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Massage Extraordinaire - Part One

An innocent sports massage with many surprises!
She met me at her front door, a tall long legged blonde with a well shaped figure. She wore the shortest mini that allowed her pink panties to peek out of her nicely rounded bum as she led me into her massage room.

All this left me speechless. I could barely greet her so took a deep breath instead. Once I’d regained composure I timidly smiled as I certainly did not want to be part of a sleazy massage parlor. However an air of professionalism was evident. A proper massage table, a variety of oils, dimmed lighting, soft relaxing music and all spotlessly clean. I had come for a deep tissue sports massage as I had a twitching nerve on my inner thigh shooting up into my groin. This was extremely painful at times.

A gym colleague shared that he had also experienced a similar embarrassing problem and after extensive research found a female masseur who was prepared to do this on a “straight” basis. The others were all porn pimps!

This lady came highly recommended and confirmed during our earlier telephone conversation that she would do a full bodied deep tissue massage, concentrating on the problem area, but emphasized my need for total relaxation to achieve complete muscle accessibility. As an added incentive she offered this service dressed only in her high heels and underwear. To ensure total relaxation she would include a “happy ending” if so desired, all in her fee of R100 more than her competitors.

I don’t believe that any healthy red blooded male could refuse such a tempting offer. My mind was no longer on my problematic thigh but on the reality of the situation. Once I satisfied myself about her credibility I started to relax.

“Let’s get started,” she suggested. “Strip down,” she said, and proceeded to do likewise.

I was totally flabbergasted and this was probably the most difficult undressing session I’d ever experienced. Down to my rods in front of a complete stranger who was doing exactly the same. But this was a female! I could already feel a stirring in my groin and my mind was also in complete turmoil. What was happening? What was I doing here? And why was I actually enjoying it!

Although she had informed me that she did this for all her clients the reality of the situation had not hit me until now. She looked up at me now only dressed in her pink undies and high heels. She had beautiful legs which took forever to reach her well rounded womanhood. A sight to behold. What a distraction. I was hardening rapidly and was sure that she had already noticed it.

There I was left standing in my rapidly bulging skants. “Take them off,” she ordered.

I looked at her helplessly and started to remove them, knowing full well what was going to happen, and he didn’t disappoint me either. He shot bolt right-up. “Nice cock,” she remarked, “now onto the bed on your tummy.”

How on earth was I supposed to do this woman, I thought. If you were in my condition you would be a little more sympathetic. Anyway I managed to ease myself onto the bed carefully pushing him down between my legs where he obviously protruded far beyond my balls.

Unperturbed she started, first with my feet and gradually working her way up into my calves. At last I started to relax and so did he. The soothing music helped a lot but that image of her standing there in her skimpy panties and bra kept flashing back.

She seemed to dwell on my feet and calves for so long that I became a little agitated. Then I felt her stop completely. Only the music wafted over my naked body. The pause seemed to go on forever but she came back moving quickly up from my feet and calves into the back of my knees and onto my inner thighs, the problem area.

She massaged one at a time standing on each side. Yes, this was starting to feel good. She knew what she was doing. But then it happened. She accidentally or purposely brushed over the underside of my softening penis head. This was like a bolt of lightening from nowhere. He immediately regained his stature and started to throb.

I heard her murmur with approval and eventually she relented by grabbing my balls and started to massage them like only a woman knows how. I reacted by raising my torso and unknowingly gave her even more space to manoeuvre her hand onto my full erection. She started massaging it. Another surprise and unexpected bonus.

I could feel my love juices building up and wanting to explode but managed to stop her just in time.

She moved onto my bum and simultaneously massaged my back and eventually moved around to my head. She worked over my head massaging my shoulders and back. I was in heaven. I opened my eyes and looked straight into her lovely thighs. I raised my head in admiration and was rewarded with an eyeball of her magnificent shaved pussy. It was so close that I could have licked it.

My entire body quivered. She chuckled. I reluctantly tore my feasting eyes from her sanctuary and moved upwards to discover that she was actually completely naked. I was blown away and lost all perspective of everything. My mind was in a turmoil darting in every possible direction. But whatever was happening I was enjoying it. An unforgettable experience. All I could muster was, “Wow!” She smiled.

Her beautiful breasts were gracefully moving in unison with her massaging as she moved back and forth and eventually around to my side. Still lying face down I felt this strange but almost sensual sensation move across my shoulders and gradually down the small of my back over each butt, down the crack and even onto his head again. This was mind blowing. It continued down my thighs, across the backs of my knees over my calves and even into the soles of my feet.

My curiosity got the better of me so I inquired what was happening. She calmly whispered, “I’m giving you a nipple massage.” This was too much. Unbelievable, and unrepeatable as no-one would believe me – nor would I. I gasped with pleasure. A nipple massage. What next? And again all unexpected. Awesome, awesome, awesome! My cock shot up rock-hard for the umpteenth time. Could it take anymore, ‘cause I couldn’t. I was speechless so just groaned my approval.

She smiled and told me to roll over.

Well my entire body was on full alert let alone him. He was stretched to his ultimate limit standing at attention dressed in full battle regalia, purple helmet and all, throbbing with excitement and ready to fire in rapid succession. She simply continued to smile and whispered, “I’m pleased that you enjoyed the surprises.”

Her gentle hands enfolded my genitals, balls in her right hand and a throbbing cock in the left giving them that gentle lover’s touch. Then she did something even more surprising. She got onto the table as well, kneeling across my body with her hardened nipples pouting over my stomach and her beautiful bum within comfortable reach of my right hand.

She started the nipple massage on my genitals, first the head and purposely around it, under the purple rim and up and down the shaft onto my balls. My body was writhing with excitement. I noticed that she was starting to breathe heavily. She whispered ever so quietly, “You have a magnificent cock,” and continued. Her breathing got increasingly louder.

I reached out for the breast closest to me and started massaging her fully erect nipple. My left hand gently massaged her bum but I could feel that she wanted more. I moved around to her inner thigh and gently massaged upwards towards her beautiful pussy. The upper regions were already wet. She was dribbling uncontrollably. Her moans got louder and louder. I expected her pouting mouth to engulf my throbbing head as it was right there. Clearly she was in a frenzy, on the point of full orgasm.

Her left hand started massaging my cock, almost uncontrollably. My right hand now saturated in her wetness found her pouting pussy lips and gently parted them to discover her erect clit. In an instant my finger was down her love canal massaging as fast as she was rubbing my penis.

She moaned, I groaned and then we both let out a yell of ecstasy. We both orgasmed simultaneously. Her body writhed in pleasure. I shot my biggest load like a teenager through her boobs onto her chin, time and time again. I’d never experienced anything like this or known that I had so much cum in me. Everything was covered in my love juice and we just soaked in the warmth of where it landed.

She was as satisfied as I was and once our hearts stopped pounding she whispered, “Well did that address your problem and will you come again?”

I’d actually forgotten what my problem was! Would I come again? Most definitely. I happily paid her the well-earned fee and smiled all the way home.

An incredible “Extraordinaire Massage”.

(to be continued)

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