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Lunch with Mother in Law

Well I haven't posted a new story in awhile because to tell the truth nothing interesting has happened .    It has really been a drought in the bedroom.   As far as my MMA bud goes I don't know what has happened to her and my MIL and I just have lunch together once a month.    Last week however that changed .

She called and asked if I would meet her at a restaurant not far from where she works.   I agreed and she told me what time to meet her.   it was just a mom and pop type place nothing fancy just meat and veggies.   We had a nice lunch and conversation and when we were leaving she asked me if I would go with her and help her check out something for her employer.   I agreed and followed her to a motel not far from her work, she told me that since it was newer her boss had reserved some rooms for potential clients and wanted her to see what they looked like.

Turns out it was a new place and their rooms were on the 10th floor.   We got in the elevator I moved to the back   she punched the floor and stood in front of me facing the door. I couldn't resist, I wrapped my arms around her hugged her from the back and kissed her on the neck.   She just relaxed into me, so for fun I reached under her blouse and   gave both titties a firm but gentle squeeze.   She moaned quietly, but my   fun was interrupted on the 5th floor when another person got on.   He was a younger male and   I started to ask him if he would like to get a feel of some strange tits, but ended up keeping my question to myself.

Once we got to the room it was nice twin queens decent view and clean. I just sat on the bed while she looked around, finally she looked at me   and asked me how the bed was.

"I don't know I've just been sitting here" I replied.

"Well stretch out and give me your opinion, you try that one and I'll try the other" she said.   "So what do you   think?" she asked.

" Feels ok to me , I mean they are brand new and probably haven't been used too much." I replied.

"So how do you think they would work for two?" she asked next.

"Well they are queens " I answered.

"Move over and let me see, never know when more than two people might come from a client and some of them are tight with the money" she said as she climbed onto the bed.

Well here I am in bed with m Mil again. What came next was a semi-surprise. She slid closer to me rolled over hugged me and asked " well are you going to kiss me or just lay here?" I hugged her back and gave her   a quick kiss.   She followed mine with a much more passionate   one of her own.

"It's so nice to be back in bed with someone who cares" she said(an oblivious reference to her experimentation).

She sat up   removed her shirt and bra and asked me to suck her tits.

"UMMMM that feels so good and even helps relax me" she moaned as she held me head to her breast. "Now don't let the other one feel left out"   was her next remark.


I moved to the right breast and began to suck it, as I did I slipped a hand down and rubbed her hot crotch through her jeans.   It didn't take her long to start moving in rhythm with my hand   and then to get her and my jeans off.   She maneuvered us around on the bed and took me in her warm mouth and began a slow sensuous blow job.   I couldn't believe how engorged her vagina was.   She was so swollen even her inner lips were swollen and distended.   I took them in my mouth   and sucked each one being careful to avoid her very swollen clit.

"Damn you quit teasing me and lick me like I know you can "she moaned around my cock.

" You know I always thought your mouth was shaped just right to suck a dick and would look good with one sliding in and out of it" I laughingly told her as I moved to get a better position to eat her pussy.   She tasted so good and the juices were flowing freely.   It didn't take long for her to have her first orgasm . After she came she wanted me to just lay beside her and hold her.   She kissed me again and I couldn't help asking her if she liked the way she tasted.   All she said was "have I told you how much I enjoy being held by someone who cares?"

After she caught her breath, she opened her legs drew her knees up and asked "would you like to make love to me?"

I answered by moving between her legs. Her reddened lips provided an inviting target shinning in the frame of her black bush.   I eased into her and she let a moan of pleasure   escape from her lips as I slid ever deeper in her warm, moist love tunnel. I started slow but soon my pace was increasing. She reached for me pulling me on top of her, which slowed me down again. She offered me a tit to suck while I pumped her and she wet her fingers and played with her free nipple which the combination   brought her to another orgasm..

"Take your time, I can get a man to fuck me but, I want you to make love to me" she reminded me.

  We made love like that for a few more minutes   and I finally told her I needed a break because I really wanted this time to last.   We stopped for a few minutes to let me settle down. But, it wasn't long before she was up on all fours wagging her ass and asking what was I waiting for. I mounted her from the back resisting the urge to ass fuck her.   I was pumping her hard this time and she was pumping me back just as hard.   I reached under her and grabbed her swinging tits tweaking her nipples knowing what would probably happen.   In a few minutes I was rewarded with a rush of her cum all over my dick, balls and belly.   This pushed me over the top and I blew my sperm deep into her flooded cunt.

"Oh my God I felt you twitch then I felt your cum hit the back of my cunny , I've never felt anything like that before" she told me in an exhausted voice as she collapsed on the bed.

I collapsed right beside her and we took a short nap together. When we woke there was a pool of my sperm mixed were her juices between her legs and all in her bush where it had run out of her.   We lay there   a little longer and she told me all about her experimentation and how she thought it would be as fun as all the girls in her office said it was but that she felt like a whore afterwards.   She said it was nice to be with someone that cared about her again.   She hugged me and gave me another passionate kiss and said we had better get cleaned up.  

When we got back to lobby my MIL told the desk clerk the rooms were fine he looked at me and told her he was glad she liked them.   We got back to our cars kissed again and parted ways with no one but the desk clerk having any idea what our desert was.

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