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Looks Can Be Deceiving

First time meeting of a Mature Couple

It isn’t fair. He looks like someone’s favorite uncle – short with a slight paunch, semi-bald with innocent looking face – your typical guy next door. In fact, he is my best friend’s uncle. Oh, Jody told me I would have fun with him, what she couldn’t have known was that he would drive me crazy while I was sitting on his face, that I would hear myself say “suck my clit harder”, that I would cum and cum and cum.

Jody kept telling me about G, her uncle who taught engineering at a local college. She told me how nice he was and how he was such a gentleman. He was all that and so much more. How was I to know that those beautiful blue eyes could make wet just by staring at my breasts? Or that he would teach me how sexy I am in and out of bed.

I don’t quite remember how he convinced me to share his hotel room. One minute we were having lunch, talking and laughing; the next he invited me to his room. I told myself I went out of politeness but the reality was that I wanted to find out why he was attracted to me and me to him. As we sat on the bed, he held my hand. Then he kissed me. Not your ordinary kiss but the best kiss I had ever had. Still kissing me, he laid me on the bed. His hand began caressing my breasts.

G told me I had beautiful tits. I thought he was just saying that but as he took my nipple in his mouth and made it engorged, I did feel beautiful and sexy. As his fingers sought my wetness, I felt his thumb enter my rectum. I almost panicked. Nobody had ever done that to me. I had to fight the urge to tell him” no” but then I finally realized it felt soooooo good. As fingers fucked front and back, I thought this could be it. I could finally experience an orgasm. It was not to be.

I felt ashamed and said “sorry”. He told me that was the silliest thing he had ever heard. I couldn’t know then that he wouldn’t give up. I thought this is it, now he’ll just want to stick his dick in and ride, slam, bam thank you ma,am. I wanted to cry when he said, “we’re just getting started.”

He started kissing me slowly, running his tongue around my lips and inside my mouth. I started sucking on his tongue like I wanted to suck on his cock. As we were kissing, I felt him reach around and put something in his hands. The next thing I knew my pussy was being rubbed with some kind of gel, his fingers entering and then leaving, on and on. Soon I couldn’t tell which was my wetness and which was the gel.

“Will you trust me?” he asked. “I promise I won’t do anything that will hurt and you can say ‘no’ and I will stop immediately. I want make you feel like the beautiful, sexy woman you are.”

Hesitantly I said, “I do”, as he placed a black mask over my face. With my arms above my head, bound only by his wish, he began an erotic exploration of my body. Not knowing where he would kiss me was so arousing, a kiss on my thigh, my leg, my fingers, my breasts.

He withdrew the mask and lay on his back. Guiding me up to my knees, he began kissing my pussy, pushing his tongue inside of me, sucking on my clit. I began to quake from my head to my toes. Soon all thought was gone and all my feeling was centered there at the spot where we were joined, mouth to vagina. I dared myself to open my eyes and look down. G stared at me with wicked gleam in his eye saying that he knew how fantastic I felt. My body shattered as the orgasm rolled through me. As I fell on him, I could only quiver with aftershocks.

This was the start of a magnificent weekend. We never stop making love even when we weren’t having intercourse. Just the touch of our hands, a pat on the ass, a wink – we both felt the magnetism that kept pulling us together time and time again.

I didn’t have the words to tell him how wonderful he had me feel- sexy, beautiful, cared for, safe. I know he knows!
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