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Life on the road with Jo

An early trip with Jo
Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, our relationship grew and strengthened. Jo began to travel with me not only for pleasure but as a hostess when I entertained professionally. She had the ability to be the professional partner in public and an absolute slut behind closed doors.

One of our early trips involved entertaining a key client. Jo selected her usual purple business suit with a shear relatively low white blouse and dark stockings. The meeting went well altho most of the time eyes were on her as the client listened to me. No matter the contract got signed with little effort on my part. Lunch with the client was, of course, part of the day.

As had become the norm Jo sat to my right. I ordered for Jo then the conversation turned to the usual business banter. This particular day was really boring and my mind wandered to the return trip. Since this was one of our first trips together I really did not know what to expect or hope for.

I felt Jo's hand on my thigh and tensed slightly, her smile warmed and relaxed me. It was torture trying to carry on a fairly technical business conversation while her finger tips and nails danced on my leg and occasionally openly on my arm.

Holding the car door for Jo she sunk into the bucket seat slowly swinging her left leg into the car painfully slowly allowing me to clearly see that she had gone to the ladies room for more than one reason. I could now see clearly that her upper thighs were bare and no longer were there panties. She grinned at me with her impish grin that she knew made me so excited, so hot.

We were still on the ramp when she whispered, 'touch me'. There had been no effort to pull her dress down after getting into the Vette and it was obvious where she wanted my hand. Laying my hand on her inner thigh she wiggled and squirmed in the seat kicking off her shoes so one foot could rest on the dash giving me full access.

Almost immediately her hand fell on mine and she guided me inside her. Her hand then went to her clit which she began to rub furiously. Now was one of the times I was so happy I drove a pussy Vette, an automatic. My fingers plunged in and out, hard and deep as she rubbed herself.

Her first orgasm was intense. Then the impish grin. 'Pull up beside a truck and blow the horn' she commanded. As we did she resumed the furious rubbing as my fingers again moved inside her hard and fast. The interstate became a symphony of air horns and thumbs up out the drivers windows.

She grinned at me and suggested we get off the road for a bit. The next exit had lots of hotel/motel signs and I did not need to hear the suggestion twice.

Checking in was quick ,,,, the time to get into the room seemed an eternity. As the door closed we were in each others arms. Our kisses were long and deep, tongues entwined, passionate yet tender.

Our hands roamed each other, exploring and touching as we now knew each liked. Then, suddenly, Jo said 'wait, stop'.

She took me by the hand and placed me in a chair telling me to stay, remove no clothes, do not touch any part of my body, just WATCH.

As I watched she stood before me doing the slowest possible striptease. Each piece of clothing shed revealed flesh that she slowly touched then ran her hands over. Her fingers wetted in her own mouth she then tweaked nipples and rubbed her pussy.

Standing directly in front of me she probed deep inside herself then withdrew the wet fingers, looked at them and pushed them slowly into my mouth. 'Excites you doesn't it'. She could see the answer in my eyes and shaking body. 'DO NOT TOUCH' was the last thing said before she lay down on the bed.

Slowly her hands moved on her body. Every inch she explored slowly, precisely, delicately. Positioning herself for me to see best she then masturbated to an orgasm that seemingly shook the room.

'Now' she said. 'Stand and undress for me'. As I stripped she left her vibrator inside herself and played with her nipples. I undressed slowly as she had done. Wetting my fingers in her mouth I stroked to full hardness.

We kissed with great passion like two young lovers lost within each other. Our kisses were strong,, Jo moaned softly as the vibrator buzzed within her and my hands roamed her body as we continued kissing.

The time seemed right my emotions at a crescendo. Pulling the vibrator out I replaced it with my fully extended rigid cock. Slowly I entered wanting to feel the heat and wetness of her tight hot love canal.

Once in we again kissed then rested the calves of Jo's legs on my shoulders opening her wide, exposing her to my full hard shaft. In and out, the speed intensified.

'Wait' Jo said. Pausing she kissed me and then placed her hand on her clit. She asked me to move slowly at first, she wanted to masturbate with me inside her.

My speed and intensity increased as her rubbing increased. The orgasm was explosive. I could feel wave after wave of my hot man juice explode and shoot deep inside her as her body pulsated in orgasm. We screamed probably waking the cows in the adjoining field and the bodies in the cemetery.

As reason again replaced animal actions, we laughed, could we ever come back to this hotel?
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