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Me and my teacher Miss Hutson

A story about me and my teacher Miss Hutson, my economics teacher.
My name is Simon. This story took place 4 years ago when I was 18 years old. It's a story about me and Miss Hutson, my good looking 31 year old economic teacher. She has blond hair, is around 5 feet 6 inches and she had a great figure.

"Simon! Get your books in front of you and pay attention!" Miss Hutson yelled to me. 

"I'm so sorry, I would not want to miss anything of this super fun lesson," I replied with a sarcastic tone.

"OK, you want to be funny? Go to the principal’s office and explain why I kicked you out of the class again, let's see if he thinks it's funny," she said with an angry voice.

I took my books and my bag, stood up, walked out of the classroom and slammed the door behind me. I took 4 steps before I heard the door open behind me, I turned around and saw Miss Hutson with an angry face looking at me.

"You and I need to have a serious talk after this lesson, you're this close to get kicked off this class," she said.

I felt a bit bad now, because secretly she is one of my favorite teachers, and I also wasn't as tough as I acted.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have slammed the door like that, but I just was angry I had a D for my test," I said.

"Well, that doesn't make it right to act like this Simon. Visit me after class, we will have a talk about what happened," Miss Hutson said.

"All right," I said. She turned around and walked back in to the classroom.

After going to the principal I went back to Miss Hutson. Her class had just ended, she was standing at the door of the classroom and told me to come in. I walked behind her into the classroom and noticed what a great ass she had in jeans. She was wearing blue jeans, a light brown jacket with a white shirt underneath and she wore her blond hair in a ponytail.

She started the conversation, "Simon, you have to behave yourself in my classroom even though you do not agree with me on something. As imposition, you will have to summarize chapter 19 till 22 and I want to receive it before tomorrow’s class.”

"But, that is like 100 pages to summarize, that's impossible, it's already 4 PM," I said.

"It's not impossible, you'll just have to work hard. Why do we always have arguments?" Miss Hudson asked.

"I don’t know, it's not that I don't like you," I said.

"I know that you are a good boy Simon, maybe London will change things between us," she said. 
For a second, I thought that she said it in a sexy way, but I realized that it was probably my imagination.

"Are you also going to the excursion to London next week?" I asked.

"Yes I am, you better get home and start with the writing. I will see you tomorrow," she said.

"All right, see you tomorrow." 

When I got home I started on my impositions, it took me a few hours to finish it, but I did it because I didn't want to get expelled from Miss Hutson her class. Later that night, I fantasized about her and me in London for a week.

The next day I handed my impositions in to Miss Hutson. 

"Thank you Simon, I hope that you have learned from this and I do hope that things between us get better," Miss Hutson said. 

Our fingers touched when I handed my work in, it made me feel nervous. 

"Yeah, sure," I stumbled. She smiled at me, probably because I was stumbling. 

The lesson went by like an average lesson, it was the last lesson from Miss Hutson this week.


I was sleeping in a 3 person room in an hotel in London with my 2 friends Josh and Peter. It was the first day at the hotel and I was tired from the trip to London, so I stayed at the room while my friends went out for a drink that night. I was getting pretty hungry around 9 PM, so I left the room to go to the mini supermarket in the hotel to get something to eat. When I arrived at the mini supermarket I discovered the supermarket was closed already. 

I heard footsteps behind me, it was Miss Hutson, she was wearing a black skirt with a red top and red heels with her hair down, she looked amazing. 

"What are you doing here Simon?" She asked me.

"Well I was hungry, so I wanted to buy some food here but it's closed already, what are you doing here?" I asked.

"I was going to buy batteries for my camera because I left mine at home, but I will get them tomorrow. If you are really hungry, I have got some cookies at my room?" she said with a shy tone. I told her that I would like that, so we went upstairs to her room. Her room was in the same hall as my own room.

She laid down a bag of chips and some cookies on the table next to her bed.

"Do you want to eat it here, because it's pretty boring in here alone," she said.

"Yeah sure, it's better than eating alone and maybe we can improve our relationship," I joked, she laughed.

She laid down on her bed, there was only one wooden chair in the room with clothes on it and it looked uncomfortable, so I just laid down next to her. She turned on the TV, a romantic/comedy movie was beginning, we just laid there watching the movie and talked a little. After like 20 minutes our hands touched, we looked at each other and she started to kiss me. It felt really nice, this was what I have always wanted.

All of a sudden she pulled back and said, "I'm sorry. We can't do this, I'm your teacher and I'm 13 years older, this was a mistake."

"But I really like you and you like me right, so why don't you just give it a try?"

"Just forget this happened, you can't tell anyone, not even Josh and Peter or I will get fired and then I will never get a job as a teacher again," she said.

I could see she felt real bad, so I stood up and said, "If that is what you want I will leave and won't tell anyone."

"Thanks and I'm sorry" She said while I was leaving.

The next morning our class went to explore London and in the evening we were going to the opera. We all had to bring some proper clothes to London for the opera; I was wearing a white shirt with buttons and black pants.

When I entered the bus that took us to the opera, I saw Miss Hutson again, she looked beautiful, she was wearing a long black dress, black heels and had her hair done amazing to.
After the opera the bus took us back to the hotel. Me and my friends were walking in the lobby when I realized that I forgot my phone in the bus, I remembered that I placed it on the back of the seat in front of me. 

"Guys, I left my phone at the bus, I am going to get it now," I said.

"OK, we will come with you," Josh said.
"It's OK, I will get it myself, just go and take a shower so that I don't have to wait all day again, you wanker," I joked. We laughed and they went to the room.

When I arrived at the bus, Miss Hutson and the bus driver were still there,. I told them that I forgot my phone, so Miss Hutson got it for me. We were both getting to our rooms, we walked through the lobby and went into the elevator. We talked a little but neither of us mentioned what happened the night before.

While standing in the elevator there was an awkward silence for a few seconds, we just stood there shoulder to shoulder with our hands touching a little. The elevator was big enough for 6 people, but we were still standing next to each other. I couldn’t help myself and grabbed her hand, we were standing hand in hand now.

“Ah whatever, I really want to do this,” she said. 

She turned around and kissed me, I pushed her to the wall while kissing. We heard the elevator stop, so we stopped kissing and got out of the elevator. Thank god, nobody is in the hallway.

We walked down the hall and she grabbed my hand and asked me, “Why don't you come in?" 

"Sure, that would be nice," I stumbled.

She opened the door and as soon as we got in and closed the door, we started kissing again. She unbuttoned my shirt while we were still kissing and I pulled her dress up from underneath and grabbed her ass. Damn, her ass felt so good. I could feel that she was wet through her panties. She took my shirt of and kissed me in my neck and went further down to my stomach, she unbuttoned my pants and dropped it. 

You could see my hard dick standing up in my boxer; she stood up and pushed me on the bed. I was laying on the bed in my boxer while she was still standing in front of me with her dress on. She smiled at me and slowly took the strings of her dress down her shoulders. She now dropped her dress on the ground.

"Wow," I stumbled. 

She looked so beautiful, standing there with her red bra and red panties still on. She laid down on the bed on top of me and started to kiss me again, this felt so good. I kissed her on her neck, unhooked her bra and took it off. 

"Damn," I whispered and kissed her on the mouth again. 

Now I went back to her tits, a perfect C cup, they looked amazing. I sucked on her right nipple and felt her nipples getting hard as stone, she moaned. Now I went further south and kissed her belly and got to her panties, she lifted her ass up, so that I could take her panties off. 

She was really wet. "It has been a while for me," she said. 

I smiled at her and told her, “It’s OK."

I took of her panties and saw her bald, wet pussy. I started to lick and suck on her clitoris, she moaned, "Umm, oh yes." She had goosebumps all over her body. I slowly went inside her pussy with my tongue and started to eat her pussy. 

"Oh Simon, ah, yes!" And she came.

I gave her a small kiss on the mouth, she flipped me on my back, now she was on top of me. She sucked on my earlobe, damn that feels good. Now she kissed me in the neck and kissed me on the chest and my belly and she took my boxer off.

My dick was very hard. "You got a great dick, Simon," she said. 

She put her mouth around the top of my dick and licked it with her tongue, she made circles with her tongue and my dick went deeper in her mouth. She started going up and down really slow, but went faster with every second.

She stopped and said, "I want to feel your dick inside me Simon."

She laid down with her back on the bed; I got on top of her. I kissed her and while looking at her, the top of my dick went inside her. She moaned:" Uhmmm" Her pussy was really tight for a 31 year old. I slowly got my dick in her and went faster.

We both moaned together, now she moaned loud, "Oh Simon, you are so good." I placed my hand around her mouth for a second because she was moaning a bit too loud, what if someone would hear us? I fucked her harder and faster, she was very wet.

I was about to come when she said: "Harder Simon, I'm coming!"

I fucked her harder and faster, we both moaned and came simultaneously.

“Damn, this was the best fuck I've had in years," Miss Hutson said.

“This is THE best fuck I've ever had Miss Hutson," I replied.

“You can call me Vanessa in private, honey," she said with a smile on her face.

 We laughed at each other and spooned for a while before I got back to my room.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" I asked her before I left the room.

"Definitely, but you still can't tell anyone about us."
“I know. See you tomorrow," I said as I shut the door.

Now I have to come up with an excuse to tell to Josh and Peter for being so late.

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