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Lover-in-Law Part 2

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Chris becomes our lover
A lot can happen in a year. My wife, Rebecca, was killed in a car accident in Hong Kong. It doesn't matter what type of expensive car you have, if it is hit by a big lorry with brake failure. There is no chance.

I was devastated, Julia was devastated, and Julia's grandson, my stepson, Toby was heart broken.

Julia, my mother in law, didn't like or trust Toby's natural father, so she made sure that I had custody of Toby. Apart from one very mechanical fuck, we both needed a day or so after the news. We had no sex. Affection and support, but no sex.

As we sorted through Rebecca's personal effects, we both discovered she had had a second life we had no idea about. Her handbag, returned to us from the crash, had an opened packet of condoms with one missing. We had an expert check her computer, and found she had an email account just for her lovers, male and female. Still, all of that is history now.

Julia made sure I got some sexual relief by sending me to stay the odd night with Christina, the mother of a friend of Toby's. Chris's husband was away on business a lot, so she was wanting, and Julia herself would disappear some weekends.

Then one night, eight or nine months after the accident, Julia was stretched out on the sofa beside me, giving me a perfect view down the top of her hipster jeans. For a woman in her early sixties, she had a stunning body, and I could see the valley between those taut buttocks of hers.

Before the accident, I insisted that Julia never wore knickers so our cum could soak out of her pussy and into the denim of her jeans.

“Commando tonight then, Julia?”

“So you noticed. I've been like this off and on for a week or two.”

“Is this a signal to me?”

“If you want."

“I want.”

She shuffled back on the sofa and our bodies molded together. I put my hand on her stomach intending to slide it under her tee-shirt and massage her breasts. She stopped me.

“Nick, you know that I have been making love to somebody else?”

“Yes, I know, and I know that for every time you had your lover, you made sure I slept with Christina.”

The grip on my arm softened.

“Do you want to know anything about him?" she asked.

“Only if it would make you more relaxed with me knowing.”

The grip became a gentle caress.

“His name is Sebastian, and he is the younger brother of an old school friend. I used to tease him a bit back then. Well, one day, I took pity on him, and he lost his virginity to me. We are very fond of each other, and he always treats me as a lady. So that's that.”

I rolled Julia over onto me, and we kissed.

“Fuck me like you used to, Nick. No secrets, no holding back, wet and wild.”

“We had better get those jeans off you, and I can slide my tongue into you and make you squirt cum in my mouth.”

In moments, I was laying full length on the sofa with Julia's freshly shaven and soaking pussy thrusting against my tongue. I dug it deep into that wet hole and across her clit. She lasted about four minutes before she pushed down with one mighty thrust, and her sweet cum flooded my mouth and face.

She climbed off me and lay beside me, naked, shaking with the excursion. We kissed and cuddled the way we used to.

I waited a little while for her to recover, then laid her on her back.

“Now it's my turn,” I said softly.

There was only slight resistance to the stiff cock I was pushing into her, and her arms stretched out to receive my body. I needed to cum, and this was going to be for my enjoyment only. She knew this, and lay passively, just providing me with a wet sticky hole to pump spunk into. The boiling sensation in my balls didn't take long to start, and I didn't try to suppress it. Groaning, shuddering, I sprayed rope after rope of semen into her, then collapsed onto that loving chest.

“I've missed you,” Julia whispered at me. “But we had to be apart for a while.”

Then we kissed again.

Julia still went to see Sebastian, and I still slept with Chris, but there was honesty about it. In fact, Sebastian stayed over one weekend. I kept a friendly son-in-law distance from Julia, and greeted him as a welcome guest. During the night, I heard Julia go to the spare room and collect him. After Sebastian had left, Julia was sitting on my lap in one of the big chairs in the room.

“Do you want to screw me tonight?” she asked.

“I thought your head would be full of Sebastian tonight?”

“It is, but sometimes men like to re-mark their territory.”

“Not this man, Julia. I don't own you, we are just lovers who have a deep respect for each other.”

Julia smiled.

“Nick, I love you, thank you. My bed still smells of him, and I will be with him in my dreams, and me in his. I guess. I'll see you tomorrow.”

My sleeping with Chris had a different dynamic. Julia wanted to know everything, how wet did she get, how hard did she cum, what she tasted like. Julia even wanted me to call her Chris as we fucked sometimes. I told her a little, but not much.

Months later, I came home to find Christina with her eyes reddened from crying. She was sitting at the kitchen table with Julia patting her arm. Both girls had wine glasses, and looked as though they had made an early start on the bottle.

“Hello, what brings you here, Chris?" I asked.

“Nick, darling, I'm afraid Chris has had a bad shock. Marcus has moved out, trial separation,” Julia explained.

“Has Marcus found somebody else?”

“You bet,” Chris sobbed, “his name is Robin.”

“A guy?” I was open-mouthed.

“Looks like it, Nick, seems to prefer arse to pussy. Mind you, Chris, Nick does think you have a gorgeous arse.”

It sounded to me as if Julia was coming on to Chris, but she was too upset to notice.

Julia became very supportive of Chris and her son Daniel, helping her though the divorce paperwork, taking her for spa weekends and generally making her feel good about herself. She even insisted that when Toby and Dan stayed over, Chris slept with me in my bed.

It was no surprise that, when the divorce came through, Chris was drinking Champagne with Julia around the kitchen table. I got home to find the two of them giggling about Marcus and his boyfriend, Robin.

Julia got up and greeted me with a hug and a kiss.

 “Dan is here with Toby, and they want Ped Pizza tonight, so we might as well have the same.”

“Ped Pizza?”

“Yes, Nick. The local pizza place has a delivery service, and there is a girl who arrives on a moped. Dan and Toby both have the hots for her, so we will leave them to give her the money,”

“And she is too young for you,” Chris piped up.

I shrugged, and, as the bottle was empty, I opened another. Ped Pizza arrived as ordered, and the boys made a big fuss of paying their dream girl. For the adults, the wine flowed, and everybody had a good time.

Julia went to check the boys, and Chris and I slumped off the sofa in front of the log fire. I felt her hot breath on my face and turned to kiss her, our tongues starting to dance in each other's mouths. I slid my hand down her chest and opened her blouse. I cradled her breast, rubbing the nipple until it stood proud.

“Stop, Nick,” Chris said. “Julia might catch us.”

“Too late, darlings, you've have been caught. Is there room for another?” Julia laid on the sofa against Chris. “Don't let me stop you, it all looks like fun,.

I continued to fondle the soft mound in my hand, and Julia caressed Chris' thigh.

“Why don't I make you more comfortable?” Julia unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on Chris' blouse. Then between us, we helped Chris out of it. I undid the clasp, and Julia gently pulled the bra from around Chris' breasts.

“My, you are a big girl, sweetheart,” Julia cooed. “May I?” And without waiting for an answer Julia was cradling Chris' breast, sucking on the stiffened nipple pausing only to take her own top and bra off.

So, this was what Julia wanted, to make love to Chris. I took things further, my hand gliding down to Chris' trousers. I undid her belt and slid my hand down into them.

My fingers felt her soft pubic hair, and then went on towards her wet labia. I slid a digit over her clit all the time, kissing her mouth. Then, as my two fingers plunged into that soaking pussy, Julia was busy unzipping Chris' trousers to give my hand more access. I continued to finger fuck Chris, and we broke from our kiss for a moment while she watched Julia sucked and fondle those beautiful breasts. I saw Chris extend her hand, and cup one of Julia's swaying breasts. Julia moved across and kissed Chris passionately, her hand behind Chris' neck to support her.

It was too much for Chris, and her body tensed as she reached her orgasm. I gently pulled my hand from between her legs. Chris watched Julia take my hand and lick my fingers clean and sighed.

“Let's help Julia out of the rest of her clothes, shall we?” I whispered to Chris. Julia stood up, and I helped Chris unbutton Julia's jeans. Chris gasped as she pulled them down to find Julia was naked and shaven.

“Nick likes his girls like this, clean shaven and knickerless. And now you are officially a single woman again, we will have to shave you.”

“So, you and Nick do sleep together?” Chris asked.

“Yes, darling, Nick and I have been fucking for a long time, even when Rebecca was alive, I'm afraid to say.”

Since the girls were both almost naked by now, I started to join them. My erection was hurting and desperate to be free, to get into one or both of those pussies.

“It's time we gave Nick a good time, darling. Let's get you ready for that nice big cock of his.”

Julia pulled Chris onto the sofa, and pulled her trousers off, then her knickers. Then, burying her head between Chris' legs, she started to enjoy that juicy pussy I had fucked so often.

“Darling, you don't need much help, do you? You are so wet already.”

I sat on the sofa and pulled Chris onto my lap. She lifted up, and Julia guided my stiff cock into the sopping hole between Chris' legs.

“Nick, please be careful I'm not on the pill.”

“Darling,” Julia purred. “This is your divorce party, you are allowed to get pregnant. You always said you wanted another child, now you can have one.”

“But how will I cope on my own?” Chris pleaded.

“If you were our little sex kitten, you and Daniel would have to live with us. It would mean you got fucked by Nick and I. Would you like that? Do you want to be our kitten?”

“Oh god, yes, I'd love it.” Chris voice had changed, she was serious.

“Then lick Julia's pussy darling…Oh, that is nice. Now put a finger in my arse. Ah, good girl… Now, show Julia how much you love her by licking your finger.”

Chris didn't just lick her finger, she forced it down her throat. Julia stared in utter lust, and I felt my cock swell even larger.

“Darling, we are going to have so much fun together. Now let Nick get that nice thick creamy fertile sperm of his deep into your womb.”

Julia's words were turning me on, and I could feel Chris trembling.

“Tonight is all about getting you pregnant. Tomorrow, we might have some arse fucking. Did Marcus fuck your arse? I can see he did. Well, Nick likes to fuck my arse, and now it will be him and me fucking your arse, instead of Marcus. Now, let's get you to bed with us.”

I carried the shaking Chris to the spare room, laying her on the bed. Julia collected the clothes we had abandoned, and followed.

Julia lay beside Chris, and they started to kiss.

“Now, darlings, Julia is going to watch you two fuck, I've always wanted to. Then Nick is going to fill you full of his cum.”

Instinctively, Chris's legs opened, she was in some kind of sexual trance. I was so turned on I had no thought to any consequences of my actions. I rolled Chris over, and pulled her waist up until she was on all fours. Julia, sensing an opportunity, deftly moved under Chris, and I pushed Chris' head between Julia's open legs.

Chris needed no more encouragement. She forced her tongue into Julia's slit, and started licking and caressing the tender flesh before her.

Julia started with a low moan, and then she became more vocal, holding Chris' head between her thighs. I positioned my manhood at the entrance to the slippery hole before me, and pushed. There was no resistance, either from the vagina, or its owner. I tried to time my thrusts to the spasms that Julia's body shook with, but the urge to cum overwhelmed me. The thought of Chris, unprotected and fertile, was too much for me. I didn't care about any consequences; I just needed to coat her womb with my semen.

It didn't take long. My orgasm was slow and painful, my balls forcing their produce down my penis and into that warm, wet tunnel. There were no last strokes. I knelt motionless behind Chris, gripping her hips. My cock was as deep as it would go, with my cum flooding into her. I felt her inner walls gripping me, and my head was pressed against the very top of her vagina.

At the sight of my massive and painful orgasm, Chris' own response, moaning into her pussy, was the last straw for Julia. She gushed into Chris' face. Covered in sweat, and with Julia's juices across her face and in her hair, Chris knelt up, but toppled sideways with exhaustion. Julia rapidly moved around to comfort her new lover, and I just lay behind them.

Chris' arm came and found me.

“You know what you have done, Nick.”

“I've just filled the fertile womb of a very sexy woman with my sperm, and you know if I haven't made you pregnant, I'd be disappointed,” I replied.

“Darlings, if she isn't, we will have to keep doing this until she is.”

We lay with Chris until she was asleep. Julia moved first, and then I, a few minutes later. There was a shared en-suite between mine and Julia's bedrooms, designed like that to allow discrete passage into each other's beds. The shower was running, so I walked in. Julia turned and smiled at me through the glass. The cascade of water stopped and the door opened. I held a fresh, clean towel open, and Julia stepped into my arms.

“Our kitten still asleep, darling?”

I nodded.

"How are you, then?"

“My mind is spinning a bit,” I admitted.

Julia's hand found my semi-erect penis, still coated with Chris' dried juices. “Looks like you need bringing back to earth, darling.”

I wanted Julia, but for a moment, it seemed wrong. I had just tried to make Chris pregnant, and now was considering fucking Julia again. The answer came as the door to the en-suite opened, and a tired and disheveled Chris came in.

“I needed a shower, but can I watch you two make love first?”

Julia let her towel drop and rested back against the basin. Chris knelt and took my cock into her mouth. Julia and I watched as Chris, tired as she was, sucked her own juices from it, bringing me to my full size. Julia then took my erection, and guided to her vagina.

We pulled Chris to her feet and held her to us as I pumped Julia, my hand running down her back to her buttocks where it found Julia's. Julia and I both found Chris' anus together and we each pushed a finger into that tight tunnel.

As we fucked, Julia and I both finger-fucked Chris' arse, until she came. Then, with some unspoken bond, we slid our fingers from the quivering hole and pushed our digits into each other's mouths. Chris groaned and slumped onto the cover of the toilet seat.

Julia and I just kept on fucking until I came in her. Chris just watched us with a sort of love and admiration. I pulled out, and my watery cum ran down Julia's thigh. Chris just smiled and closed her eyes.

We showered the half-sleeping Chris and put her to bed. Then Julia and I kissed, and headed for our separate bedrooms. We would have see how the last few hours changed our lives in the morning.

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