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It's Not Nice To Tease

Young girl fulfills an old man's fantasy.
My whole life I have attracted the attention of men. But it was never the beeps from pre-pubescent teens in hot cars that got my attention. Nor the self indulgent, egotistical muscly men that grind over you in clubs, assuming you'll feel their cock girting against you to cheap, crappy, club music and suck it there and then. No, it was the older men. It was the longing in the slightly chubby, graying builder who would stop and stare at my pert breasts and tiny ass peaking over my sundress that gave me a feeling of power.

Young boys will always find a little slut to fuck. Older men are appreciative, older men want you, long for you, wank over you. I started to experiment, leaving the house with no pants on under my dress, sitting across from older men at the library and opening my legs, wide. I would drop things in front of older men at the pub, bend down so they could see my pussy peeking under my dress. I loved the feeling, the power it gave me to make someone want me so much, and then walk away as if nothing happened. I would often go home and finger myself whilst thinking about their faces, shocked and impressed.

So, at age 19, after a few years of provocative flirting and bad behavior, I decided to fuck an older man. I had been working at a restaurant for a couple of months, and frequently served an older man at the restaurant who would come in on his way to visit his children twice a week. Graham. He was around 59, grey, sweet, and gentle looking, but couldn't hide the longing he felt when he saw my young tiny body, especially in the tight uniform of a waitress. I would always wink at him and flirt with him, always leaning over him to collect an imaginary object over the table so his face was practically buried in my tits. One night he came in late, and as I was closing up alone, I seized my opportunity.

“What are you doing here so late, Graham? Need a warm bed?” I winked.

“Traffic was a nightmare sunshine, going to have to stay in a hotel up the road for the night. It 'aint so bad, I get to stay here until it closes!” He attempted to flirt back. He could never make eye contact with me, nervously flitting from my breasts to my legs to my ass.

“What are you looking at, Graham? Hmm?” The restaurant was empty at this point, and I stood in front of him, nipples hard and breasts pushed forward.

Graham remained silent, shocked. I could see him shift uncomfortably in his seat.

“My tits? Do you like these?” I cupped one in each hand and started slowly rubbing them, watching him the whole time.

After a long minute of me caressing my breasts over my tight black shirt, Graham eventually managed to mutter.

“Ye..Yes, of course I do. You're a very attractive young lady." He said nervously, looking around.

“Don't worry, it's locked. A very attractive young lady? Is that the best you can do?” I smiled seductively. “Maybe I'm not trying hard enough”

With that I turned around and bent over in front of him, revealing the bottom of my bare ass and pink pussy, now wet with excitement.

“You don't think I'm hot? Sexy? Fuckable?” I teased.

“But of course I do! All of those things...” Graham said tentatively, shifting in his seat and re-arranging his crotch.

“Is that a hard cock I see? I think you do find me attractive Graham”

With that, I walked towards him, lifted my tight black skirt and bent over directly in front of him, my ass practically touching his cock over his trousers.

“Go on, touch it” I urged. “Feel how wet I am”

I felt a hand touch my ass- I could have sworn he was shaking. This made me smile. Eventually he rubbed it, and I heard him moan and felt his cock harden.

“Ooh wow... I haven't felt anything like that in years...” He admired.

As he grew braver, I felt his hand move nearer my pussy. I moaned in encouragement, desperate for him to feel how tight and wet I was. I felt his finger exploring the outside of my hot pussy, gently.

“Finger fuck me” I ordered, more forcefully this time.

With that final word, he inserted a finger into my pussy, and I heard him exhale heavily, “Oh god...” He took it out and put in two this time- clumsily and nervously moving them in and out.

“Do you like that Graham?” I urged, breathlessly.

“You're so tight, so wet!”

With that I got up from the position I was in, crouched in front of his chair with my bare ass in the air, and stood up to face him. I sat on his lap and lifted my top, revealing two youthful, bouncy breasts and erect nipples. They reached his face and I grabbed his hand and forced him to cup a breast. I felt his cock harden again in appreciation. He may be old but he's got a good cock. I looked down at him and watched him take a nipple in his mouth and suck, taking the wet finger from my pussy and circulating my juices around the other nipple. I was enjoying myself, and I was enjoying watching this old man suck and lick my tits.

“Do you want me to fuck you, Graham? What do you like?” I asked him, hoping he would want me to bounce up and down on his cock as he sat back in his chair, admiring.

Instead he came out with an unusual response. “I want to cum on your face” He boldly pronounced. “I mean, if you'll let me....”

I was shocked that he didn't want to fuck me, but nodded. Whatever I could do to satisfy this old mans fantasy.

He could see I was confused, and attempted to explain. “I just want to see your face, I want a memory to take with me. These things don't happen anymore and I have always wanted to cum on a beautiful young girls face”

I liked this. The idea of this man wanking over me at home made me wet, so I immediately ordered him to take off his trousers and bent down in front of him. I could tell he was nervous, so to help him get hard I spread my legs and started to finger myself. I arched my back and moaned dramatically, one hand pulling at my nipples. It felt so good, being worshiped by this man, hardening in front of me. I fingered myself faster, my thumb moving on my clit and releasing that oh so familiar feeling of a growing orgasm.

“Oh, Ohh Graham!” I shouted as I came, wanting to give this man a lasting memory.

Still flushed from a post-orgasmic bliss, I saw he was ready. I got back to my knees and took his cock in my hands, still young and erect. I looked up at him as I licked up and down his shaft, pausing to take his balls in my mouth. I wet the head with spit and devoured him, taking his whole length into the back of my throat. Moving up and down I felt his hand on my head- warning me. As expected, he wouldn't last long. I kept sucking until I felt that familiar contracting, and then withdrew him from my mouth, looked up at him with big innocent eyes and bare tits, and let him empty onto my face.

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