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Little Montana Lodge

a once off
I was working as a manager at this beautiful lodge. I took care of bookings, house holding and meals to guests that had breakfast and dinner. 

After a couple of days there, I knew every guest at the lodge and what they needed and where. Those who had meals were all made by me and not the kitchen staff. All and all, I enjoyed my work.

Each morning around six am the first thing I did, was take a few laps in the pool. It wasn’t a big pool, but fifteen minutes of work out every day did me good. My motto was to start each day fresh.

On the top floor, there were three bedrooms and the honeymoon suite. There was a big lounge, the dinning room with a few tables and chairs, and then the big kitchen, my pride and joy. I loved cooking and in this kitchen I could lose myself in preparing meals for the paying guests.

On the top floor we had two gay guys that were staying in one room and Danny from overseas in the other room. I also had my room on this floor. All these rooms had double beds and we all used the bathroom on the floor.

On the bottom floor there were a few suites. These had their own kitchen for the guests. In the corner suite at the bottom, lived a woman and her two children from somewhere out of Africa. They were there for about six weeks.

Most of the guests on the bottom floor came and went on their own. My work was just to see that everyone was happy and had a good time while they stayed there.

One day there were four black guys from the Congo for a few nights.

I booked them in one of the bottom suites that had a few bedrooms. Their stay had me worried, because they were flirting with me from the moment they set foot in the lodge. So I called a friend that was not working at that time to come over. He was also gay and I didn’t mind sharing my room and bed with him for a while. He did a good job for these guys, showed them a part of South Africa and took them to Sun City. They were there for three days. My friend was happy as he received a big tip from them. I didn’t mind. So I asked Ken if he would stay over and I would help him find a job in Johannesburg.

When Danny left, Ken moved into his room.

We had a great time. One night it was so hot. We all went for a swim. I felt a bit nervous, because they wanted to skinny-dip. All the men were naked. After a while I got in, as they were not really looking at me in a way a normal guy would. We had a wonderful time in the pool. I also smoked my first weed with them. What a feeling, it made me so horny and there wasn’t a guy in sight to satisfy me.

On that Friday my boss came over to see if all was okay and bought me some things for the kitchen. I had to hide Ken, because he was not a paying guest there and I could have lost my job.

The guys asked me if I would like to go clubbing with them. After they told me it was at a gay club and that they would never leave my side, I said I’ll go, as this was a first for me. I put on some jeans and my high heels with a t-shirt that had a bit of glitter on.

It’s true what they say. A gay guy is a girl’s best friend forever.

When we got to this club in Rose Bank we went to the lounge. We got our sets at a round corner table, where they met some of their other friends.

After a while, there was this one guy that asked me if I had ever taken E. I didn’t know what it was and he told me it was Ecstasy. I said no, I don’t take drugs. My friend Ken told me that I should try it. It would make me loosen up a bit. After Ken said he would look after me the whole night, I said okay. So they gave me just a half a pill and said that I had to drink a lot of water also. After about an hour it did not have an effect on me and I had a full pill. After drinking a lot of water I went to the dance floor with Ken and we started dancing to rave music for a while. Then a girl came up to us that Ken knew long ago and before I knew it, we were dancing close.

After the dance, Ken came to me and we went back to the lounge. Because no one looked after my drink, they bought me a new one.

I could feel the E was working on me. It was the most amazing experience I have ever felt. It made me feel calm. The world felt like a better place. My emotions showed and Ken pulled me close to him. I was in a new world, a happy world.

The next day, the guys came to my room with a big cup of coffee to wake me up. I was so embarrassed by the thought that I only had my bra and panties on. But as they were gay and Ken said he was the one to put me to bed, I felt much better. We talked about the night and I told them I felt like I had a hangover. They laughed at me and said it was not the pill I had, but all the drinks I had. I don’t remember that at all. Ken said I don’t have to worry, because he was at my side the whole time, and he was glad I had the experience, as was I.

A few weeks had gone by and a guy I was chatting to on a site, asked if he could come over, stay for a night and if I could make it special. He was from Pretoria. So I though it was time for the honeymoon suite. The boys went out for the weekend and I was the only person on the top floor. There were guests down below that didn’t need me, so I was free for the weekend.

When Hein got there, I showed him around and he was amazed by the place.

We went to the Waterfront for drinks and dinner. He took me to this one club where we danced for a while and then after ten we were back at the lodge.

I made us some coffee and we drank it on the patio. The freeway was busy at that time of the night. So after a while we went back in and I put the TV on a music channel.

He pulled me up and we danced for a while as the song was nice. I did something I always wanted to do with Hein. I pulled my fingers through his hair. Baby soft, I knew it. He was a nice guy and had the most beautiful eyes. I think the way I touched his hair, was me saying it’s okay, because he pushed me to the bed and lay me down gently. Then he unbuttoned my blouse, rubbed his hands across my breasts and down my tummy, making his way back up again. This had an affect on me, because I had goose bumps all over my chest.

He smiled at me and said I was so beautiful. Then he kissed me. Soft at first, then he took me all in, kissing my neck making his way down my chest to my boobs. He lifted me up and took off my blouse and bra. Kissed me all the way down again and removed my jeans. He left my g-string on. Then he nibbled at my body. He started at my neck and made his way down. It felt amazing to just let go.

As I felt him go down to my tummy, I could feel he was playing with my stud; nibbling on it. Then he went down on me, just pulled my g-string to one side. He lifted my legs up and put a finger in, while shaking and working me with his finger. I came close to an orgasm, and then he stopped.

I opened my eyes and looked at him; I didn’t know why he stopped.

He got on the bed and asked if we could have a 69. Although I don’t like giving blowjobs, I said it was okay.

He said I could stop at any time, but he had to feel my mouth over his cock, even if it was for a little while.

He lifted my legs behind his arms and put in two fingers, as he worked me again. He got hold of my clit and started nibbling on it. As he found my g-spot, I became aroused and started to work on Hein`s hard cock. I took him all the way down in my mouth and bucked up for a few times. Then I could feel he was sucking faster on me and knew he liked it too. I was near a climax, so I left his cock and started rubbing his bud, while gently playing with his balls.

I hit my first orgasm and he did not let go of my legs, he stopped sucking but went on fingering me. I got to such a high my whole body was shaking, his cum was all over my breasts as he also came and he ate me clean. He got off me and we lay still for a while. I rubbed his cum over my breasts.

It was already after 12 PM and we took a bath together. He helped me dry myself after bathing and we went back to the room. I wanted to get into bed, when he stopped me and gave me a present in a bag. I opened it and there I found the nicest lingerie. He asked if I could put it on for him, so I did. The lace g-string felt so good on me and he smiled. Then he helped me with the green lace and satin nightie. It was almost transparent where the lace was and had a few different colors of green ribbons hanging down in the front. It hugged closed in the front.

He looked at me and asked if I had any lip-gloss. I went to my room and put some on after also putting a little perfume on my neck.

When I got back he was standing on the patio. The moon fell over his beautiful naked body. I tuned the lights down so that the room had a softer feel.

He turned around and looked at me.

“You are so beautiful,” he said for probably the 10th time that night.

I went up to him and kissed his lips. Thank you was all I had to say.

Then he took my hand and we went back to the bed.

He took off my g-string and unhooked the nightie. Then he put a condom on. I didn’t ask him to do it, but he did say that was his way. I knew he thought I could get pregnant, but I knew I couldn’t, because of medical reasons a few years ago.

I probably could have just said, “I’m a sports model”.

“You know I’ve wanted you for so long now, to play with my fingers in your hair, to look into your eyes, touch your lips with mine and feel your body naked to mine. Your skin is so soft. Your breasts are beautiful. And your calming approach to your orgasms. Not much of a moaner. I love that about you,” he said.

All I could do is nod my head. First time someone ever said that about me.

Then we started to kiss again. Our tongues found their way around each others. He licked my lips to get all the lip-gloss off. He kissed my neck again and smelled the perfume I put on. Then he lifted himself up and slid his cock into my waiting pussy. I took a deep breath as he pushed in and I tightened myself so that he could feel it. He moaned slightly as I relaxed. He asked me if he could go fast and hard.

I just nodded, because this was one ride I wanted to remember forever.

Hein had a way to let me feel we were both in control. As I got to an orgasm I started to play with his nipples. He gave a small moan and closed his eyes. I knew he liked it so I carried on. I pulled at them and then I pulled myself up to nibble on them. This made him cum sooner than I thought and he started ridding me hard and fast. I loved it.

The next morning when I woke-up, he was standing on the patio again naked to the eye. I went to the toilet and brushed my teeth and then went to the kitchen to make some coffee.

When I got back he still stood there. I smiled as I handed him his coffee.

“You know the people across the highway can see you. Not to mention, the people driving on the road as well,” I said.

He just node and took his cup. After sipping some coffee he said, “I know, but what they don’t know, is that I am free as a bird.” We went back inside and sat at the table. He then opened his bag and gave me another gift. This was in a small box. As I opened it I found a golden ring inside.

“And this?” I asked.

“Just something I got for you to remember me by for always,” he said and then he was gone.

This experience was one of those moments in life that I will remember always.

I worked at the lodge for a few more weeks, had ecstasy twice after Hein, to calm me and just for the fun of it, then I asked my boss if Ken could take over, because I taught him all he needed know.

I still wear his ring he gave me today, I don’t know where Hein is, but I know he is happy when he is naked.

And now even after all this time, I still don’t understand the meaning of what he said, but if I could make one man happy in this world, then I am happy.©

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