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Mayors Daughter

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Daughter of town mayor picks up guy after running; has sex
He tells the officer “And that’s how it happened. Trust me, its true sir.”

The policeman looked at him, thinking about everything he’s been told. The way the driver described it was quite graphic he thought. Here you are, driving up the road, when all of a sudden you see this curvy, slender blond haired woman jogging and as you pass her you see her smiling at you. As you look at her you instantly pay attention to her figure and those tits of hers. Why wouldn’t you? She’s looking right at you and she’s smiling too as she waves at you. You want to slow down but before you know it you’ve lost sight of where you’re headed. Before you know it you’ve slowed down way too much and she’s passing you up, looking to her right as she does. Again she’s kind of waving and smiling. However, before you know it she’s turned left and disappeared.

“And then all of a sudden here I am. In this ditch, officer” he told the policeman.

The policeman smiles and asks “Was she a pretty blond?” The guy nods. The policeman says “Hmmm, you want to call a towing service I assume?”

The guy says yes and as he does he pictures the smiling woman, running, but with one fine curvy physique again. “I’m an idiot but what if… yeah, okay I’m an idiot.”

The policeman smiles again, walks back to his car, and calls it in. The guy hears him laughing and thinks that the policeman is getting his kicks out of it all. Then the policeman walks back to him and says “So do you know who she is?” The guy says no.

“She’s the daughter of the mayor of this here city” the policeman tells him.

“Oh shit. Cool huh?” the driver of the car replies.

The policeman nods his head and smiles once more. “Yep, many a man has wanted to get her out on a date and many a man has failed. I wouldn’t pursue it but me, I’m a married man, but as far as you’re concerned and I’m assuming you’re not married, I’d wait until you get your car fixed.” He smiled and waited until the guy’s ride came for him.

A few weeks later here the guy is again. Again, he’s driving up that same road and at the same time too. He’s looking around for her too. Of course he hopes to see her also but at the same time, he’s driving very carefully, and he’s keeping his eyes on the road also. He does not see her and moves on. He makes a point of driving the same road each day that week. Nothing. Nope, he does not see her in that sports bra and those cute running shorts and showing off a figure meant for his body as far as he can see it.

Days later, after forgetting all about it, he’s driving along, and there she is on the side of the road. She’s bent over as if sick. He can’t tell and begins to slow down once he sees her up the way. He slows down some more. She’s still bent over as if having stomach cramps or something. He doesn’t know but he slows down to the point of pulling over. Still bent over, she turns her head and looks his way. She does not smile or wave. She looks back at the ground as if she’s going to throw up.

He gets out. She looks over at him again. “Ms” he says “everything alright?”

She nods but then she pukes leaving a small pile of vomit on the ground. He envisions that happening in his car and wishes he had a bag of some sort to catch any of it that could occur in his car.

“May I give you a lift?” he says.

She swallows and tries standing straight up. “No, I’ll be alright” she says. “Just a case of a stomach cramp. I didn’t stretch out properly prior to running.” She looks at him and a look of curiosity befalls her face. She stares at him and tries to smile but can’t at first. “Do I know you?” she then says.

“No, not really” he tells her. She looks at him as if questioning his answer and then he adds “I’ve passed you up and I guess you were waving at me as if you knew me.”

“Ohhhhhh” she says in a mild like comment. “That’s how we kind of know each other.”

“Yep, maybe” he tells her.

“Then I suppose I will accept that ride from you. If you don’t mind that is” she says.

He goes to his trunk and pulls out a couple small towels just in case. “Here. Just in case you decide you’re going to uhhh throw up again” he tells her with a smile. She says she won’t but takes them anyway. He leads her to his car and opens the door. She gets in an immediately throws up but into one of the towels. The car now reeks of vomit which he can’t stand the smell of at that point. “You feel better now?”

She nods and says yes. “I’m Maggie Crawford” she tells him, sticking out her hand to shake his. She finally adds a genuine smile.

“Well Maggie Crawford, I’m Rick Tensely. Nice to meet you” he comes back. His smile is much more genuine and much bigger as well. She seems to look at it and at him and her smile appears to grow also. “Where to?” he asks.

“Your place, mine, or a bar” she says half jokingly.

“Huh?” he says. “Pardon me?”

“Isn’t this where you endorse a pick up line or something?” she asks.

“I wasn’t thinking along those lines” he lies.

She looks at him and into his eyes. Initially she smiles but can’t read him at all. He looks back at her, wondering what is next. “The other day, when I was driving up this way, and you were running well truth be told” and he paused a moment before going on to say “I have to say I thought you had to be one of the prettiest women I’ve seen.”

She smiled as he went on to say “But of course you were half undressed at the time also.”

She smiled and then laughed. She understood. It wasn’t as if she was out here running with a bra and panties on but in her sports bra and the running shorts she had on she showed just enough body to arouse his interests, a lot.

“Yeah, I suppose this would” as she highlights her figure with her hands. “Like my boobs do you?” she asks with a smile. “I do” and she laughs again. He smiles and looks at them. She notices. “Yeah running is great for a number of reasons. But also it allows me to feel womanly when I need to feel womanly.”

“Hell, you don’t need to wear that to look womanly” he told her.

“Mmmmmm, I could get used to compliments like that to be honest with you” she says.

“How many more do you want?” he asks, still smiling.

“As many as you have?” she comes back.

“Well Rick Tensely, maybe you and I can work something out?” she says.

That statement piqued his interest, a lot. “Like what are you saying?” he says.

“It seems to me you’d like to bed me down, wouldn’t you. So far, from what I’ve seen here, I might like to be bedded down. Now, I do have a question or two.”

”Ask away” he says.

“I like this car and it says a lot about you. Not a good percentage of people can afford something like this. So my question is how much do you make per year?” She waits for him to tell her.

“Well” he begins to say “enough.”

“Enough as in lots and lots?” she asks.

He nods his head and then says “You’ll like my condo. It’s well furnished if that answers any questions.”

“Then show me” she goes on to say. “Maybe, I’ll join you for dinner some night soon.”

He drove by his place, pointing it out as he passed by. She was duly impressed and said so once they drove by it. As they did, as he drove her home, his eyes searched certain confines of her figure, and more notably her boobs and the upper half of her figure.

She told him how to get home and when they arrived he was very impressed with her place noting to his self he’d love to be there some evening too. She leaned in, out of nowhere, and kissed his cheek. As she got out of his car she said “Now that I know where you live and now that I also know your name Rick, I’ll call you very soon. Okay?”

He didn’t think about it. All he has is his cell phone, which isn’t listed of course, but there he was sitting in a chair at home and it was two nights later. His cell phone rings and he answers it. The number isn’t registered.

“Hello?” he says.

“Hi Rick. How’s it going?” the delighted sounding tone of voice says.

He has no idea who it is, at first and says “Fine.”

“Good. Good. Do you know who this is?” she says.

“Umm no… should I?”

“Yes. It’s Maggie.”

His eyes open wide. Hundreds of visions of her in any number of clothes strike him, running for him. He is smiling and picturing her stretching out her arms as of calling out his name, desperately and needing his help, badly.

“Oh hi Maggie. How are you?” he says.

“Well, I don’t know… kind of frustrated right now” she says.

“Why’s that?” he says.

“Hmmm, how do I explain this?” He keeps quiet and waits. “I’ve got this thing I’m using and right now well I think I could use some help. Is it at all possible for you to come over and help me? I know it’s a little late” and she looks at her clock. It’s a little after eight in the evening but she’s thinking what the hell. It is for a good time and she smiles. “I’d explain it on the phone but it would be better if you uhhh simply saw it first hand” she goes on to say.

“Alright. Uhhh, give me say umm 25 minutes tops. I’ll be right over. You said it was a tool, right?” he asked and she said yes. “Not a problem. I’ll be right over, okay?”

He had no idea. Not a clue. He jumped up, put on his shoes and a shirt, and headed out to his car. He was there in less then 20 minutes. He rang the doorbell. Here she is. In a sleeveless top, she had on panties, but covered up with a sleek pair of running shorts. She knew he’d love those. They showed a woman’s legs off very well. In fact, by chance, when she answered her door it was nice to welcome him in wearing a stiff pair of hard nipples, and Rick noticed those almost immediately.

“Hi” she said. Taking his hand, she welcomed him inside instantly. “Come in. Come on in. Let me show you what I meant.”

Still, he had no idea, but as he followed her down the hallway he watched her cute shapely ass waddle left and right. He smiled and as he did his hands formed around it, almost, as if he was holding it.

“In here” she said as her head turned. She stopped and turned around, looking into his eyes with a smile. “My problem is this, Rick.” She went silent and stared at him. Finally she said, softly “I really feel like masturbating but” and she paused and looked into his eyes. He wore an unusual expression on his face. “But I needed someone I knew on a personal level to do it for me tonight.” She looked down, then up. “There was someone else but that person isn’t in town this weekend.” She smiled and shook her head. “So if you want to, and I hope you do, I’d love for us to kind of get undressed, and get into bed and I’d love for you to umm get me off. Will you?”

She waited.

As she did, he stood there. His eyes were on her. She smiled as she looked up into his eyes. “That’s all. You mean I hold what? A dildo and shove it down inside you and get you off and then what? What do I get, huh?”

“Whatever you want?” she responds with a grand smile.

“Hmmm well now” he says. “That’s different.” He steps closer to her. She watches as he does. The t-shirt she has on is loose and seeing as he has stepped closer he takes hold of her body. Once he has hold of it, he looks down into her eyes. “I want more then your pussy, Maggie. I want these too” and with that one of his hands reaches up inside her t-shirt and pets her boob. “Mmmmm yeah” he mutters. Oooooohh wow, yeah… now this one feels really, really nice. How many guys get to tell you that?”

She is honest with him. “Hardly anyone to be honest with you” and she smiles. “Now as for my dildo and helping me?” she goes on to say.

His hand dropped off her tit he lowered it. He placed it inside of her thighs and rubbed her around the crotch. “Let’s get to it, alright?” he says as he’s doing it. Then he smiles and pulls her in to please himself by kissing her supple lips.

She awards him that much as she kisses him back. Then she leads him to her bed. Once there, she undoes his shirt and drops it to the floor. She smiles and undoes his pants, letting them fall to the floor. He kicks off his shoes, steps out of his slack, and lifts off her t-shirt to emblazon himself with the true beautification of her nicely rounded pair of tits.

He smiles. “Gorgeous” he says as he looks down upon them. “Absolutely gorgeous.”

“Yes, I think so too” she agrees and pulls him in, kissing him on his lips. “Here, lets lie down so you can have your fancy with them” and they climb into bed and she lies on her back so he can kiss and suck them for a while. “Do they taste that good?” she asks.

He stops and looks at her. She’s smiling and seemingly enjoying the physical attention. Her arms are stretched out as if opening her body up for much, much more. He leans back down and kisses her two prized possessions again. Her eyes, meanwhile, close as if enjoying the particular attention to them. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, she pulls it out.

She hands it to him. “Here. Do me, please?” she says softly.

She then hands it to him. He looks at it wondering where it came from but takes it and looks down at her pussy. Still wearing her running shorts and underwear also, he removes them both. He stares and thinks god she looks incredible! Carefully and subtly he rubs along the lines of her pussy’s lips. For her, it feels nice. He continues. Over and over and again and again he rubs along them but soon enough she cries out.

He looks up. Her face looks to be in anguish but truthfully it isn’t. However he was doing what he was doing it, it felt awesome to her. “Keep doing that” she moans. “It feels soooo good to me.” So he does it. He continues running the dildo along her pussy’s lips. “Mmmmm ohhhhhh yes. Yes Rick yes” she cries out.

He keeps doing it but wonders if she wants him to go inside. He begins to slip it inside a little. “Oh. Not yet. Just do what…oooooohh mmmmmm yes” she groans. “Just like that honey… ohhhhhh just like that! Mmmmmm yes” she says, growling.

With that she pulls at him. He doesn’t understand. She pulls at him some more. He lets her pull at him some more. He slides up her body as she pulls at him. Now he’s face to face with her. They’re staring into one another’s eyes.

“Horny yet?” she says.

He nods.

“Good. Me too” she tells him.

“Bet you wanna feel me inside, don’t you?” she asks.

“Yes” he replies. Finally he’s smiling.

“Kiss me first” she says. So he kisses her and when he does her arms wrap around him and she pulls him close and kisses him back madly. “Hornier now?” she says.

“Yes. Yes I am” he says.

“Hard yet?” she asks and plants her hand down against his crotch. “Mmmmmm, getting there. Yep, getting there” and she smiles and kisses him one more time.

Then she pushes him away. Suddenly, she goes down on him. Suddenly she has his cock in her hand. All of a sudden she’s stroking it. All of a sudden she’s licking the very tip of his manliness. She looks up, sees his reaction, and with that she swallows and sucks on it hard. She pulls away.

“Is that better?” she says.

“Oh yeah” he tells her.

She goes at it some more, sucking and swallowing, and making it harder. Before he knows it her head is on the underside and she’s licking his balls. He’s moaning, he’s crying out a little. He’s truly enjoying it all. All of a sudden, she stops. All of a sudden, she crawls up beside him but keeps her hand planted on his hard cock, lightly.

“Mmmmmm, this really is fun isn’t it?” she asks.

“Yeah I’d say so. Better then what I was doing at home” he tells her.

Lying beside him she asks “And what was that?”

“Umm, reading the newspaper and listening to the news” he says, smiling. “Yeah, being here with you, like this, is a lot better. Then he caresses one of her boobs. “Yep, I’d say so.”

She climbs him. Her breasts hold their ground. On top, she looks down at him. “Want to do me tonight?” she says. “I even have some protection if that’s a problem.”

He looks up. Yeah, fucking this gorgeous young lady would be great. He smiles and nods his head. She closes her eyes and also smiles as she reaches beneath her and takes hold of it. She rises, a little, and inserts his cock into her pussy.

“Mmmmm oooooohh yeah” she mutters. Her legs and pussy seem to tighten up. She rises and falls, slowly. “Ohhhhhh yeah” she utters, quietly.

He loves how she feels. She’s tight. She’s even wet. He watches her as she again rises and falls down over his cock. He pushes up into her. She rises and falls when he’s not pushing himself into her. It feels good, for both of them.

It is becoming more and more stimulating and he feels himself ready to erupt. She allows him to push more and more but all of a sudden he turns and shifts her sideways. He’s coming at her from the side.

“Ohhhhhh yeah” she cries out. “Oh uh fuck me more, Rick. Yeah oh yeah” she cries out.

He’s inside her, banging her as if this had been the plan all night long and as he does what he’s been doing he feels it more and more. She cries out again. She’s moaning as he keeps entering and fucking her. She wants it. She calls out.

“Oh. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Ohhhhhh yeah… more, more baby more” she squeals.

“Oh fucking god. You’re great” he says as his hands reach up, cup her breasts, and he squeezes them for his own pleasure. “Mmmmm, you have sweet tits. You know that?”

“Oh god. Fuck. Fuck yeah, thank you. Oh god, don’t stop. Ohhh mmmmmm oooooohh ahhhhh yeah” she cried out and then she came.

He feels something but doesn’t know what exactly. She told him she came and pulled out, grabbing hold of his cock, and she began to stroke it. “Cum all over me baby” she quietly demands as she strokes and caresses it while looking into his eyes. “Mmmmm, I love this” she tells him as she looks down at his raging erection. “Oh god, cum all over me. Cum on my face. I love cum” she told him.

He came all right and he came all over her as requested. Her mouth was open and she felt and tasted it all over her tongue. He watched her as she swallowed most of it. Some dripped and oozed down her chin then over her neck and that’s when he took her hand and had her wipe it up. She licked her fingers, willingly, and then she leaned in and took hold of him. She kissed him hard and pulled him down beside her.

“Do this again? In a few days will you?” she asked.

He looked into her eyes and smiled. “Are you kidding me? I mean, I drove my car into a ditch because I wanted you and here I am now. We had a nice time. We even had sex. I’m with a beautiful woman and that’s the god’s honest truth. You know that. I know it too. And you ask me ‘Do this again?’ Hell yes. Tomorrow morning? Tomorrow night? In a few days? Whatever works for you works for me” he tells her.

“Good because I’ll make sure I’m good and horny when we do do it again. Now, for now kiss my boobs and kiss me, and then I’ll let you go home.”

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