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London Lovers, part 1

Tags: mature, anal
This is part 1, pt 2 is written, pt 3 is a work in progress. Comments please.
The trip had been planned for over ten months, ever since the success of the London Olympics, and now finally you're all here in England.

You, your husband, and two of your sons, have been here a week. You caught the last few days of Wimbledon, you've seen the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, in fact, you've all done the tourist trail together, but today for each of you, is the highlight of the whole trip, but for very different reasons.

The guys are off to Lords, England versus Australia for the first Ashes test. You can't think of anything more boring !

For you its off on a shopping trip. You are used to shopping alone, you've never really had anyone who enjoys a day browsing around shops, no one who can get a delight in finding a real bargain like you do. So while your men are off watching a silly game, they know you'll be fine, especially as today you have planned to enjoy your day in Harrods, Knightsbridge, London SW7, the official grocer to the Queen of England.

After breakfast you all say your goodbyes, arrange where you'll meet for the evening meal, and plan your routes using the London tube. The three guys together, all checking that you'll be fine on your own, but they don't know, you're not planning to be alone.

You and William have been chatting for well over a year, more than chatting in fact, you are online lovers. Whenever either of you has the opportunity and you are in need of an online fuck. A cyber kiss, hug and lick. A virtual fingering of any and all of your holes, then you go straight to your webcams, you start video chats, you skype and have voice calls. You both fulfill a sexual need with each other, and its a great pleasure doing so.

Today, right by door number 6, of one of the shopping meccas of the world, you are finally meeting in person. You have arranged to meet at 10 am, it seemed a nice convenient time. Nice round number, plenty of time to allow for hold ups. Plenty of time to miss your stop or take a wrong turn out of the tube station, but none of those happen, and you're at door number 6, before 9.30.

You check your watch. Do you really want to wait thirty minutes, all alone. The expectation unbearable, the constant checking of your watch, the constant worry that in real life you may not be all William expects.

9.31. You ask your self, how do I look? You check the reflection in the glass door. Did you brush your teeth? You cup your hand to your mouth and blow into it and smell. Did you put on a nice perfume?

You feel a hand on your shoulder, it startles you and forgetting about perfume, there is William. He too allowed plenty of time, he too was so eager, he too had checked his watch and smelt his breath.

He only said "hello" before you are locked in a kiss, not a kiss of welcome between friends, but a kiss of passion between two people who know how to satisfy each other in a bedroom, or any other room in the house come to that.

Your kiss seems endless, but you are both aware of exactly where you are, so it is a restrained kiss, very little movement of any hands and suddenly it has to be broken. Someone wants to go through door number 6, a short woman in jeans. As you both step back, the humour, expectation and passion, is too much to keep in. You both even have the same laugh.

Holding hands, you follow little woman in jeans into the store.

For an hour, neither of us appears to even draw breath. The constant chatter about how great it is to finally meet. The picking up and showing of every little item which catches our eyes, the laughs and surprises of many of the price tags. We wander through the food halls, sampling all the delicacies on top of the counters.

You begin to notice William is checking his watch still. Is he bored with you? Are you too much ? Did he expect something different?

He starts to say something, here it comes you think, "Polly, I've arranged a few surprises for you, well for us both actually. I hope you'll like them, but the first is booked for eleven o'clock, so we really should be finding out where to go"
You take a sharp in take of breath. After all these months, you should know by now, that you and William are perfectly matched where all aspects of sex and fun are concerned, so what ever is booked will at the very least involve fun.
After a few wrong turns in the store, William leads you into the lingerie department. Wow, so much fun involved here, but what could William have meant when he said he had to book?
"Here at Harrods" I start to explain, "you can actually book a private changing room to try on anything which takes your fancy, and with your birthday coming up, I fancy letting you pick which ever catches your eye, no one has to know who bought it, but lets choose it together."

It takes fully 15 minutes to decide on 3 outfits to try on, and a major look of embarrassment to get past the lady by the changing rooms. I do not think for one minute that we are the first couple to ever make use of the private dressing rooms.

Coincidentally we are shown to dressing room number 6. Is six going to be our lucky number? Will six be the place for our sex ? We both hope it will.

You have chosen three quite similar sets of lingerie, but in three different colours. The red basque set, states it lifts and highlights your boobs, the white candy corset, allows for an ample cleavage, and the black control cami, gets my cock stirring right away.

They all have suspenders for stockings, but we never get so far as to attach stockings. The dressing room is booked until 12.30, and we have taken 30 minutes selecting. I haven't planned as well as I may have, we seem to have lost half an hour.

I help you undress, but as each item is loosened or removed I spend time enjoying your exposed flesh. It seems I can not kiss you and undo all the buttons on your blouse at the same time. My eagerness is making my brain work quicker than my fingers, so you take full charge, and tell me " Sit down or we'll never get finished, just sit and enjoy the show," before you finish the sentence you have pushed me onto one of the chairs and in a swift movement, taken your blouse right off.

You have come prepared, the lingerie you already have on, is equally as sexy as any which this store carries. There is no music, but your strip is an expert tease. You watch me as I cant take my eyes off you.

As you let your own underwear fall to the ground, and stand before me naked, you don't select a set to try on, but instead you come over to me, kneel in front of me, and release my rampant cock from my trousers.

My cock springs to attention and you take a firm hold and cover the whole length with your mouth. As you suck and bite on my whole length, your hands work furiously on my balls, ensuring you handle me with a rough vigor. You know my cock is yours to control for the next 45 minutes.

When you have had your fill of my cock, you simply stand up and offer to my mouth, your dripping wet pussy. I grab a hold of your ass cheeks and pull your pussy right to my eager mouth and tongue. Already you are able to squirt your juices into my mouth. You taste divine.

As I suck and nibble on your clit, I let my hands find your ass hole. Many times we have played out this scene online, but now my finger is going to probe inside you, as my tongue laps your juices from between your pussy lips.

You cry out, not caring in the least who can hear. We're past that, now its just us in the whole world, no one else matters when we're naked together. After I have had a suck on your beautiful tits, you decide its time to change your position.

You finish removing my trousers and pants completely, then turn and lower yourself onto my lap, ensuring my cock sticks right up inside your dripping wet cunt. You raise and lower yourself onto me, using your sweet pussy to fuck my cock.
I push my groin up out of the chair, in rhythm with you.

I tell you, "Fuck me, fuck my cock, move your pussy to make my cock shoot right inside you."

You glance round and smile. "You just sit and do as you're told," you say.

When you are ready you stand fully, leaving my cock standing at attention with no where to go, and move across the room to lean over the table with our lingerie just laying there.

"Now its time to finish that cock where it grips best," you say. Then you reach behind you, and pull your own bum cheeks apart, offering me your tight eager ass hole.

I step right up behind you. I put my whole hand between your legs and find your dripping pussy, and only take my hand away when its got enough of your cum juices on to truly lube your ass.

As I let a finger or two probe inside you, to ease the imminent entry of my cock, I slap your ass cheeks, to bring to them a perfect red colour, to match our chosen basque.

My fingers let me know your ass is wet, wide and eager enough to now accept my cock. The first push makes you cry out , the second and third pushes, change the cries to moans of pleasure. When I finally shoot my load up your ass, your cries have become calls of "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder."

I tell you, "I'm fucking your tight ass, feel me up your ass, feel as I explode inside you," then that's exactly what I do.

My final pushes to expel all my cum, make you feel the pain again, and when I withdraw, and some of my cum follows my cock out, you merely rub all the cum around your own ass, taking the chance to insert your own fingers back inside you.

As I stand to admire your naked body, you have one more task for your hands. My cock is hanging between my legs, recovering as nature insists, but my cock is not the target for your hands.

You turn me around and use my own cum as a lube to ease your finger right up my ass. You are going to share the pain and pleasure of your last 5 minutes with your now, real life lover. All the time we have spent chatting and watching our webcams, is now vividly brought to life.
Your fingers inside me actually stiffens my cock again, so with one hand up my ass, you use the other to wank another load of cum out of me. Only when I cum again, this time into your mouth, do you stop your busy hands. You swallow just enough to keep you breathing, then stand and we kiss, you pass to me the cum you've saved for us to share.

The kiss lasts until it is time to leave our little room. We both dress and without even actually trying anything new on, you choose the black cami. It got my cock stirring an hour ago, you hope the thought of it will aid me again, if the presence of my Australian lover is not enough.
I know the thought of the cami will not be needed, you however are not willing to take the chance, if we are to fuck and suck again today, you don't want just my word that I can satisfy us both even more.

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