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Matt and Karen take the plunge (Part 1)

A mature married couple decide to become more adventurous

Matthew lay naked on the bed and watched as his wife, Karen, brushed her soft blonde hair. The muscles of her naked back flexed with the action of her arms and he occasionally glimpsed the side of her full breasts. Even after almost twenty-five years of marriage she still turned him on. She smiled lightly as she caught his reflection in the mirror.

She knew he loved to watch her doing the most mundane things and she’d long ago lost count of the times she’d had to stop sewing or cooking to satisfy his desires. Tonight was to be extra special and she wondered what Matt was thinking as he stroked his cock, her new undies set out alongside him on the bed.

In fact Matt’s mind had drifted back to a night about two months ago. That had also been a very special occasion as their only daughter, Melanie, had been married earlier in the day. Matt could recall in detail making love with Karen in their hotel room in the early hours of the morning following the reception party.

Karen had taken the initiative, stripped him naked and pushed him back on the bed. She reached under her dress to pull off her panties before straddling him and plunging down on his stiff prick. She was wet and eager for it and fucked him furiously until her most urgent needs had been satisfied. Still impaled on his cock she sat back on her haunches and sensuously removed her clothing. She knew she looked good for her forty-four years. Her waist was still trim and her tits still holding their own against gravity.

She fondled her breasts, massaging away the impressions left by her bra. She shuddered when she pinched the erect nipples between her fingers. Matt gazed up at her with a mixture of love and pure lust in his eyes. Her wet cunt enveloped his cock and he could feel the heat of her and the texture of her pubic hair. For a moment his thoughts turned to Melanie and how lovely she had looked for her wedding day. He was immensely proud to have brought up a daughter so successfully and he basked in the satisfaction of a job well done. Karen noticed his change in mood.

“What are you thinking?”

“Just thinking about the day and wondering what she’s doing now.”

Mel and Steve were staying overnight in a hotel near the airport before flying out to the Indian Ocean the following morning.

Karen laughed lustily and said, “My bet is that she getting laid right now and will then probably get laid again and again until they have to catch their flight.”

Matt had rarely thought of Melanie in explicit sexual terms, his image of her remained rooted in the past to times when she’d been a playful tomboy. Karen had never told him that she’d put Mel on the pill well before her sixteenth birthday knowing that it wouldn’t be long before she lost her virginity.

“They’re two very highly sexed young people who can’t get enough of each other and with a cock like Steve’s who can blame her for being horny?”

Karen noticed a quizzical look on Matt’s face and realised she’d made a bit of a slip. Knowing she’d have to explain she went on, “I saw some photos of him on Mel’s camera. God! Is he well hung? Like the proverbial baby’s arm holding an orange in its hand!” Karen shuddered as she thought of those pictures, her daughter’s mouth barely able to enclose the end of her fiancé’s prick.

Still mounted on Matt she dropped her hands to her cunt and rubbed her clit. Instantly an orgasm washed over her like molten lava as she imagined herself being impaled on that enormous organ. Matt knew his wife well enough to know what she was thinking as her spasms took him over the brink and his own normally proportioned cock throbbed and pulsated as he pumped into her.

Nothing more was said about big cocks for several weeks until the newlyweds returned from their honeymoon and came round one evening to tell Matt and Karen all about the trip and the wonderful places they’d visited. A fair amount of alcohol was consumed and Steve and Mel stayed the night. Matt and Karen cuddled in bed but before they could drift off to sleep there came telltale sounds from the next bedroom.

First there was the rhythmic squeaking of the bedsprings, and then Mel’s stifled groans of sexual pleasure. Matt put his arms around Karen and cupped her tits and gently pushed his hardening cock between her bum cheeks. Karen moaned with pleasure and moved one of Matt’s hands down to her wet pussy. No words were necessary as Karen rolled over onto her front and raised her bottom in the air. Matt mounted his wife, his prick slipping easily all the way into her cunt. Their fucking was fast and furious. Matt reached under Karen’s belly to finger her clitoris but found she had beaten him to it, her fingertips tapping his cock as she stroked herself between the legs.

Matt contented himself with running his hands over her body, up and down her legs, over her raised bottom, up to her neck and under to her hanging tits where he pinched her nipples quite hard. Suddenly Karen began to cum and flattened herself on the bed with one hand trapped beneath her body so she could massage her cunt. Matt lay on top of her knowing that they'd climax together, they always did in this position.

Matt expected Karen to be quiet because of their guests in the next room but he was astounded when her whole body trembled and she shouted out, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fill my cunt! Give me your big cock now!” Matt pumped her for all he was worth until he emptied his load deep inside her then rested on top of her, taking most of his weight on his elbows. He knew that Karen liked to feel him soften inside her body until he eventually slipped out. They were both still breathing heavily when Matt whispered in her ear.

“You were thinking of Steve and his big cock weren’t you? That’s what made you so randy. You want to experience a massive prick in your pussy, don’t you?”

Karen didn’t say anything and then Matt realised that she was sobbing pathetically. Once she’d calmed down she was full of apologies. She almost felt she'd been unfaithful to Matt, simply by wishing it was someone else's cock buried inside her. Matt stroked her hair and reassured her that he loved her too deeply to worry about what was said in the throes of an orgasm. He then realised that his cock wasn't softening, in fact it was feeling harder than ever. Karen noticed too and murmured appreciatively. They both realised that they were both turned on, Karen by thinking about being screwed by a big tool and Matt by thinking of letting his wife live out her fantasy, and somehow each knew what the other was thinking.

They fucked hard and fast, they couldn't get enough of each other. It was almost as intense as the first days of their courtship when Karen's pussy had been sore for weeks on end, too sore to wear panties a lot of the time. Now it ended when Karen wriggled out from under her husband, got off the bed and knelt at the dressing table stool. She reached behind with both hands to spread her bottom.

“Fuck my arse, you bastard. Go in deep!”

Matt needed no second invitation and quickly forced himself into her anus as she masturbated her cunt. Anal sex was something Karen didn't normally like and never took the initiative in that direction so Matt knew that she was totally turned on. Matt grabbed a handful of Karen’s hair and made her look up into the mirror in front of her. They maintained eye contact as he thrust in and out of her bum and through their shared orgasm. Matt noticed the enigmatic smile on Karen’s face when they had finished and he knew that their sex life was about to take a new and exciting turn.

The following morning it amused Matt to see that both his wife and daughter had chosen not to wear bras under their thin tops and both sported erect nipples all morning.

Once Melanie and Steve had left after lunch Matt and Karen had a chance to chat about last night’s events and came to the conclusion that even in the cold light of day the prospect of inviting another man into their bedroom aroused them enormously. They talked seriously about the effect on their marriage and whether Matt would ultimately feel humiliated by having another man fuck his wife. They both realised that what would start out by being a highly erotic event could lead to unexpected feelings in both of them.

Would Matt be jealous of Karen’s lover? Would Karen no longer feel satisfied by Matt? They both knew that they wanted to do it but agreed to wait for another week before making any positive steps in arranging to meet a well-endowed cocksman.

A week later after a lot of discussion the decision was made. They’d do it. They decided they had so much love between them that nothing could part them. That night they sat together as Karen accessed a number of adult internet sites that aimed at bringing like minded people together for sex.

The task took hours because Matt kept interrupting her work to feel her up and to suck her tits and pussy. By the time she’d finished joining various sites and firing off a number of emails to advertisers Karen was stark naked, very wet between the legs and eager to be screwed, but Matt decided to indulge one of their fantasies.

Even though it was gone midnight he got Karen to slip on a pair of shoes and a light raincoat over her naked body and off they went for a stroll around the neighbourhood with some letters that had to be posted. The streets were deserted and Karen let her coat hang open allowing the cool night air to caress her body, particularly her nipples and moist labia. They stopped occasionally to kiss passionately and Matt’s hands wandered all over his wife’s naked body. Thirty yards short of the post box Matt pulled Karen into a side street and into a shop doorway. He took the letters from his pocket and handed them to Karen and said, “Take off your coat, walk naked to the box and post them. Whatever you do, don’t run.”

Without hesitation Karen shrugged off her coat, took the letters and walked quickly to the pillar-box, slipped the letters through the slot and set off to return to Matt who watched from the shop doorway. Matt fell in love with his wife all over again as he gazed at her strolling naked towards him. Her unsupported breasts swayed gently, their nipples harder than he’d ever seen them. As she got closer he admired the shape of her hips and thighs, the powder puff of fair hair at their junction, and grew so hard he had to release himself from the confines of his trousers.

As soon as Karen came within reach he pulled her into the comparative seclusion of the shop doorway and practically lifted her up and dropped her onto his cock. Karen’s legs circled Matt’s waist and her arms clung on around his neck. Matt cupped his hands under her bottom and fucked her as hard as the position would allow but couldn’t last long. He pumped his juice into Karen’s pussy and once he’d pulled out she dropped to her knees to lick him clean and tuck him away before they strolled home, Karen with her coat only draped over her shoulders.

Half way home Karen felt the mingled juices oozing from her cunt and made Matt go down on her, there in the street. His tongue lapped up and down her thighs and pussy lips and flicked across her clitoris making her shiver and sigh with pleasure. Matt thought to himself, “It won’t be long before this beautiful cunt is used by some guy with a massive cock.”

Matt and Karen spent the next week in a sexual frenzy while waiting for responses to their emails. They couldn’t keep their hands of each other. They fucked as soon as they woke in the morning and couldn’t wait for their evening meals to finish so they could go to bed. Karen realised that she was permanently horny and thought of going to see her doctor for something to calm her down. Then she thought how much she was enjoying herself even if it did mean she had to change her underwear several times a day.

A week passed before they struck gold. A polite email arrived from a young man named Andy who had attached two pictures of himself, one a head and shoulders portrait and another of him naked. Even only half hard he was impressive. Karen responded by sending him a topless holiday photo and their telephone number. Days went by without the telephone call they were eagerly anticipating, but then one Monday evening Matt let himself into the house to see Karen standing in the hallway talking on the phone.

Her free hand was under her short skirt and her fingers had slipped inside the side of her pink knickers to stroke her pussy. She nodded at Matt, answering his unspoken question; she was indeed talking to the owner of a large cock. Matt dropped his briefcase to the floor and peeled Karen’s panties off completely. He knelt in front of her, put his mouth to her pussy and tuned into the one-sided conversation as he lapped up his wife’s juices. Matt was vaguely aware that Karen was making arrangements to meet this stranger then heard her tell him why she seemed to be out of breath.

“Matt’s just come home and he’s eating my pussy.”

“No, he took them off.”

“Little pink cotton panties.”

“I’ll wear whatever you’d like when we meet. Write to me; tell me what to wear and tell me what you want to do to me.”

“Oh yes! Please send me a photo of your erect prick.”

“No, I’ve still got my skirt, blouse and bra on.”

“34C, and yes, my nipples are hard.”

“No, I’ve never been to bed with two men.”

“Maybe, we’ll have to see.”

“I’ll have to go now, I’m going to cum. Wank your big cock for me. Imagine I’m sucking your knob. Is that nice? Oh fuck! I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Shoot your spunk for me, all over my tits. Oh yes, yes, yes!”

Then after a few moments,

“Did you cum?”

“Was it good?”

“Yes I did, a good one. My legs are weak. I’m shaking all over.”

“OK then. We’ll see you on Saturday and don’t forget to mail me. I promise I’ll do whatever you like. Your wish is my command.”

“Bye now.”

Karen replaced the phone and leaned against the table. She really had cum violently through the horny phone conversation and Matt’s oral expertise. Now she spilled out all the arrangements she’d made for them to meet Andy on Saturday and how he was agreeable to all the conditions and precautions she and Matt had discussed at length.

A few days later an email arrived from Andy in which he asked Karen to meet him wearing a very light summer dress over matching bra, panties, suspender belt and nylon stockings together with high heeled shoes. He also asked her to shave her pussy. He agreed that if Karen or Matt decided at the last moment not to go all the way he would accept without demanding an explanation. An attached photograph dispelled any doubts Karen may have had at that time, for it showed Andy with his fist wrapped around his massive cock. It appeared to be even thicker and longer than her son-in-law’s and she was in no doubt that it would stretch her cunt to the limit.

Now the day had arrived and it was almost time. Saturday afternoon had been spent in preparation. Matt had given Karen’s pussy a final shave and thoroughly tested his handiwork by running his tongue over her mound and lips and between her bum cheeks. Naturally this had led to an extended and passionate romp on the bed. Although the sex was uninhibited and occasionally frenzied it was nevertheless founded on the deep love they had for each other and they knew that whatever happened later in the day would only be physical and not emotional.

Now Karen stood naked in front of her husband. She fastened the suspender belt in place and lifted one foot at a time onto the bed to roll on her stockings. The suspender straps stretched down her thighs to meet the dark stocking tops and she posed for Matt’s admiration, turning once to display her firm bottom. The bra was fitted to her breasts and it occurred to her that the next man to suck her nipples was still a stranger to her.
She reached for the panties that completed the set but Matt was ahead of her. He picked them up and, kneeling on the floor, he held them so that Karen could step into them. He eased them up her legs, past her knees to the tops of her thighs. He paused then and gazed at his wife’s shaven pussy only inches from his face. Karen was aroused and her inner labia were swollen and clearly visible. He inhaled and savoured the natural, musky, woman scent then ran the tip of his tongue up her slit, flicked it against her clitoris, and quickly pulled up her panties.

Slowly Matt stood up, letting his fingers caress Karen’s bare skin and sexy underwear. They kissed tenderly then Karen dropped to her knees and took Matt’s aroused penis in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as she took his shaft deep into her mouth and dragged her lips back towards his knob. Fastening her lips under the ridge of his cock-head she sucked rhythmically and used her tongue to stimulate him. She held him there for a few moments then looked up into Matt’s eyes. The horny look in her eyes made him explode, pumping a copious volume of spunk into her mouth. She swallowed without hesitation, as she had done from their earliest experiences of oral sex. She sucked him clean and stood.

“Come on love, get dressed or we’ll be late!” was all she said as she reached for her lipstick.

An hour later they were on their way to meet Andy and the first sign of nervousness appeared in Karen’s voice as she asked Matt,

“What if he doesn’t like me? What if I’m too old for him? I’m old enough to be his mother! What if I can’t take him?”

Matt soothingly told her,

“You’ll be fine. He’ll adore you, just relax, be yourself and enjoy the experience. But remember, if you don’t take to him for whatever reason you don’t have to please him at all. Just tell him you don’t want to go any further, you don’t owe him a thing. He understands that, I’m sure.”

Matt and Karen were a little early when they arrived at the country hotel where they’d arranged to meet Andy so they settled down with a few much needed drinks and waited for him to join them. It wasn’t too long before a smartly dressed young man entered the room and Matt waved him across to join them. After introductions had been made Matt went to the bar for fresh drinks and when he returned to their table he noticed that Karen’s nipples were clearly visible through her bra and thin dress. “So far, so good,” he thought.

The conversation flowed easily between them, although no sexual matters had yet been discussed, and Matt was pleased to see that Karen had lost all her nervousness and appeared to be completely at ease. A little while later Karen went to the ladies’ room and Matt took the opportunity to ask Andy for his impressions of her.

“She’s absolutely stunning. Very, very sexy,” was his reply.

When she returned to the room Karen had to pass in front of a set of open French windows and a combination of a breeze and the last rays of the evening sun rendered her dress transparent and revealed the outlines of her shapely body and her elegant underwear. Matt heard Andy’s sharp intake of breath and murmur of appreciation.

“You want her, don’t you?” Matt asked him.

“Yes, very much,” Andy replied enthusiastically, almost drooling at the sight in front of him.

Karen rejoined the two men and Matt immediately noticed that she’d removed the dress ring she’d worn on her right hand. This was the prearranged signal to tell him that Karen was ready to go all the way with Andy. If she’d slipped an extra ring on her fingers it would have meant she didn’t want to go on with the adventure.

“Did you have many responses to your web posting?” Matt asked, thinking it would be a good idea to introduce an erotic topic into the conversation.

“I’ve had quite a few. I’ve never advertised before but I thought I’d get more. There are a lot of single men advertising so there’s a fair bit of competition. Also I share a flat so I can’t entertain visitors. I think a lot of people prefer to have their fun away from home.”

“You’re a good looking young man, Andy. Why do you need to advertise?” Karen asked.

“Well, I really enjoy meeting different partners. Variety is the spice of life you know; beside my girlfriends seem to fall into two categories. Those who find my cock and sex drive too much for them or others who enjoy the experience of being stretched but don’t want it on a regular basis. Anyway if I didn’t advertise I’d never have got to meet such a beautiful, sexy woman such as you.”

Karen, a few glasses of wine inside her, glowed at the obvious compliment but teased Andy by wagging a finger at him and saying, “You be careful with your flattery, I haven’t decided anything yet.”

“So you’ve already met some of the ladies who contacted you, have you? How many? Tell me about them, were they nice normal people or was there something odd about them? I’m interested because I still find this whole affair a little bit bizarre.”

“Well, I’ve met all the other four. Your mail arrived weeks after the others so I’ve had time to visit them all. Three replies were from married ladies and the other was from a single girl, which surprised me.

“To answer one of your questions, Karen, apart from one couple, they are all lovely people, normal friendly sexy people. The odd couple I met were scruffy and looked dirty so I made my excuses and left very quickly but the others were great company, just like you. I enjoyed just being in their company, if nothing else had happened I’d still have gone home happy.”

“And did anything happen?” urged Karen who casually undid another button of her blouse in encouragement.

Andy eyed the lacy top of her bra and her cleavage and said, “I can’t tell you who they are of course but I can tell you that I had sex with all three women and, not that I want to boast, all three thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”

Before Andy could add any details to his encounters the bell chimed for last orders. Matt asked Karen if she wanted another drink but she shook her head and said, “No thanks, I think we’d better be getting home, it’s getting late.”

Andy took that to mean he’d struck out for the night but then Karen turned to him, put a hand high on his thigh and asked him, “Do you want to come in our car or follow us in your own?”

Andy chose to take his own car so Matt and Karen had a short time to discuss the evening’s events. They agreed that Andy was a really nice guy, a perfect gentleman in fact, and Karen declared herself more than willing to spread her legs for him.

“We’ve both got to be happy with the situation though, love,” she told Matt. “If you have any doubts at all then say so, it’s not too late.”

“No it’s OK. I’m fine with it. We’ll do as we agreed. You take him into our bed for the night and enjoy yourself; I’ll use the spare room. If he doesn’t satisfy you I’ll be ready for you,” Matt joked.

Andy dropped his overnight bag in the hallway and he and Matt sat in the lounge while Karen made them some coffee. Matt chose to sit in an armchair, anticipating that Karen would seat herself alongside Andy on the settee so he was a bit surprised when she settled down on his lap and gave him a big kiss before turning her attention to Andy who’d asked her why she had replied to his advert.

She told him about the wedding and how she’d confessed to having fantasies about her son-in-law’s big cock. “I’ve been incredibly horny ever since I wrote to you,” she added, “but I hope you understand that I’m just a bit nervous. This is the first time we have done anything remotely like this and I don’t know what effect it will have on us.”

“I don’t think you need worry,” Andy replied. “From what I’ve seen your relationship is rock solid. I think that if a relationship breaks down over something like this then there must have been problems in the first place which would have surfaced sooner or later. I think you are one hell of a sexy woman and I really want to fuck you but if you’re at all unsure then tell me and I’ll leave.”

“No, no,” said Karen, “we both want you to stay, we really do. Anyway, you were going to tell us about some of the people you’ve met recently.”

“Before I start I want you to tell me something. I know you’re wearing the sexy lingerie but did you shave your pussy for me?”

As Karen nodded at Andy, Matt slid a hand under the skirt of her dress and let it rest on her bare thigh just below her panties.

“That’s good, because I love eating hairless pussy.”

Karen sighed and spread her legs so that Andy could see Matt caressing her through her very moist panties.

“So, tell us all about your most recent experience.”

To be continued.

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