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Jared and Jennifer, Part 1

All he wanted was good grades, he got so much more
I wanted to get straight A's my senior year of high school. I knew I'd need help so I signed up for my high schools tutoring program. Little did I know I'd be leaving high school with more than good grades.

You might call it fate when I ran into Mrs. Brooks that day at the supermarket. My mom needed some things to make dinner and I offered to get them for her. As I was walking passed the aisles, someone caught my eye and I stopped and did a double take. Reaching up for a can of soup on a high shelf was a teacher from my high school, Mrs. Brooks.

Standing at a height of 5'9, she was the definition of a blonde bombshell. She was wearing a plain white t shirt that showcased her huge tits, gym shorts that showed off her amazing butt, and running shoes. I guess she had just come from the gym because she was also sweating a bit. I couldn't help but ogle over her from afar, the woman was fucking perfect, and I had been in love with her from first moment our eyes met.

One day during my junior year, I was at my locker getting ready to head home. I had stayed late to help friends with a project so no one else was really in the halls. As I was about to shut my locker, I looked to my left and locked eyes with the prettiest woman id seen thus far in my life. I assumed she was a teacher because she had a nice blouse on, and a skirt that did not hide the fact that her legs were toned to the max.

I just stood there in awe as she walked my way. "Excuse me, is there anything I can help you with? You seem a little lost." I should have said lost in your stunning light blue eyes, but I was just a sixteen year old squirt. Didn't have any game yet. "I'm fine thanks, just uh a little tired." "Okay, well hurry home and get some rest, it's important."

When she smiled I thought I died and went to heaven. As she walked away her heels clicked and her hips swang back and forth and at that moment I was hooked on Mrs. Brooks. We didn't cross paths that much after that. A quick smile and hello here and there but I got the feeling she didn't really remember me. That was fine because knew I'd never forget her.

I knew I might never get a chance to talk to Mrs. Brooks once school starts, and she looked so good I had to say something. "Mrs. Brooks? Hi I'm not sure if you remember me bu-"

"Hello Jared, yes I remember you, still lost?" She chuckled after she said that. I was in shock. She remembers me? and knows my name?

"No not lost I said, just wanted to say hello"

"Good to hear, hello to you too" Her smile was still as infectious as ever. "So I hear someone needs tutoring?" That's right. I barely got through my junior year and I knew if I didn't get help this year I'd flunk out and wouldn't be able to graduate.

"Yeah I just want to hit the ground running this year."

"Understandable Jared, and lucky for you you'll have the best tutor our wonderful school has to offer. Me." 

I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped. She went on to explain how she would run our sessions but I didn't hear a word. I was just imaging seeing Mrs. Brooks sexy body 5 days a week for an hour an a half after school. On the way home I couldn't stop thinking how excited for school I was.

The start of senior year started off like all the others, but I started hearing a rumor on the third day. People were saying Mrs. Brooks was getting a divorce and she was pretty shaken up about it. I didn't know if that would affect our tutoring or not. I got an email from Mrs. Brooks saying we would start tutoring in 2 weeks, so I had some to get adjusted to my classes and bring work for her to help me with. Those 2 weeks went by so slow but finally the day I'd been waiting for finally happened.

Our tutoring session was supposed to start at 3pm, but I wanted to get there early so I could spend more time with Mrs. Brooks. She was sitting at a table in the corner of the library wearing black dress pants and a buttoned up top, while I was wearing my best blue jeans and a Young and Reckless white v neck. I wanted to look my best for Mrs. Brooks. I walked over to her and said "Hey Mrs. Brooks, good to see-"

"It's Singer!" She yelled.


"Singer. My last name is singer now." I guess the rumors were true.

"Okay, won't make that mistake again Ms. Singer."

"Good. Now let's get to work." She said coldly. This was not the start I saw coming.

"So Mr. Marks, what is your worst subject so far?"

"Well I'd have to say physics, it's kicking my butt" I looked up and Mrs. Brooks had a tear in her eye.

"Phillip was a physics teacher.." She mumbled under her breath. Geez I sure know how to make it worse don't I? I felt terrible about bringing up her husband and I didn't want her to start balling her eyes out in the library so I just went for it. I put my hand over hers and said:

"Ms. Singer, I'm sorry for bringing up bad memories, everything will work out for the best." Her eyes widened and she took her hand back fast. I didn't know how she would react, but I just did what felt right.

"Thank you Jared." She said smiling. "That is the nicest thing anyone's said to me in a while."

The rest of the tutoring went well that day. Over the next few weeks, Ms. Singer and I started to develop a friendly bond. She said since my grades were improving we didn't always have to talk about schoolwork. I learned that she was 40, and every time I got the chance I'd tell her she looked damn well near 20. She'd half smile and chuckle at that.

We bonded over our love for anything Paul Rudd. We both agreed he's a fantastic actor. I think she needed something like this. Someone who wasn't going to put her down or say her marriage ensign was her fault.

I learned that her husband, Phillip had cheated on her with multiple younger women and he blamed Jennifer for not putting out. Oh yeah, I call her Jennifer too and she calls me Jared. I'll never understand how a man could ever leave Jennifer. She was everything a guy could want and more.

I needed to tell her that.

"Ms. Singer, you're perfect. I was walking her to her car one day after our tutoring session. No one was around and it seemed like a great time to spill my guts.

"Thank you Jared, you're great too." She gave me a little wink and I got an instant hard on.

"No seriously Jen, you are. I'm so glad you're my tutor you've helped me so much, and.."

"And? Spit it out Jared we're almost at my car."

"And you're the sexiest woman alive, your husband is an idiot for leaving you, and I can't stop thinking about you. I want you Ms. Singer"

Jennifer's jaw dropped. "You're kidding right? You have to be, Jared you are a funny young man." She started looking for her keys but I kept going.

"I'm dead serious Jen. I think about you in all the wrong ways but I don't care. I know you feel the same way."

"I most certainly do not! This is wrong we can't be anything I'm sorry!" She started to turn to her car and I knew I couldn't just let her leave without knowing how serious I was. I pulled her in close and kissed her. Right on the lips. Outside of school. And it was the best kiss of my life.

What made it even better? She kissed back. She put her arms around me and kissed me back. Her lips were as soft as I had imagined in my dreams. She was such a good kisser and I couldn't believe what was happening.

After a few seconds we stopped and pulled away from each other. "Jared..I. I don't know what's going on but I need some time to think, please. I'll email you soon. Have a good night." "Bye Ms. Singer, you too."

Part 2 coming real soon! This is my first story so I'm excited for the feedback. Enjoy!

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