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Jared and Jennifer, Part 2

There relationship goes to the next level, and they never look back
My mind was racing. Did that really happen? Did Jared really kiss me?

Why would he do that? And why did I kiss him back so passionately? I wasn't falling for this kid was I?

I was. As I drove home I started to put things together in my head. When we had our first tutoring session, I was in a bad place. My life was falling apart and I didn't even want to be a teacher anymore.

Jared brought something out of me. I could tell he truly cared about me and was also glad I was helping him pass his classes. It made me happy to know I was doing something good for someone.

I think around that time I started to get flirty with Jared. I liked the way he would flirt back and call me Jen. I found it kinda hot.

Sometimes I would come to our sessions and have a few buttons undone on my top, so he could get a better look at my 36 D breasts. My husband always liked to play with them in bed, but it had been so long since that had happened I was glad they were getting a little attention. Jared was such a cutie I couldn't resist.

His jet black shaggy hair, light brown eyes and toned body got me going like no other. When I had a hard day at work I often played with myself in my room. Lately I had been fingering my pussy to thoughts of Jared.

His kiss was so unexpected yet amazing, I just had to leave right away before I pounced on him in the parking lot. I felt bad but it was for the best. I needed time to figure out what to do next.

I decided to not hold our tutoring sessions for a week. I knew Jared would understand. It was hard not seeing him for a week, I didn't think I would hold out that long.

I needed to see him so I made the decision to invite him over my house on a Friday night. I emailed him that I wanted to talk and see how his classes were going. I really hoped we would talk, then fuck.

I made up my mind. I wanted Jared just like he said, maybe even a little more. He had been there for me when I was in a very dark place in my life, and helped me through it. Plus he said I was the sexiest woman he had ever been around, that helped too.

He was going to come over at 7pm so I made dinner for the both us. Pasta and bruschetta. Yum.

I wore a long black dress, that showed off my hard worked for curves, and amazing breast. I love showing the girls off. I added my best pair earrings and heels that I knew this outfit would make Jared lose his mind.

Just what I wanted.

"Hello Jared, it's good to see you again. Come in please." Jared looked so cute. He was wearing a light blue dress shirt and black dress pants, accompanied by nice leather shoes.

He looked hot and pulled it off perfectly. "Hi Ms. Singer, thanks for letting me come over. You look stunning." I showed him to the living room and told him dinner would be ready in 10 minutes.

As I prepared our food I noticed him glance over to me and smile then turn away when I noticed. He definitely had a rock hard cock right now and I loved it. He would soon be putting that thing to use.

Jared really enjoyed his food. He ate his whole plate and looked like he wanted more. We first talked about his grades and how he was still doing good overall in all his classes.

"That's good Jared, I think we can continue our sessions after tonight. I was confused and shocked by your sudden confession I needed time. I hope you understood.

"I did Jennifer. I didn't mean to scare you I just wanted you to know how special you are to me."

"I know now. Are you done your food? Let's move to the couch and talk more." Now it was time for me to surprise him.

When we got to the couch, I took my shoes off and sat close to Jared. He definitely liked how close we were and smiled a lot. I would discreetly move my dress up a bit to show off my legs little by little. Jared would look down try not to let me see how hard he was.

"Jared, what's up? You seem like something's on your mind?"

"No Ms. Singer, it's just that you look really nice tonight. I didn't think you'd dress up for me."

"Why wouldn't I want to dress amazing for someone who thinks the world of me?"

He definitely didn't expect that answer.

Jared, when you said all those things, I really didn't know what to say. No one had ever said that stuff to me, not even Phillip. He just married me so he could have a woman to control.

At first I thought that's what love was supposed to be but I realized he never loved me. How could I be intimate with a man who never gave two shits about me?"

I didn't expect to go on a mini rant like that but it felt good to get that out.

"Jennifer, you'll never have to deal that again. I promise I'll make sure he never comes near you again."

I liked this side of Jared.

"Oh will you big boy, how?"

He moved in closer and put his hand on the inside of my leg."I'll never let you out of my site Jennifer." I was instantly wet

He kissed me and it was just as good as our first kiss. He pulled me in close so that my breast were practically in his chest. He had to have planned that move out.

We made out for a few more minutes but I needed to see what Jared was working with downstairs.

"Jared, Pants off. Now."

He dropped his pants to reveal a huge boner that was fighting to be let free. I liked what I was seeing so far. I took of his boxers and his 8 inch cock was right before me.

I wanted that cock in my mouth so bad.

His balls were nicely shaven and he had a little hair around his cock yet it was still pretty big.

"Damn Jared. Who knew you were hiding such a nice cock?" I started jerking it off with my right hand and spit on it.

"Oh fuck Jen, this feels so good."

"It's about to feel a whole lot better, baby." I took his whole cock in my mouth and the way Jared reacted I thought he would cum instantly.

"Oh my god Jen, oh my god."

I sucked his dick like I had been doing it for years. He was way bigger than my husband was and it felt good having it all around in my mouth.

I stopped to suck on his balls for a bit. "You like how I suck it Jared? Best blowjob you've ever gotten?"

"Yes Ms. Singer hands down the best."

I knew he wasn't lying and continued to suck. I focused on the tip and I could tell Jared enjoyed it very much. I had a feeling he was getting close and I couldn't want to taste his cum.

"Cum for me Jared, cum for me baby!" Jared couldn't hold on anymore and came a whole bunch in my mouth. I tried to swallow it all but some dripped down the side of my mouth.

"You look so hot with my cum on your face Jen, how did my cum taste?"

"Amazing Jared." It really was and I couldn't wait for more.

I was still thinking about Jared's cock when I noticed his hand had found my wet pussy.

"Oh? Someone isn't wearing any panties." He caught me. I knew how this night would go and I didnt feel the need. I was also completely shaved.

"Nope, what are you going to do about it?" I liked teasing him like that.

"I'll make you cum." Just like that, Jared lifted my legs high in the air and was slowly licking my clit. It had been so long since I had been touched down there I though I'd explode.

"Yes Jared, oh fuck yes go faster baby." He started sucking on my clit and licking my pussy so fast I didn't know what was happening.

"You taste so good Ms. Singer I can't get enough of this."

"Thank you Jared you are such a pro this feels amazing." I started playing with my tits as he continued to eat me out. I came shortly after that but I still wanted to play with my breast. My nipples were so hard and I was ready for Jared to be inside me.

"I want you to get hard Jared, I need that cock inside me now. Let's move to the bedroom."

I led him to my room and closed the door. Jared laid down and I got on top of him and we kissed passionately.

The way our tongues moved together got me so turned amd my pussy couldn't be any wetter. We slowly took each other's clothes off and Jared finally got to see my breast for all their glory.

"Jen baby your breasts are amazing, please let me suck on those pretty pink nipples." How could I resist this boy anymore?

I whispered to him "Go ahead Jared, they are all yours to play with."

Jared sat up and pulled on my nipples. I moaned loudly and bit my lip.

"Fuck!" He licked my nipples and surprised me with a smack on the ass.

"You bad boy, how'd you know I liked to be spanked?"

"I could tell." He said. "Let's do it Jen, no more waiting. Jared slowly placed his cock into my pussy and I yelled out in pleasure.

"Finally, yes Jared fuck your tutors naughty pussy."

Jared grabbed my waist and pounded my pussy like an animal.

"Yeah Jen you like when I fuck your tight pussy like that?"

"Hell yes I do It feels so good! Don't stop please." This boys cock was destroying pussy. My students hard cock was making me lose control. I had never been so turned on in my life.

Jared started rubbing my clit and I could feel my orgasm building up.

"Yes yes yes Jared don't stop that's the spot baby."

"Cum all over my cock Ms. Singer!"

I did just as Jared said and came all over his fantastic cock. I felt my mind going blank but knew we were far from finished.

We switched positions and now Jared was on top of me, sucking my tits. He said he was close to cumming and I was excited. His cum was the best and I needed it filling my dirty cunt all the way up.

"Mark this pussy Jared, cum as much as you want inside it my pussy it's all yours!"

"That's so hot Jen I'm about to explode oh fuck." Boy did he ever. So much cum filled my little pussy I didn't know if Jared would ever stop pouring his hot load in me.

Jared plopped right next to me in bed and we both laid there, breathless. A few short weeks ago he was just someone I was helping succeed in school, now he was my lover.

After a few minutes, Jared got up and got us some water. "Here you go, we both need to replenish."

"Damn right we do. That was unbelievable. Best sex of my life Mr. Marks." I gave him a little wink. He loved when I did that.

"Same here I had no idea sex could be this satisfying. Wow."

"Jared, I don't want this to be a one time thing. There's more to this than sex. We care for each other and I want to see where this goes. How do you feel about that?"

"I one hundred percent agree. Jen you make me so happy I can't think of leaving you. This is real. Our relationship is real." Jared then kissed me on my forehead and I knew he was being serious.

I cuddled up next to Jared and asked "Now what sweetie?"

"Take a nap and fuck again?"

My guy had such a way with words...

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