she smiled inside. He’s just a man who really knows how to pleasure a woman. That’s all and then she said out loud “Oh he’s a local peace officer who was asked to come out and check up on us here” she told her daughter and her daughter never even thought to ask his name, which her mother didn’t even know.

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