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This contract I could not refuse, all the pussy I wanted, traveling the world with a beautiful lady
It was a different Judy I held in my arms. She was not the loving, sweet, and cuddly Judy tonight. She had changed to a voracious female animal that demanded to be possessed. There was a wildness about her that I had never experienced.

I had felt it as she walked in the door. She didn't close it, she slammed it shut. She did not wait for me to embrace her and welcome her back from her sightseeing tour, instead she crushed me to her, practically ripped my clothes off me. She wouldn't let me undress her in leisure, slowly starting her anticipation of what was to come next. She had no rime to waste on preliminaries.

Her dress and her sandals had come off in a flash; being barefoot all I had to lose were my shorts. She threw herself against me with a violence I did not know she could muster.  As she looked down at me she hissed from between clenched teeth, "for our last night together I will be in control. I will pay you back at least a small portion of what I owe you."

She rained wet, hot kisses on my chest, nibbling on my skin from time to time. She attacked my sensitive nipples with a vengeance, making me squirm as strong signals spread to my loins. As I lay on my back wondering about her strange behavior, Judy moved up on my chest, imprisoned my head with both hands, and started kissing me. It was almost as if her tongue was raping me. It was less of a kiss than an onslaught of hot lips and a fierce tongue going into battle.

Next I was treated to love bites on my neck and my shoulder. From there the battlefield moved down to my belly. Judy did not dawdle; she was in a hurry to get to her prize. Her usual gentleness was replaced tonight by fierceness. Her mouth swallowed my dick as if this was the last meal of someone condemned to die. Her eagerness to bring me to a climax did not shorten the procedure.

She moved her lips faster than I had ever seen her before. She deep throated me every few seconds, engulfing most of my prick, holding on to it for a few seconds before reluctantly freeing it so she could bring her lips and her tongue into play to torment me. I could feel her impatience mounting and I knew that I would reward her efforts soon and give her what she was after. When I could not hold back any longer I erupted violently, shooting my sperm deep into her waiting throat. I could feel her starting to relax, as I could feel my dick getting soft until it plopped out of her satiated month with a smacking sound.

It seemed that the hurricane was over, but I was wrong. It was only a lull between storms. She stood up, pulling me by my hands until I sat uptight on the edge of the bed. She threw herself onto the bed next to me and then rolled onto her back. Her arms came up to pull me over to her and then pushed my head down between her legs. I knew what my duty was. I spread her legs and wiggled myself between them. When I next raised her legs I had unrestricted access to her wet, waiting pussy.

Judy pulled her knees up to her chest, opening herself even more. Sweet and tender Judy had transformed into a wild and wanton whore. I had no other option but to attack her with the same fierceness she had used on me. It was exactly what she wanted. One hand let go of her knee and placed itself behind my neck, pushing my mouth closer to her.

Judy began to quiver the moment she felt the first contact. I started with her outer pussy lips, kissing and nibbling gently. But she would have nothing of gentleness, she wanted me to eat her NOW. The pressure behind my neck told me so. I let my tongue dance inside her, I swiped along her cleft, I sucked on her warm exposed pussy walls. Every so often I swiped my tongue across her clit. Sometimes I just rested my tongue there and exerted a little pressure on her button.

When I started pleasuring her she was just moaning. After a minute or two her moans were replaced by harsh guttural sounds. It was not long and my highly charged Judy started to get stiff, and then arched her back. Her arms flailed about, her hands trying to get hold of the bed covers. I eagerly drank her sweet juices that started to flow, while the sounds changed again to cries and shrieks. Her orgasm had rushed over her like a huge ocean wave.

But I was not done with her. I just gave her a short respite before I started again. I gave my tongue free reign, my lips fastened themselves to her pussy and I started to suck. Shortly I was rewarded with her second climax. And still I stayed with her and forced a third storm from her.

Judy was exhausted, sprawled on the bed, her legs hanging lifeless over the edge of the bed. She opened her eyes fleetingly. Then her mouth opened and she mumbled what sounded like "good-bye lover."

I looked at her in awe.

"I have not seen you that wild during the four years we have been together, Judy dear." I stared at her and I don't think she heard me. Our lovemaking had always been tender, designed to give maximum enjoyment to one's partner.

"You were like a tigress at the kill," I continued.

I pulled Judy up onto the bed so she could rest properly and soon heard her breathing become regular and shallow. She was asleep.

Lying next to Judy I reflected on my four-year odyssey with her, and the times I could bring her love and fulfillment as her gigolo. The many wonders I had seen while journeying across the globe with her. During this time I had developed deep feelings for this beautiful, sweet woman, who was my senior by twenty-four years. This was our last night together.

I did not want to leave without voicing some of my feelings.

"Judy, you lovely, loveable woman," I started, knowing full well that she would not hear me. "I want to thank you for the time you allowed me in your life, - no, -  being part of your life." I stopped to collect myself. It was more difficult than I had thought to say good-bye to this woman who, without knowing it, had burrowed herself deep into my heart.

After I had calmed down I whispered to her, "I am happy that you have found your love. He is a good man and I am sure you will be happy. But I want you to know, too, that out there is another heart thinking of you."

I could not go further. There was so much more I would have liked to tell her, but I did not find the words. All I could do was look at her, etching her face into my memory; her lush lips, her dainty earlobes, her throat that I loved to kiss, her laugh wrinkles that I adored.

She had been invited by a lady acquaintance and there had met the lady's brother. The following day he had taken her on a sightseeing tour in his two-seater sports car. Judy returned late at night. She was a changed woman. It had been love on first sight. I met him the next day and I could not be happier for her, I liked Mike the moment he walked in. When he shook hands with me we were friends immediately.

I got up quietly, found my shorts and tiptoed to my room. It was time to pack. I had opted for the earliest flight; I did not want a tearful, maudlin good-bye. When I was ready I sneaked into her room again to plant a warm final kiss on her forehead and hoarsely whisper, "Good-bye, Adorable."

It was a long flight back to Arizona, half way around the globe; giving me plenty of time to take stock of my situation. I had my severance pay and a good sized bonus in addition. Money was not a problem, but it was no substitute for Judy; I knew I would miss her so very much.

The flight should give me plenty of time to plan my future. Or so I thought. Instead of the future my mind chose the past. At once the events that led me to Judy came back to me in full color like a movie.

I was sixteen again and had just bought an old clunker of a car with the money I had saved for the last year, working weekends, plus doing odd jobs like yard work after school.

Without that old car I would not have met Judy. The car, my three teddy bears, and I, were traveling to Phoenix from Tucson for a job interview as a translator. About 60 miles south of Phoenix I saw a car on the side of the road, obviously disabled. A well dressed girl, probably a college student, stood in front of the car, which had its hood open. I pulled over and parked, then walked back to see if I could be of assistance, maybe offering her a ride into Phoenix.

The closer I came to the car and its driver, the more I was surprised. This was no 20-year old college student; this was a well dressed 28-year-old secretary. When I was face to face I upped my estimate to maybe 33. At any rate, she was a classy lady with a trim, youthful figure.

"So, what is the problem?" I asked. Then I felt absolutely stupid. The problem was obvious.  

"I don't know," she answered, shaking her head. "A construction worker stopped a few minutes ago and looked, and did not know, either." Despite her predicament she managed a short laugh.

I looked at her, then at that old beat up clunker of mine, then back at her, and I heard myself saying, "I would be happy to give you a ride. I am going to Phoenix, if you don't mind arriving in an old, decrepit vehicle." I smiled by best smile at her, hoping she would accept.

She didn't hesitate a second. She took another look at my vehicle and laughed, "I prefer yours who stopped to help over the Mercedes who drove by honking his horn."

We didn't talk much on the way to my car down the road, except that I introduced myself

"My name is Judy, and a knight in shining armor who rescues fair maidens in distress needs only to know a first name. It's Judy, OK?" This time I noticed that her voice had a sprinkle of mirth mixed in when she talked; hers was a happy voice, I could have listened to it for hours.

She looked at my beat up, dented contraption and laughed again, a laugh with lots of music, lots of humor, and a promise of much fun.   

"You think we can make it to Phoenix in this? Well, if you are an optimist, I will be one, too," and still laughing she opened the passenger door and slipped in.

Before I started the engine I turned and addressed my three teddy bears in the back window. "Hey guys, I want you to be on your best behavior. We have a pretty, young lady passenger going with us to Phoenix. Her name is Judy."

Judy looked at me with mirth in her eyes. "Do you always talk to your teddy bears?" she wanted to know.

"Why, certainly, they are my friends." What else could I answer, I do talk to them, I really do.   

We had an hour and a half to get acquainted with each other before I delivered her to her Hotel.
In the lobby I said my good-bye and wished her happy trails.

She pulled out a bunch of bills from her purse and tried to push them at me. "Please take this for gas money," she said.

"No way, Judy," I waved her off. "I don't want to get paid for having had fun, and as you said, for helping a damsel in distress."

"OK," she relented, "then let me invite you to have dinner with me tonight. And I will not accept any excuses."

There was no way I could or would turn down such an invitation. In fact, I was eagerly looking forward to being in her company. There was something about this woman that made me want to be near her.

 "Judy, there is nothing I would like more at the moment than enjoy your company a little longer." I almost blushed saying this.

"Give me a call about six at suite 601. That will give me enough time to unpack, take a shower, select the right dress for an evening out with a young man I just met. There is still plenty of time to make reservations at a nice place."

As I left I overheard her making arrangements to have her luggage retrieved from her abandoned car.

I was glad for being dressed properly for my interview instead of wearing jeans. When I returned to the hotel the concierge greeted me as if I was an important or wealthy person and then hailed a bellhop to escort me to Suite 601.

Judy opened the door and I almost gasped. When I had met her she was distressed, this time she was radiant, maybe expecting a pleasant dinner conversation with her rescuer. She greeted me with a warm 'hello' and a hand shake. But instead of releasing my hand she pulled me into her living room.

Her phone rang before I could select a chair. But I didn't mind standing; I could watch her and marvel at her graceful movements as she went to the dresser to pick up the receiver. As she leaned against the dresser I had a chance to study her closer.

Did I have a surprise. She had told me enough during our drive so that I could figure her age, she was either forty or forty-one. I wondered how she could have the body of a twenty-eight year old, not to mention her other attributes; a lovely face with just a few laugh wrinkles to make her interesting, slightly pouty lips that asked to be kissed, hair of a soft shade of brunette with an overtone of auburn, and perpetually twinkling eyes of a greenish grey.

Her voice was pleasantly low, with a tinge of sexy huskiness in it.
I hoped the phone conversation would be a long one. I wanted to study her more in detail. It was not to be, it was a short phone call. But it definitely was long enough to start my hormones to take notice of a lithe female.
"Hold it, what are you thinking you lecherous teenager," I chided myself, "this is an older lady, not a young chick who talks only about movie stars and the latest music CD. But she is sexy and attractive and desirable, she is not old, she is mature.'"

I started wondering, what would a mature woman as Judy be like. Certainly not like the bimbos I had slept with till now. I don't know where in my body the hormone factories are located, but I knew they were working at capacity. My sixteen year old brain had become a movie theater where picture after picture flashed on the screen, all involving Judy. Not an older lady, but JUDY.

I was still standing when she got off the phone, and when she sat down in one of the arm chairs I did likewise. I had myself in hand again, having stopped the fantasizing, for the moment at least. Time went fast and we started to develop a nice friendship.

"I became a widow three years ago," she started telling me. "My husband was on a major stockholder of a pharmaceutical company and due to the circumstances surrounding his death I was offered a huge settlement. Both of us had worked hard, long hours, six or seven days a week to get were we were.

I suddenly realized that the past is behind me, that I was independent and could arrange my life as I pleased. I replaced my stuffy office with the wide open world."

We had a few minutes left before we had to leave for dinner. I filled them with some short bits of my current life and my aspirations.

The restaurant she had picked was definitely out of my class. In fact, she had to interpret the menu for me; I learned about the sommelier, about escargot and pate frois, and many other things. She told me that she likes to dine European style, slow, savoring the meal through several courses, with time for conversation in between.

"Tell me a bit about yourself," she demanded, "I detect a slight accent that I absolutely cannot identify."

"I was born in Odessa, Russia," I started, "a port city on the Caspian Sea. My father held a high office as a well paid Communist Party functionary. He had traveled around Europe on Party business and knew the world outside the Soviet borders.

My mother was a medical doctor Dad had met while on business in the Russian occupied German territory. It was one of her grateful patients who agreed to help in smuggling her out of Russia. I remember the filthy, stinking space full of bilge water that we had to crawl into when mother escaped, taking me along."

"How old were you when you and your mother escaped," she wanted to know.

"I was about four years old then. Dad stayed behind to arrange a swindle about a boat accident and the drowning of his wife and his beloved son. We later heard that he had put up a marvelous show of grief.  He also had scuttled an old boat not far from the shore in shallow water. When the military located it and raised it they found several personal items of mother and me in the boat, proving that we really had drowned.

"He almost did two years later. In the extreme southwest of the Ukraine is a short stretch of border with Romania," I explained. "He was killed trying to cross the border there."

"This is terrible. You and your mother mad it out obviously. Were did you go??"

"Mother had a distant relative in France, in Alsace, not far from the city of Mulhouse," I continued. "Lots of people there still speak German and we sort of melted in. That's

A long odyssey followed, much spent in a small village in the Alsace, France. Mother made sure that I did not forget the two languages I had grown up with, Russian and German. And now I added French as my third language. At my age that was still easy."

"That explains that tiny bit of an occasional accent I heard. No wonder I couldn't make out what it was," interrupted Judy.

I finished my story with the present. "Learning English later was a bit harder since I had reached the ripe old age of twelve when we immigrated to the US. And when my mother died in a car accident I found myself in a foster home."

The evening went much too fast. The two hour dinner was like 30 minutes to me. I knew that the evening had come to an end when we returned to her hotel.

I started to say good-bye, but was cut short when she wordlessly took my arm and led me to the elevator and up to her suite.

"Give a little time to freshen up and change into something more comfortable," she explained. She did change into something more comfortable. It was comfortable for her alright, but not for me. Her gown was more revealing than covering, and I hoped I would not have to stand up, my dick was almost ripping open the seams of my trousers. Fortunately she went back to the adjoining bedroom to get something.

Three minutes passed and I heard her call me.

"Please help me find an earring I dropped a while ago. It must be somewhere around here."

We were both on the floor side by side with her body brushing against mine. Her body odor, combined with a very subtle perfume, overwhelmed my senses and I almost reached out for her.

Just then her hand slipped and she fell tight against me. Her arm came around my waist ostensibly to steady herself. Her body pushed me and I lost my precarious balance. A moment later her face appeared close to mine. Her eyes closed, her lips opened ever so slightly, asking to be kissed.

I could not hold back any longer. I forgot the far away earring and concentrated on the close by lithe female body that was molded tightly against mine. My right hand went around her to the back of her neck. My lips found hers and savored their lushness. An inquisitive tongue parted my lips and went exploring in my mouth. A half an eternity later we broke the kiss.

As I focused my eyes to look at her I noticed an impish smile flitting across her face and I knew at once, this had not been an accident, it had been conceived and executed by a clever, attractive, foxy lady more than twice my age. A lovely and lovable lady who knew what she wanted and was used to getting it; and the IT was me, I realized.

"This is a stupid position, and uncomfortable to boot," she half whispered, her voice being twice as husky as before; a voice that promised many delights. I released her neck and rose to bend over her to help her up. As I reached around her my hands found themselves cupping the two lovely, firm and soft and warm, almost small tits of hers. Her hands joined mine, commanding them to stay where they were.

As I lifted her she had to let go of my hands for a moment to steady herself, but they returned right away to make sure I kept her tits prisoners. Her head swiveled and bent backwards, her lips inviting mine for a repeat performance.

I was so engrossed in our kiss that I was completely unaware of anything else until I felt hot probing fingers stroking my prick on the outside of my pants. I had to let go of her tits when she twisted around to face me. This time her impish grin was spread all over her face.

"You are young, but I am sure your instincts will tell you what to do with a lady in her bedroom after she let you feel her tits," she said, and then added, a cattish smile on her face, "or do you need a blueprint?" This was just too funny to stay serious and we both started to laugh.

"Give me a second to see if I can remember what comes next," I answered her, still laughing, and opening the front of her evening gown at the same time. I took her shoulders and held her at arms length to feast my eyes on the perfect beauty of her tits until my lips said, you looked enough. They moved to her right nipple, very close, but not touching. A little puff of breath made the skin around her nipple crinkle and her body twitch.

My flat tongue swiped once across her rose bud, then the tip of my tongue circled her erect and excited nipple. I felt her shiver slightly as I continued to tease for a few seconds. Her shivering increased as I finally sucked her nipple, plus a part of her breast, into my mouth.

Her fingers rubbing my dick, her tit in my mouth, the feel of her warm body under my hands, her breath blowing across my hair, the smell of her skin in my nose; was too much for my senses. I was pushed right to the brink of an explosion.

Judy must have felt the approaching climax and removed her hand from my crotch, giving me some respite. I was now ready to turn my attention to the other breast for a similar treatment, which brought forth more shivers and a few low moans.

I removed her evening gown in slow motion, making sure that my hands were caressing her skin as they were stripping the garment from her. When I was finished she turned me and had me sit on the edge of the bed so she could remove my shoes and socks. When she was done, she took my hands and pulled me up.

"It is now my turn," she unformed me.

Once she had unbuttoned my shirt and opened it, she started to scratch my chest, playfully running circles through my chest hair with a finger. I was not prepared for her next action. Lowering her head she started in on my nipples, imitating what I had done to hers, making me quiver in turn. This was a new revelation; I had not known that I had sensitive nipples.

I marveled at her dexterity with my belt and my pant zipper. I was stripped to my skivvies in no time. She pulled them down as if in a hurry to get to the object of her interest. It stood at attention as she studied it for a moment before it vanished between her lips. Now I was treated to a blowjob, which was not a blowjob, it was a symphony, played by a full orchestra. I begged her to stop, but she only doubled her efforts, making me explode with an intensity I did not know was possible. I had to sit down on the bed to catch my breath and recover.

She squatted in front of me and explained. "I wanted to take the edge off so we can make the main course last. You know already that I like to take my time and enjoy the moment. That goes for dinner as well as a romp in the straw."

This woman was not an amateur, I told myself. Judy was not like the girls I had dated so far. Maybe I should date mature ladies in the future, instead the cute young ones who had the looks but not the finesse.

Judy went to the living room to get us a glass of wine to help my recovery. When she returned she sat down next to me.

"I found that a glass of wine before certain activities always enhances them; and served afterwards it speeds the recovery," she advised me.

I believe her, because my hand, on its own volition, crept to her thigh, stroking it lovingly. I turned to her and as I looked into her grey-green eyes I knew what she needed. I gently pushed her down on the bed, her legs hanging over the edge.

For a few moments I did not move, I just stared at this beautiful woman. I reached out and cupped her face with my hands, bent down and very gently kissed her lips. A kiss far more exciting than the frantic kisses we had exchanged before. It was an erotic kiss that said 'you are lovely and lovable and I want to make you happy'.

My right hand moved away from her face to allow a finger to extend and touch her temple. There it started tracing circles, it then moved on along her ear to her neck. The finger moved again to stroke and love her throat. Judy's eyes were closed and I noticed that her breathing had quickened noticeably.

Judy's face was so beautiful that I could not resist placing little kisses on her cheek, her eyebrows, and finally on her eyelids. She drank up being loved like a little kitten laps up milk. She was relaxed and highly charged at the same time.

Her months without sex were at an end and she let her charge take over. She grabbed my ass to pull me close, her hips making up and motions. I could not let her wait any longer. I reached down to her pussy and her legs opened at once, giving me access. Yes, she was wet, ready for action. As I slid into position above her, her legs came up on either side of me.

Her whole body spasmed as I entered her, her legs came up anther thighs clamped my hips like a vice. She was frantic; she moaned loudly, her body moved in all directions, but mostly up and down. Every muscle, every part of her hollered at me 'I want to get fucked, I want to get fucked NOW'. As her moans changed to shrieks, her feet started to drum on my back.

Then her climax hit her with full force, shaking her, contorting her. After her last cry and her last wild spasm she gulped for air and collapsed. Soon she stiffened again and I could feel her pussy pulsing as she had several more small orgasms.

I stayed with her until I felt her body returning to reality. It was only then that I released her. I lay on my side beside her so I could look at her and let one hand stroke her body.

She was still panting heavily when she sat up to stare at me. "Are you sure you are only sixteen?" she asked, to which I just nodded. I then apologized to her for not having been as loving as I am normally, and that there had been so little foreplay to get her ready.

Judy looked at me for quite a while before speaking. "Don't apologize. There was no foreplay because I just couldn't wait any longer. You see, after my husband's death I was celibate for almost two years. My first lover lasted one month, the next about a half a year. I was almost getting desperate when you appeared. Having met you just a few hours ago I felt as close and comfortable as if we had been together for months."

I decided to be bold and open up. "It is really strange, I also feel as you do. I am so happy to that I met you and could spend a few hours in your company. But I am also sad to think of the distance that we will be apart soon when you move on." I choke on my last words.

Suddenly she pounced on me. "What are you trying to do to me? With al this talk going on I am almost being talked out of my pleasures. You made me a present of a much needed orgasm and you are lying there without a finish."  

I was looking forward to be treated again to a symphony, but this time it was a Wagnerian Overture where the Valkyries were riding the sky amidst thunder and lightning. She held me captive to the last drop.

Judy sat back on her haunches and laughed. "The unexpected ones are the best, and I am glad I could surprise you. Let's take a shower, then we we'll talk. There are a few things I would like to say to you."

She smiled at me and when I got up she put an arm around me and walked me to her double size shower.

After the shower we dressed in silence, each lost in their own thoughts. Judy was still here, but I already felt a great loss. I hoped I would get some mail from her from time to time and maybe even a photo. And I better remember to ask for a picture before she leaves, I said to myself.

It was obvious to me that something was bothering Judy as she dressed quickly and left for the living room to sit down in one of the arm chairs. She looked pensive when I joined her a bit later.

Her opening sentence surprised me. "Move your chair close in front of me so I can see your face as I talk to you." She leaned forward and started, haltingly at first, "you told me that you were sorry I was leaving. You already felt a loss, you said. Well, it does not have to be that way.

I want you to listen to me with an open mind and heart. I am going to offer a solution. I know only what little you have told me about your situation and I must guess at the rest. If I am guessing correctly my solution might work just fine.

I found you a very mature person, a man who wants to cherish and please his lady. A man who is considerate and sensitive. You opened up your character for inspection when you stopped to help a lady with a problem. You refused to accept money for the ride, you clinched the evaluation when you tenderly told your friends, the teddy bears, that you had a new passenger.
I am proposing to you a position with me as my friend and as a gigolo. Being my friend I will pay all expenses, and as a gigolo I will pay you a small salary so you have some spending money of your own. I have always had the urge to see the rest of the world and now I have the means to travel and satisfy my desires, and having you as my companion will be twice the fun."

My jaw must have dropped sometime during her talk, because I suddenly noticed that my mouth wide open and I quickly closed it. Goose bumps crawled over my back and my heart thumped wildly in my chest.

She had more to say. "This arrangement is an open ended contract with the following conditions and clauses, - blah - blah - etc."

I followed her up to the first 'blah', then my mind went blank. All I remembered were words like 'solution' and 'friend', the rest was friendly noise. I had been willing to agree to anything she proposed before listening.

After the first shock wore off I jumped up, embraced and kissed her with so much emotion that it almost overwhelmed me. After I came back to reality I had to ask her a question that had just popped into my mind.

"Judy, I am wondering how much of our relationship is proper to show, and how should it look to the public?"

She burst out laughing hilariously and then explained. "When you are rich, nothing matters. People think that with the rich the abnormal is the norm. So don't worry about that."

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