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Licensed to fuck

I really planned to get Sagarika; but I fucked Latika too!

Hi friends! After a long interval I want to share my sexual experience with in-laws. My name is Ravi and presently I am 24 yrs old. Once during my summer vacations, I planned a trip to my father-in-laws. The reason was that there was a party arranged by my brother-in-law as he gained profits in his business and had just married to Latika. I thought of spending a week there. When I along with my wife Suchitra reached there, I found my wife’s elder sister Sagarika with his husband was already present. Sagarika had a couple of children – a boy of 4 yrs (His name was Deepu.) and another was a boy of 5-6 months (His name was Papu). Latika was 23 yrs old and without any children as it had been only 4 months of her marriage. Coming to the topic, it became a challenge for me to fuck Sagarika when I met her though it was sin as per Indian custom. No doubt Sagarika was stunning; she was tall and fair and had a very attractive figure. It was my first chance to see her after my marriage. On the contrary, Latika was also tempting. My paramount object was to be in bed with Sagarika though she was 30 years and had delivered two children. In spite of these factors, she has maintained her figure. The initial two days were of great fun. I cut jokes to every member and made them laugh. But I was concentrating on Sagarika specially and she was ignorant of my evil intentions. As days passed, I got impatient to have her.


One afternoon, as my wife Suchitra was fast asleep, I went to Latika's bedroom. Sagarika was already there with her 5-6 months baby. Perhaps they were chit-chatting. As I entered the room, Latika smiled and asked, “What are doing here?” I told her that I had come to watch the TV and asked for her permission to switch on as the TV in the drawing room was out of order. With her consent, I switched the TV on and started watching it sitting on the chair. My back was facing Sagarika. I was lustfully watching the reflection of Sagarika in the mirror in the name of watching TV. After 15 minutes, Latika said that she was going to take a bath as the sun was scorching high. Latika took her clothes from the shelf and went inside the bathroom. All on a sudden, the baby started to cry. Maybe it was feeling hungry. As she was a mother, Sagarika clutched the baby in her arms and ignoring my presence dropped the hem of her red sari, started unhooking the hooks on her black blouse from the front and in no time exposed the translucent red bra that she was wearing. She had unhooked her blouse completely and her two bra cups were completely exposed to my gaze in the mirror. My god! What a breast she had. With Perfect round cups, the nipples were clearly visible owing to the translucent bra she had put on. The bra was a low cut one and a large portion of her cleavage was exposed. I had a sudden hard on. After that she took her right hand behind and undid the clasp of her bra. Her breasts shake a little which made me really insane. Then she pulled one bra cup and exposed her breast completely. She had a milky breast and the nipple was in perfect contrast to it. It was of perfect black color and the circumference was too large. It almost occupied her half breast. She took the nipple between her two fingers and guided it into the kid's mouth. The kid had stopped crying and was suckling the nipple hungrily. My cock was rock hard in my underwear and I was feeling the pain as my black python tried to tear apart the fabric of my underwear. After placing the nipple in her kid's mouth, she was casually watching the television. But now my eyes were glued to her breast in the mirror rather than to the TV. I was feasting my eyes on the nipple that her kid was sucking as well as on the other nipple which was less hidden and more exposed by the sheer fabric of her lacy bra. Very soon because of the body movements that she was making her other breast also came out of her bra and was hanging loose outside. I just could not control myself. After a little while she stopped nursing the kid. She gradually pulled him from her nipple and placed him on the bed. As she did so, her both breasts were dangling outside. The nipple which the baby had sucked was rock hard and the other one was of usual size. She then took of her blouse completely through her hands and with her breasts still dangling outside; she got up from the bed and tried to tidy up her sari. I could not control myself any longer and started rubbing my penis from the top of my trouser. She was now in her black petticoat and the red colored bra which was hanging loose on her body. She went up to the dressing table, sat in front of it and taking her hands behind hooked her bra. After hooking her bra, she took her hands in the front and started cajoling her breasts and adjusted them so that they could fit inside her bra. My mouth was wide open after this sexual experience. I was sweating profusely. My forehead was perspiring and she noticed it. I looked around and since nobody was there, I gathered the courage to make an indecent move. As I turned around, she was adjusting her petticoat below her navel in front of the mirror. I viewed her black colored sexy petticoat, her deep navel, her flat stomach, her red bra imprisoning her milky breasts, her nipple which was clearly visible and her deep cleavage of which nothing was left hidden.


As I was moving to do something unexpected to Sagarika, suddenly Latika came out of the bathroom. All my evil intentions vanished. Sagarika along with her baby went to her bedroom and while she was walking, I noticed her back. Her bra strap was clinging tightly to her body and her wide buttocks were protruding out from her black petticoat. I now looked at Latika. One look at her and it sent my already rock hard cock even harder. She was wearing a silky nightie of yellow color. The nightie was a perfect see-through. Inside she was wearing a yellow color petticoat and a black bra. Her bra cups were clearly visible through her nightie. I was staring at Latika's anatomy which was more visible whenever she bent. Her breasts clad by the black bra were becoming more and more visible. I thought to catch hold of Latika from behind and had a good grip on her stomach. My dick was rock hard and I was not able to muster the courage to touch her stomach and controlling the pain in which I was reeling. Now Latika told me to go out of her bedroom as she wanted to have a nap. As I went out, she bolted the door inside. I became determined to fuck these two hot bitches royally before leaving to my native place.


It had been a routine for me to fuck my wife twice a day. On the same afternoon, I fucked Suchitra. While I was pumping my wife’s asshole, I smelled we were being spied on. I thought who would be the person. As the game was over, I requested Suchitra to take rest and I moved around the corridors to find the person out. Suddenly I got a broken piece of bangles which belonged to Latika. I got confirmed that it was Latika who was watching us during the intercourse. I walked to her bedroom and peeped in the keyhole to find out what was up. She was ignorant of me looking through the keyhole. She unhooked the front of her nightie and holding the hem of her nightie pulled it above her head. I had my tongue caught between my teeth as I looked at Latika. She undid her blouse buttons one by one threw it to the ground. She took her hand behind, unhooked her bra and let it come off through her hands in one swift action. Then she untied her petticoat and removed it along with her panty. She began to scratch her cunt. She raised her hands up and examined her armpits in the mirror. There were tufts of hair in her armpits. The sweat was flowing down her sumptuous body. She bent awkwardly and inserted her finger inside her rectum and fingered it. Then she fingered her pussy. When she got tired, she threw herself onto the bed. After a short while, She didn't bother to put on the bra or panty, not even the blouse and was about to step out of the bedroom. I hid myself behind the door. She looked so lovely just with the saree draped around her fair figure in a casual manner. I followed Latika as she walked to the terrace carrying a bucket of wet clothes. One by one she took out the clothes from the bucket and hung them on the clothesline. I could know that she was not aware that I was watching her behind the door. I thought she loved to show herself off. When she raised her hands to put the clothes on the clothesline her hem slipped from one of her breasts and revealed her melons. I ogled at them and her hairy armpits. She casually put back the hem over her breasts and continued to work. In the evening, she took out a broom and began to sweep the floor in the drawing room. When I came to the room she was crouched on the ground doing this. She couldn’t feel that I was ogling at her cleavage. She didn't bother. She continued to sweep the floor. Her big broad back was completely exposed. She had tied the sari well below her navel and moved her ass as she kept on sweeping the floor. I continued to look at her. I loved her being showcased. The next moment, she hitched her sari between her thighs. I started fondling my dick causally as I saw her engaged in the household activity. Meanwhile, her hem fell off so that I could see her sumptuous melons. Sometimes she raised her hair so that I could have a glimpse of her armpits. She scratched her armpits casually. I was really turned on and started masturbating. Oh god! I kept on and on till my underwear got wet. The game was over. She got up from the floor and swinging her ass, walked out of the room.


At noon, I tiptoed into Latika’s room. She was fast asleep. Latika was wearing a low cut red colored blouse with lemon colored - black border sari, she was looking like a fairy. I was staring at her partly visible boobs as the hem has slightly slipped off her left boob. I couldn't take my eyes away from the opening of her blouse, hoping that I would get another view. Latika was looking so sexy with her long black hair spread across her broad backside in a cascade. The sari has moved up to her knees revealing her long hairless legs. Her silky tummy was provoking with a deep naval. Latika was looking gorgeous. I thought this was the time to push her hard as I got hard on. I inspected all around the house and locked the main gate. Then I went into her bedroom and bolted it inside. I went closer to the edge of bed and watched her lustily top to bottom. I lost my control and gently pulled apart her legs and sat amid her legs. Then I slowly shoved my head in her petticoat and started kissing her pubic hairs directly as Latika had not put on panty. Latika woke up when I flicked my tongue into her vagina. Latika was totally shocked to see me licking her pussy. I pressed her mouth thinking she would shout and told her "Don’t even think of shouting out! Nobody is around to help you out." Latika asked me,”Why do you want to spoil my life? Don’t you know I am married? Please leave me Ravi .” But I didn’t care and replied, "it doesn’t matter weather you are married or not.   It is a matter of 1 hour only." Latika urged, “But it is illegal. What would happen if somebody finds us out in this situation?” I assured her, “Don’t worry Latika! I have bolted each and every door.” She looked at me openmouthed and said, “I think you have been planning to be with me in bed. But what makes you crazy about me? Moreover you have a decent and beautiful wife.” I answered, “Ya! You are right Latika. But I have been dying to taste you since I knew it was you peeping into the keyhole when I was fucking my wife.” At this point, her face went red with surprise and Latika enquired how I knew it was her. I boldly replied that I got a broken piece of bangle she wore near the door on the same day.


Latika tried to break loose my grip and get out of the bed. But since the sari was made up of slippery material, I pulled the hem of her sari and unwound it around her. She was now wearing a yellow petticoat below her navel and a low cut red colored blouse. I immediately removed the blouse and threw it away. It exposed more of her cleavage for me. Now I held her tightly from behind. She started struggling in my grasp. My dick was hard and it was rubbing against her ass on the fabric of her petticoat and from behind I was getting a better view of her breasts jumping in and out of her black bra owing to her rigorous body movements. I tried to kiss her. She tried to escape. I then pushed her towards the wall with her back touching the wall with both my hands holding her face tight so that she could not escape this time and I did succeed. I kissed her so desperately that one could hear loud sound coming out my mouth "ummm mmm mmm". Latika closed her eyes and pushed me with her hands on my shoulder; but I was a massive giant. I went on kissing. I pressed her cheek to take her tongue out. As she did so, I licked it so badly. And even I made her to lick my tongue. Her hands were pushing continuously but that was of no use.. This went on for 10-15 minutes. As I left her she was breathing very fast as I didn’t allow her to breathe during the course.


All on a sudden she brought her hand behind and gave my dick a sudden and violent squeeze. I yelled

“OOOO!” and let her go. She escaped at the nick of the moment. Now I understood that the bitch needed to be allegedly forced to bed. I went near her and gave her breasts a mighty squeeze. She yelled loudly

“OOyyeeee!”. I caught hold of her black bra from the front and told her behind, unhooked her bra and let it come off through her hands. She was bare breasted leaving the black bra in my hands. I was stunned. I was looking at her breasts, magnificent in size and shape with the same sized nipples as Sagarika. I took the bra to my nose and started smelling it. I noticed the size tag on her bra. It read 40 inch. Latika asked for her bra. I quickly put the bra inside my trousers and asked her to take it if she wants it. She looked at me for a moment and approached me. I placed my hands on her breasts and started squeezing her boobs and fondling them. I pressed her boobs hard and started playing with her nipples. I tuned them and soon they became rock hard. I pushed her onto the bed. I was still clinging onto her breast. She was still wearing her petticoat. I untied the knot of her petticoat by my teeth and had it down instantaneously. I started tracing my hands on her boobs. She liked that tickling sensation. Then I went behind her and squeezed her boobs. She yelled aloud. She was moaning and biting her lips. I took out my cloth one by one and became completely nude. Latika could see a big massive tool nearly 7 inches long hissing like a snake. I was breathing heavily. Her big boobs were available to me now. Now both were completely nude. I tried to kiss but Latika moved her face away as I came closer. But my dick was working hard as it rubbed on her cont continuously. My ass was moving like a wave to assist my penis to rub her cunt....both hands were apart with fingers crossed and I was licking her neck and cheek. After 10 minutes her toes were moving in a up and down manner. I could guess she was also getting charged.....she was continuously weeping but cries changed this time. "Please ummm.. umm.. mmmm.. aah.. umm.. Ravi uuummmm..". Both were breathing very fast now...she then gave a loud cry "aah.. aah.. aaaaahhhaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…"Yes she had an orgasm but still weeping. I did it for a couple of minuntes more and a loud moan came out "" aaaaaaaaaah.. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…"


I asked her after sometime, "How are you feeling now?"
Latika replied, “Please leave me now.”
I urged, “Opps! Nothing has happened till now!"
Latika said, "Look! You are inserting without condom. I’ll be pregnant if you shoot inside."
I told, "No problem! You can take an Ipill, an emergency contraceptive.”
She forced me to stop; but I stared licking her boobs once again to get charged. I was getting charged as I could see my dick was rising. She had no option but to let me have fun that night.... I then realised that I hadn’t got a smooch till now.. I got up and asked her to suck my dick.


My huge monstrous cock stood out straight pointing at Latika. The first thing Latika said was, “Oh my God! I can’t do this Ravi please, it is so big.” I said, “Don't worry, nothing will happen. You will enjoy it.” Then what followed was the most surprising thing to me which I never expected to happen, Latika closed her eyes and was saying please please, while I put my hand through her hair and cupped the back of her head and pushed my huge cock against her lips, I heard Bhabhi say mmm... mmm... mmm.... no please mmmm.. and then with one firm push I could see her open her mouth and my huge tool enter her mouth, it was great since and I let away a loud moan and kept my cock in her mouth, I could hear her voices of mmmm....mmm... and her hands was on my hands trying to stop me from pushing her face more, it was wonderful to see her lovely lips warped against my monster cock, she definitely had her mouth wide open and only the head of the cock and an inch more was in her mouth, then I said take more and pushed more in, till half of my cock went it, I felt the head of my cock push against the back of her throat, I stopped and put both my hands around her cheek and cupped her cheek, she was holding on to his hands, could see my Latika sweat and I was moaning and moaning and told her, “come on sweetheart do it faster and she immediately started taking my huge cock in and out of her mouth fast, when suddenly I pressed her face deep down and was grunting like anything and let out a moan aaaah, aaaah!!!
she knew I was coming, and Latika was struggling to move away, I was shooting my load down her throat, she somehow managed to remove her mouth off my huge cock and just then a huge glob of semen leave my penis and hit her face and lips and then her hair and chest and she opened her mouth and I   again pulled her towards me and this time she kept her mouth going up and down on my giant cock, I guessed she loved it too, after this my cock shrank....

Now I started to work on her pussy. I licked her again. I went in between her legs and started licking badly. Latika let out a heartily moan for the first time “ummmm ummmmm ummm". Her hands were moving on my head and her eyes were closed. I knew this was the right time to take her. I made her got up and asked her to sit in my thighs with her legs crossing around my back ...and hands around my neck. I pulled her more towards me such that my dick was supporting the weight of her fleshy body. I then asked her to kiss me. She said, “Please Ravi! I can’t do this. I can’t tolerate your painful penetration." I got angry and again blackmailed her.. She had no choice.. I then took out my tongue and asked her to lick it.. Both now were licking each other so badly there was no space in between us. I was still rubbing her cunt by his penis.. Both were breathing badly.. Latika could not control any longer and made her face move away... I asked her, “So, how big is your husband’s dick?" She was quiet. I repeated my question. Then she finally told, “Half of your size".. I was so happy to here that.. I told her, "You are almost like a virgin." I was breathing badly now... I then stared kissing her again. I opened her mouth and spitted inside and then licked it back. Latika didn’t want this at all. But she had little to do. I then asked her to do the same to me.. She had to do it. I opened my wide mouth so that saliva reaches as back as possible so that I can had a better taste of her juicy tongue and lips... When she spitted and tried to lick it back, I caught her half tongue and didn’t leave it. She tried to pull but my teeth caught it and my tongue behind them was playing with it......

This was the right time to get inside. I made a massive jerk and rammed my cock inside her. I saw her eyes were wide open but she could not shout as her tongue was captured.... Half of my dick was already inside. I waited for 2-3 seconds in that position and then gave a second jerk and this time I reached to her deepest position. Maybe, I was the first person to reach Latika’s end. I then left her tongues as I wanted to hear some cries that made me horny. And when I left, Latika cried out, “No No Aahhhh Ummmmm Ummmmm... I’ll die Ravi ! Please leave meee..." Since she cried with sounds, I stopped for a while because I had already anchored this was the best time to do anything since she cant move....I started licking her and repeatedly spit inside her mouth and lick it back.. As she was crying, more and more saliva was coming out. Latika could realize my lust for her as I even licked her nostrils for 5 minutes.... I licked her armpits, ears everywhere....Meanwhile I saw the bed was getting wet. I could see fluids coming out along my dick as it was inside. I didn’t want to waste any time now. I started moving my ass up and down slowly. Whenever I used to pull out, Latika used to cry, “Ooohhh" and as I went in, Latika’s scream louder "Aahhhhh…"

So it was "Ooh Aah Ooh Aah " along with my breathing sounds "Huuh Huuh". I was breathing through nostrils.... Gradually I picked up pace. Now I was nothing less than a beast. I was doing it badly. It was pushing against her womb and then I said, “Don't worry! It is up.” Then I started pulling out slowly and pushing back in. Latika was still in pain; but she kissed me a lot and wrapped her arms around me. Then I started doing it faster and Latika was moaning Aaaawww, Aaaawww, Aaaaah,, Aaaammmaaa... Oooohh, Aaaaaiiii, Aaaaahhh, Rrrraaaavvviiii, Aaaahhhh, Sloww, Pleaseee... I started hammering her damn hard and her pussy lips were damn red; but my cock was shiny as it was lubricated well. Then I started pulling it all the way till only the head was in and then push the whole 7 inches inside. Latika was crying and moaning and kissing and what not. I was shocked to see Latika enjoy and get the fucking of her life that no one else could give her. She was moaning and screaming, “No Raaaaavviii!!! Sloowww Please Noo, Aaahh Ooooh and kissing me badly. I at times bit her nipples when I was fucking her hard. It was wonderful to see her breasts bounce up and down so violently and she was moving her head side to side and moaning opening her mouth and kissing me. I saw her pussy lips tightly clench my cock and milk it out. Aaaahh Ahhh Ooohh went on for 15 minutes and Latika tightly clenched me and bit herself. I guessed she came many times. She requested me, “ Ravi ! Please stop now or I'll surely die.” I just kept on mercilessly ramming in and out of her and then I said I'm going to come and she shouted, “No! Dont come inside!” “Not until that time it was over.” I answered and moaned "Aaaaahh, Aaaaaaaah..... Aaaaahhhhh, Aaaaaaahhhh Mmmmm.." She also had orgasm at the same time. She moaned Aah Aaah Mmmm Ummmm Raviii... I fell on her and kissed her badly and for 10 minutes there was no sound. I then rolled aside. I could see her pussy now.. Oh my God, it was stretched so wide and my semen just flowed out of her pussy. Its diameter was doubled now.....with all fluids dried up...and she was lying quiet as she expected pregnancy now..... I asked her ..."How was it? Didn’t you enjoy it, honey?" Latika stammered, “You came inside." I laughed and suggested to take an Ipill and complimented her that she was the hottest one to fuck.


I started kissing her again and made her turn aside to fuck her anal.. Latika struggled and begged me as usual and, said she had never gone for this before. I was even happy by hearing that. I said her, “Latika darling… Don't worry. There’s always a first time for everything.” And I positioned my tool between her large buttocks. “Oh, No Ravi …please…. Why you are doing this to me?” Latika cried. “Do you know “Why”?” I answered and told, “This must have been a dream of all men irrespective of age. Even the friends of your husband would have been masturbating after a showcase of you.” “I must fuck this big, protruding bum. And today I can’t spare the opportunity. So, don't even think about getting away.” I added. I held her hands firmly and pushed her to bed and give her buttocks a sudden thrust. Latika almost jumped and cried in pain. I was repeatedly pushing my tool inside Latika’s asshole. My 7” monster was disappearing more and more in-between her 44” ass. Those two were prefect match. Her cries got louder with each thrust. Her butt was shivering with pain. And finally I went all the way in and my balls were pressed against her butt. When I was successfully in, I released Latika’s hands. I put my hands under her chest and got hold on boobs. Then I lifted my lower body, took my cock half way out, and gave her a deep hard thrust. Latika screamed and struggled hard. But I controlled her well and gave her another hard push. Then I slowly increased the speed and started fucking her asshole. My monster was hitting hard against her big butt with Thump.. Thump.. sound coming out. Those fleshy buttocks were jumping up and down. Latika was moaning and crying because of fire inside and I was enjoying it. I became a machine and she got weaker and weaker. Finally I groaned loud and pushed her hard against the bed. I saw his lower body shaking. Yes, I was filling her with my thick cum. Latika was feeling cum inside her asshole for the first time in her life. With that, she lost all her power and fell down. Ultimately I got up from her body. She was unable to get up due to her back pain. So, I had to take her to bath room and saw white thick cum flowing out of her butt crack and going down on her thighs. I turned on the shower so that water could flow o her voluptuous body. I applied soap on her body and rinsed her both holes with foam. When we came back, I noticed Latika was still in pain.


Then I requested her to do me favor. Latika wanted to what it was. I boldly and abruptly asked her to help me fuck Sagarika. She got stunned and angrily asked whether I had gone mad. I replied, “Yes! I am crazy about her and want to fuck Sagarika badly.” She refused to do so; but I assured her that I would fuck her daily if she would help me out. Latika looked at me with staring eyes and lastly accepted my offer. But Latika warned me that she would not support me if something went wrong. I assured her and explained the plan.


The next day, when Sagarika along with her baby came to Latika’s room, I winked at Latika. Now as per the plan, Latika turned on the TV. Then she asked Sagarika for her baby to carcass it. Sagarika immediately handed over the baby to Latika. Latika went out of the room with the baby to play with it. Latika told Sagarika to chat with me till she would be back. Latika bolted the door outside without Sagarik’s notice. We started to talk on the TV serial going on. While talking casually about the serial, I looked upon her from top to bottom. She was little fat (not very much, but I like fluffy ladies too). Suddenly I got up and reached the door to get confirmed that the door was bolted outside. Then I stood just behind her. I stared at her partly visible boobs; I couldn't take my eyes away from the opening of her blouse, hoping that I would get another view. Then I sat near her and started chatting. I touched her body by one or other excuse intentionally, and notice that she was not reacting adversely. Sagarika was a luscious woman and had driven me crazy. During the gossip, her hem slipped off showcasing her cleavage; I got a glimpse of her valley before she covered her breasts. She wore the sari below her navel and waistline. I showered my all attention on her sumptuous ass. It egged me on while she scratched her backside unnoticed. I longed to take out my dick and begin to shag. After some time I took her hand in my hand and started rubbing it, she stared at me and gave me a sexy smile and did not say any thing, this gave me lot of courage and I kissed on her left cheek. On this she got angry and got up form the bed. Sagarika scolded me badly for that misbehave and moved towards the door to go out. I immediately followed her and stopped her embracing her tightly from behind. Sagarika shouted out for help and tried to escape from grip. But I told her that it had been planned by me and Latika to fuck you badly right there and she could not get out as the door had been bolted. Hearing this, Sagarika became speechless; but tried all possible ways to escape. Now she started to free herself from my grip but she could not help from my strong arms. I was still holding her from behind and in a process my dick got raised to full 7" and was poking her continuously. I could make out the hardened nipples that threatened to break free of her blouse. Her bra cups holding her huge breasts were cleanly visible through the thin material of her blouse.


I took her in my arms and moved to the bed and dropped her. Then I jumped onto her and tried to kiss her lips holding her hands with fingers interlaced with those of mine. As I began squashing her full breast, she tried to break free of my lips and began to push me away from her. But I quickly held her hand and pulled her towards me, grabbing her and kissing her fervently. My hands moved down on to her breasts, rubbing them softly. I enjoyed her breasts for a few moments and then she began to tremble as my hands moved to undo the first button of her blouse. My hands moved down to undo the second and then the third. I couldn't control myself anymore. I grabbed the blouse and pulled it with all my force and it came off. She couldn't move an inch. I sliced off the torn blouse with my hungry hands. Now I could catch a glimpse of her breast covered in all its glory by her white bodice. I placed my hands inside her blouse and onto her breast. I slid my fingers into the cup of the bra and felt her 42” breast in flesh. I reached for her nipple and soon my fingers were caressing it. It was soft but it was soon growing hard as she now began to moan and move her head feverishly. The bra she wore was very low cut. So much of her boobs were left uncovered. Her cleavage was looking simply killing. She was making all sexy sounds. She kept sighing in excitement. I licked her bra strap from her shoulder to her tits along the bra. When I raised her hands to adjust her long hair, it exposed her healthy arms and deep-set armpits to me. There were patches of hair or traces of dark that drove me crazy to casually run my fingers over her armpits. My hands reached her back and unhooked her bra and slid of the strap of her brassiere from over her shoulder, completely stripping it of her body totally exposing her full breast. Her breasts were fully exposed and hung like two big melons. I saw her naked breasts, huge and beautiful.. It was well shaped and round with her nipple jutting out in perfect proportion. She had at least 38 size tits which was always a good feast to me. I grabbed one of her tits and began to pump it. Then I took her erect nipple between my two fingers and began to twitch it; suddenly I pinched it hard and she cried out. I kissed her on her lips and then my tongue rolled down her neck, onto her breast grabbing her nipple in my mouth. I began to suck it slowly at first and then gently increasing it as her sexuality began to rise at her peak. I sucked it hard until it was swollen red. She was now like a bitch on heat, her pelvic thrusting on my dick. As I sucked her hard my hand freed her other breast of her bodice and began to maul her. She arched backwards enjoying every moment of my licking and caressing of her breasts. I was enjoying her with as much vigor as I can. My hand began to grope her breast for a moment and then it began to slide down over her belly. I found her navel and I teased her there for some time. I slithered down to the most sensitive part of her from the top of her sari. Barely had my fingers been inside her sari, her hand came flying out of nowhere and grabbed my hand. "No." she said in her soft and sensual voice. I forced my hand into her sari. "No, please no." she tightened her grip on me.


"Please Sagarika! Don't stop me now." I tightened my grip. "No." she again pleaded calmly and rested her head on the pillow. I could feel her melt now. I was not supposed to miss this opportunity and so my hand began to slide down. This time she held her grip but soon let go of me. My fingers reached her panty and as I further moved down I could feel her soft pubic hairs with which I played for some time and then as my fingers went further down, a shudder ran through her as my fingers ran over her moist clits. A subtle groan came through within her as I inserted my middle finger into her. It was dripping wet. She jerked her body and began to moan like an animal. She was looking lustfully at my large bulge in my trouser which was due to the increase in size and stiffness of my penis. I took her hand and placed it on my trousers, over my dick. It was by now hard as a rock. She moved her fingers over my hardness and gently unhooked my trouser and pulled my zipper down slowly, looking seductively in my eyes. She moved her fingers over my hard rod in my underwear. She continued to squeeze, rub my dick inside my underwear for some time. Then she pulled down my underwear and took it out from my legs using her hands and her feet. It sprang out like an angry python. She grabbed it in her delicate hand, her soft fingers encircling it. She looked at my fully erect stiff cock stood in front of her. She blushed saying "Oh, my God! It's so hot.". I replied cunningly, “Then quench its fire with your nectar of love.". She pleaded, "Oh God! No. Please! No.". I lightly pressed her clitoris and then she was at it again. She slowly began to move my dick back and forth her thumb caressing the tip of my penis-head.


We fondled each other for quite sometime and then I told her to take me in her mouth. She repulsed but after coxing a few times she went down on her knees. She smiled and moved her tongue over her lips looking into my eyes expressing that she liked my erection, length, thickness, etc. Looking at hard black cock, Sagarika exclaimed, “oh! Ravi ! You have got such a large and thick penis.” Then her lips parted as she moved forward to take my penis in her mouth. I could feel her small teeth and her tongue wriggling me. She now began to enjoy it. "Suck me Sagarika." I said. Sagarika never knew that it would be so exciting. She moved her head back and forth and began to suck at the same time. Her tongue was licking every part of me. She was now sucking my juices right out of my body. Her sucking created a kind of a vacuum in my prick and I could feel my juices about to rush out. I took out my penis from her mouth before I could ejaculate, as I wanted to do it deep inside her and not in her mouth. I laid her down on the bed. As usual her sari was above the knee and it slid back as she lay down, one foot lying straight on the ground and the other raised a little, exposing her thighs.


After a short while, I grabbed and pulled her 2 me to land a kiss. This time she was really angry because while pulling her, I tightened my grip on wrist which might have hurt her and she was about kick my ass.

I lifted her sari to her waist, held her panty and pulled it down to remove. To my amazement she actually helped me get of her panty by shifting on her sides. I removed her panty from her legs and threw it aside. My hand soon grabbed her knee of the raised foot and began to slide down. I thereafter took out my dick and placed it between her sumptuous thighs. I was amazed to see her thighs. They were so healthy. I spread them apart with my hands and lowered myself on her and placed my dick at the mouth of her cunt. I caught her leg and spread her R-leg with my L-leg and caught her pussy area with a strong grip, she was screaming “eee u....u ....u ". I thought I might have her pussy hairs. I slowly shoved my finger in her cunt and started fingering her. She started enjoying the drama in a silent manner. When as her legs were still bit spread I inserted my L-leg in between her and touched her pussy with my cock. Slowly I pulled her string of petticoat and released the knot. While opening I was kissing her and kept her busy on top struggling, and then put my cock in the entrance. she was really shocked by this because my cock was bit long and damn hard like hot iron rod and the foreskin has already gone back and the tip of my cock was visible clearly to her, she opened her eyes and stared at my cock. I widened her leg, while I cupped her boobs and squeezed them as if she would not be available again. My hands got wet with the milk. I pulled her near and start pressing her against me she smelt good. I caught her right leg and wind it 2 my waist, but no she snatched her leg. I again caught her leg and kept her feet on my shoulders so the legs shaped like reverse V. I held my cock with one hand and directed to her pussy. I inserted my tip. She started screaming ... ooooohhhh... yeahhhhheeeee... as I pushed slightly in. I got so excited that I inserted my shaft inside her cunt and rode her like a horse and gasped for air... She began to moan and egg me on and I continued to pump her... Up and down up and down...


She shouted, “Ammmmmma....... please slowly, it may bleed....."

Me "Don’t worry!   Nothing will happen like that."


I slowly increased my in-out game. She was crying like I was killing her. Then I slowly pushed deeper into her cunt. She really felt my cock in her stomach, she screemed, “Let go Bastard! iiieeesssssssshhhhhhhh...... slow slow slowly oooooooohhhh....”


She too submitted herself completely to me and held me firmly. I felt like coming. I could feel the pressure built inside my dick. I pushed with my full strength into the hole. Then I gave out a loud moan oooooooooohhhhhiii... iiiisssssss… as I shot a load of thick semen inside sweet sexy buxom fair fleshy Sagarika...   I came inside her and felt that she also came along with me. For a moment she became silent. Her legs shivered for a while and she landed a deep kiss on my lips and said, “ Ravi , I’ll remember this incident throughout my life." I thanked her and pulled my cock from her cunt and sat half naked for a while. Things began to cool down a bit and the desire was no longer a mystery to the both of us. I again gently began to stroke her hairs and kissed her softly, pecking occasionally on her lips. We stayed like that for some time; then she moved me aside, got up, cleaned my dick with her sari and wrapped the sari around her fleshy body and was about to walk into the bathroom to clean her.


Suddenly I said, 'Wait!' She waited for the next action; she knew what was coming. I walked over to her, told her to kneel down and stood in front of her with my dick dangling in front of her lovely face. I smiled down at her and flicked my dick on her face. Then I slowly turned around. My ass was directly in front of her face. She looked at my ass; I shouted at her, “Go ahead you whore. I bent down from the waist. She brought her face slowly towards my ass cheeks, and buried her nose inside it. She spread the ass cheeks with her hands and put her tongue inside my ass. I exclaimed, “That's like it, Keep going." She began to flick her tongue on my rectum. "Inside, inside you dirty whore!" I shouted. She inserted her tongue inside my rectum and began to lick my ass and brought her hands in front to hold my dick; she could feel my dick rising again. She groped my dick as she licked my ass and felt it rising again to her touch. She kept on licking my ass till I began to moan. 'Keep on licking my ass you dirty whore' and she kept on licking my ass and play with my dick. Then I suddenly jerked myself free, turned around and put my dick inside her lovely face. This was it. She began to blow me. It was just 5 minutes back that I had ejaculated inside her and I was ready again. But this time it took a long time for me to come. I loved to see sexy Sagarika crouched on the ground like this and blowing me. Just when I was about to come, I took out my dick and ejaculated on her face and neck. Some of it fell on the wet ground. She swallowed all my fluid and licked me dry. Then she bent on the ground and began to lick the semen off the ground like a bitch. I smiled at the sight, spat on her and didn’t let her walk into the bathroom. She licked the tip of my pink thick knob, pulled my foreskin back with her tongue and started sucking my dick into her mouth. I can feel her warm wet lips wrapped around my hard dick, which was making me crazy. I fingered her cunt, I was going mad about her sucking, biting my cock. I never thought this would happen. My cock became wet with her saliva. She started sucking it up and down, licking my balls in between. I hold her hairs and push her wet lips over my hard shaft to slide more in her mouth.



Sagarika clutched my hard dick and moved her hands along to massage. She moved my foreskin back and uttered with a smile, " Ravi , I want to suck your cock." I got thrilled by her words and desire. I lay on my back with my cock erected at its fullest length. She looked into my eyes, kissed my hairy chest, and rubbed her wet lips all over my belly and moved down to kiss the head of my cock. Licked the tip of my pink thick knob, pulled my foreskin back with her tongue and started sucking my dick into her mouth. I can feel her warm wet lips wrapped around my hard dick, which was making me crazy. I fingered her cunt, I was going mad about her sucking, biting my cock. I never thought this would happen. My cock became wet with her saliva. She started sucking it up and down, licking my balls in between. I hold her hairs and push her wet lips over my hard shaft to slide more in her mouth. Finally, I couldn’t resist the force inside and shot wads of thick semen inside her throat and on her lovely face. I even pissed on her face. The urine trickled down her lovely face and fell on her breasts and her sari got wet, revealing chunks of her flesh. I kept on piddling on her. She opened her lovely mouth and drank the urine as much as she could but most of it fell on her face. She remained in crouching position and drank the urine mingled with sperm straight from the tip of my tool on my request. I asked her to direct the jet of urine on her body and she directed the stream on her sari. Her sari got wet with my sperm and I crawled to her and taste the same over her wet sari and began to grapple her breasts and run my fingers between her thighs and explore her cunt and finger fuck her while she rolled on the ground under my massive body. Then we decide to love again on the floor.


As she lay down calmly on the wet floor and I got on top of her and began to fondle her wet body. I began to suckle her breasts... I nibbled her nipples and bit one of them till she cried out in pain... I raised her arms over her head and looked at her hairy armpits. As I sniffed at them and looked at her, she questioned, “Do you like the smell?” I abruptly nodded and said, “Of Course, You bitch!”. Then I ran my fingers over the armpit hair. She felt ticklish and horny and began to groan... I ran my tongue over her armpits and began to lick them... She began to groan louder now and began to move her body; she could not bear the tickle; it was too much for her.... 'Come inside now', she whispered, spread her legs and slowly inserted my dick inside her cunt. She raised her arms over her head... I again sniffed at her armpits and licked them. It sent shivers down her whole body; at the same time I began to pump her. Up and down, up and down... She began to moan..., “Go on! Go on darling! Do it! Fuck me hard!” She loved to talk dirty to me and allowed me to play really dirty... She never knew there was so much joy in filth and vulgarity... She loved to play my royal whore... She held me now in her arms and I continued the motion; fucked her harder and harder till I could feel that I was going to come now.... She was perspiring; she smelt so nice. I was also sweating. Our sweat mixed with each other and my urine… I formed a wad of saliva inside my mouth and dropped it on her Sagarik’s beautiful face. She looked sumptuous and lovely... She never bothered about the saliva... She loved this... I spat on her face again and increased the motion as I neared the orgasm and then poured out a load inside her cunt as she kept on moaning... Just when I reached the climax I again spat on her beautiful face and called her, “My sweet whore, fuck you like a bitch...” I collapsed on her body and held her tight. We indulged in sex like two wild animals. There was no inhibition between us and we engaged in the most dastardly act. Sagarika egged him on, as if challenging me and enjoyed the love and torture that I heaped upon her as she was the kind of woman who needed and deserved sex on a daily basis.


Now I planned to fuck her in the ass and wondered how Sagarika would react to the idea. But I knew she would give in to all my demands. I proposed, coaxed her to go for anal sex. She refused initially, calling it dirty. Therefore as a trick, I told her that I would stop fucking her. She started begging for it and I told her plainly that I would first fuck her in the ass and only then I would fuck her the regular way. She agreed. I placed my hand over her knee and then slowly moved down to her thighs. I hitched her sari right up to her waist. Her pussy cradled in the nest of black pubic hairs now lay bared to me to get discovered. I kissed her on her thighs and my tongue soon began to explore the clandestine parts of her. I could now smell her feminist odor. My tongue then began to graze on her clits. She grabbed me by my hairs and began to push me, deep inside her. My tongue ravaged the insides of her pussy and I began to taste hungrily at her juices. "Shittt!" she exclaimed as both her legs began to curl up in position. She pushed me more inside and I almost suffocated. My mouth was inside her, my tongue dwelling inside tasting her fluid and stroking what could certainly have been her G-spot. I pushed myself up on her belly and my tongue began to play with her navel. She had her hands over my back imploring me to get back to her wet orifice. Instead I got down to my side and jerked my erect tool for 1 minute.


"You really mean to put that thing in my asshole, don’t you?" she asked rather coyly. "Yes honey, and you and I are going to enjoy every bit of it." She replied. "oh God!!! Save me. " she moaned and closed her eyes even before I was on top of her. "Don't worry Sagarika, it will be all pleasurable." I assured her, gently running my fingers through her hair. "Nooohh!!!" she cried. I looked at her nude sexy body from tip to toe. She asked me in a special sexy style, “..oohhh, why are you looking so at me?" I told her, “Sagarika, you are looking more beautiful than ever.” She came closer to me and held my cock in her right hand and started to play. I whispered her, “Sagarika! In your full nudity you are looking very beautiful, sexy, and inviting. You have a very proportionate figure. You have not bore any extra flesh on your sexy body. Your boobs and hips are simply marvelous. You have maintained your boobs very well though you have two children. Your boobs are quite shapely. In spite of the fact that your boobs are fully swollen and very fleshy, they have stood firm even without the support of any bra. The roundness of your boobs is still there without bra. They are still bulging and opulent. I have rarely seen such heavy boobs in such a good shape even without bra. I like such breasts very much, Sagarika." And I continued by adding, “Sagarika, your hips are also killing. They are quite heavy and are projected backwardly so much that it is enough to ignite a young man. Yes, your hips are very inviting. They are simply arousing." She just smiled and said, “Thanks for the compliments, dear." I kissed Sagarika here and there frantically.


Then I moved down towards her crotch, thighs, hips, etc. and kissed her there. I again kissed and sucked her juicy lips encircling my arms around her narrow waist line. Sagarika co-operated me very well encircling her arms around my neck keeping her very closely hugged while I sucked her pouting lips. Her breasts were being crushed badly against my naked chest. I could feel the contour of her well-shaped breasts as well as the soft touch of her big nipples. My hand went straight through her hairs as we again cuddled each other in a feverish kiss. My hard cock was being rubbed against her sexy smooth crotch. After kissing and sucking her lips in that posture for some times I turned her around. I held her from behind in the same posture and placed my hands on her bulging breasts from under her armpits. I started caressing her breasts. Sagarika was again in her excitement as earlier. I moved my hands gently on her fleshy plump breasts. Then I pressed them slowly. Sagarika was moaning in a very low suppressed voice "..hhhuuhhhh... ..uuuuffffff.. .ooooohhhhhhh.. ..aaaahhhhh..” I further increased the pressure of my palms upon her pair of firm breasts. I was feeling great in pressing her luxuriant breasts as they were very much tight. She was holding me putting her arms back around my neck and that way giving me full opportunity to press and squeeze her breasts with ease. She was caressing sometimes my neck, sometimes my hairs in her excitement. I started squeezing her breasts with pressure. She was sibilating, hissing and moaning. After some times, she demanded me to increase the pressure of my hands on her breasts. I did so. She further encouraged me to squeeze her breasts harder and harder. I started squeezing her superb pulpy breasts as hard as I could. She was in great excitement and encouraging me with words like “..oooohhhhh.. press hard. oh dear press them more harder.. I am having fun. Your hands are quite expert. You know how to squeeze breasts.. Dear press my boobs more hard aaahhhh... Yes.. I like it..”


And I went on exerting as much as pressure onto her firm and tight breasts. The more I pressed her breasts, the more pressure she demanded on her breasts from me. The harder I squeezed her fleshy and spongy breasts, even harder she requested squeeze her breasts. She started uttering only broken unclear words like ".aaahhhhh. yyoouuuu. .uuuuuhhhhh.oooffff.." .etc. and was caressing me all through. My erect hard cock was getting pressed and rubbed against her soft, silky, fleshy and round hips. As her heavy hunching hips were projected back sexily, my erect cock was digging between her fleshy hips as if trying to enter into her right then. Feeling my erect hard cock making its vain effort to enter into her, Sagarika told me sexily, “...ooohhhhh Ravi ! How hard is your shaft! I was pressing and squeezing her firm and tight breasts very hard with my both hands and she was moaning and moaning sexily closing her eyes ". ..aaaaahhhh.. oooofffffffff. ...uuiiiiimmmmmaaaa. .oooohhhh. .uuuuuuhhhhhhhh... your cock sssshhhhhhhh.. uuuummmmmmmmmmmaaaahhhhhhh.... is very thick." She was writhing her body sexily. She gave jerks to her hunching hips. She wriggled in pleasure. She waggled her hips side ways and to and fro making my hard cock rub against her smooth fleshy and round hips. I found that Sagarika was getting hotter and hotter. She was in strong urge for sex. Her each action revealed her strong urge to take me in immediately. After a little while, Sagarika asked me to take her to bed. I lifted fully nude Sagarika in my arms and take her onto the bed. We both started rubbing our body against each other.


Thereafter I lay her down, kissed her all over. She again moaned and sibilated in the same way. After some time, Sagarika told me. “...oooohhh dear it is too much.. I can’t tolerate anymore.. come on... ooooohhh please dear, come on and fuck me dear.. Don’t linger now.. Fuck me... how long will you take now?" Looking her fully aroused, I mounted upon Sagarika. She separated her thighs to make way for me. I position myself between her thighs. She held my dick and placed over her doorway to heaven. I hold her waist, squeezed my hips a little and jerked my waist. "Unnnhh!!! Nooo." she yelped. It was so tight. I could feel my dick burn as I entered further into her. The head was now fully inside her and I kept stroking her hair as I interchanged her nipples and occasionally kept kissing her. I made a strong move and forced my penis deep into her. She began to wriggle like a snake trying desperately to escape from the eagle's claws. "No, please no. It hurts, please." she began to plead. Her pleading only made me hornier as I again thrust my penis deep into her. She began to shout and moan in pain. I placed my hand on her shoulder and grabbed her breast with the other. My mouth went over hers and I again thrust my penis into her. This time she threw her head back and yelped. "Aaaaagggh!" and oooohhhhhhhhhhhh.... my dick started sliding in her juicy wet hot tight pink asshole. My erect and hard cock slid easily into her.


As my dick went in right inside her, Sagarika sighed heavily in sexy voice ".. aaaaaahhhh dear." I was in heaven; at last I was fucking my dream lady Sagarika. She moaned repeatedly out of joy, pleasure. She was gyrating her hips. I gradually increased the speed. She was throwing her hips back in order to receive my cock inside her every time I made stroke. She was doing so in order to accommodate me more and more inside her. I was ramming her asshole. She started making sounds a bit louder in her excitement "...ooooooohhhhh. ..aaaaaaahhhh.uuuuuhhhhhhh... uuuuffffffffffff... ..iiiiiihhhhh. ..oooooffffffffffooooooooohhhhhhhhh.." my hands were pressing her boobs, squeezing her nipples. I bend down and kissed her, bite her lips and licked her ears. I went on fucking her like that for some time. My cock had become thicker by that time. It was making a swift to and fro motion. She then asked me to increase my speed ."..aaaahhhhh.dddeeaarrrr. ffaaassstt.. Yess ddearr faaaassstt...come on fuck me are great..I like it ..oohh dear..fuck me fast. .ooooohhhh... aaaahhhh. dear bang me   aaaaahhhhhhhhhh.. go deeper.." She went on encouraging to fuck her fast with her words in sexy voice with moans and sibilation.


She requested me to push more and more with full thrust into her hot arse. I further increased my speed. I made hard strokes. Sagarika received each of my hard strokes skillfully throwing her hips up and up every time. I was romping fast. Sagarika was then in full excitement and was uttering words like ".ooooohhhh.ddeeaarrr. .ooooohhhhhh.. ..uuuuuuffffff.. .aaaaahhhhh.aaaahhhhhh.. uuuiiiiii. ..aaahhhhh.. uuuummmmaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh..oooooooohhhhhhh..." I asked her " Sagarika, how are feeling baby? Please tell me Sagarika darling." She sighed and whispered "Dear it is very fine. I like it. You are quite expert in fucking. I am having fun. Dear. ..ooohhhhh dear you are really an expert fucker... aaaahhhhhh...uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh...oooooffffffff.. ddeeaarrr you know how to fuck even an experienced woman.. I like it. I love it dear.. Keep on fucking me like that.... tear up my bum... I need you inside me oooohhhhhhh..." And I continued fucking Sagarika with full vigor and speed. She was encouraging me with her words and I was fucking her fast.


Then I stood on my knees and started giving vigorous thrusts of my cock into her lovely vagina caressing her hips. Sagarika was trying to take all sorts of pleasure of fucking and at the same time she was giving me the maximum pleasure. I was pushing my cock harder and harder, faster and faster. We enjoyed fucking for quite some time. I took care of not ejaculating early so that I could continue fucking Sagarika! I felt my cock got hardened and shot its warm liquid inside her pussy. I felt her vagina contrasted on my cock and I like its dripping to fill in her cunt..


Then Sagarika herself took the initiative. She started kissing me all over increasing my sexual urge to have her. I also kissed all over her nude sexy body. I sucked her pouting lips. Then I moved towards her breasts again. I licked her nipples one by one. Sagarika caressed my head in excitement. Then I kissed her breasts all over for a pretty long time. She was simply moaning "..aaaaahhhhh ..uuuuuhhhhhhh.. ....uuuuuuffffff.. And I started sucking her erect hard nipples one by one. She kept on moaning and sibilating biting her lips with her teeth and making sounds like ".aaaahhhh ...uuuuuuhhhhhh... oooooohhhhhhh... etc. I lift her leg up, kiss her feet, lick her knee and leg, lick her thighs, forced her thighs move apart I kissed her pussy and licked it. Sagarika pressed my head. I started eating wet pussy. She lifted her hips and rubbed her wet pussy on my face. My body was shivering. My mind was blacked out no one can control even myself because I was achieving my greatest goal of having sex with Sagarika. She jumped on me to feel me deep inside her. I continued moulding her bouncing breasts. Her hands came over my back with a burning sensation for she was now nailing my back and biting my lips. I entered deep into her as her paws encircled my arms guiding me inside her. She was not very tight; but I enjoyed every bit of her. My prick got thrust inside her, back and forth, first slowly and then vigorously. She too began to move her hips along with me. She was having an orgasm. I licked her face, her ears, and her nipples and then I felt a storm brewing inside me. We both held each other tightly as I made my final force inside her pussy. Moments later I ejaculated deep inside her till my last drop. She began to loose grip on me and lay down apart on the bed. I kissed her forehead as I removed my penis.


When Latika entered into the room, I dragged her onto me and wiped my semen-laden hands and dick with her blouse and panty, petticoat she had put on. Latika got really astonished when she looked at the hole of pussy of Sagarika being widened. Then we three went into the bathroom completely nude to get a warm bath. We teased each other’s organ inside the bathroom. I then went back to sleep. I loved to ravage her healthy body and molested her to my heart's content.


I still remember the next night when I stepped into Sagarika’s room. She was all alone with her new born baby. My brother-in-law and her husband along with his son Deepu had gone to watch a drama to nearby village and were expected to come in the morning. Sagarika made me sat on the bed and went into the bathroom. Sagarika had already asked Latika for her bridal clothing. Sagarika walked out of the bathroom like a new bride, full of trepidation and came near to me. She had beautiful long silky hairs that came down to her waist, around her shoulders and covered her full breasts. I stood in front of her. Her head tilted down, eyes closed and her breasts heaving up and down in pace with her heavy breathing. I could feel my heart popping out as I slowly removed her hair-band and gently began to stroke her hair. No words were spoken. I held her face in both my hands and turned it up towards me. Her eyes were still closed as her lips parted and her hands came to rest on my hips as I bent down and kissed her honey sweet lips. They were moist, soft, and tender. Her hands soon grabbed me from behind in tight embrace. I lifted up my head and looked at her. She quickly hid her face on my shoulder, her eyes evading my every glance. I held her from her back and tightened my grip on her, crushing her tender breasts hard on my chest. I could hear a soft sigh from inside her. I stroked her hair for a few moments; quite aware of the delicate situation she was in. I moved her away from me and again placed my lips on hers. This time it was a real passionate one. I could now feel her tongue with mine. Her hands were slowly rising from my back to my head, her fingers running through my hairs. I was moving my hands all over her back. My hands moved down to her waists and as I grabbed her buttocks, her grip tightened on me. I slowly moved my hand upwards sliding through her hips, up her belly and then cupped her breast. It was a wonderful feeling. I could now feel her going weak in the legs.


I looked at her from all sides and asked her to raise her sari. She hitched her sari to her waist and turned away from me out of shame, revealing her big fat ass. She wore no panty for the occasion. I got closer to her and put my hands on her ass and grappled it. I bent down and kissed her ass all over. I ran my tongue over her ass and spread her ass cheeks and looked at the hole. I was going to enter this hole, but slowly... I kissed her ass again and put my right hand between her thighs and reached her cunt from behind. I began to flick her clitoris to arouse her first. She was so full of sex that she did not need any arousing actually. She began to moan at my touch and I kept on masturbating her... Soon her moans climaxed into an orgasm. Both of us were standing. I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her all over. Then we engaged in a long lingering passionate kiss like a newly married couple. Then I gently laid her on the floor and removed her hem and unhooked her blouse and began to play with her breasts and sucked her nipples. Then I looked at her lovingly. She looked back at me, not knowing what I would do next. She just knew that I was going to try out her ass.


I gently rolled Sagarika so that her face now was on the floor. She could not see me now and did not know what was coming. I brought a bottle of “Johnson’s Baby Oil” and poured on my palm. Then I lifted her sari and propped up her ass on a pillow and dabbed the oil inside her asshole with my middle finger. I inserted my finger in her rectum and applied oil inside the passage gently. She hummed hmmm... ummm... as she felt a human organ inside her rectum. Her husband had never fucked her in the ass. She quite liked the sensation but was afraid what an erect dick could do to her inside that hole. Would it be painful again? But she was reconciled to her fate. She knew I wanted to fuck her in the ass badly and if she did not allow me to fuck her in the ass, I would deprive her of sex; so she had to give in to my demands, but she did not mind and loved me. I put some oil around my dick and wiped my hands with her sari and took off my clothes and stood naked over her. I lowered myself gently on her, astride my legs, and brought my erect dick towards her ass. There were patches of oil all over her ass. She was getting really hot and she moved her legs little wider when I gently spread her ass cheeks with my hands and slowly placed the tip of my penis at the mouth of her rectum. She gave an anxious sigh... "Uhhhh, yesssss... Umm...” She felt the gentle push inside her ass.... I smelled the opportunity and inserted my tool into her big hot ass. She cried in pain and shouted to take it back. But I was not in a mood to obey her. I was on the verge of completing a dream. I began to slam hard on her ass and she started to cry lowly. She pinched and hit me on my thighs; but all these add fuel to my moving machine. After 3-4 minutes of vigorous fucking, I slowed down because I wanted that she too enjoy this. I waited for another 2 minutes while I played with her tits. Then I started to move slowly and asked her whether it was still paining. She said no and I began to increase my speed. Now she started shouting, but with pleasure. She began to jerk her ass in response to my thrusts. Her ass was getting really hot. She began to moan heavily “ooh aah ouchouch... ouch... speed up aaaaaaaa hooo speed up”. I increased my speed and her ass became a steam bathroom with each my thrusts. I began to crush her boobs mercilessly. I fucked and fucked and she moaned with extreme pleasure and told “Faster, faster, mould my ass please” and I began to grind my cock on hearing this. She began to breathe hardly and I knew that she was coming close to her climax. I took my tool out for a second and inserted it suddenly and she shouted with pleasure. I again started to slam her big mountain and she started to shiver and she took my right hand to her pussy. It was flooding with her cum. I started to caress there and then she told me ‘Fuck me faster, go deeper dear! I want you reach my deepest.” On hearing this I started to pump furiously and she began to moan ouchouch... oooooooooo… aaaaaaaaaa... I was feeling the arrival of my thing and I told her and she replied with jerking her ass. I stopped for a second And then began to slam in hardly and oooooo... what a feeling was that my entire body was beginning to tight up and with a huge moan I shoot loads of my hot sperm into her ass. We stayed in that position for a while and then I took out my tool. It was red in color because of the heat of her ass and vigorous fucking. I watched her in utter disbelief as the pretty woman ejaculated a torrent of hot cum onto my face. That night I really feasted on her.


The barrier between us broke down after that and we made continuous love. We did it everywhere - on the bed, on the ground, inside the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the terrace, standing against the wall, doggy style... And slowly I began to experiment with positions and grew more and more daring and innovative every time I proposed to fuck both of them. My demands became more daring... and I compelled them to indulge in threesome. I really fucked both of them for several rounds whenever I got the opportunity. We enjoyed fucking. Sagarika became so bold that she offered herself to fuck her during the day time when her hubby was present in the bathroom.


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