Massage Extraordinaire - Part III

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The third visit to this masseur proved to be as different as the previous two were
Massage Extraordinaire – Part III

A few weeks later I returned for the third time totally convinced that this visit could not be too different from my two previous ones which were absolutely outstanding. How wrong I was again!

I knocked at the front door. This long legged beauty in the shortest white mini met me with a huge smile (on her face) and a breathtaking hug. I felt my already aroused cock rub against her mound.

Judging by my expanding member the excitement was already affecting it and the pace accelerated rapidly. She deftly swung around and I followed a few paces behind as I could not miss out on this wonderful sighting of her peeping panties and smiling bum crack which had previously beckoned me along.

I gasped. There were no panties in view, only her firmly rounded buns and that smiling crack now clearly visible from under her skirt. I was astounded. Another surprise already, I thought.

Was she truly not wearing any panties? My mind raced. If so I could not wait to see her glorious shaved and naked pussy and suck it like “there’s no to-morrow”!

We entered her massage room far too soon, again. We wasted no time undressing. She removed her top exposing a beautiful white lacy see thru bra cupping her two splendid puppies, with perky, deep red nipples being teased by the lace.

The moment had arrived. I could not miss this. She dropped her skirt. The truth would out. Was she or was she not wearing panties?

She was, but only just, a ‘g-string’, with the tiniest little net triangle clearly revealing all her treasures. Her puffy outer lips, her protruding inner lips and even the sheath of her clit were all visible.

A site to behold, mouth-watering stuff.

I was paralysed already, even though this was my third visit. I had actually only managed to undo my belt. I quickly removed my shoes, jeans, and shirt whilst she watched me all the time. She smiled when she saw my red mini-briefs or was it the tent hiding my equipment? I was unsure.

“Come here” she beckoned. She threw her arms around my neck and pushed her puppies hard into me, as well as her mound into my tent. I dissolved at the feeling of her pussy against my cock even through our underwear. She was becoming more demonstrative and I enjoyed it.

She felt him harden even more and fell to her knees and declared, “I need to say hello”.

My briefs slipped to the floor and my cock just sprung out, to full attention. The head was already fully blown, red and available. Her hungry, pouting mouth swallowed as much as it could. Its warmth sent shivers down my spine. My balls contracted right up into their sack. The moment I’ve been waiting for, I thought!

She moved slowly, in and out, in and out, sucking intensely until she couldn’t anymore. She stopped, got up and patted the bottom of the massage table.

“Put your bum here”, she ordered. I willingly obeyed.

“Open your legs, wide”.

She bent down, held my shaft in her hand, pouted her lips again, covered his head and sucked some more.

The pressure was awesome. I truly felt my balls rising upwards. But she got a quick grip of them with her other hand. As her mouth moved up and down my shaft with her tongue lightly massaging all the sensitive areas her hand moved up and down and my balls were being massaged in unison as well.

The pace intensified and everything worked together. The atmosphere was electric. I felt a mother of all explosions building up so regrettably I had to ask her to move onto my balls.

She released her hand around my shaft and sucked each ball instead right out of its hiding place. My genitals were on fire. It felt as though they were being seasoned for a banquet. Amazing stuff!

I escaped, jumped off the table and said, “Your turn.”

She obeyed and surrendered her body.

I took her in my arms and squeezed her beautiful breasts with hardened nipples against my chest and pushed my cock up between her warm legs. Her pussy was wet and leaking through the netted triangle.

I moved down onto her breasts and sucked a pouting nipple whilst massaging the other. She started to moan. I moved to the other nipple and my free hand moved down to her mound purposely avoiding her pussy. She started to sway.

“Please remove my panties” she murmured.

Not yet, I thought. Too soon, but oh man I would have loved to!

“Not just yet” I unconvincingly uttered. Then gently guided her to the end of the massage table and pushed her down onto the end.

My throbbing cock momentarily rubbed on her mound and her legs willingly parted. What a body, perfectly shaped. I was so fortunate to enjoy her like this and what a privileged to be giving her a massage I thought.

Then it hit me. How on earth could I even think about giving this experienced masseur a massage? So I asked her if she was O.K. with this.

She loved the idea and confirmed, “Please go ahead, I need it!”

The pressure was on. What could I do to uphold the standard of the previous two visits?

Follow your instincts bru’, I thought.

I moved down her torso to her tummy licking and kissing all the way. My hands were now on her inner thighs, right up near her groin, and massaged her upper leg slowly.

My mouth reached the top of the g-string. I grabbed it between my teeth and teasingly pulled it away slowly, growled and then released it! She jerked. My lips moved onto her netted mound, which smelt divine.

Her protruding clit was right there on top of her pussy lips begging for attention. I licked it through the flimsy netted triangle all the way down the middle of her pussy lips. My nose took over from where my tongue left off until I could smell the magnificent scent of her love canal.

Her pussy begged for more but I simply moved to her left groin, parted her legs even further and licked and sucked sensually. She moaned with pleasure again begging me to remove her g-string.

“Too soon”, I replied, with my nose flitting across her pussy to her right groin.

She moaned again, louder this time as I also teased it with my mouth. Then down her inner thigh to the sensitive area behind her knee and simply kissed and nosed it as hard as I could.

I moved across to the other leg, now well parted, from behind the knee, up to her inner thigh into her groin, kissing and sucking frantically. Her body was starting to twitch and quiver as my mouth neared her fired-up pussy. I could actually feel and smell the heat as my face moved near it.

Needless to say my restless dick was oozing precum, so ready to take her but I knew it was too soon.

I gently started easing her g-string down with my nose.

I heard her sigh something like, “Fuck, at last, I need you so badly.”

I used my hands to do the rest. There she lay, magnificently spread and ready in all her splendour. Her pussy was pumping, her lips were wide open and her clit so ready to devour my dick.

Instead I flawed her again however difficult it was for me this time.

“On your tummy, Gorgeous”, I instructed.

She moaned and truly thought I had lost it. She looked up deeply into my eyes questioning what I’d said and reluctantly rolled over. I was about to surprise her.

I rolled up a spare towel and placed it underneath her body, just above her mound to give me better access to her pussy from behind. I then started massaging her inner thighs deep into her groin, ‘butterflying’ across her pouting pussy lips once more.

She moaned. Her body quivered even more as she said, “Take me please, I love doggy style.”

I mounted the table between her widespread legs and placed my shaft against her inner thighs moving it slowly onto her pussy. My head rubbed hard against her lips which willingly opened further but instead of moving deeper inside I pulled my head along her crack, up over her butt hole into her butt crack.

She moaned, “Come back, please! Come in, I need you.”

I ignored her plea and simply lay down on top of her with my member now deep inside her butt crack facing upwards. It was throbbing intensely. Her butt could feel it, tightened, and then her entire body started to stiffen.

I gently pried my hands under her breasts and with her help started fondling her fully erect nipples. I mouthed the nape of her neck and kissed and sucked until I got to her ear lobe.

She could not take anymore. Her body exploded as she shouted, “Babes, I’m cummmmmming!”.

I smiled and we lay dead still enjoying the moment.

I gently removed my aching member from her butt and eased my way off the bed.

She whispered, ”Wow, that was so intense. I’ve never experienced that before, but please go inside now!”

I smiled and replied, “Roll over.” She was relieved.

I opened her legs and just savoured the sight of her gorgeous pussy once more then moved around to her head.

She looked puzzled and so confused that I believed she would stop pre-empting my next move and just relax and enjoy the moment. But instead she had a surprise for me.

As my cock moved passed her head she grabbed it and had it deep inside her mouth. She sucked so hard and so quickly that I did a double take. The moment was so special. I was reluctant to stop her but I knew that if I didn’t that would be the end!

She allowed me to withdraw, smiled and said, “teasing works both ways, buddy”.

I managed to get myself around to her head and started massaging it with my dick. First her ears, then the nape of her neck, under her chin but cautiously avoided her mouth, her nose and even her eyes. I lifted myself onto the table and massaged her pouting nipples with my precum. She loved that but her hands could not resist my balls or my butt.

I knew I had to move soon. So I went for kill. I threw my mouth onto her clit and ravished it as hard as I could.

Her body convulsed with surprise and pleasure.

She cried out, “Oh baby, yes, more please”, and simultaneously pulled my butt down and savoured my balls with her mouth”.

I lost control but continued to eat her wet, wet pussy and inner lips with the aid of my nose and tongue. She moved onto my main member and once my tongue started searching deep inside her love canal she started sucking my cock like I’ve never experienced before.

The atmosphere was electric and highly explosive and I still cannot understand why we did not orgasm immediately. Instead we both just savoured that very special moment. It was so intense.

Without further delay I jumped off, turned around and mounted the table between her even wider spread legs. As the towel was still under her torso her mound protruded more prominently. Her puffy lips were even wider apart than before and her inner lips had been stretched so much with all my sucking that they beautifully exposed the entrance to her love canal.

Her clit of course was as hard and erect as my well sucked and bursting member.

I positioned my penis head on her clit and gently lowered my shaft between her lips. Our bodies touched. Her erect nipples teased mine, also hard by now. I felt my shaft nestle more deeply into her inner lips widening them even further. Our eyes met, our lips pouted and our tongues started to dance, increasingly faster with the pace.

My dick started to slide along the top of this heavenly pussy at first until it found her hot love channel which welcomed him without reserve. Her legs fastened around my hips so intensely ensuring that I would be locked in forever.

I was deep inside her, so deep that I was convinced I could feel her tonsils!

Now firmly held in her body grip I seemed to go in even deeper. Even my balls were fighting to get inside. They were almost flattened at the entrance of her pussy jockeying for first position.

It was an intensely warm feeling. My shaft seemed to be swelling against her canal sides which were stiffening up and closing in on him, ensuring no escape.

Our bodies started to move in unison, up and down, in and out. As I withdrew she lifted her body towards mine and as I moved down she moved away a little faster and then slammed back making my thrust go even deeper and more intense each time.

Her eyes tightened, her mouth closed tightly on mine, her tongue played with my tonsils, her legs locked around me, our bodies stiffened as my thrust was going deeper, and deeper but more slowly now. We were savouring every movement.

Suddenly, on the next downward thrust her pussy felt my cock harden even more. Her walls contracted in unison and a mother of all explosions vibrated throughout our bodies. I felt I was actually going to explode. This was repeated several times with each eruption, diminishing a little towards the end.

It was so intense and so endless for me that I was not convinced that she had experienced the same. I was totally drained. I could easily have slumped into the most peaceful sleep imaginable. But I was concerned.

We both just lay there enjoying the moment which seemed like an hour. My cock remained hard and deeply entrenched inside her very tight pussy. It felt as though she was never going to let go. Her legs were still firmly wrapped around me with no sign of releasing.

I just lay there sucking on a still erect nipple like the most contented baby in the world.

Eventually she spoke saying, “Babes, thank you so much. I have never ever experienced such satisfying sex. I only hope you came as strongly as I did. My body simply erupted and I was sent into ecstasy. I was oblivious of all else. I just savoured every moment. Please don’t take him out; I want him to live inside of me forever!

You are awesome! You sure know how yo eat pussy. But you are possibly the worst tease in town. I had no idea what to expect but all is forgiven as I can only remember the mind blowing ending.

You’re a true Romeo!”

Wow, I needed that I thought. It seems as though I did manage to give her a “Massage Extraordinaire” and did not even have to resort to my finger techniques on her ‘g-spot’. Maybe next time, I hoped.

I was chuffed and walked out with the world owing me nothing.