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Mature Landlady

True story about my experience with a mature BBW landlady I rented from
The name of the town I was living in was Washington, Indiana. The job I worked on was in Edwardsport, IN right outside of Bicknell. These were very small towns and very rural areas. My company was paying me per diem so if I found a room to rent I could pocket the rest of the money. I was getting $120 per day for food and hotel. Because of the rural areas the hotel choices were slim and way over priced because of the size of the project.

Some other co workers had already rented private bedrooms or even whole houses just to get away from the crappy motels in the area. I kept looking in the paper and found a nice furnished room for rent in Washington which was also the best location for eating joints. The rent was $500 per month but included TV internet and cable.

This would have normally been high but everyone in these towns was taking advantage of this multi year project and jacking the rent up. Everything started out very normal and I never had any intentions of anything happening between us at all. I just wanted a quiet place to live while on the job and to save some money.

When I met Evelyn at her home everything was very clean and tidy. She was an older retired woman and widowed with grown children living out of state. She had all the family pictures on the wall and had a nice older style small farm house with a few acres out back and a car port with detached garage out back.

She was shorter than me, around 5-4 to 5-5, with short silver hair, a big build you would call BBW but she was more the pear shape, a large chest, a bit of a belly, big ass and legs. She showed me the room, told me laundry and some meals would be included so I was sold.

I was working six days per week so her doing laundry was a huge plus. At the time I did not know her age and did not care. I was only there for the room. The first week went by totally normal and Evelyn did my laundry almost daily just as she said and cooked great meals about three to four days out of the week.

She was very active in the church and local community. She knew everyone and her husband was a sheriff at one time in the town. The farm house was of course wood floors with throw rugs and my bedroom was behind her room. The other bedroom which was the largest of the two spare rooms was set up for her grand children when they visited. I usually went to bed early because I had to be up at 5:30am.
About a week or so into the stay one night, after the lights were out, the air conditioner clicked off and I could hear the sound of buzzing coming through the wall. I thought to myself no way was this woman using a vibrator! I could not believe it so I put my ear to the wall and I could hear the buzzing distinctly. I listened and listened, eventually the tone changed to different tones and different frequencies.

After a while I hear some very muffled and quiet grunting as she was having her orgasm then all was quiet. I slipped down into the covers and went to sleep almost laughing to myself at what had happened. Not because I thought it was funny I was just shocked she was doing that. I was 34 years old at the time and had no idea women that age masturbated.

So Sunday rolled around and I decided to go check out her vibrator while she was away at church. Beside the bed was a small bathroom style garbage can with a towel in the bottom and a large Hitachi wand massager plugged into the wall. There was also a nice size suction cup flesh like dildo with balls laying in the bottom on the towel. The top of the garbage can was covered by another towel just in case someone came into the room I guess so all you would see is the towel on top.

Her bed was situated against the wall which is why it was so easy to hear her. I put the towel back over the wand and the garbage can just as I found it.

I continued to listen to her using the vibrator at night but it wasn't every night, usually every second or third night. This went on for weeks and the more I listened to her I started to wonder if she wanted real dick. This woman was not at all what I would call attractive but hearing this through the wall constantly was getting too much for me, so I started thinking of a way to let her know that I was also masturbating in private. She would either ignore it or make an advance on it.

The way I have masturbated since a teen is to roll a soft T shirt around my shaft and use that to stroke with until I cum into the shirt. At that time I had one shirt I did this with which was very soft and very worn out. I would sometimes use it for two weeks straight before washing it.

Since she was doing the laundry I had no way of washing this shirt unless she was gone and then I would throw it in real quick for a wash on Sundays. Well I decided that I would just leave this shirt in my laundry pile for her to wash it. I had a laundry basket in my room where I would put my clothes and she would wash them usually every other day or three.

I left the cum stained and damp shirt in the basket but not on top where it would be obvious. After I arrived home that afternoon the T shirt was folded very nice and laying right on the bed. My other clothes were always laying on the dresser folded. I could not believe she did that. I thought she must know exactly what this is for.

I began leaving the used T shirt in the laundry basket every morning and every afternoon it would be washed, folded and placed on my bed. This went on for several weeks and not a word was said about it. She was always dressed and covered, always had on a robe of some sort. The fact she was washing and folding my masturbation catch rag but not making any advances perplexed me so I worked up the nerve to start leaving the T shirt in its rolled up form. The shirt would be folded first then rolled around my shaft so after several minutes of stroking it would take on the shape and actually stay in that round shape more or less. So it was round with a hole down the middle and my cum would be at the end. I placed the shirt in its rolled up form on the bed before leaving for work and again it was washed and folded as normal.

I began leaving it this way rather than unrolling it and throwing it in the basket. About one week into this she came out late one night right before I was getting ready to turn in. She did not have on her thick cotton robe this time and had just a normal sleeping gown that was sheer but not sexy in any way. I could see through it, her large tits were not in a bra and were hanging down around her belly. The gown was not short or sexy in any way just a normal sleeping gown but this was a first for her because she was always covered up in a thick robe.

She walked to the kitchen and got a glass of water then stopped to make small talk with me as she drank her water. As she walked past me I was sitting on the sofa and could clearly make out her very large ass and the fact she was not wearing panties or at least I could not see any panty line.

We both turned in about the same time and within minutes of her door closing the vibrator was running. I continued to leave her my rolled up T shirt everyday and she would wash it and fold it every day. Her walking out in the sleeping gown continued but not always, it was only at night just before bed and on my only day off which was Sunday. I would sleep in but when I woke up she would be walking around in the sleeping gown and no robe. The day light would stream in and I could see almost clearly through the gown. She would only wear it long enough to give me a look then would go into her room and put on her robe.

I figured she was open to sex but I had no idea how to approach this and honestly didn't want any sort of sex, relationship or love, I just wanted to see how far she would go with this but I had to be careful because I didn't want to get kicked out either.

One afternoon when I came home my T shirt was washed and folded as normal and on top was note. The note said: "You don't have to use this anymore if you don't want to. Let me know your thoughts."

I replied on that note. "What do you have in mind?"

That afternoon there was no note and we again made small talk as usual. Two days passed and there was a reply to my question.

"No kissing, no lights, we do not speak about this ever and no one ever knows about this."

The word "ever" was underlined twice. Now I was blown back by this reply but thought about it and thought she must want it but feels bad about it and I could relate to this totally. I was not actually sure I could even go though with fucking her should it come to that. But I did enjoy hearing the vibrator, that never got old to me and I still didn't think that she knew I could hear it. I was always very quiet and would stand up to masturbate so not to shake the bed.

So I thought about this for a few days and decided to go ahead and go for it and if she got mad and threw me out I would just go back to the motel or look for another place. I left her a note that said this:

"I agree, what do you have in mind and how will this work?"

I left this note and was a worried mess all day long. I did not even leave the T shirt out because I was too nervous to masturbate. That afternoon there was a note on the bed. "Let me think about this."

Several days passed and I began leaving the T shirt again after only the second day. Sometime in the next week the was a note on the bed when I got in from work one afternoon.

"This will only happen at night and we will never speak of it. When you are ready call my house with your phone. When I answer you hang up and I will call you back to make sure it was you. If it was you hang up the phone then come into my bedroom. I will be waiting for you and please do not try to do it any way other than how I present myself to you and do not turn on any lights."

I could not believe it. Now I was wondering could I actually do this... I let a few days and a weekend pass and thought that I was working up the nerve to make the call. We continued as normal and she actually stopped coming out in the sleeping gown but probably because it was into fall and had turned a little cool.

I decided that it was now or never so one Sunday night after I had been out for an evening at a movie in the nearest town which was an hour and half away. I decided I would do it. Make the call and see what happened.

I got in and she was already in her bed the bedroom door closed as usual. I called and it seemed like an eternity the phone rang and rang and rang. I could hear the phone ringing loudly through the wall and I was about to hang up when she answered. I could hear her voice through the wall and in the ear set say "hello" I hung up.

Several minutes passed and I could hear her get out of bed and open her bedroom door. I could not believe it! My cell phone rang just a few minutes later. I answered it and she hung up.

I lay there and stroked my already hard dick trying to imagine that Evelyn was in there waiting. I got up walked out into her house nude and slowly peeked around the corner into her room. The outside light was filling the house but her curtains were pulled tight and I could not see anything in her room, it was totally dark. I slowly walked in and allowed my eyes to adjust.

I was a nervous wreck and could feel my heart pounding. I made my way to the bed and reached out with my hand. I came in contact with her body and could feel her ass cheek. I ran my hand over her ass while my other one found her ankle and foot. She was doggie style. I Touched her mound that was hanging between her legs. She let out a quiet whispered, "Ohhh." She was not wet and was unshaved.

I opened the folds of her pussy lips and began to rub her and sure enough she was wet inside. I knelt down and began to eat her pussy from her clit to her hairy ass hole. Evelyn moaned in quiet "ohhhhhhs" after she was good and soaking wet I climbed up on the bed and I took my cock and guided the head up and down her gash a few times and slowly slid it inside.

Her face was in the pillow and she was giving quiet ohhs with each thrust. I wrapped my arms around her ass and hips and pulled her ass into my stomach and chest driving it deeper each time. Her ass was so big that I could not even get my arms around to touch her belly or tits. I had my arms spread out and each hand had a hand full of this woman's ass and thigh pulling it to me.

We fucked like this for a good while. I would slow down so I didn't cum. After I unloaded inside of her I pulled out and and simply walked back to my room. The next day was normal, no notes nothing just like it never happened.

I let one night pass and called again. Same routine happened only this time there was a towel underneath to catch my sperm after it ran out.

We continued this several times and then I went one night as always and she was standing up leaning against the bed but bent over. A towel on the floor where we were standing. I entered from behind and went to town. Her large tits were flopping like sacks of potatoes and I could hear them clapping together. The sound of slap, slap, slap rang through the farm house. I held onto her shoulders and she bucked into me hard raising her head up looking straight ahead saying oh oh oh oh oh with each thrust.

The fact this proper church going woman was fucking me like a wild animal and being just able to make out her old lady hair cut in the dark was an even greater turn on. This was so taboo it was hot. Her ass was much wider than my shoulders and now that I was standing up I could reach down and over her back to feel those tits as they were slapping together. I could not hold them because they were too big but could feel them swinging around. Her belly also hung down too far to reach around. I pumped her full of sperm and let out my grunts as spurt after spurt filled her up. I pulled out and left for my room allowing it to spill out on the floor onto the towel she had laid out.

We did this for months never speaking a word of it. It became routine and expected. She stayed covered up in her robe even more so now and continued to masturbate with the vibrator. Sometimes even after I had fucked her.
I met her church friends who would bring over covered dishes and pies. I met her daughter and grand children as they visited. None of them had a clue as to what was really going on after the lights were out.
I was there one afternoon on a Sunday and thought I would try to call and see if she would go for a day light fuck. She was outside working with some potted flowers and I was sitting on the sofa watching TV. She walked into the house and I made the call. She picked up the cordless phone and said in a chipper voice, "Hello!" I hung up the phone.

She stood there quiet not saying a word or looking my direction, she pushed some buttons on the phone checking the caller ID. She walked around the kitchen a bit and I could tell she seemed bothered by it. She returned outside and I thought well that will not happen. About thirty minutes later she walked in and locked the back door and the front door which was odd during the day. She got into the shower and not long after came out fully covered in her robe and went into her room closing the door. My phone rang and it was her number. I answered and there was a click.

I got up went to my room and undressed fully. I stood there a while as my cock got hard thinking about what was about to happen. I slowly opened the door and it opened with a loud latching sound and slight creek.

She was standing up bent over towel on the floor holding onto the bed. I could see everything, her belly was hanging down about even with her knees, between her legs and her gash was there in its glory unshaved and already opened covered with grey pubic hair. Her ass looked even bigger in the day light and had dimples or hail damage as some call it all over it. Her thunderous thighs and legs were the same way. I walked up behind her and drove it right in.

We fucked right there in the daylight of her bedroom. Her head looking straight ahead at the window covered by some curtains looking out over the acreage. Evelyn stood there bucking and crying out, "Yes, yes, yes, yes."

Her fat ass and back rippled with waves as I slammed into her. After I filled her up I pulled out and stepped back so I could watch it run out and down to her pubic hair. It dripped off and fell on the towel. I stood there at the door wanting to get a full frontal sight but she spoke up and said, "Close the door when you go out."

The next day there was a note that said: "I am going to ask you to never call me during the day light again. If you do I'm not sure I can resist but I am asking you to please not do it. If you continue to call during the day I don't think we should continue this situation we are in. I am embarrassed a little by what goes on between us anyway and if anyone ever found out in this small town I would be ruined. I am thoroughly enjoying this and want it to continue for as long as it can. Please honor this request."

I never called again during the day. All in all I lived there one year eight months and we fucked right up to the last night I was there.

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