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Mature Woman

When Grant took on some odd jobs around the neighbours house he didnt know what they would lead too!
Phyllis is a lady 41, has no children, great physical shape she walks most mornings and often swims in the summer afternoons. Grant has noticed her body as he had been getting older and was often sneak looks at her as he worked around her house. Though he was not ready for the treat that was awaiting him when he went to ask Phyllis when she wanted her jobs around her yard done.

The day that Grant went to do the chores was very hot and after some lunch he went next door. Grant walked around to the side of the house as always opening the gate leading to the pool. As Grant got to the corner of the house he could see that Phyllis was laying in the sun naked.

Grant could not believe his eyes, Phyllis was laying with her 36C tits on display and her legs were opened slightly reveling her soft pussy. Grant could not turn his head away from the sight before him, Phyllis had been the center of so many fantasies as he was growing up and here she was "naked" in front of him stopping him instantly in his tracks. Grant watching in shock as Phyllis lay with her body on display, not aware that he had entered her yard and was standing a few feet away watching.

Grants watched from the side of the house remaining quite while Phyllis slowly started playing with her nipples, his cock became hard to the sight he had fantasized about this all of his teenage years and now it was happening in front of him she continued twisting her nipples, then slowly sliding her finger into her already wet cunt.

Grant didn't know if he should "leave or stay, " stay, won out.

Her eyes were closed as she was doing this a soft moan escaping from her as her fingers pushed deeper into her wet pussy opening her pussy giving Grant plan view. Just as she was about to COME, Grant knocked over a broom " loudly " that was leaning up against the side of the house quickly bringing Phyllis to her senses with a shock.

Phyllis sat up quickly, seeing Grant standing directly in front of her staring at her cunt, on full display in front of him, Phyllis made an effort to cover herself, but it was to late to stop this young mans probing eyes, he had already seen her most hidden treasure. The two of them looking each other directly in the eye Phyllis trying to hold the stare but unable turning her head away, Grant realizing instantly he was in the position of advantage and knowing deep down that Phyllis would be a willing pawn in any game he ever wanted to play. Phyllis and Grant had a special relationship and Phyllis always played any part in any game that Grant gave her as he was growing into this strong healthy man that stood before her.

Phyllis was quick to say how sorry she was that she had been seen in such an embarrassing position, she made an effort to cover her body though her hands, unable to hide her beautiful tits and pussy.

Grant walked towards Phyllis telling her to move her hands away from her wet cunt, she obeyed instantly again looking Grant in the eye but lowering her head as their eyes came together. Grant then told her to lay back on the lounge chair and to continue Masturbating. Phyllis understood that Grant could be very dominate sometimes and was sure that it was no use to argue with him as she pushed her back into the chair. Grant then took himself a chair that was on the patio and moved it closer to the action.

Phyllis felt so ashamed of herself and was numb with shock, she could not lift her head but listened to every word that Grant spoke, her body on fire and her pulse raced like she had been re-wired to respond to the sound of his voice. Phyllis was so humiliated and excited at the same time her pussy was dripping to the sound of his voice, Grant then told Phyllis to close her eyes as she Masturbated and focus only on his voice.

Grant then told Phyllis to relax and that she should feel at ease, he then told Phyllis to open her legs wide and that she was to push her finger into her pussy and forget that he was there and she was to bring herself back to orgasm, she loved the feeling that he controlled her, it excited her more by the second. She felt possessed and obsessed at the same time, it made her feel cheap and dirty, leaving herself exposed to Grants probing eyes and the commanding voice.

Phyllis then closed her eyes as she pushed her finger into her swollen pussy, a loud moan coming over her as her cunt clenched her fingers, Grant then told her to open her legs wider, she loved that she was being told what to do by this young man who was her neighbor. Slowly she moved her hand, pushing her fingers into her pussy that was hungry for the orgasm that had been robbed from her..

Grant smiled wickedly watching Phyllis respond to his voice, knowing that she was going to become his new plaything, a thrill surged through Grants body as she pushed a third finger into her pussy. Phyllis increased the speed of her fingers arching her back as her hips shuttered into an explosive orgasm causing Phyllis's eyes to flutter, the look on her face was intense as her hunger fed desire rose to its shuttering climax. Phyllis's body shook wildly as the orgasm reached a sharp climax sending her limp as the orgasm subsided. Phyllis lay like that not daring open her eyes, waiting for her next command, Grant watching in fascination as her pussy opened as he pushed two fingers inside her, Phyllis opening her eyes as she watched Grant lower his lips to her swollen clit that stood out like a button, her hands gently resting on his hair while he devoured her.

Grant wasted no time in learning to eat this woman that lay open before him, gently pushed his tongue around the top of her lips striking her clit that stood out sending Phyllis crazy while her body trembled with satisfaction. Grant increased the pace of his tongue and lowered his head licking the full length of her cunt sending Phyllis groaning into a second shuttering orgasm.

Grant then sat back in the chair and watched Phyllis while she continued twisting her nipples, her eyes closed. Phyllis coming to her senses after a few minutes realizing that Grant was sitting over her watching.

Phyllis opened her eyes slowly this time looking Grant in the eye, she said, " That what they have done is wrong and that they shouldn't have and that it is to never happen again."

" Though Phyllis knew that she had not convinced anyone."

Grant said, " That he understood, but then told her that there had been nothing wrong with what had happened between them.

" Phyllis felt that she was fighting a battle that she would never win."

Phyllis looked into Grants eyes, knowing that she would never argue, she had been lonely long enough denying her needs, she needed to satisfy that burning that had been devouring her for so long.

Grant said, " That they could have their own special relationship together and that they had nothing to feel guilty about."

Phyllis then, moved to the end of the sunchair placing her hand on his hard cock in his pants then placing her hand inside his shorts springing his cock to life.

Phyllis, opened her mouth licking the tip of his cock slowly, Grant almost came as she lowered her mouth along the length of his rod, moaning louder as Phyllis worked her mouth sucking his blood filled cock into a rhythm, Phyllis loved sucking cock and it had been so long she had forgotten the joy that it gave her when her dear husband was alive.

Phyllis sucked his cock slowly at first wanting to enjoy every inch, slowly scraped her teeth along the length exciting Grant, more every time.

Phyllis lowered her head as the cock sank deeper into her opened mouth, Grant moaned as Phyllis worked his cock around his knob licking, then as he was ready to explode pushed her head again along his throbbing cock swallowing almost the entire length. Phyllis increasing the speed on every stroke finally, filling her hungry mouth swallowing come on every stroke until Grant had emptied his cream into her mouth Phyllis greedily swallowing every drop.

Grant had been the center of so many of her fantasies as he was growing into a man she didn't want this to end their friendship she also wanted to teach this young man everything that he would need to know about sex as he grew older. Phyllis then took Grants hand as she started making her way into the house Grant following her quietly.

The two walked up stairs to her bedroom Phyllis still naked. When they entered the bedroom Phyllis led Grant to the side of the bed pushing him gently to sit on the side of the bed. Phyllis sat on the floor next to him taking his shoes off placing them at the side, quickly moving her eager hands to take his zip down and pushing his trousers to the ground his pulsing cock before her eyes before standing, undoing the buttons of his shirt in her fingers.

Phyllis laid on the side of the bed Grant joining her quickly placed his mouth over Phyllis erect nipples biting them between his teeth causing Phyllis to groan loudly. Grant had lost a lot of his inhibitions and wanted to put his cock into that lovely pussy that had his attention out by the pool. Slowly starting to kiss his way down Phyllis's body sending a shiver through her as he did.

Positioning himself between Phyllis's legs as he pushed his cock deep into her cunt, sending a thrill through her body that she had been without for so long, after a few moments working his hips into a steady rhythm fucking Phyllis with the satisfaction she badly needed and had been denied for so long. Phyllis loved moving her hips against Grants hard cock, increasing her speed as an orgasm grew deep in her pussy sending her into her biggest orgasm. Phyllis feeling completely drained as her orgasm slowly subsided.
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