Loving you

By sexyvette2469

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A beautiful woman lying sleeping in my arms
I feel so bad that you are so tired and physically exhausted, come, lay in my arms. Lay your head against my chest, let me comfort you, caress you. Your sweet smile so gentle as you lay here, your head bobbing up and down as I breathe. Softly I stroke your hair and hold you, watching you as you drift to sleep.

My hands strokes softly on the side of your face and your arms. You wiggle and snuggle more tightly to me. Your breathing has changed to much more shallow as you finally get the sleep you need and deserve. Leaning forward I softly kiss your forehead then slip out from under you, laying your head on a pillow. You look so beautiful, so innocent, I lay a blanket over you then leave the room.

Quietly leaving, I had a mental list for shopping. The groceries were easy. Stopping at an ''adult store'' I picked out a toy for when we would be apart. Then off to the florist. Imagine that, all those beautiful choices and I went with roses.

Returning, I cooked the meal I had planned in my head then set the table and lit candles. After the wine was poured and soft music selected I awakened you. Kneeling beside the couch I kissed you until your eyes fluttered. Kissing you I extended a hand and helped you to your feet.

I pulled your chair out and seated you at the table. Standing beside you I poured you a glass of wine and kissed you softly on the side of your head as I handed it to you.

The flames of the candles danced in your eyes as you ate. Occasionally our finger tips touched, we talked, we smiled, we laughed. After the main course you asked, ''And what is for dessert?''

Smiling, I responded, ''You, my lover.''

Pulling the chair back and taking you by the hand I led you to the bed. We kissed as we stripped each other's clothes off.

Laying by you on the bed I realized how beautiful you are and how badly I want you. As we kissed our hands roamed each other. It felt so good to be touched and to touch. Our bodies each responding to the other's touch, quivering with excitement. Excitement neither of us had felt in so so long.

Pulling you to me I whispered in your ear, ''Ride me, love, make my cock throb, ride me till I am raw.''

Rolling onto me you slid my shaft so deep inside you. A single hard deep thrust as it went inside. 

Sitting on me you leaned forward and we kissed. Then you held your nipple and slid it to my lips. As I sucked you you took your hand to your clit and began to rub furiously. Sucking you, I watched your precious face as you masturbated with my cock buried deep inside you.

With sweat on your reddened chest your body pulsated as orgasm after strong orgasm over took you. It was amazing watching as you brought yourself to such a frenzy.

Now complete, you lifted your body, allowing my shaft to move in and out of you. Hard, strong thrusts as I slammed my cock deep into you.

You bent toward me. We were locked in a passionate kiss at the moment I felt the muscles of your vagina squeeze me...milking my sacs of every last drop of my seed.

It felt so spectacular as I shot wave after wave of my seed deep inside you, secretly praying it would find an egg, one last egg, within your beautiful body.