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It's a Family Affair...

Paul finds out it's not always wrong to go back....
I try to avoid her but it’s impossible, she calls out my name across the crowded shopping mall.

“Paul, hey Paul, I thought it was you, are you trying to avoid me or something?”

I would have loved to be honest and say yes, but I’m too much of a soft touch to be so blunt.

“No, no Jill, just didn’t recognise you, you’ve changed your hair, looks good.”

Jill is my ex-girlfriend, Nikki’s’s Mother, Nikki split from me about a month ago now, not taking it too well when I confessed I had been having sex with one of her workmates.

 As Nikki lived at home with Mum and Dad, I used to see a lot of Jill, she was forty six, but with a face belonging to someone at least ten years younger. She always dressed young too, never afraid to show off her tanned legs or bulging cleavage. I was often convinced she was flirting with me, and when Nikki wasn’t in the room she would often cross and uncross her legs allowing her usually shortish skirt to ride up her thigh. I always tried not to look, but I’m only human and my eyes inevitably strayed over her bare flesh. Nikki once accused me of wanting to “Fuck the arse” off her Mum, I denied it, but must admit the thought had been the subject of more than one of my masturbatory fantasies.

We engaged in small talk for a while, being a gent I asked her if she fancied a coffee. We found a nearby café and took a table. Chit chat included what Nikki was up to now (off with new, superior beau apparently) and why I had cheated on her.

“What is it with Men, you just can’t keep it in your trousers. A new bit of skirt shows a little interest and you start thinking with your dicks?”

I didn’t have the answer, the conversation dried up. I look at my watch and say I have to be somewhere. Jill then told me Nikki still had a few of my things and she wanted them gone, but didn’t want to see me again. We arranged a date and time when she wouldn’t be around. I enter the info into my phone and bid her goodbye.


I ring the doorbell and within seconds I hear her heels on the tiled hallway. She opens up and invites me in. I am taken aback. Jill is wearing a tight fitting black blouse with a low cut front, displaying her large breasts, and an equally tight black thigh length skirt with killer black heels to match. She gestures as to say come in and as I pass her my nose is filled with her heady perfume, it’s a sensual, almost peach like aroma, not her usual. I must admit it was gorgeous. Her green eyes are fixed on mine and ushers me into the living room. “Take your shoes off first though.”

On the table is a pile of my belongings, a couple of old cd’s, a dvd, aftershave and a couple of pairs of designer boxer shorts. I gather them up and put them into a bag.

“All there?” she asks. I tell her I think so.

“Nice underwear by the way, Nikki always said you had good taste.”

I thank her and tell her it’s been nice to see her.

“You don’t have to go yet, do you? Stay and have a drink with me.”

It was only 2 pm, a bit early for me, but she wasn’t to be denied. I agree and sit down in the huge leather armchair. She returned to the room with an excellent bottle of South African red and two glasses. She places a glass down on a mat in front of me and pours the wine, in doing so bending down and treating me a delicious view of her magnificent tits. She seems to be pouring in slow motion and I get a really good look. Jill catches me staring and tuts “Men, all the same.”

She takes a seat directly opposite mine. I take her face in, she is really beautiful. Shiny long black hair, dark eyebrows, long lashes and emerald green piercing eyes. Her mouth is wide and sensuous, and when she talks I just watch her mouth move.

We talk about her husband, Michael and the amount of time he spends at work.

“Well, he has to pay for all this, can’t be cheap.” I gesture at the room and all it’s finery.

The wine is flowing and a second bottle is now open, our guard's are now down and we recall funny stories, one particular incident when I had just started going out with Nikki. We were fooling around in the lounge and it turned into us fucking wildly. Jill must have heard noise and came down to investigate, meanwhile we were both scrambling to get our clothes back on, just about making it as she came in.

She threw her head back laughing loud, recalling our embarrassment.

“You pair thought I hadn’t clicked, but Nikki’s pants were one the floor and I could see you hade a massive hard on, I’m no Sherlock, but even I worked that one out.”

I was shocked, and although it was a while ago, I felt myself blush.

“Don’t worry about it, at least I didn’t catch you at it, that would have been embarrassing. Mind you, having seen the outline of your cock, maybe I wish I had.”

Silence. We change the subject, but I can’t take my eyes off her legs, she had done her usual leg cross, right over left, and is exposing a huge amount of bronzed thigh. I can’t think straight, I’m just imagining doing extremely rude things to Jill.

“You’re at it again, looking at my legs, it was my breasts earlier. Nikki always said you fancied me, is it true?”

I deny it, she is staring deep at me. Calmly, without a word she uncrosses her legs, splaying them over the arms of her chair. Hitching her skirt up and revealing she is not wearing underwear. Her sex is clean shaven, with dark black labia and a protruding clit. I am spellbound. Her left hand finds it’s way to her lips, running her fingers softly over them, before spreading her beautiful bud wide open.

“You men, no matter how many pussies you see, you just can’t resist seeing another one spread wide open, well now you’ve seen mine, how does it compare, I guess mine is prettier than my daughter’s?”

I’m mesmerised by her. “I fancy you, Paul. I always used to hear you having sex with Nikki and wished it was me. I often used to make myself come just thinking about sucking your cock.”

This was getting way out of hand. My penis becoming ever harder, and I couldn’t think of anything to make my erection go away. “You look a little bit uncomfortable, Paul, something wrong?”

I tell her I’m okay but she can see the ridge growing in my jeans, she is still playing with herself as she talks to me

“Why don’t you take the jeans off? Looks like they’re a bit tight. You can show me which lovely boxers you’ve got on today.”

I’m now fully hard. I shouldn’t be doing this, it’s crazy, and wrong. But I AM thinking with my dick. I unzip my jeans and push them off.

She is getting a good look at my cock, I think she likes what she sees.

“And your t-shirt.”

I comply, throwing my tee next to my jeans. I’m standing in just my boxers now.

“Mmmm nice muscles, Paul, and nice boxers, Paul Smith aren’t they?”

I nod, feeling a touch self conscious as she assesses my body.

“Your cock looks big, Paul. Nikki told me you were well hung, I can see she’s right, now come here.”

Her finger gestures me to come over and I stand in front of her. Leaning forward she gropes my cock through my boxers, then pulls me closed by grabbing my bum cheeks. She gently kisses and licks my straining member through the cotton.

“Oh god, it feels so beautiful, I need to see it.”

She releases my manhood and pushes my boxers down and I kick them off. I am now stark naked in front of her. She caresses my length and slides back my foreskin, trailing a long pink nail all over my bulbous head.

She lifts herself out of the chair and kneels in front of me. Grasping my sac with one hand and opening her mouth wide to accept my girth. Her tongue feels so beautiful running over my sensitive helmet and then over the top of my penis tracing up and down the huge vein that spans my length Her hand is now massaging my sac and it feels divine,

“Let’s go upstairs, I want to feel your cock inside me.”

I tell her not yet, one of us is a little overdressed. Standing up I rip open her blouse and undo the clasp of her black silky bra to release her pendulous breasts. They are amazing, just amazing. Huge melon sized tits, firm and topped with large black nipples, which were deliciously erect. I am like a kid in a sweet shop, hungrily sucking one nipple and then the other, this elicit’s a moan of desire from her sweet mouth.

 I turn her around and unzip her tight skirt, moving it down her lovely legs and off onto the floor, she is also now completely nude.

We kiss feverishly, tongues in each others mouths, trying to devour each other. My hand is between her legs massaging her mound. She is so wet, her juice trickling down my fingers. Our state of passion means we aren’t going to make it upstairs. I pull her down onto the rug and I climb on top of her.

“Fuck me, Paul, fuck me right here just like you did Nikki.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice, I dip my length very slightly into her, and pull out, push in slightly deeper and pull out.

“Don’t showboat, just fuck me.”

Now there’s a challenge. I force my dick deep inside her, forcing a gasp of pain from her. Well she asked for it, so I’m not holding back. She spreads her legs, allowing me better access. I fuck her harder and harder, she is now screaming, her nails digging into my back and scratching me, she has drawn blood.

“Harder, Harder.” she orders.

I am now giving it to her hard and fast, I’m balls deep inside her. The sweat is pouring out of me, I’ve never wanted to fuck anybody so much as I do Jill. Her gasps are filling the room, and her fingers digging deeper into my skin.

“I haven’t been fucked like this for years, Paul, you’re prick is so bloody thick.”

In full swing now, I’m pushing harder into her, she is soaking wet and her cream covers my penis. This is absolute bliss, her sex coaxing my come from me.

I feel the sensation of something probing my anus, breaking my rhythm I stop and look over my shoulder. It’s Nikki, naked and on all fours behind me tonguing my hole. I can’t compound what is happening.

She removes her tongue and looks at me with distain.

“Hi Paul, enjoying my Mom’s pussy?”

This is beyond surreal.

“Don’t stop, fuck her.”

I am slightly dazed, but continue. My hardness has wilted slightly but soon regains itself as I push into Jill, whilst Nikki's tongue has been replaced by her index finger. This is mindblowing, her finger is up to the knuckle inside me, it feels amazing. I can’t hold on, shooting by come deep inside Jill's tight hole.

I pull out and offer myself to Nikki, who hungrily sucks my cock, licking the residue clean.

My load is now trickling out of Jill's entrance.

“Oh Mother, you’re so clumsy, you’ve made a mess on the rug." My huge deposit is now oozing out of her. I don’t believe what happens next. Nikki scoops up my come onto her fingers and holds them above Jill's face. A huge blob of my semen drops into her open mouth, which she swallows with gusto.

“You see Nikki, It proves my point, men just find me hotter than you. I’ve now fucked your last two ex boyfriends, Paul makes it three.”

I don’t feel so special all of a sudden.
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