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Mary - chapter 3

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sex with a pregnant lady
I had heard through the family grapevine how happy Mary and Doug were when it was confirmed that Mary was pregnant. The family was abuzz about how Doug told everyone that the night he got home from his conference Mary literally attacked him and took him to their bed. I smirked thinking 'if he only knew what I know.'

Imagine my surprise then when Mary called. Again she was crying as she told me, 'Del I am so confused, I am so extraordinarily horny, crazily so. But, I am afraid of miscarriage so I didn't do anything or push Doug for sex.'

I tried to comfort her but I could tell she needed more so I eased into a very sexual conversation reminding her of our night together and the pleasure we felt. As I talked to her her breathing and the noises I heard told me she was pleasuring herself. Almost regretting I said it, I asked if she wanted to get together?

Confounded by confusing contradictions, Mary stammered, 'Yes, I want sex so badly and yet ....we both wanted this baby very much... nothing... not even sex was as important. We need to leave this at a chat- cyber relationship.'

Another few months passed and again I heard from Mary. She and Doug had tried sex together and, at best, it was not a good experience. They tried with Mary being on top on the couple of occasions they did do it. It didn't feel as comfortable as usual; she was quite heavily pregnant by this point and Doug hit her cervix.

This was the point where she tearfully pleaded, 'Del, I need you, you know how to make love to me, to satisfy me. Please I know we promised each other our union was to make a baby only but my desires are over powering, I desperately need a man, not any man, but you inside me. Please, Del.'

Mary's parting comment broke my heart. 'I just feel ugly and fat and totally unwanted. Right now I need to feel wanted to be told I am wanted, will you help me?'

At this point I guess pride and the small part of the male brain called the 'pecker' took over. We discovered another time that Doug had a conference and I arranged to meet Mary at the hotel where the conception occurred.

This time I got there first and went directly to the room. I arranged several bouquets of her beloved yellow roses in the room. Then I turned down the bed and closed the blinds leaving only soft lights on. Taking some roses I stripped the petals from them and made a trail from the door to the bed. Looking around I smiled to myself and headed down to the hotel bar.

Looking around I saw no sign of Mary. Sitting, I ordered a draft beer which I played with as I waited.

Within a few minutes that seemed an eternity, Mary walked in. Her baby bump was quite pronounced and her pregnancy had swollen her already beautiful breasts. I stood and kissed her lightly on the cheek as I held her chair.

We made small talk while she told me of the amazing journey her pregnancy had been. Then she switched gears telling me how hurt and shut out she felt as Doug repeatedly rejected her.

Her eyes pierced my soul as she quietly said, 'Please I want the father of my child to make love to me.'

Taking her hand we walked to the elevator. In the elevator we kissed a passionate, long, loving kiss that said, I love you, this is not lust it is love.

Mary sobbed as she looked into the room. I thought she was going to smell each and every rose before she turned back to me and again we kissed.

Silently my hands moved on her body. For a long time she starred at nothing as I stood behind her kissing her neck and ears as my hand moved lovingly on her swollen belly. My hand covered every inch so gently and tenderly as I kissed her neck.

Still in silence she turned again in my arms and we stepped back from one another allowing me to slowly undress her, then take her by the hand and lay her on the bed.

As she watched I undressed slowly taking each article of clothing off and between each bending to kiss her lips and then baby bump.

Naked I lay beside her and pulled her to me. Spooning we just lay together then my hands began to move on her body. I touched everywhere from every angle, touching and kissing her soft beautiful form.

Holding each of her legs I kissed it top to bottom, front and back, kisses that relaxed her. As I did, my only whispered words were to affirm how beautiful she was and how she had a radiant glow that only pregnant woman have.

It seemed hours we touched and kissed speaking very little. Smiling but not speaking I gently pushed Mary's legs apart. Kissing her lightly on the lips I moved my head between her legs. Kisses covered her inner thighs and her pussy dripping with her love potion. Holding her clit I kissed and tongued it as it swelled bigger and bigger. Ever so gently I kissed her there and ran my tongue up and down her love canal. Opening her I let my tongue enter to tease and pleasure her. As my mouth moved on her my hands roamed the baby bump and her breasts. Her swollen breasts now had rock hard nipples ready to be sucked it seemed.

Mary screamed out as the second orgasm overtook her. Her body shuddered and her thighs almost crushed my head as they squeezed as if I were an orange and she wanted juice. The only juices though were hers which were flowing like a waterfall after a major spring rain. Licking them from her I then kissed her.

Placing cushions behind her back I got onto my knees and we moved together in a modified missionary method. I was amazed how hot, wet and tight her dripping pussy was. The inferno almost took me to the limit as I first slid in. Very very gently I moved within her. The movement was slow and precise seemingly bringing her to an almost immediate orgasm. She glowed!

The feeling was odd or different yet spectacular. The whole orgasm felt different, softer yet more intense, seemingly more than just her vagina was involved. Almost immediately she began to orgasm again this time it seemed as though my cock was being squeezed to the point it would never come out. So intense, so complete she made me feel; we made each other feel complete.

My cock shot wave after wave into her as she orgasmed, then without a word I slid down and began to eat and suck the love nectar we had made from her body.

Holding her we fell asleep in each others arms. Just before dreams overtook us she made me promise that when she called I needed to come to her.

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