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Intriguing Marshall PT4

Marshall Gabriel finally runs into Maxine and has sex with her at her parents farm
He had finally met her husband who actually is the father of Maxine but he never knew it, and he wouldn’t know that until that week. He discovered Mary was going out of town with him. The woman who he had fornicated with a few times and loved doing it with him too was on her way out of town for about a month. He didn’t know why but he decided to stop in anyway. Mary and her husband had been making plans to head east and see family. It was to be a short vacation for her and as usual business for him.

Gabe had decided to ride in. As he rode in, he didn’t know any of these plans of course. He saw Mary, on the porch, and as usual wished after taking to the husband he said something to Mary also. There wasn’t going to be any “quality time” for the next four week. However, that was okay. He’d find someone else he hoped to fill that time up.

“Now, our daughter, Maxine” said Mary’s husband “will be coming by of course. She’ll be around Marshall to keep an eye on the place uhhh once or twice a week.”

Huh Maxine he thought. Uh, I know a Maxine he said to himself. I wonder what she looks like and for that matter how many Maxine’s live in the area. Uhhh, I mean I do know one Maxine. She’s a really darn pretty looking young lady he thought. From that he wondered and finally said I’ll just have to come by and see. Hmmm, that is interesting if it is the same one.

“I may know your daughter sir” Gabriel finally said. “I escorted a rather pretty young lady back to town some time ago in fact. Anyway sir, you and the wife have a really nice fine trip, okay? I do hope you two enjoy yourselves” the Marshall said and turned to leave.

The wife, Mary happened to walk back out and stood on the porch, watching him. She looked at him, he looked at her. Each smiled. He winked at Mary. She saw it, closed her eyes, and smiled some more. The husband had just so happened to turn away when Gabe had done it so Gabe and Mary continued to look at each other and Gabriel being the “man of honor” that he knew he wasn’t all of a sudden blew her a kiss. Knowing that Mary’s husband wasn’t looking, Mary smiled, and blew one back.

He rode away. However, he told himself that he had to know if it was the same Maxine. He made a mental note to come back out and see if it was her, the same Maxine he knew. Wow, he’d thought, I haven’t seen Maxine since, well since I don’t know when. It had been ages so several days later, while running some duties the Marshall made a pointed effort of riding out that way.

He noticed that the local sheriffs had also visited. They were on their way back. They all stopped and talked but none mentioned that Maxine was there. Anyway, he rode on up.

However, before he did he rode around and swung back towards the homestead. By this time, she was back. Seeing as she was only visiting, she still put the buggy and horse in the barn and settled in to do a few things around the place. It was her plan to stay the night and also stay alone.

Not tonight it turns out.

Nope, not tonight because when she discovered he’d ridden up, smiles from each had coveted their faces. When Maxine saw him she soared swiftly onto cloud nine.

“Gabriel” she shouted and she was running rather fast and continuing to shout. “Gabriel you do exist. You’re here. I can’t believe it. You are here” she exclaimed. With that, in her lovely long dress, she came running down the steps off the porch. For beginners, she started hugging his leg and almost crying openly but said “I have soooo missed you. You don’t know how much” but as she said it he got down off his horse, and once he did she jumped at him “I’ve missed you soooo badly Gabriel.”

From there she smothered him with endless and deep kisses. Initially it appeared as if it was almost too much but he came soon came around and returned his own wave of kisses and with that they shared lots of tongue as well. Within both a heat wave of lust soon developed.

At least for her it had.

Meanwhile he was saying to himself no time for talking now. Let’s do this. Let’s get it on and let’s get into bed. Ohhh sweetheart, I’m gonna bed you down. I am gonna sex you up and I am gonna sex you up good. I’m gonna do it all. I’m gonna do you proud he went on to tell himself as they kissed and kissed and even continued shoving their tongues in one another’s hot and lust filled mouths.

He pulled back as he held her at the waist. “Wow, now talk about getting me all excited” he said as he looked into her crisp beautiful eyes and smiled. “I mean, yeah okay I’ve missed you too and I’ve missed you a lot as well. I never knew you grew up here. I’ve met your mama and pappy. I never knew you grew up here but your pappy and your mama told me just the other day they were going on a vacation back east and asked if I’d come and check the place out. They’d told me their daughter was going to be here and their daughter’s name is Maxine, well I had to come and check out who Maxine was.”

“Yep, I’m Maxine” she told him with a smile that took up her whole face. “I am soooo darn happy to see you Gabe” she said exultingly “that I feel like I could do it with you right here. But we best do it inside or wait, maybe out back where there’s lots of grass could be a lot of fun too. How’s that sound, huh? Wanna do it out in the back, in the grass with me?”

“Whatever you want my lovely lady” he told her. “Whatever my lovely lady wants. Uhhh this is your home. I’ll do it anyway you wish to do it and I’ll do it wherever you wish to do it too” he added and put his arms around her, planting another deep kiss on her lips.

The kiss was grand and she was soooo excited afterward that she whisked him away inside. Through the kitchen they went. She grabbed a bottle of wine from the cellar along with two glasses, and before he knew it they’d settled down into the long bladed silky like grass back behind the house. She ahd him open the wine, pouring a glass for each of them, which she gulped down, and he sipped at seeing as he was still on duty.

Before he knew it, she had already begun undressing herself a little. He was a little astounded as she handed him her glass for some more wine. As he poured her some more wine he noticed the clear and crisp undulating layers of her cleavage awaiting him and his hands, body and any and all kisses he was willing to give her. She looked too delicious for words seeing as what lay beneath the undergarments.

He handed her another glass of wine. Yep, go on, drink some more he told himself and took a few more sips of his too. She drank some more. She began feeling loose. He sipped and tried maintaining. She didn’t care of course. She did what she wanted to do and that was fornicated with the wonderful giving Marshall.

He tried watching his p’s and q’s, at first, but that soon became a loosing cause. She looked too damn delicious to him. It soon became a lost battle. He had to have her, badly.

Fornicating is fornicating and well he knew that. However, he also knew that seeing as it was Maxine, he’d enjoy this more then ever. Before he knew it, her glass of wine was empty again. Man, she was drinking it up he thought. She asked for another one. At that point, he was more then happy to pour one for her and she took it and put it aside. This time she wanted to be sure he was a little more undressed too.

“I want you to get naked too Gabriel” she said with her darling smile. “This only works when we’re both naked you know.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard that. “Oh and by the way, I have missed you very much” he went on to add, although lying to her a little seeing as he fucked her mother a few times already.

They got the small talk out of the way. Before he knew it she was down to her undergarments. He saw a lot more of her bosoms now and she had his boots off as well. She reached in and removed his vest and then his shirt so all that was left were those pants and his t-shirt and boxers. She grew wildly more excited.

“Mmmmmm, this is what I’ve missed” she told him as she reached for his inner thigh.

“Oh yeah, me too” he said and told her to not stop stroking him where she was.

Before too much longer he felt her hand sliding around and over his thick and manly cock. Now, to him, that felt great. How she did that was super. How her hand felt as it seemed to slip and run over it felt great. He could feel a stiffness growing within it. He smiled and let her know how it felt and so she continued doing the exact same thing. Although he still wore his boxers, she found away to arouse regardless of it.

He wasn’t going to make her stop doing it. Uh uhhh, no way. It felt way too good he’d told himself as she rolled across the hardening shaft. Yep, it was feeling way too darn good he thought as her soft and almost moist like hand and fingers “danced” slowly around his cock. He leaned back some more allowing Maxine further opportunity to go inside the boxers her wore and he knew he was having way too much fun as it was.

Once inside, once beneath those boxers she slowly and easily found her way under the seems of the boxers. He saw her face. It was a look of exalted surprise as she felt its actual thickness with her fingertips. She had touched the tip of it. Her eyes blew open wide. A smile of smiles blew onto her cheeks as if to say “That’s your, ohhh Gabriel. My god Gabriel it’s humongous.”

Yes, she had now felt it with her hands for the first time in ages. She again had felt that thickness of his she soooo missed and longed for for a very long time. The thickness was immeasurable she told herself. Her heart had begun beating wildly as her fingers crawled over it and held its thickness more firmly then ever. He had leaned back some more, this time spreading his legs out even more. His eyes closed once he felt her palming his cock. He knew it now. Yes he did.

It was time!

He reached forward. He undid all of her undergarments now. She let him too. He had become way too excited for words. He was as happy as a hog and having that chance to feel her inner most privates again to him was a very exciting and a very rewarding chance he had missed as well. What a great idea he eventually told himself and with that Gabe was on top of her. Happy as a hog, she easily allowed it to happen too. Her wine glass had fallen out of her hand. She pushed it away. The wine no longer mattered to either of them at this point. Feeling his body, his massive manly body on hers was the ultimate gift she told herself as he went for her.

She wanted it anyway. And so before she knew it he was atop of her and inside her too.

His manliness was already hard at “work” or play as the case may be. It was about to get much, much better too. He knew what he wanted. She knew what she wanted too. She wanted him. She wanted his cock. She had both on top of her and now inside of her as he began slowly but picked up speed. Before too long, with all their clothing off, she was pulling at him and also kissing his lips plentifully, and he found he was returning all her kisses with great passion to her ass well.

Inside her, he filled her with obsessive glory. Initially it felt as if it was her very first time in months she’d fornicated but knew much better. Fornicating with Gabriel, well doing it again with him as his cock filled her hole, and as she grabbed for his body once again felt incredible. Her eyes were closed. Her body screamed for more. She pumped and pushed and grabbed at his flesh as he banged one her wonderful body and she felt herself about to scream for more and more.

Then she did it. She screamed out. She cried out as if he wasn’t doing enough which he was but she needed it more and more and even more. The two were pulling at one another’s bodies. To him it all felt hard to believe. He was fucking Maxine finally again. To Maxine it was all, to put it mildly, fantastic as his cock seemed to fill every last millimeter of her pussy.

These two were now at it heatedly. She pulled at him. He pushed down on her. Before he knew it he found she was about to switch positions on him. She wanted to be on top. He didn’t care. They were fucking happily. They were fucking pleasurably. Sweat started forming on her brow. He couldn’t believe it but it didn’t matter. Nothing was going to stop as a result of it. Now on the bottom, he watched her bosoms dance. He loved her bosoms. So full and so filled with blossoming beauty he watched them swing and dance and suddenly he wished they were down in his face, at his mouth.

She was fornicating with him and she was the one on top. That felt odd but he still loved it. He didn’t care if she wanted to be on top. As long as they went at it like to heathens, he didn’t care how it all happened. Just so it happened he told himself as he fucked his woman hard. She wanted it that way and so he didn‘t care one bit at all. She wanted to do it with him and nobody else. She needed it and he gave it to her as required.

Before he knew it she was doing something he never saw a woman do ever before. She was almost jumping all over as beads of sweat poured from her brow. She dripped and dripped and perspired madly. She fucked equally as hard in the hot sun. It was remarkable to him that she would perspire so wildly. Still they fucked anyway. He loved it and she pressed on. She had to have her orgasms. She had to have them at every cost.

And she was already coming and she kept it going too.

“Ohhhhhh yes Gabriel, yes” she screamed and bellowed. “More oh more ohhhhhh yes more honey more” she cried out as her boobs swayed and danced all over the place. Even as he seemed to thrust up off the ground, her incredibly beautiful and shapely ass seemed to levitate in mid-air as well. And with her eyes closed, she cried out for more. Screaming, shrieking, and praising how well he had been fucking her throughout it all.

She would not stop. As the two fucked, Maxine kept on pulling at him. She knew she needed much more, and so he kept on fucking her and as he did she continued levitating in mid-air or so it appeared. She screamed endlessly. She continued to perspire as well. She dropped down over him and “offered” her bosoms to him. She’d told him, and this was new to him too, to kiss and suck on her boobs.

He did as asked. He kissed them but it was the sucking of them and more to the point the sucking of her large fat nipples she really wanted. She sat down, finally. She lay atop of his face. Her bosoms were practically on his mouth. To Gabriel, it felt as if they were soft precious gold. To Gabriel he wished he could have this forever. He wished he could have them all day long. However, he knew better. He’d have them again. He knew that and so he sucked on her bosoms. He sucked on her nipples too.

He had all the treats a man could ever want that a woman such as her offered to him.

At this point, both had exploded. Both were whipped too. She fell on top of him. He came and so had she. She’d felt him inside her. She felt the gush of cum blast inside her glorious hole. And with that, she dropped and kissed him forever. He held her close. He kissed her back. They lay naked in the sun, relaxing a while.

“Gabriel, have you been with any other women since you’ve settled here in this area?”

“Uhhh yeah” he replied. “I have.”

“Is the woman anyone I’d know?” she asked.

“Uhhh, I don’t know. Tell you the truth, I don’t even know the woman’s name” he lied.

“How old was she?” asked Maxine.

He lied again. “Well I think she was a little older then you. Why you want to know?”

“Ohhhhhh I don’t know. I suppose I’m just being a little uh curious I guess.”

“Well don’t be” he told her and with that he reached for her nipples and looked at her. He started to play with them a little. She adored how it felt. “You’re really the only one I love, okay. You’re the only one I want to fornicate with also, okay?” and with that he looked her in the eyes. She was smiling. She was happy. She appeared satisfied.

Phew, that was close he thought. Too bad I’m probably never going to do Mary again.

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