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Jared and Jennifer, Part 3

They address the future of their relationship
"Jennifer, why not? Just a quick bj before school starts."

"No, Jared. Last time I did that someone walked by the car! Thank god they didn't see anything. Wait until after third period when we both have breaks."

"C'mon Ms. Singer, I could tell how turned on you got when you thought someone saw you sucking my cock." I moved Jennifer's hand over to where my hard dick waiting for her. She looked down at what her hand was placed over and bit her lip. My girlfriend was the cutest when she tried to pretend to resist my advances.

"Fine, she said. Just don't cum on my face. You can only do that when we're at home, Mr. Marks."

For the past five months I've been in a relationship with my tutor, Jennifer Singer. She's a teacher at my high school and the best looking woman on the planet. I love everything about her. It wasn't just the long blonde hair, her 36D breast, toned legs or perfect body. All of that combined with her kind personality made her the ideal gal.

When I kissed her in the parking lot, I didn't expect her to kiss back. When she invited me to her house, I definitely didn't expect we'd have sex all night long. My parents were pissed that I never came home that night but I made up some bs excuse and they bought it. Jennifer rocked my world and I'm pretty sure I made her feel like a brand new woman.

That weekend we text and talked on the phone 24/7. We were like little kids that had a crush on each other, but it was more than that. I wanted to know everything about Jen, and I wanted her body just as bad.

Every morning we would meet in her car and fool around. Jennifer would sometimes surprise me with a blowjob. She said having a good nut before school would make my day go by a lot smoother. I did not object.

I knew she wanted it just as much as I did. She'd never admit but Jennifer was addicted to my cock. She was a novice cock sucker, having only sucked dick once or twice in college and never any time since. Her ex-husband worked a lot and never asked for one, opting to get head from whichever assistant he was screwing at the time. Jen loved to vent to me about Philip after a hard day at school. She said I was a good listener and it helped her get over him as well.

I had study hall for third period, and Jennifer had a free period so that would be the next time we got to see each other. I knew my study hall teacher and he was cool with me dipping whenever I wanted.

After Jennifer would lock her classroom door and close all the windows, we would pounce on each other. We would have races to see who get their clothes off the fastest.

Having sex in school turned both of us on. Me and Ms. Singer would fuck in a new spot in her classroom every day. On Mondays I'd sit in one of the chairs and Jennifer would suck me off and I'd cum on her tits. On Fridays we'd fuck on her desk. I loved bending Jen over and spanking her before I put my cock inside her pussy. She would get so wet from getting spanked. It drove her nuts. On more than one occasion Jennifer would beg and plead for me to fuck her. Ms. Singer had such a slutty side and I loved exploring it.

After school we would still hold our regular tutoring sessions. My grades were really good but I didn't want to fall behind in any way. I had just sent in a few college applications and was eagerly awaiting responses. Jennifer was confident I'd get in, and I was glad I had her support.

After tutoring we would drive to Jennifer's house. It was the only place we could be ourselves. We'd undress, have hot shower sex, stay naked then eat. We saw no reason to stay clothed since we were constantly horny. After a quick bite, we'd go to the bedroom and do school related stuff. Jennifer took pride in her work so she always made sure to make time for it. On the days I didn't have any work to do, I liked to tease Jennifer and see how wet I could get her. I'd start by sitting behind her and gently kissing her neck.

She'd smile and go, "what are you doing mister?"

"Oh nothing, you just seemed a tad bit stressed." It may have sounded corny but Jen loved my terrible pick-up lines. She said it added to my charm.

"That may be the case, but I need to grade these tests before dinner or it'll never get done. So shoo shoo baby." That never worked on me. I would move closer to Jennifer so she could feel my cock on her lower back. She would let out a small sigh and pretend not to notice what was poking her.

The next way I liked to torture Jennifer sealed the deal. Ms. Singer had really sensitive breast and if I played with them the right way, she'd get soaking wet. I loved watching her squirm in bed while she tried not to moan loudly.

"'re the worst. Why can't you let me work in peace?" Jennifer turned around and started kissing my neck.

"You're too damn sexy to be grading stupid high schoolers tests. Come play with me." I would slowly lick Jens nipples as she threw her head back and closed her eyes.

"Mr. Marks, my titties love you."

"I aim to please, Ms. Singer."

After we'd have sex again I would promise not to disturb her for a little bit and let her work. I'd catch up on Law and Order: SVU while I waited.

Every other night we would have dinner together. If we were together every night, my parents would become suspicious. I liked having dinner with Jen because it felt like we weren't a student and a teacher who were lovers and now dating, but just two people who met randomly and fell in love.

After dinner I would help her clean and we would sit on the couch and make out while we watched whatever was on television. We'd stop what we were doing if anything Paul Rudd was on.

If I weren’t sleeping over, Jen would drive me back home. I hated leaving her for the night and our kisses goodnight would go on longer each time.

Tomorrow was Friday and that meant spending the weekend at Jen's house. We both liked calling her house "our" house, because it made us feel more like a couple.

There was one more reason I was excited to spend the weekend with Jennifer. I heard back from one of the colleges I applied for, and I wanted to be with her when I found out if I got accepted or not. Jen said that if I got in, we'd "celebrate" all weekend long. I hoped that even if I didn't get in we would still "celebrate".

We decided to open my college letter after dinner. Surprisingly we didn't have sex when we got home; Jennifer said she wanted to take a nap. I sensed something was up but I didn't press it. When she woke up she asked if I wanted pizza for dinner. I immediately said yes.

The pizza was so good I hardly noticed Jen had been really quiet for a while. "You've had your head in the clouds all day baby, is there something you want to talk about?"

"Actually Jared, there is." She moved closer to me and put her hand on my leg. "You have a few months of your senior year left, and I'm starting to feel weird."

What she said stopped me in my tracks. "Weird? About what?

"I'm not sure. You are starting to hear back from colleges and I know you'll get accepted you are a smart kid and I have a feeling we will have to start figuring out what our future holds. I just don't want to question this because I've never been happier these past few months and I really like you. Hell I-." She cut herself off because she realized she was rambling.

"Wow. Jen I had no idea you had been thinking all of this. I wish you had told me sooner."

"I know. I was just afraid this might start a fight and we haven't had one before and I was just scared Jared."

"Oh you, you shouldn't worry about stuff like that." I put my arms her and held her tightly.

"Look, I'm not sure what's going to happen in the next few months or where I'll decide to go to college. All I know is this. I want you right by my side wherever I go. I mean that. I care about you so much. I love you."

I could see what I was saying was making her emotional. She started tearing up and pulled away to wipe her face off.

(Surprised she didn't say I love you back.)

"Jared, thank you. I care about you too and I could not imagine being with anyone else besides you. She leaned forward and we made out for a few minutes. Our tongues intertwined and we were lost in the beautiful moment. I loved this woman and she loved me too.

When we stopped we knew what we had to do next. "Open that letter baby," Jen said. We couldn't wait any longer.

"Dear Mr. Marks, blah blah blah we hereby accept you into our university!" We both jumped for joy.

"Oh Jared congratulations! I knew you could do it I'm so proud of you."

"Thanks babe I can't believe it. I'm a college student. An official college student and it's all thanks to you."

We kissed again. "You worked hard for this and you deserve it baby. Now come with me Mr. Marks, I think it’s time to I show you how happy I truly am for you.

Jennifer led me to the bedroom and told me to get down to my boxers and lay on the bed. She went into the bathroom and told me to wait a few minutes and that she had a surprise for me.

"Okay baby, you ready?" Jennifer called to me from the bathroom.

"Sure am!"

When she came out I'm pretty sure my jaw literally dropped to the floor.

Ms. Singer was wearing the sexiest lingerie I'd ever seen. She had on a laced black bra that pushed up her breast so that they were practically out and a matching thong that showed off her tight, hairless pussy.

"So, you like?" She closed the bathroom door and walked seductively towards me.

I gulped hard and nodded yes. My cock was rock solid and I wasn't hiding it very well.

Jen turned around and bent over slowly, teasing me with a perfect view of her nice round ass.

"You are hands down the hottest woman on the in the universe. How did I ever get so lucky?"

"Flattery will get you nowhere Jared, but thank you." She moved to the edge of the bed and crawled towards me. This time I was the one biting my lip.

When she reached my cock, she smiled. "I think it's time I let this guy out to play." She pulled my boxers off and softly licked her lips. "I've wanted to suck this cock all day big boy, may I?"

"You have my permission, sexy lady."

With no hesitation, Jennifer took the entirety of my dick in her mouth. She slowly came up and our eyes met, and she gave a wink. Ms. Singer had me already going crazy.

As she bopped up and down on my cock, I moaned louder and louder. "Holy shit Jen, don't stop. Don't stop."

I could tell Jennifer was enjoying this just as much as I was. She unhooked her bra and started to play with one of her nipples, all while sucking my cock. The woman was amazing.

"Shit baby that's so hot. Play with your breast like that show me how bad you want my cock."

Jen sucked harder and harder and I blew my load deep into her mouth. She moaned as she swallowed all of my cum and licked the tip to get it all out.

She stopped and took my dick out of her mouth. "How was that?" Jennifer smiled as she took my cock into her hand and jerked me off.

"Unreal. The best reward I've ever gotten."

"Good, cause it ain't over yet baby." She slid her panties off and got on top of me. Jen moaned finally as my cock entered her soaking wet pussy.

Sex felt different this time. Still fantastic, but different. It might be because we just confessed how we truly feel for each other but the sex was hotter. The way my cock was hitting all of her sensitive spots, the way her pussy tightened around me. Everything felt right.

I gave Jen a little spank on the ass and she started moving her hips faster. "That's it Ms. Singer ride your students cock!"

"It's so big Jared it's filling me up. I don't know how much more I can take honey."

Jennifer leaned down and kissed me passionately. I was in the moment and while I kissed her back, I moved one of my fingers around her asshole.

Jen chuckled. "What are you doing baby? You've never shown interest in my ass before."

"I know but there's no better time than when you're having intense sex with the woman you love." I smiled and moved my finger more inside her ass.

"Mmm baby, that's going to push me over the edge." Jen started moaning loudly and soon came all over my cock.

I could tell Jen was worn out so I jerked myself off and came on her stomach.

"Oh my god Jared, you are an animal. I love you so much." Jennifer started to kiss me all over and we just lay there, in ecstasy.

A few minutes passed and we started to make out once more.

"So Jen, are we going to celebrate like this each time I get into a college?"

"Fuck yeah, that was the best sex we've ever had."

"Agreed. The night’s still young sweetie," I gently whispered into her ear. "Can we go again?"

Jennifer smiled big and said, "Of course college boy, fuck me in the ass this time?"

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